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Topic: Kongregate / Official Best of 2013 Quest Voting Thread!

The Peacekeeper

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Topic: Kongregate / Absolute worst (and I guess best) Kongregate badges

PvP badges, especially those involving winning x times, are the worst ones because:
1. The community will be dead eventually, no matter how popular it is at first.
2. It says nothing about your playing skills, you can run into noobs and win easily, or get beaten by high-levels despite being quite good.
3. It encourages rigged matches, which annoys those who genuinely like to play the game.

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Topic: Kongregate / New badge discussion

Having collected 100% loot myself, I think that isn’t really worth an impossible, but it’s surely harder than your average hard. IMO getting all gold/platinum medals from challenge mode would make a better hard badge, as it would seem less arbitrary than getting 85% loot.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upgrade and Launch Games

Now the challenge is to name a launch game without upgrades.

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Topic: General Gaming / Monsters Den Chronicles

Originally posted by zen0:

anyone know what the achievement “equip epic set” is? what’s considered epic? i equipped all purple and that doesnt trigger

You actually have to equip a full set and get the 6/6 bonus, not just having an epic item in each of your equipment slots. And yes, there are epic items that aren’t part of any set.

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Topic: General Gaming / Achievement Unlocked 3

Thought they’d have fixed the bugs when the game finally comes to Kong, but no. sigh

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Topic: General Gaming / What game genre is your favorite?

RPG and turn based strategy, I like to take my time.

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Topic: General Gaming / Tower Attack?!?

Villainous is the only good one of this kind of games tbh.

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Topic: General Gaming / bullet time ninja

Originally posted by KWarp:

The player reception to this game has been surprisingly polarized. People who figure out how to play the game love it. People who don’t figure out how to play the game absolutely hate it. Looking back, it seems that I completely underestimated how emotionally attached most players are to existing control schemes. That is why the game’s rating suffered when it shot above 10k views.

I have addressed all of the major player complaints, but it looks like the damage has already been done.

Dashing around danger is easy once one figures it out, but charging for a dash in safe area (like in the very first stage) is rather hard to pull off consistently.

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Topic: General Gaming / Favorite tower defence on Kongregate?

Kingdom Rush and Cursed Treasure. And my least favourite is Gemcraft series for being too freaking long.

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Topic: General Gaming / bullet time ninja

Originally posted by rawismojo:

I was just up earlier than usual this morning.

Perhaps it isn’t such a good idea to badge games without a good night of sleep.

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Topic: Kongregate / Best of 2011 *Official Voting*

Diamond Hollow II

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate: Y U NO SOPA PROTEST??

Originally posted by dryfclr5:
Originally posted by bobby71983:

just put sopa information on the background, or have it on the top of forums, or make it show up before you play any game. its easy enough to get peoples attention without taking an entire site down. doing that is just retarded imo. there are better alternatives.

like what wiki is doing, they could have that same pop up everytime you click anything, and they could make that notification stay up for say..30 seconds. long enough so that people will get the message what sopa is, but still able to use the site.

Not metty much what the wiki is doing, the wikipedia site IS down. no matter what page you are, the blackout “popup” apears. making the site useless. only this.

Actually you can still read it if you turn java script off.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Back in 2006

Originally posted by Spy_From_TF2:

I was messing with web achieve and i found some screenshots from Kongregate back in 2006.

Post them on a reliable image host or they don’t exist.

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Topic: Kongregate / Best of 2011

Originally posted by Gomo_Psivarh:

It’s still 2011 now :|

Welcome to Earth.

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Topic: General Gaming / WarLight manipulating comment rating?

Being downrated doesn’t always mean the comment is bad (although in your -19 case, it is), it only means lots of people don’t agree with it. So this is pretty much a given for negative comments on popular games. Just get over it.

