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Topic: Transformice / Pets!

cat is too big….. hamster is the same size as mices…. how about ant,beetle >:D,worm,termite >:D,small flying fish,piranha O_O,terantula >:D.some of the animals with (>:D) or (O_O) is just a trolling pet if the game maker wanted so… THIS IS ALL I GOT.

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Topic: Transformice / how to troll people with LIES

when u are shamman and u wanna troll easyer,use invisible cannon keep shooting until they dunno you are fireing a REAL i don love troll…. but i know all things that troll do.

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Topic: Transformice / how to walljump?

your hand must be fast then u will be a pro like another,otherwise if your hand slow,its never done….