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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Server Merge for 9/12 @ 3:00 AM EDT

Originally posted by Runawaysnaggle:

I don’t think this has anything to do with dropped population on S1. Didn’t you say yourself that we weren’t close? I agree that I think this merge is a bad one. Yes, S12 has a low population, but this is more of a hostile takeover than a merge. Merge the servers that are closer to equal. This seems like a spiteful merger just to shut us up.

Have to agree with rad on this. Got to the point where I’m thinking of quitting, stopped spending almost but it will come to a sudden stop

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Topic: Wartune / S1 got theirs but what about S5/S6/S7/S10

xKiller S1 Did someone mention a merge, where’s this merge, I went a merge and I want it now!!!! Please :P

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Topic: Wartune / Mount Tamer Event.

There was an event where we could redeem on mounts we had. so if you redeemed in that event and the same mounts appear in this event you may not redeem, as you’ve already redeemed in the pass.

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Topic: Wartune / NO amethlyst from amethlyst mine today

server 1 not giving any amethyst too

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Topic: Wartune / Server Merge request....again

Originally posted by weee5067:

Dear Santa, R2, Wartune, 7 Roads, and/or Kong,

We here at Kong 5/6/7/10 would just like to let you know that the majority of us will either stop cashing or quit outright if you merge us with Kong 1.

It’s really their own faults if they have enough active players in one guild alone to win a GB in 4 minutes, but aren’t willing to self-impose restrictions on guild membership that spread active players to other guilds to create that competition they keep whining about wanting. The current situation on Kong 1 is indicative of a greater attitude problem that will poison any server merged with it. Please don’t throw good servers after bad.


Katenella – S10

Is it safe to assume that’s your opinion and not fact. Question to you weee5067, Do you even know of wolfpack and it’s guild leader. First thing I’ll tell you the top 20 in br rating ranging from 95k-131k, all but one has been there since I joined which was one year ago maybe more or maybe a little less. All and I mean all that top 20 are very active. We don’t take on new members just to keep that number one spot. Why you may ask, I’ll tell you, because we don’t need to, we grew as a guild and I wouldn’t go anywhere else but wolfpack. Because the guild leader and it’s members are awesome.

Now on to your point of quitting. When the merge comes and it will come (now it’s my turn to assume) grow some balls and fight for the top rank back. That’s what I will do, well in my case I don’t have an ego so couldn’t care less if i opened rank page and seen i dropped 10 places or 100 places. What’s this attitude you talk of, is it so wrong for players asking to save their sever. As far as I see it’s a good attitude it’s means they’re not quitters unlike the guys you speak for or of.

so back to topic. I agree with rad 100% we need a server merge. What rad asked for was asked for with grace and no whining the only whining I saw was from weee5067.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Recharge Bonus

as in past events the 50 kreds always got you the rewards.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune 2.1 Preview!

Originally posted by karrde:

Even if the loss of the 11AM WB is true, I’d expect their to be such a strong outcry against it when it goes live on the testing servers in a few days that they will revert it. Time will tell.


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Topic: Wartune / Warning! This is an adult game!

I sometimes wonder if showing skin is so morally wrong, why are we not born fully clothed.

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Topic: Wartune / Class Wars Archers Onimad Lost On Purpose!!

so r2 has just condoned a form of cheating or at least stated they don’t give a “fill in the blank” how much you guys spent on the wager. If one guy feels like throwing his/her fights it’s fine by us.

Roll on next month, let see how many player will place wagers. known human nature it won’t change and the same wagers will be placed. r2 won’t change their stance on this until you guys stop placing wagers, and then and it’s only a maybe you see a BIG u-turn on r2’s behalf.

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Topic: Wartune / Fate Scrap Exchange

This is what I’ve read and I said read not saying it’s going to happen.

Fate Scrap x2 can be exchanged for Wishing Scrap x1

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] [Event] Memorial Weekend Monuments

Character name: xKiller

server: Rothus & Eloir

 photo b0359c9e-97d2-4c4c-9f56-9d07291cefe6_zpsd52ec41c.jpg

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Bugs

Originally posted by Yuichi32:

Ive finished Vornstagg’s – the black carriage from Normal to NM, but still havnt got Ironclad’s Essence, or the misako journal page 1.

Same here haven’t gotten the Ironclad’s Essence, but did get misako journal page 1.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Bug threads

Originally posted by gbaz69:
Originally posted by Boarstone:

@billybob: One Account has separate Cash Gift but shared Diamonds. If you buy lets say 150D you don’t get them on both chars. If you spend D with one chars of course its also missing on the other

You think they can make it any more confusing then that? Sheesh.

How is it confusing. First billybob should have asked himself one question. How did I get these diamond on my second character. It took me less than five seconds to figure that out, when I seen diamonds on my second character.

It’s only confusing if you want it to be confusing :)

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Sporadic Combustions: Rhal Cap Poll

Originally posted by Radonir:

IGN: Radonir (officer)
Vote: NO

As the most vocal opponent of the Rhal cap, I think I should explain my position. I’ll start with the summary, I’ll come back to elaborate when I have a bit more time.

