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Topic: Dragons and Titans / So where do I unsubscribe to fights vs people on the top 100 list?

Perhaps the matchmaking should add extra rating to the team that has a duo, so that the team with no duo ends up with players with higher rating. Though personally I don’t think rating matters much, if the enemy team has 5 decent players and your team has 2 feeders/afk/bad combo/bad player you lose anyway.

It would also be nice if leavers simply vanished from the game instead of leaving behind a bot that’s only good for feeding.

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Topic: Sky Ocean / Crew Invites


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

Oh hey, you guys should add a new chap… uh, actually most of my suggestions would be along the lines of removing stuff. Mostly regarding the diabloesque item system, but also some other things. I’m concerned about whether you’ll be able to thoroughly balance such an enormous number of little variables. This kind of thing doesn’t affect gameplay much, so I’ll leave it for later. But if you’re interested in hearing my ideas on this right now, I’ll drop the wall of text in a PM.

What I really wanted to suggest, since you’re revamping the UI, would be to add a UI element to facilitate targetting, both of party members and of enemies. Right now it’s a mess to click/target the correct friend/enemy, especially if you need to do it quickly. A casting bar under the portrait of the enemy you’re targetting would be nice too. Oh and please fix the health bars that sometimes don’t update correctly when the HP goes down (and perhaps when it goes up too).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

oh hey, are you guys taking suggestions for new UI elements? I have one (possibly more) suggestion to make. good job on the game, it’s turning out quite nice, way better any flash MMO I’ve played. anyway, I got more bugs for you, two days worth!

the 2-star mastery bonus for the map slough of souls 3 in chapter 3 is one dungeon key. however when I mastered it, the loot window displayed two keys, although I only got one. I had one key before, ended up with two keys after.

the daily version of the penultimate story quest (where you battle the dark prince and the giant monolith) is a giant pile of bugs:
-you can abandon the quest but can’t re-start it. it doesn’t matter though, since the map remains accessible and finishing the quest in this case gives rewards and increases daily count normally.
-the monolith doesn’t have any of the behaviour it has in the main quest version, it just sits there shitting lightning or something.
-the dark prince’s self heal only heals for 1.
-you’re invulnerable to everything except the dark prince’s melee attacks.
-the difficulty for 3 stars seems to be the same as 4 stars.

the last quest in chapter 3 says you need to “investigate the darkness around nova paraceum”, but clearing the pontification dungeon doesn’t clear the quest objective.

you can keep stacks of drunken brawler fixed if you remove the items that give the drunken brawler bonus. since you don’t lose the buff by changing maps and you don’t gain stacks without the bonus, you can keep it fixed at whatever number you want. obviously it’s best to keep it at 10. this doesn’t work with NPC teammates, only your main character. I’m not sure if this bug affects lucky strikes too or anything else. maybe you can add a timer to them, like 30 secs. or just get rid of all buffs when changing maps.

the part of the item tooltip that shows the set 2 piece bonus doesn’t update properly when equipping/unequipping set items.

in weed whacker in chapter 2, your characters always appear to be displaced on your screen in the beginning. I think they actually start at the far right, but on screen they start closer to the middle. I’m not sure if your characters positions in the client and in the server ever match if you keep moving around too much.

in the coloured reef daily in chapter 2, you get the exp bonus from gear normally, even though it’s not a battle quest. same with the puzzle door daily.

in slough of souls maps in chapter 3, mystry skulls and dusty busg are invisible. it’s still possible to gather them by randomly clicking the background.

in chapter 3, while doing the “mystic quest”, it doesn’t seem like the the values for the various nerfs from magic herbs buff are correct in the tooltip. 5120% less everything at 10 stacks? I did some testing with healing and it seems to be more along the lines of 10% per stack.

when you have NPC party members with +exp bonus in their gear, the bonus to quest rewards isn’t displayed in the quest log or quest window but it does apply. I suppose this affects +gold bonus too.

the friends list sometimes (or maybe always?) doesn’t update your friends’ on/off status when they leave. sometimes you see someone online on your list but they actually left a while ago. refreshing updates your friend’s status, but I’m not sure if the time displayed is correct

tha ravens in chapter 3 have a really annoying tendency of stacking on top of one another. even their health and casting bars stack, sometimes you can’t tell which one is casting spells. maybe you could standardise the position of enemy health bars. that would also help with enemies that have health bars hovering over strange places.

some healer equip sets from dungeons have +damage per second, but it doesn’t add anything to healing power, at least in the character window.

