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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / y not put a survivle zombie game

Originally posted by xan132:
Originally posted by demonatademon:

WTF what did I say that was inappropriate? Oh well I’ll say it again (though I forgot most of it by now) zombie assault sounds cool but 3D is a sh*t idea there are already a ton of 3D shooter games go play COD if u want a 3D shooter + zombies it is perfect for you.


no zombies.

end of.

this game has terrible physics and maps for zombie mode.

^ Exactly

To other poster please stop reviving this thread, we get it, it’s no good, let it die. Stop bringing this back from dead like you, when you tried to get your Ex back. Not gonna happen so let it be.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / help

Originally posted by demonatademon:

Don’t get XM8 it’s just an over-priced version of Assassin with slightly higher damage, so get Dragunov or Assassin or WA 2000 or something else, just choose whatever suits your style.

Hi you must be from idiots-for-hire. No, you’re needed for the next thread.

To the OP XM8 is a great gun, it’s practically the SAME as the dragunov…,

Drag- .3 sec shot interval and does 600 max

Xm8- .15 sec shot interval and does 300 max

They do practically the same thing. Except the Xm8 is more useful in getting critical hits, well if you have 8+ luck.

Edit: In case you don’t get it, a drag can squeeze in 3 shots a sec. While the Xm8 can squeeze in 6 shots… First the drag what’s 3 × 600..? … 1800 and what’s 6 × 300...?.. 1800 Same thing mate, though I would suggest getting a Wa2000 with that assassin much better to have that assassin as a back-up. Both guns do the same over time but the Wa2000 can dish out much more damage in one sec than both of those guns.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / y not put a survivle zombie game

Originally posted by badgirl1:

tdp4 need like to upgrade to 3d also add zombies so we can work togather finnaly they need to put weapons to a lower cost

Would seriously think about some good ol’ grammar just for the shits and giggles, also as fun as zombies sound… um like… no. Don’t get me wrong if there were zombies in the maps we have and six survivors had to fend them off SOUNDS fun, but think about it. Are the maps in TDP4 really large enough to make this zombie addition fun? Also what about the lagging system, it’s not always the servers that causes them many times it’s just people who don’t realize the game is CPU intensive, people who don’t have a sweet pc/laptop to run this will surely lag. So um yea… those are some reasons why that zombie idea can’t be put in, just info to answer why the thread got shot down.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Shits and giggles, and my rants.

Originally posted by xNikolau:

Admins doesn’t care a shit of this game

I did quote those saying from the admins themselves, just they don’t bother responding to what you send. They do work on the game, just well it is a flash game, they have other things to do.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Shits and giggles, and my rants.

I hate to agree with both chopper and loser idea but uhh, if that’s what it takes then I guess so.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Shits and giggles, and my rants.

Originally posted by juanpy:

i like deadfrontier 3D,and that game really has more support than tdp4 : l
btw..what level are you dope?:P

Aha I got banned from the game, the admins allowed me to make a new account, but my old main was banned. It was called “Falcon” haha lvl 76 soldier raised it from lvl 1 soldier no class change. :3

@ HAcker_1000 That’s because the players truly enjoy the game and well the best way of showing support is buying a GM. Well the old more classy players like me. :P Those guys sound like those cocky lvl 40 who think they’re the shit. (5 bucks says they have more than 10 failed alts)

@Tim0Tim0 it is still a browser game lol, just download first unity 3D the same unity that Kong uses for some of its games.

@Loser so hah! Point taken. :)

Also I actually got a reply from Jav, too bad I had to act a douche to get some goddamn attention here.

Here are reasons/explantions from what I read..

1) “are adding mods to monitor chat”

2) “we do not answer suggestions which people send… [we have] nothing to answer to them” (as in there is no point in answering the most they’ll say is “okay.., nice idea or ’aw crap it sucks”

3) “we fix hacks as soon as we possibly can, remember how much hacks there were at some point.” <— they have point in this.

4) "We are not planning to restrict paying customers, since it will not be fair to them and they should have the same opportunities everybody else have. " <— I think they got the wrong idea, about what I said in this part.

I responded to the message and well hope I get a response to my comments. However from the look of #2 that might not be the case. :\

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Shits and giggles, and my rants.

Point is Noso192B if the game had something more to offer to old vets of the game, they would stay. Mainly speaking old players who still enjoy playing the game, can act as an extra support team or mods, etc… Don’t need to pay the players, maybe just offer them in-game items and previews to what’s being added to the game, or use those same players as representative for the community.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Shits and giggles, and my rants.

@loser … fuck it, says I’m ranting and there it is.