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Topic: Kongregate / Best of 2011

There will be way too many TDs/launchers if only ratings are considered, and I think “The Best of” quests should include some form of genre balance. So hopefully these can make it to the list:
Cactus Mccoy(either one)
Diamond Hollow 2
Cyclomaniacs 2 (there aren’t that many sports games, but if we must include one, this is it)
Bullet Heaven (Upgrade Complete 2 and Starwish aren’t highly rated solely for their merit as shooters)

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Topic: Kongregate / Backyard Monsters

Originally posted by Dever:

The Ultimate BYM Super Guide says you can save over 25 shiny by not following the tutorial, so it’s deceptive by telling you to spend the rare resource rather than save it. Tutorials in many other F2P games reimburse you.

That’s the worst part of the tutorial. It’s supposed to help you get into the game, but it tricks you into doing a stupid decision instead.

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Topic: Kongregate / Do you start of with any kreds at all?

Originally posted by Zachary_Greene:

1kred is a horrible idea, it took me 2minutes to create 5alts.

Think of me tipping myself 150times a hour for 15$ a hour, that’s a fucking job right there.
No need to have a job anymore, just do the same boring thing for over 200$ a day.

= Kongregate gets fucked by me earning shit loads of cash

If you’re sitting there doing this, you’re doing it wrong. People will just use bots for this kind of things if the exploit is possible.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate should stop rating fraud!

Any game that does this is asking to be mass downrated.

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Topic: Kongregate / so i went to get the medium badge on caesary and it is gone

Originally posted by poisonthewell:

also wanted to know if there are any other badge games that got removed from kong?

Battalion: Arena and Dinowaurs are practically removed as you can’t connect to the server/start a match in like…forever.

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Topic: Kongregate / No Marathon or MMOG for 'Badge of the Day'

Originally posted by racefan12:
Originally posted by Blizzard2000:

The Toss the Turtle hard as BotD a while ago? Takes a while to get the necessary upgrades, then there’s the luck of not running into any air spikes (always screws me over at ~2,500,000)
Bleh, it was a while ago, but still, would be nice to not have it as a repeat :P

Luck should have no bearing on a BoTD. If anything, it’s easier to get lucky once in a day than to try to improve your skill enough over the course of a day to get a skill-based badge.

points at pandemic 2 hard badge
O rly?

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Topic: General Gaming / Games with badges on kongregate that do not deserve it.

Basically any MMOs’ hard badges, which aren’t really hard but are time consuming. And long series should only be badged when that installment is particularly good. Sequels of Epic War, Papa’s whatever, Battalion and Arkadian are just getting old.

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Topic: General Gaming / Cactus McCoy 2 thread

Originally posted by Mexanik:
Originally posted by Cammy_Justice:
Originally posted by Mexanik:

By the way I can’t see it at all :’) The only button is “Reply to topic” so forgive me.

To the left of the post you want to quote, underneath the post count and to the right of the avatar.

Yep, found it with Ctrl+F %) Kongregate design is not working well on my browser.

I found all the hidden things and now I have only one question about the game.
I found bullwhip, rope, rattlesnake, barbed wire, tow chain, meteor, fly trap and nine tails. Where can I find missed 9th whip weapon? I searched everywhere killing every enemigo but didn’t see anything new x__x

The last one is chain, found in stage 4.

Originally posted by KenDM:

Does anyone have any tips on the 50x combo on level 10? And also, what weapon cuts the stink flowers? And where is treasure chest number four?

The easiest way to get long combos is by not upgrading your fists, then kill 2 or 3 enemies with them. Heck, I got the 60x combo badge in the first stage without even trying. And the flowers can be cut by machete.

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Topic: General Gaming / Cactus McCoy 2 thread

Originally posted by Kickaha:

Does anyone know where you get an explosive weapon of some sort to destroy the blocks leading down at the bottom of the first part of Calamity Cave? You cannot go back once you leave, so the explosive weapon that can destroy the blocks must be there somewhere.

Near the end of the first area, jump to the platform to your left, there’s a chain that you can only jump to grab when you’re standing on a boulder. Use it to get to a thrower enemy and a barrel which contains cherry bombs. Or simply choose some bombs as your starting weapon.