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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / droping stuff

That happened before but it broke the economy.

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Topic: Elements / Time deck help

Neurotoxin scorps with momentum and sundials.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / The Gifting Thread

When i quit the game again i might donate a few pots

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / WHY IS THERE A QR CODE ON THE SCAR H

Originally posted by Ackerman21:

I don’t think they need it, I mean, come on, can you use your number of posts in-game or in the forums?
… Probably for bragging that they were here longer…

Well, for that you use account creation date

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg What if...

then you’d get the fittest loots.

What if i didn’t make a what if question?

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / shitty thing

Originally posted by westwindqwert:

Why do you lose stuff when you die.I mean its unfair.Meet me at nexus if you agree.

Lock plz, no need to say aanything else.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Originally posted by kiam132:

Granted but you have a crap (Get it?) I wish for a medusa shotgun

granted but it was in your ral life face. i wish for a wish that i will use for a wish for a wish…

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your most relieving moments

Originally posted by RenanG3:

My point was more relief when I was in godland surrounded by gods and I voutei pro nexus with 1 hp ‘-’

“I voutei pro nexus” aprende ingles.

Mine was when lagged like hell in oryx and when game come back to normal i was still alive, or when i got to nexus with 10 hp remaining.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Wizard Farming Guide

Originally posted by geega17:

I gotta say, I strongly disagree with some of the stuff in here. You’d wanna get illusion second if not first for the def, which is the most important thing, then staff, then def/hp ring, and dsphere last. Also, the t5 and t6 spell do the same amount of damage. The t6 spell just has a lower minimum and higher maximum damage, the average is still the same.

I disagree about using wizard if you can’t buy this all at the beggining.

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Topic: Mystic Guardians / Mystic Guardian's Secrets

Ever noticed the parodies like jesse and james in second guardian center and dr. Hows in the first?

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Topic: Mystic Guardians / Mooky is underrated.

Originally posted by Smokescreem:
Originally posted by Tranzmaster:

… And that proves… Decent defence and max base HP make mooky much more tank then feng. And yes overall feng is better, but thats not the point of the topic. Mooky is underrated.

Mooky is overrated and its the truth.

Shut up about mooky talk everyone, this already got boring.

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Topic: Mystic Guardians / The Friend Me Thread

add me

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rushing

Rushing is fine, but ppl could at least do the best sb dmg and then sit back, or clear a bit, that would help other players.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / White Bags in lava

Originally posted by mara465:

boss as in dungeon(insanely hard)?

stheno and harder on dungeons, event gods and crystal.

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Topic: Elements / DIC (Deck Improvement Center)

Originally posted by DDUU11:

My neuroscorps deck. I really want to know how to make it able to beat lvl4 reliably, or even fg’s. I already know it must have too many cards.

It’s too big to be efficient, this is one of the most efficient builds you can make:

It has novas to speed up the dune scorpion/momentum combo and has Sundials for stalling.

Ty but is there any way for me to keep the ghosts or the otys in it? Some decks just screw with the scorps.

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Topic: Elements / Who was that guy?

Originally posted by edcedcedc:
Originally posted by DDUU11:

damn it just have to post to see page 1

Couldn’t you just realod the page?

reloading the page can work?

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Topic: Elements / DIC (Deck Improvement Center)

My neuroscorps deck. I really want to know how to make it able to beat lvl4 reliably, or even fg’s. I already know it must have too many cards.

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Topic: Kongregate / Developer Appreciation Thread

Originally posted by nerdook:

Three cheers for all devs on this site!

An ten times that for all devs like nerdook!

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Topic: Elements / Rare Cards [List]

Originally posted by qazzaq123:

It will happen, Just have faith and believe in your cards. :D


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Topic: Transformice / I cant login!!!!!!!!!

you should be able to logi by ow, lots of ppl were unable to enter.

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Topic: Transformice / Trolling ideas

dont enter lair or die to troll shaman

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Topic: Elements / Which Arena rank do you grind?

Originally posted by qazzaq123:

It’s still the best free card game on kongregate. :D

The best one if you don’t play nothing, sadly some ppl like games which they pay for advantage better.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / A NEW CLASS!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by hydraling:

for god sake…


cuz god is not an admin

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / funniest moments in nexus

Originally posted by turakamu:

One poor night on a new wizard, I decided to beg by putting on a show. Every minute or 2 (I kept track and announced) I would do, “Show Time!” I turned on auto-fire, spun around in a circle while bursting my spell. Then announce, “Donations accepted, thank you folks!” “Showtime in 2 minutes!”

I ended up getting a Necro, Magus, Dsphere, and a Para Def. Just goes to show, if you are gonna beg, work for it ;)

lol good tips for noobs.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Massive lag since 123.3.2?

Originally posted by MikeyzDragon:

Ever since that build went live, there’s been massive lag for pretty much anything. This results in huge skips (i.e. moving across nexus/large section of godlands from one keypress/tap), massive delay in actions (like teleporting to nexus), and just ridiculous freezing and getting booted to the character page.

This was never a problem before this build there could be 5+ gods firing and there wouldn’t be a single bit of lag. But now, there’s 3 medusa’s and I’m basically dead because of skipping/freezing. The skipping/freezing allows me to do nothing. I can’t escape to nexus, can’t use a pot, can’t cast a healing spell; nothing.

What’s the reasoning? Can it be resolved?

Note: before you troll with “Fix your internet LOL” or “get a better computer”, it’s neither of those. Cable internet with 10+ mb/s and a 2.3 dual core comp w/ 4 gb or ram. So it’s most definitely not on my end.

If you are the only one lagging and have a good pc/net then you can have a virus or a bad ram card, but if the thing is on the server try changing to best server or to any other with the same name. I have almost no lag at all and it did not change with this build.
EDIT: Forget it today the stuff is bad if I have more than the game tab open I can’t connect or shit.