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Topic: Stencyl / Stencyl is a failure.

Howdy, I’m a community manager over at Stencyl.

Since the guy’s impersonating you, clasher235, that the user is on our forums for the sole purpose of making you look bad and stirring up drama. That’s not the kind of stuff we want, so the user’s been banned. Sorry if this has caused you any trouble.

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Topic: Stencyl / Very few great Stencyl games

I’ve used StencylWorks since 2009, and had no proper game development experience before that. My first game was pretty subpar, as most first games are. I like to think I’ve improved a great deal since then, and I’ve produced a couple games that a lot of people legitimately enjoy.

The issue isn’t that StencylWorks isn’t capable of producing good games. The issue is that its “easy to use” appeal is attracting a large amount of newcomers, and those newcomers are all making their first games and publishing them. There are a lot of bad games that aren’t developed using StencylWorks too, and I can never recall a time where the “newest” games listing didn’t have those bad games. Most games that are posted simply aren’t good.

I know there are quite a few good Stencyl games in the work, but they take time.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate policy on fan games

“Games should not include copyrighted material unless you are the owner or have permission from the owner.”

If you’re using copyrighted graphics without permission, then, according to Kongregate, your game isn’t eligible.