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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Daily Dose of EPICNESS!

Originally posted by freerangegames:
Originally posted by Sizrek:

2 close shaves, and one rather intense match that I won. On a random note, if there was a most deaths leaderboard, no one would beat me. NO ONE,jUSdx,SeMs9,IgLIx,qkVQp,8HmZo

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I would beat you.

Sizrek, FRG would beat you. Especially if I’m in the game too. :D

Although I’ll probably end up winning the two of you by accident… >.>

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / New classes coming

Originally posted by Dual_Smoke:

I’m not sure how the Rock-Paper-Scissors aspect applies to this.

Personally, I like to look at this game as having 3 main avenues:

1. The Goal
2. The Open Air
3. The Sniper Nests

Some classes are made to achieve/hold the “Goal”. The “goal” will always have the fiercest fighting, and therefore will have many people running in an attempt to retreat.

Classes that excel in the Open Air are made to pick off these running classes. It is almost always better to kill an opponent than let him get a health (which could be used for yourself or your team). This is why the scout is an integral part of every team, even though he is relatively ineffective inside the “Goal” area.

Sniper Nests are the areas in which classes use long range weapons to pummel the Goal area. Classes can both BE snipers and ASSIST the snipers. Usually, classes in the “Open Air” section of the battlefield are the ones who must counter the Sniper Nests; although this can also be done with classes from other Sniper Nests or classes in the Goal area.

Just a generic outline in which the new classes can be drawn in, if you wish.

Goal > Open Air > Sniper Nest > Goal.

Unless, of course, you have a pro. That above assumption was made given all players were of the exact same skill level, with the exact same weapons and stuff.

Pros would ruin it. Pros always do. Pro things in the Goal side can hunt down snipers. Pro Open Air types can kill Goal types. Stuff like that can happen.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Unfair Teams

Originally posted by Mr_El_X:

God guys, you are using the wrong link <.<

It goes like this:
! DirectLinkHere !

Amazingly enough, whenever I tried to get the direct link, it gave me “void()” as the link.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Unfair Teams

Originally posted by diegozil:! like that?

No, like this.

Eh, your image seems to be strange.
Photobucket doesn’t work well, it seems. Try using Flickr or Imgur.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Cashflow Tournament

Originally posted by rja12:

Why so many people hating on cash flows =_=

Because it goes against the game. You don’t play a game to spend hours sitting around trading wins…You play a game to PLAY. To have fun. I don’t see how Cashflow makes the game fun.

If people were to do something like, I dunno, a game of tag, or a duel, or even a hide-and-seek game in the middle of FFT, I’m fine with that. I mean, those are fun to watch and play. But Cashflow? It’s boring. I don’t care if you want to play the game “wrong” and spend time on running around in a game of tag, or a duel, or hide-and-seek, but if you spend time doing NOTHING other than giving the other side a win, then I’m going to seriously doubt your sanity.

In case you were wondering why Cashflow is so bad, just think of it as poker. Playing poker with only 1 other person. Both of you bet exactly $10 per round. Both of you keep trading wins. End result? Both of you get so bored you guys eventually quit, because no one is winning.

Play properly, or don’t play, because not playing properly is worse than not playing.