@ Zhangyide That’s where the idea popped up from, after watching lvl 11 getting pwned by a lvl 15 with launcher. :\

@ choppers91 Never said they DON’T get arts just saying it takes way too long, if it took maybe a few months or half a year of daily grinding to become “Elite” that would be fine, a fair trade-off. Though when arts cost 50 cash per point and the only way Certain players can earn cash is via medals and 250 kills ONLY and after playing for months all they have to show for it, is an rpd and a mp5 by lvl 37…. that’s crossing the line. Kefka pointed it out clearly and shorter.

@Hemanhandled Done already, I only play this game, when I’m curious to see if anything is up in the game. Or if I’m horribly bored.

@ Ropeline Ight not all shit is always agree-able, point taken. No need to quote the whole shit, most of us know you’re referring to it.

@ Noso192B Go to and type in “Deadfrontier 3D” I play that game, and the admin there has an account called “Adminpwn” By himself he created that whole fucking game over the period of three years. With his brother and two actual old players from the game acting as the support team for the whole damn community, guess what… they’re pretty fucking good at it, you can get a response within three-four days.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Shits and giggles, and my rants.

There sent the same shit to the support team.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Shits and giggles, and my rants.

The game is the Shit, the creators are giggling at our whining (me included) and my rant is this…

I would prefer first off, to have effective Mods that can remove spammers on the spot or a chat system that prevents spamming in the first place.

Second, would most likely be to be able to customize the rooms like you can in tourneys, so you can choose to.. for instance remove rockets from being allowed in the game, or add a time limit or whichever team gets so-and-so kills wins the match, along with the option of just make it free-for-all and leave the rooms as they are, and just play with no time limit or weapon restrictions. This way, people who bought powerful guns don’t feel like their money has been wasted. (BS on the idea they got it by “hard work”).

Third would like actual medals and awards that I can get, trying to get 1000 kills in one room without being bored, or even having enough players (getting 1,000 kills by just killing 3 people at a time is a shit-storm of pain) OR EVEN if somehow you haven’t lagged out by then. Don’t get me started how fucking stupid getting 2,000 kills are with the Full arts players, and massive lag storm with rockets.

Finally, a way so free players can be “Elite” in the game without paying, as in adding a “Special Gms” where players gain x1.5 more exp then non-gms (So people can support the game by buying the “GM” or keep playing the game normally so that way you still “pay” the game with just playing it for an extent of time.)

These last few ideas aren’t suggestions these are what MUST be done.

1) Effective mods
2) More effective Anti-hack and punish those who hacked before. (Made my life living hell)
3) Creators of the game must pay attention to the goddamn community!
4) Effective support system, I sent a support ticket over a fucking months ago and haven’t received a email or response from them.
5) Crush rumors about game, (I.E TDP5, ‘Anti-hack’ methods work, will the game server EVER be updated to run more effectively, do creators check how some members of the community are doing to the game?, etc…)

Yea I know… “fuck you, man, I’ve seen a shit load of these threads, stfu creators don’t give a shit.”

Well…, that’s my mother-fucking point. I’m actually going to copy this word for word, or summarize it I don’t know. But I’m giving the same fucking rant to the game’s support team, I’m tired of creators ignoring us.

I really, truly suggest you all do the same, and send support tickets expressing yourself and point out that nothing is being done to take the insane fucked up 5 year old and shut. them. up. Also to sincerely, make the game… an actual game, where when It gets freakin’ creative and awesome-er.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / WE DEMAND A TDP5

Originally posted by SolemnGod:


You and ur followers will be the only ones playing tdp5 because tdp4 is always being updated and no one is gonna make a new account and start all over again from level 0.

This says it all, I know it’s annoying seeing new players with good guns, but that’s just another way of supporting the game. Now if there was a limit to HOW MANY artifacts a certain lvl player should have so they don’t become god amongst newbies is a better idea.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Unprofessional Moderator(in-game)

Originally posted by JIRAIYA31:

It’s upsetting that this happens. Last time someone was spamming ridiculously, sirzellek came in after like 15 minutes from when the spammer started and banned him immediately. This lightbloodjr has been at it for the whole day and not a single thing that stopped him…if he really is hacking. Otherwise, it makes you think that the developers actually approve of their moderators acting this way.

Wtf? Man I seen that guy, he does not act professional in any way. Why not hire a high level? A 14 year old whom is a hacker? Hardly, more like a troll. By the way the fuckwad isn’t doing what he’s suppose to be doing, there’s still people spamming everywhere it’s fucking annoying.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Gatling Gun ruined this game

Originally posted by Ropeline:

gigaforce we don’t want an overpowered weapon. We need to change the stats for it before it starts to make people quit the game.

