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Topic: Kongregate APIs / Is there a way to request admin review for badge considerations?

… Or is it reserved for games that have already caught wind? I submitted my game two days ago, and although it did decent on newgrounds (frontpage/featured), it seems to have been completely lost in the clutter of games that get submitted on this site.

The Kong API is implemented, along with all the statistics, so I’m hoping there’s potential of having badges added to the game so it actually gets some form of reception on this website.

I know my bias doesn’t amount to much, but I’d just like an admin to take a peek – the game is polished much more than typical submissions.

Screenshot –
Game –

Anyone ever have any luck contacting the admins in regards to badge consideration?

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Topic: Collaborations / Monetizer [Revised]

Originally posted by klixxx:

Honestly this is like talking about abortion or the death penalty here with you guys.

It’s more about the lack of information you provide, the lack of your necessity in the process to begin with, and your coy and condescending attitude towards developers and asking them to hand over their source and trust you. Frankly you’re a leech and a scam artist, however I feel there’s enough information here for developers to make their own decisions about the situation.

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Topic: Collaborations / Monetizer [Revised]

These flash surveys are nothing new. There’s a reason why they’re not found in any flash content and I would like to think any respectable flash developer would be able to use common knowledge here with the OP’s offer. For starters, true there are very high payouts for activity on these surveys. However, they’re extremely shady as some posters here have already suggested. The majority of these types of surveys ask for personal information and they’re exchanged in unethical methods. You could potentially make some serious cash with this implementation, but you’re most likely just going to kill the flash game you’ve put so much effort in.

This thread on FGL can provide some further insight:

Bottom line: Don’t bother with including the OP as a middle person, it’s pointless. If you’re serious about implementing something like this just pickup the API directly and keep your earnings. Giving 30% to a false representative acting like they have an exclusive arrangement with whatever survey company he’s talking to is just insane.