you can kill pontifex’s first form just as you’re about to be teleported to the happy place with the pretty eyestalk. then he transforms into the second form while you’re inside, but he doesn’t do anything until he casts his area spell, even after you kill the eyestalk. I think your party members outside can attack his second form while you’re still inside.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

the goddess phase in carbuncle’s fight is way too hard now. I did it in a group and solo in 2 stars. it’s barely doable when soloing, in group it’s impossible because of the downtime when players are switching. I’m not sure if this part of the fight scales with difficulty, but if it does, 3 stars should be all but impossible now.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

selling equipment that is bind-on-equip to NPCs then buying it back unbinds it. doesn’t happen with dungeon gear. however it does happen with gems and key fragments, possibly happens with everything that can be vendored except dungeon gear.

mini-bosses that cast an enrage buff on themselves don’t get a buff icon when they do.

in chapter 3 quest sum of all fears, the dark prince knocked me back all the way to the right of the screen and I wasn’t in melee range of the monolith anymore. couldn’t use melee skills on it either. and the dark prince seems to be immune to knockback, so I was stuck in the corner.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

I have figured out what’s wrong with the augments. they aren’t applied until you refresh the game. once you refresh, they work fine. I’m feeling a bit stupid now, but it’s confusing how this bug only affects certain augments.

my complaints about certain quests being too difficult is in regards to their daily versions. the difficulty for the main quest versions seems to be just about right, except for the few ones that are too easy. might be the case to make the easy ones more difficult then.

the thing with cardslayers NPCs is that it costs too much to fight them for how hard it is to win (they have tons of epic cards, bigger deck). something has to be done about this, unless you want cardslayers to be a pay-to-win thing. since they can be farmed for socketables with a good enough deck (except maybe the advisor), nerfing the NPCs might not be a good idea. I’d suggest reducing the overall cost to fight the stronger NPCs a bit, and make it cost like 1/10 to fight them until you get their daily card, then having the normal cost to fight them for socketables.

“I’m not fully sure, but it seems both Jonas Indanacus and either the Pontifex Minor or Centurion Lucianus share a daily quest together, which was fighting Oddree again, accepting one gives friendship with the other questgiver, not sure if this can be exploited.” I checked this, centurion lucianus is the questgiver. if you completed/accepted all other dailies that hin and jonas give, you’ll see a daily quest marker over both his map and jonas’ map. accepting the quest to kill odree clears the quest marker over both maps. finishing it gives reputation with centurion lucianus, who’s the quest giver, but none with jonas. I killed odree in 1-star.

during a normal stage, if your character dies at the same moment (or perhaps a bit after, from a DoT) you kill the last enemy in a wave, he/she stays dead until after the next wave. if your NPCs manage to kill the next wave, your character gets revived, but at the spot he/she died… and then weird stuff happens.

the set bonus for the pvp sets read they reduce damage taken from players by 100%.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Buffs disappearing bug

I lost a 7-day exp buff and apparently a 1-day one too. I don’t mind about the 1-day one, but I’d like to have the other back (and the millions of gold I’ve lost unsuccesfully trying to win cards from NPCs…). and it would be great if you could write in the next patch notes whether this bug is fixed or not.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

the popup for items that you pick up (under the health bars on the left) appears right on top of the casting bar of the character in the back row. it’s really annoying if your main character is there.

can’t send mail between kong users and main site users. perhaps the issue with sometimes not being able to interact with other player’s quest posters is related to this. nvm, the poster bug thing seems random after all

after finishing pompeius’ quest and cursing him with humanity, his portait doesn’t display his reputation anymore. and it seems like his repeatable quest isn’t giving reputation with him either.

in cardslayers, the cards “encouragement” and “innervate” have the same rarity and do almost exactly the same thing, except innervate is strictly worse than the other. also, caerwyn’s cards have her name wrong.

seems like the problem with caerwyn’s fortitude augment at level 10 is that it’s simply not adding the augment when you select it. if you have the other point of this augment, then select the one at level 10, it won’t add the second point, however if you respec either, it will subtract a point normally and you end up with 0. thankfully it can’t go below that.

the augments that increase righteous chains duration also aren’t adding anything. it’s quite possible there are other augments with this behaviour.

khy’s fire shield augment at level 10 says it increases ignition duration by 3, but the tooltip goes from 12 to 13 seconds. it also isn’t clear whether the total damage goes up with the duration or if it remains the same. same thing with the augments that increase the flame wave’s debuff, duration goes from 12 to 13 but the augment reads it should be increased by 2 seconds.

