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Topic: Menkar Online: Alpha 1: Bug Reports / spelling error

so on the new battle results screen there is Standart which should be Standard

seems like it was probably just hit the wrong key not like i have not done that myself before

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Topic: Menkar Online: Alpha 1: Bug Reports / bug

as of fairly recently(like a few days ago or so i think) for some reason the name plate of the ships once you click on them get stuck on though enemy ships though it turns off only when you go far enough away

friendly ships or yourself even never turn off though unless they die of course so you can imagine how annoying it get’s to click where you want to move or target a certain thing when you got one of those name plates in the dam way

edit so it seems one can right click to deselect ships which i found out by trying last game i was in

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Topic: Mini Heroes / What the game is missing (Suggestions)

i don’t see why we can’t speed up the incubator i mean you can do that with all of the other crafting so why not with incubator

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Topic: Forge of Gods / ok so about the claim that finishing a level with no casulties gains you energy

so there is several places that say this including two of the best comments atm both which the dev responded with as part of that you can gain energy by completing levels with no casualties and a part of the update thread( post also saying this to

though i’m sure pretty much everyone has noticed that this does NOT happen even with no casualties you do NOT gain energy so i’m wondering was there a problem with this after you supposedly did this change which even was apparently at the request of the community

you have not seem to have ACTUALLY done this or undid it even at some point care to explain why?

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Bugs

energy is NOT restored on no casualtys despite it being listed it is SUPPOSED to be in both a few comments and under 12.03.2015 point 1. specifically stating “1. Fully reworked energy system – at the request of our community!
- Energy can be spent only for entering the stages! Not for moving of your squad anymore.
- A lot of new ways to get some energy! Find it on the map, complete quests (and daily quests!), clear stages without casualties etc.”

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blue Moon] Werewolf OP?

yeah at the start does not mean how things are going to be at end game for all you know werewolf could get their ass handed to them late game but you want know till you actually get there now will you

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Topic: Redshift / sector affect elo on v2.5

sector is effecting elo for fleet raid and pirates but not planetary raid also nothing of yours needs to be destroyed just a surrender and it lowers the elo for all but planetary raid

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Wasteland Empires] Bugs and Suggestions

two bugs so far i have ran into after not quite an hour yet

1. roads will just refuse to work. all of the buildings even the ones that have roads already there to start will say you need a road connected to the main well which they are by default

2. your max storage wills suddenly shrink on you. my max was 200 then ended up at 100 suddenly

both bugs happened suddenly one at a time and for now both are fixed by refresh

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Post your Raid URLs here

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Raid URLs

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Gaia] Worried about full version

the cash shop is going to end up killing this game eventually just give it a bit of time and most ppl finding it that they can’t compete without spending real money this game will be gone when that happens unless they change it so that not just ppl who spend real money can actually compete and not where number 1 player is just someone who just started and spent real money basically so yeah will see if this even will get to a full version before it’s dead by cash shop(also i’m not going to bother playing this with my kongregate account cause the game is to dam slow you spend like all your ap in like maybe 30 mins or less killing maybe…15 things then have to wait an hour to kill like another two things only so yeah maybe if the ap related stuff was faster paced and able to keep me here for more than like half an hour with max ap then with the amount of ap you regen in an hour like 5 maybe 6 mins and also have it where free playing ppl can actually compete yeah if that ever get’s done i might play more otherwise NOPE)