The launchers —> Spamming gun of the game

Snipers —> The one shot one kill of the game

Lasers—> The Noob gun of cheapness and power.

Gattling—> Lagttling gun,
5 shots does less than a barret, except it can keep shooting where the sniper has to reload. Also that reload isn’t a drawback, Most people would be dead by the time they even get through half the clip. Also I’ve seen plenty of people use the colt reload on it, and just speed up the reload of the thing freakin insane!
Truth be told It perfectly fits into the game.
Truth be told if its price doesn’t double or something then it’s actually a good weapon for most people. It still can’t lash out as much as a barret or a launcher so its the new super powerful weapon. It’s a nice addition I’m just glad the devs added something new to the game.

No one is yet complaining how the Xm8 is like a fast shooting dragunova, except it’s cheaper.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Gatling Gun ruined this game

Originally posted by HeManhandled:

I havent seen it in action yet :P Maybe Ill contribute to the spam by using HZ :D

The thing is dangerous, trust me it’s very accurate. The damage is the least of your problems with its accuracy it’ll land all its hits on ya.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / About the new weapons

Originally posted by dru83:

Aste, Lautar was posting what he thought the Gat stats should be. Personally, I think they’re fine although it’s a bit underpriced for something that should be able to compete with the top weapons in the game. Also, judging by the stats people have posted on the many weapon idea threads of the past, most people were hoping the fire rate would be a little faster.

Lautar, the Calico’s stats are good, if it had any more damage, it would do the same as the skorpion, and then what would be the point of having the skorpion in the game. As for the XM8, I don’t see why a gun that never made it to production and fires a round similar to the M16 should do so much more damage. If they really want a super assault rifle in the game, they should make it a SCAR-H or something similar.

Ehh even though it never made production line, have you seen the thing fire? It has no recoil what’s o ever. The Scar I’ve seen it fire, it takes two hands to use it the Xm8 can be used with just one and fire with little recoil. It’s strong mate it is strong, it has many updates that make it Very powerful, It’s a shame really, it could of easily replaced the m16 no doubt.

As for a GAU or Gatling Gun update, I think the damage and whatnot is fine, it still does less damage than a barret does in one second and the launcher is still the strongest in the game. What it really needs to be fixed about is it’s damn accuracy, seriously that thing is like a sniper, it’s pretty damn accurate for a heavy machine gun. I’ve seen vids of it, it is pretty accurate, but it unbalances the stats requirement in the game and makes putting points in acc kinda useless. I think that should be fixed.

As for the Calico it’s fine it’s a cheap version of a mp5 with better accuracy a perfect weapon for lower levels of 2-15

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / those guns are bad lol

Originally posted by ohcrapitsacat:

In fact, pretty much the only advantage of the Calico is that it’s cheap.

Exactly, couldn’t said it better myself.

I bought the Xm8 and it is a huge improvement from the assassin. Still a sniper can beat it, though the xm8 can hold it’s own. Its accuracy is amazing, I have 8 acc and when I’m prone it has crosshair of a sniper. It’s seriously good, though it’s difficult to pull a combo with it. Great for a backup though.

As for the Gatling or GAU as I call it, is a bit Overpowered but ehh, reason why is because for a heavy machine gun in a game it’s seriously accurate. I put its accuracy with that of an assassin. I seen these things man, they’re killer up close. It can rival a barret. I say it’s now the 3rd strongest weapon in the game. With its price range that thing is insane.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Updated Price List v.2 (12/16/2011)

Hey Can the OP add the new prices to the list? That would be nice.

Double Edit:
-Oh yea, what I think about the new guns. The Calico is a nice cheap version of the mp5 but it’s kinda of a waste but still its clip makes it worth it in a way, even better if it’s a bit more accurate.

-The Xm8 is much stronger than the Assassin however most people who have Assassin (like me) have the gun for a small while before they jump to a stronger gun once they can afford it, same as the Calico if its Accuracy is higher than the assassin the it becomes its worth. Still a sniper can whip out more damage than it.
(Just bought the Xm8 thinking it was a waste, Must say, it’s VERY accurate, rivals a sniper accuracy. It’s not bad for lvls 25-40ish)

- As for the GAU It seems like a very good price very nice and amazing power overall, but I wonder what its tradeoff? I’m sure since it’s a heavy machine gun it’ll have very low accuracy, I haven’t used one yet, but ehhh seems too strong for it NOT to have a drawback.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / TPD4 tips