by the way, send me a PM if you want me to clean up my posts or delete older stuff. this is getting really long…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

in nova paraceum map, the flag to enter “temple of az-abda exterior” is too close to another flag. it’s not possible to mouseover the question mark on it without highlighting the other map’s flag. ruins of smyrenus has this problem too, but it’s not as bad.

when you upgrade NPC caerwyn’s zealot class to level 3, instead of it substituting zealot level 2, it substitutes defender level 2, so you end up with two zealot classes and no defender if you don’t have defender level 3. the same thing also happens with kissa’s seer. possibly happens with other characters and/or with defensive and offensive classes.

the difficulties of the daily quests “magic ball” in chapter 3 and “they’re baaaack” in chapter 1 don’t match. you’d think that a magic ball of power with more buttons to press would be stronger than a cannon that only does one thing, but the cannon is much stronger. so much so that the chapter 1 daily is almost ridiculously easy in comparison, but since they’re almost essentially the same quest, their difficulties should match.

there’s a similar problem to the above between the birdcage and the raft quest. in the birdcage you have plenty of time to get rid of birds before they touch your cage, but in the raft there’s almost zero time before the tentacles get a hit in.

in the dungeon quartermaster vendors, items that used to give a percentage bonus to health and mana are now displaying some crazy values like +50000% health. I bought an item to check and it’s only on the vendor that the tooltip is wrong.

back too the issue of the spiders in ghostly sacrifice. after playing this quest a couple dozen times in 4 stars, it’s staggering how every other unit (yours and the demon’s) is subpar in comparison to the spider. right now there is a somewhat decent balance between the other units. your healers are a good defence against gnats and worms, and your rogues are great against gnats, but a bit lackluster against worms, as it should be. if you get hit by worms and gnats, it’s relatively easy to push them back all the way, even in 4 stars. but if there’s a spider anywhere and it doesn’t get killed fast, it’s gonna eat all your troops. ONE spider. whenever I see two, I just let my troops die and wait until they’re close so I can spam summon healers and tank for them using the dark prince. healers are the only possible defence simply because they can stay one step outside the spiders’ AoE, everything else dies. I said before that spiders need to get nerfed, but it might be the case to buff their would-be natural enemies, the tanks. as it is, both your tanks and the demon’s worms are pretty useless, the windup time for their attack is too long and their damage and HP aren’t any impressive. to fix the spiders you could lower their damage a bit more and give the tanks (and worms) more HP and thorns vs melee. in any case, as it is, the quest isn’t winnable in 4 stars. oh, and you need to up the spiders’ contrast a little, they’re almost invisible on the ground.

another idea I had was to just get rid of the spiders’ AoE and buff their damage to compensate, but in that case they’d still be owning tanks left and right.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Patch Notes - 2/12

hey, I don’t know if you want to have a suggestions thread (or if you want suggestions), so I’ll post it here: instead of having all spells cancelling a different spell’s channeling when you cast them, would it be possible to make only instant cast spells do this? it’s pretty frustrating when you want to chain a channeled spell into another but you press the button a moment too early and it cancels the previous spell when it’s almost done casting. or perhaps make it so you can’t cancel channeled spells, but add a hotkey to interrupt casting. or make it so you can’t cancel a channeled spell if it has 0.5 sec left to finish casting. any of these would work.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

NPC krug’s turtle shell and his dodge aura and talon’s crit aura all say that they increase dodge/crit RATE, but they actually increase the chance. not sure which one they were intended to increase, though.

khy’s first few augments have their displayed levels wrong (probably). the first is correct at level 2, but the next few read level 5, 7, 9 and then 10.

khy’s volatile shield augments read have typos in them in the word “volatile”, and the one that makes the cast speed bonus more powerful says it increases attack speed.

the bird cage daily in chapter 3 isn’t giving any rep with pompeius.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

in the daily version of magic ball quest, the timer always displays 0 seconds left. the quest does finish normally after some time, though.

revenants in the weed whacker daily have normal item drops but way too little HP, even at 4 star difficulty. I can see some chinese gold farmer grinding them the whole day and coming out with a million. maybe it’s better if they have reduced drops or more HP.

in chapter 3, bush trimmers quest, it’s extremely hard to see the background enemies when they appear behind the tall grass, especially the blue guy with the spear. there are also things that seem to get in the way of clicking on them. the characters’ health bars on the left and the chat box seemed to do this. other things like speech bubbles and ultimate skills may block the view so you end up not noticing a guy behind the bush.

in chapter 3, the other key quest, there’s no penalty for entering the wrong door, other than going back to the beginning. shouldn’t you have to fight battles again while moving back to where you were?

