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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Terra Monsters] My Wish-List for this game

I’d like fast travel between cities

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Terra Monsters] Evolution points

Evolution seems to be incredibly slow compared to the leveling system unless you fork over money for evolution stones

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Topic: Tyrant / [Suggestion] Changes to raids to make them more popular

I quit raids a few weeks after they came out. Most aren’t hard, they just require too much time and i have better shit to do.

Devs created a system where it takes a lot of time and energy to unlock these cards, but by doing so you wont have enough gold to buy them. nothingtodohere.jpg

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Topic: Tyrant / [R.I.P.] We miss You... II Spam

Pretty sure II spam was dead well before skimmers….

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Topic: Tyrant / Toughest Raid ever

Originally posted by eligeti:

Jotun is by far the toughest raid right after GT ranks 2nd place but……it got screwed up by Microgens so falls down to one of the easiest raids….

Raids ranking from top to last:

- Jotun, Sacred Guardian
- Tartarus Swarm
- Imperial Purger
- Enclave Flagship
- Behemoth
- Miasma
- Siege on Kor
- GT
- Blightbloom
- Oluth
- Xeno Walker
- Arctis Vanguard

Tartarus is one of the easiest! Just don’t use auto

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Topic: Tyrant / [Petition] to make Jotun more difficult

I say nerf the commanders heal all 2 to heal all 1

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Topic: Tyrant / [Petition] to make Jotun more difficult

Remove blizzard or somehow nerf freeze

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Topic: Tyrant / When will skimmer be avaible to...

Originally posted by Cerealguy:


Discuss. Please tell the DAY and the MONTH ( AND TEH YEAR LOL ) if you’re a pro you could try telling the hour. Use minutes if you’re feeling lucky. Seconds if you are bruce lee and miliseconds for chuck norris

Kong forum formatting is retarded, worst i’ve ever seen
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Topic: Tyrant / [Skill] Flying units

Originally posted by James_Bondaaage:

Hi everyone
i’m a begginer here and i have a major issue when i play in the arena against other players defensive decks.

Most of them got plenty of flying units. The description of this ability says: “50% chance to dodge attacks by non-Flying units”

But from my experience it is rather a solid 70 or even 75% chance to dodge.

Am I the only one to experience that ? It is pretty boring, since i can’t play without anti-air units or multiple strikes abilities…

The thing with random numbers is they’re random. It’s 50% chance over large scale tests, but small testing of ANY random set can and will create ridiculous data

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Topic: Tyrant / I'm sorry Pescado...

Originally posted by Sturmfeder:
Originally posted by oneiroi:

Doesn’t everybody lose when it comes to Tyrant drama?

At least two groups win:

  • Electric Companies
  • Internet Service Providers

Synapticon too
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Topic: Tyrant / Raiders Don't Heal?

Originally posted by youngmoneyripped:

lol. only one BT with anti air? means nothing, cause they have loads of flying (hatchet, valefar, pest) and rally, whereas for raiders its not like “oh, but they have supply”

raiders have great armor, strike, and rally

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Topic: Tyrant / Which is better? Mimic or Chaos

Mimic is only offensive, but chaos is offensive AND defensive
Chaos > Mimic

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Topic: Tyrant / Sneak Peek @ New Side Missions

Give boxing champ refresh for teh lulz

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Topic: Tyrant / [Consortium Brainstorming] Goals and Handicap Battles

On a side note, i think most players would like to see a slightly boosted daily chance. My ideas;
Slight increase to odds of WB showing up
Scale gold rewards with player level
Occasionally shuffle the DC card pool, or have cards get added to it based on how far the player is in missions

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Topic: Tyrant / Skill: Switch ATK and DEF

Originally posted by 911ultima:

srry caps but not changing it

Raid commander for this reason ^

Example of why it would be OP in the meta:
Step1) Use as much weaken as possible
Step2) Use this “switch” ability
Step3) Half the enemy deck instantly dies
Step4) Profit

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Topic: Tyrant / Epic win anti II. 10million/10million wins!

Why did you take the time to do this? II+Thadius is easiest def deck to beat.
Any decent heal, Weaken All + Armor, 1 drop 3 damage card, etc pwns II
If you wanna do something kind of useful, find a 100% win deck against modified II such as Thadius with Fortifier, Tiamat, Dominator, etc with II filler

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Topic: Tyrant / [Dev] Tyrant Consortium - Player/Developer summit


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Topic: Tyrant / [to Devs...not complaining] Suggested New Tourney Legendary

Originally posted by Nytrox:

In following the new Tourney Legendary names, with Apollo and Hades, I propose a new Tourney Legendary…Zeus.

Raider…Imperial…Xeno….I don’t think it really matters what race he is.

Berserk/Flurry 3, Cleanse/Chaos, Tribute

Both Berserk and Flurry would probably make it the legendary, so one or the other. Cleanse is useful, but Chaos fits the name of Zeus.
Tribute is just for the lulz and the name.

, although it would be hilarious if Zeus had tribute. I hope it doesn’t replace Rox Chainblade though…

Zeus was known for throwin lightning bolts, so something like Strike 3, Chaos, Berserk would be more fitting
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Topic: Tyrant / Reasons Why This Game Completely Sucks Now

Devs love huge increases in the prices of cards yet they dont add any better ways of getting gold (unless you use WBs)

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Topic: Tyrant / Emanuel Trolling

Looks like every deck should be packin berserk

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] 11/22/2011 Homeworld Released! v1.10.1

Originally posted by skolu:
Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by Hotshot2k4:

Looks to me like you guys didn’t want to have a row of 4 ‘Buy with WBs’ packs on the packs part of the store, so you’ve made one that’s basically the same thing but appears to be gold-buyable. Got a crappy rally/weaken action card as my rare, and woohoo, that’ll probably be the only pack I’ll ever be able to buy at this price before finishing the missions and disappearing until the next small expansion and WB set. 60k is an improvement over previous WB-only option, but I really hope this isn’t your idea of a gold-buyable expansion, because that would just be a sick joke imo.

At least somebody agrees with me.

This better be some sort of joke. The tourneys aren’t even gold buy-in, and that means this can’t be the gold pack.
If it is I am seriously going to get annoyed.

There is both WB and gold buy ins. But I agree…

Price of the pack should be based on the quality of the cards, but Synapticon just makes every pack cost more than it’s predecessors.
Increasing prices without increasing money supply just makes everyone poor

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] 11/22/2011 Homeworld Released! v1.10.1

Why does mission 122 (enemy is all raiders) have rifter?

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Topic: Tyrant / To Devs - Please fix the lag caused by the chat!

Originally posted by Glugnar:

Use a faster computer, my laptop can run 5 of this game at at time and not lag. Your fault not theirs.


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Topic: Tyrant / Petition: Roll back faction chat code to the version before the Halloween update

i dont understand why the devs suck so bad at making a chat
Chat rooms have been around almost as long as the internet

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Topic: Tyrant / [Petition] Pimp old cards - Restore balance.

Most of the cards you listed are fine they way they are now, but the older legendaries, especially Helios, need a boost