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Topic: Game Programming / Unity API issues

Thanks Mushizo! I really appreciate it, looks like there is something wrong with the C# one Unity released themselves, its certainly more robust than kongregates one, but that means pants if it doesn’t ever connect. anyway, this way I’ve managed to connect and emulate the debug stuff from the unity example:

I’ve put the script online here:
I’d paste it here like Mushizo has, but the forum seems to change formatting a little.

anyway, I’d like to make a class like the unity one (apart from one that works) since its much better, but for the time being this should be good enough.

oh, one last question, is there any way to confirm if a stat has been sent? I don’t see any notification on the page.

(edit, just tweaked the script, so when it starts it looks for other instances, now you can put it in scenes that will be loaded more than once )

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Topic: Game Programming / Unity API issues

Hi, I’m a new developer here and I’m trying to figure out how to get my games hooked up to the statistics API here on kongregate but like a few others it seems, I’m having some difficulties.

I downloaded the unity package from here:

and made an empty game with just the KongregateTest.cs script on a camera, the other script seems to be working fine statically in the project.

but when I upload this game and test it, the readout is as follows:
Connected?: False
Username: Guest
UserId: 0
isGuest: True

perhaps you can’t connect to the statistics API through the game preview? but I imagine that’s not the case sinse I don’t want to publish a game without knowing if it will work or not.

I was linked to this page about people having similar issues,

It would seem the problem is on the kongregate end somehow and that no-one has managed to get it to work yet because of that. is that really the case? it looks like a requirement of the unity contest is API integration, it would be a problem if the deadline of the contest happened and none of the entries qualified :P