I was shown this by another player: kissa’s az-abda’s touch spends one gift of the gods every time it’s cast during the spam-cast duration. I’m assuming the intended behaviour should be to use one gift to “turn it on” and then you should be able to cast it freely for 5 seconds. the damage per cast also seems to be pretty underwhelming, especially when compared to other characters’ ultimates.

kissa’s other ultimate also looks pretty bad and her heal seriously needs a lower casting time, in pvp it’s way too easy to interrupt it at the last second.

when you kill an enemy at the same time as losing your last party member, you can’t pick up the enemy’s coins/jewels, but you can open chests if any drops. perhaps you can auto-loot the coins/jewels if you wait until they fade. bit schizophrenic behaviour. also the right side of the screen doesn’t count for auto-looting. this can be a bit of a problem in quests where you can move left and right.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

in the chapter 3 quest where you control the dark prince/general and need to summon soldiers to battle for you, the enemy spiders are too powerful. either nerf their damage output or their range or their hp. worms and gnats are almost pathetic in comparison.

there’s also something wrong with the quest log, dailies that you accept aren’t displayed until you refresh.

in the quest “I would die for you”, the dark prince’s skills have placeholder names

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

seems like some parts of the player characters don’t get changed to low resolution when playing on low graphics, while other parts do. I’m seeing caerwyn with low res boots, gloves and head, but her chest armour, helmet, weapon and shield appear high res. this seems to affect NPCs too, but not monsters or background.

by the way, do you think you could add an option to disable particle effects?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Path Notes - 2/10

I’m not sure how other tanks are faring now with the nerfed vit, but caerwyn may need a buff to fortitude’s damage reduction proc. it’s just not that strong overall, even with augments.

or maybe you could revert to the old determination and turn fortitude into the new skill. it’s not like the thorns damage was very good before, and now it’s even worse, I’d rather have 33% damage mitigation all the time. I think that would flow better in the beginning as well, since she learns fortitude first and the self heal from bond of trust got nerfed too.

… yes, I don’t like fortitude. or rather, I think thorns is a bad mechanic.

but I’m really liking the flow of the skills now, I think reducing the duration of hymns was a good idea too, together with overall reduced mana costs. more buttons to press = more fun skinner box

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

seems like the bug where you refresh the game during a daily quest and when you come back the quest is complete didn’t get fixed. I got stuck in the loading screen while starting the daily quest with the puzzle door, came back and it was gone. also happened in red’s daily with the seaweed. and I got double reputation rewards from red even though my reputation hadn’t actually gone up, but they were much worse than what I got when I finished another daily and went from 45/50 to 0/100 reputation.

cosmetic stuff:
in the sniper daily in chapter 2, the npc that appears to say a word right before you begin the quest is escalaro. I’m assuming it should have been baha, since he’s the quest giver.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

I hope you like tl;dr posts

fortitude armour steal augment still works while fortitude is off nvm I’m stupid.

one of determination’s augments got changed, but the ones that weren’t don’t make much sense now. I mean, all other augments make the skill they augment more powerful in one way or another. on the other hand, I didn’t see any that works like a passive buff that’s completely independent of the skill (other than the bugged fortitude armour steal). nvm, I’m stupid*2.

enemies in castra ultima quest have the same portraits as the enemies in that quest in chapter 1 to defend the fortress with the help of the cannon turret.

also in castra ultima, the sphere’s spells names look like placeholder names.

in both castra ultima and the chapter 1 quest with the cannon, it seems like you’re not supposed to be able to shoot close to your characters, at least as indicated by the target reticle, but you can. if you hover over and enemy and activate the sphere/cannon, it shoots exactly where said enemy is standing, even if they’re attacking your chars.

the exp reward that’s displayed in quest windows is wrong when you got +exp bonuses, at least when they’re from gear. I took some numbers from the cannibal village quest:

cannibal village exp rewards
this is what the window displays with 20.6% exp from gear: 166k(28.2k)
with nothing on it shows 114,415
137984 is what I should be seeing with +20.6%
this is what I got after finishing the quest with +exp gear: 137k

also some cosmetic stuff:

castra ultima has a typo in the description in the quest window, second line, first word. it says soliders instead of soldiers

in the intro movie for the quest “cannibal village”, caerwyn is facing backwards while all other characters are facing forward