Quick facts about Rhal:
- Amount of damage you do doesn’t matter. 1 damage or 7 billion, every raid member gets the same quality loot.
- Kill speed does matter. The faster you kill him, the better your loot will be on average.
Proof of these statements is in two dev posts, both of which are available from the wiki:

The cap is there to give people a chance to hit Rhal before it dies, in other words: to increase Rhal raid attendance. I support this idea. However, in reality, it turns out that raid attendance has not changed compared to pre-cap number. On any given Rhal, we had +/- 60 hitters pre-cap and that’s still the case. On the other hand, our kill speed has suffered. We’ve never broken our pre-cap record of 11 hrs.

These figures prove that the cap is not achieving its intended purpose of getting more people into raids, but it is hurting our loot quality. It was a worthwhile experiment, but the only conclusion I can draw from these numbers is that it has failed. As such, I vote that we suspend the cap until it should become apparent that we need it again.


As I said above, I don’t disagree with the idea of a cap by definition. I know of a guild where 7 members killed Rhal in 2 hours. They decided to institute an 8-hour cap so everyone would have a chance. They now kill Rhal in 8h05m – 9hrs. I can definitely see the point in that. But we’re not in that situation. Our record is 11 hours, which we achieved with 57 hitters, if memory serves. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 65. What this all comes down to, is the desire to get more people involved in raids. First we said we’d kick everyone who didn’t hit Rhal – that didn’t help. Now we’re trying this, and it, too, doesn’t help. The numbers don’t lie.

Now I’ve mentioned that we get worse loot if we take longer to kill him. That’s true, but that’s not the most important reason for me personally. I’m mostly upset with the fact that this cap takes away our drive to get better. When we were improving our kill record by 5 minutes, or 10, there was an atmosphere of giving your best and seeing result. Perhaps you remember the week when the Elite Gladiators were available. We worked our asses off to kill them and at least half of the NMs failed. But we gave it everything we had and when we did kill one, it was brilliant. Now we’re forced to hold back and there’s no upside. No new kill records, no new participation records – nothing to take pride in. I wonder if today’s terrible Rhal is a result of that. At the moment of writing this, we’re 13 hrs in, with only 42 hitters and he still has 30% health left. Very uninspiring.

IGN: xKiller (m)
Vote: NO

All said in above post

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] if i have to choose between carl and hecate which is better please

No choice to be made, Hecate over carl any day. charm attack = Attack a verticle row of enemies and seduce them to join your army, meaning hecate will gain a certain amount of troops back into his army.

Castor I used him up to and passed crypt so in my opinion he’s a good hero to have in your set up.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Current outstanding Bugs/Issues in CoG

Originally posted by scene5ive:

owh yeah
SceneFive server3

Try using your lights in the first place. First screen doesn’t show that you used them. Done this myself more than once, but lucky for me my books passed :))

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Topic: Call of Gods / Cheer for your favorite athlete of Olympic Games

My best wishes go to Katie Taylor – Women’s Boxing, hoping she takes gold to put along side her four world championships

server : M1

In-game name : xKiller

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Winner lists of quiz during 21:00 to 22:00 in July. 9th

Question 5 for Rothus : I see four names in the list as winners, well I answered 300 diamonds, am I to assume that is the incorrect answer as my name is not in the list.

Role name : xKiller

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Bug threads

Originally posted by gsdfkjh4:

Empire Hreo’s shield does not appear in the list of items in Auction house “Auction” tab

That’s because, you can’t sell those items

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Topic: Call of Gods / Father Event Coupon

Days I didn’t receive coupons: Zero, None, Never
Character: xKiller
Race: Human
Server: M1

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Star Player (Phase 2 time)

Vote: Radical.s2
Server: m1
IGN: xKiller

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Star Player (Phase 2 time)

Originally posted by Vincenttt:

You might want to check those servers again CoG since I’m pretty sure Xkiller is S1 and Jemoeder is S4.

No need to check, they’re correct, no mistake at least for me xKiller

Happy to see they removed one of my photo’s in top ten, but also extremely happy COG thought my two photo’s were good enough to make top ten :)))) Thanks

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event]Star Player

I love this picture. Our faces omg. We just came out of darkness and all of a sudden we dropped 200 foot.

and one more of me and the whole family.

Those guys look hungry. lol what you can’t see is the guy standing out of frame with a big huge club.

IGN : xKiller
server 2

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Mother's Day (Updated)

Server 2

My mom is really special two mother’s days in one year. Happy mother’s day again mom :))))

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Bug threads

Originally posted by zqgame:

Dear delboy11, i test that several times in game, and it is normal, so maybe there is something wrong with the connection, pls try to follow these steps:
step1 close the game page and browserfirst
step2 open browser and clear the cache and cookies
step3 log in game again
wish this can help you.

Thanks, but I know how to fix the problem. My main problem is I wasn’t given the chance to confirm my purify plus the fact I spent 5 diamonds on a purify that was wasted, as I couldn’t confirm to keep the stat given for purify.