Tip: (I guess haha) Never feel bad for the other guys if you’re owning them too hard. Who cares they can leave and you.. .well your practically getting free coins so haha you win! So if someone calls you “hacker” or “troll” or a “noob”(only if your owning them) take it as a compliment. I get owned sometimes with my Aug, M16 and some arts so I just leave and join another game, Never name call someone who is better than you, if they have a rocket launcher just remember they can follow you from game to game and blow you up. :3

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / TDP5 ideas

Originally posted by dogs10188:

i think there should be a tdp5 it should have a lot more guns and no cash plz cash is to hard to get plz

LOL!! ^ Har har har That be the first a MO who is NOT wanting to make cash :| Hmm you aren’t much of a gamer, huh? Haha eventually you’ll see the trend most game makers take when a game becomes “great.”

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Items

Originally posted by IcyRulez:
Originally posted by Dope0:

(P.S to dev: If this get implemented I want 400 cash in my account the next day I log in <.< )

Rofl, you wish. The most you’ll get is a thumbs up and a pat on the back. Also, if the devs made your idea become reality, items would become alot more affordable since they’d last so much longer so almost everyone would have items. That’s bad considering how OP items are.

Har har har to the both of you guys lol. To point out how the items are over powered, I’m guessing it should severely be weakened maybe it only… … .. damnit the shield is to OP! >_< Uh.. make its time active be a lot shorter? (1 sec or half a sec?)

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Items

Originally posted by WHATEVER675:

And your point is?

Point is its too strong and it last too long (shorten its time left on or have reduce damage not be invincible), sorry I was typing for a bit too long and forgot the point I was going to make. :X

Also it being a rental is.. pretty alright if it was permanent it would HAVE to have some sort of limit to it. (Short time active, like a sec or two shield being active)

Edit: Now that I think about it.. It should stay as a rental, but wait!!! D: Hear me out man. Say you buy the exploding item that last only for 24 hours, instead of it being gone when you log on the next day. Why not have it decrease by the amount of time you played with it? Say you JUST bought the item and you played for say 3 hours the next day when you log on, it should say you have 21 hours left on the item. This way its fair to have it as a rental and its not a waste of cash and coins.

(P.S to dev: If this get implemented I want 400 cash in my account the next day I log in <.< )

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Items

Maybe he meant as in its too….. wait, darthbane your post contradict its self… I’ll put what I think about the item. First the shield I love it!! :D… ehh not really. Me myself I know it sucks for the guy trying to pull of a combo but my shields blocks that. Why do I care about that guy? Well, that guy is me! >_< the hype has everyone buying it, I have it too but man oh man it last WAAY too long. I can almost unload half a clip from my aug while its on man. I joined a tourney where it was CTF but almost everyone had the shields so the match took too long. One of my members gave up and left leaving my partner and I to defend and try and take the flag, us two versus the three if the opposing team. We gave up long story short, everyone was impossible to kill because as soon they died they pop back up and take me out quick.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / TDP5 ideas

Originally posted by Dusk_of_Monday:
Originally posted by ShinyDragon:

I like very much TDP4: Team Battle but i think i wanna TDP5 someday maybe do it myself if i can but still here is my ideas for TDP5.

1.some new weapons
2.totally new maps
3. like that when you come to bigger level your worth comes different like first you are starter, then amateur and so on.
4.battle types: Death Match, kill everything; Team Death Match, kill the people on the other side; Capture The Flag, get flag and bring it toyour base; Multi Capture, everyone can capture(then colurs: red, blue, green, yellow, black, white)

First of all, the Ideas should be added to TDP4. Because TDP4 Still needs improvement and it would be a waste to make another TDP# when a lot of people spent money on TDP4.
Second, For Idea #4, multi capture? That would be too complicated and difficult, thus creating a wreck.
But an idea that im contrubuting is, add moderators/admins to the game so trusted players can kick out hackers , etc…

^^ This
No seriously some people spent their cash it be a waste to redo it man. Also why not just update it I mean what you guys are asking really is more junk in the game. No need to make a whole new game just like the old one just with more maps and weapons. Leave it alone man. Just go on to TDP4 forums and suggest what you want. :) (Maps, weapons, a more newbie friendly gameplay, etc..)

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Questions

Originally posted by XatKids:

What is better, a strong gun and low health, or a high health with a weak weapon? So should I buy the steyr aug or distribute my skill points evenly?

Never ever spread your stats around it only hurts you, having 2 points in luck, 3 in strength, 2 in Def, and 4 in health is not going to help you, in fact it will get you killed fast. Focus on one stat at a time. Also aim for Aug get the stats necessary for it then focus on things like health and DEF. :)