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

the daily version of the bird cage quest in chapter 3 looks all weird, the cage appears off-center and there’s nobody in it.

erm, I can’t swap my skills in the hotkeys bar now.

and I see you put the diamonds back in, but they still aren’t giving any gold. nvm, just noticed diamonds give exp, lol. so much for realism

also when you get hit while invulnerable, it says “invulernable”. I actually noticed this the first day I played when I used honour guard and I was hoping it’s intended, but since everyone who gets to chapter 3 is going to read “invulernable” regardless of who they’re playing with, I supposed it should get corrected. unless you want people pointing it out that you can’t spell, so you can point back at them that they can’t notice a joke when they see one.

I saw you fixed a lot of the things I reported, and I’m thankful for that. but you didn’t fix those quests in the cleared quests log with the repeated text in all of its parts and I wanted to read them :( anyway, those quests are “mushroom madness” in chapter 1 and “we shall fight in the streets” and “be mine” in chapter 2. and perhaps quests in chapter 3 got this issue too. also in chapter 1 “what a gyp!”, the quest has a part 3 but no text under it.

I’ll keep the bugs coming, don’t worry. I’d hate to see this game get pummeled once it goes live because “there are so many bugs”, “it looks unfinished/unpolished” or whatever. but do keep in mind I don’t actually go around searching for bugs. everything I’ve reported are things that I stumbled upon. and seeing how many bugs I’ve stumbled upon, there’s a good chance there are bugs hiding in places more difficult to reach. I just hope none of them are game-breaking.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

oh, I had totally forgotten about this bug: cardslayers cards aren’t stacking properly. looks like the cards you get in your starter deck are being kept in separate stacks from the cards you get subsequently, so you end up with two stacks of the same card.

also an auto-sort button for the cards tab (and other tabs) would be great, or better yet, make cards get sorted automatically. being able to sort stuff manually is great, but when you have so many stuff to sort, like in the case of cards, not having an auto-sort function can be a pain

also, I have a friend with stuck quests, but I can’t unstick one of them. one of his quest posters was fine, I clicked it and the quest got unstuck, but I can’t click the other poster, and in my friends list it still shows he got a quest stuck

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Path Notes - 2/10

these changes look mostly good, I’m glad you gave caerwyn a spammable damage skill and nerfed her self heals, but I was hoping you’d get rid of fortitude instead of determination.

I’m just wondering what this is supposed to mean: This is the third and final chapter of the SideQuest saga.

I hope the heroes don’t die in the end :(

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

in the ghost busters daily, the distance bar and the danger bar are partially overlapping. I don’t remember it being like this when I started playing, a few weeks ago.

also in ghost busters and in the daily quest where you battle the seaweed, once the objective is achieved (reaching the end line/killing enough seaweed), you still need to finish off the remaining enemies, but once the last one is killed the quest immediately ends and the mob doesn’t drop anything. I think this also happens in the daily where you’re in the boat racing the giant sea-folk guy.

uhm, also I was about to do the leviathan daily, but for whatever reason I couldn’t talk to the guy who sends you to the battle. the quest log has two objectives, the first is talking to the guy and the second shows as ????. I hadn’t done either thing, but in my quest log the second objective was revealed (kill the leviathan etc etc) and marked as complete, while the first wasn’t. no idea what prompted this, but abandoning the quest and talking to Red again fixed it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] State of Development Address

but I like how the current cardslayers looks like a shameless rip off of tyrant :(

I think it would help if the tournament rewards were main-game-related items instead of more epic cards for the winners. the way it is now feels like cardslayers is a game in itself instead of being part of a bigger game.

also level 30 pls

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

foreman’s random quest that asks you to patrol two different locations sometimes comes with one of the locations already cleared. doesn’t seem to happen often, though. no idea what’s causing this

also in carbuncle’s fight, when controlling the goddess whatwashername, some of her skills are apparently supposed to affect party members, but it didn’t seem like they were applying these effects at all. not sure if this has been fixed, as I haven’t fought carbuncle in a while.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

if you finish the ghost busters daily while having the standstill debuff, you keep it after leaving the stage, making it so you can’t do anything and can’t get rid of it the normal way. changing maps doesn’t remove the debuff, but reloading the game does.