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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Zodiacs - demystified !


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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Large Numbers

Please feel free to point out any comments, if any of these numbers have a special meaning.
Contributors: Muskar, Jarvis9999, Athang and myself. All Thanks go to them.

Shortcut to Jarvis9999’s monumental list, a list which is only surpassed by the even more monumental numbers in it:

Thousand … has 3 zeros (1000)
Million … has 6 zeros
Billion … 9
Trillion … 12 (US national debt in $)
Quadrillion … 15
Quintillion … 18
Sextillion … 21
Septillion … 24 (Weight of planet Earth in kilograms)
Octillion … 27
Nonillion … 30

Decillion … 33
Undecillion … 36
Duodecillion … 39
Tredecillion … 42 (number of possible positions in chess: 10^43 Shannon Number)
Quattuordecillion … 45
Quindecillion … 48
Sexdecillion … 51
Septdecillion … 54
Octdecillion … 57
Novemdecillion … 60

Vigintillion … 63
Unvigintillion … 66
Duovigintillion … 69
Tresvigintillion … 72
Quattuorvigintillion … 75
Quinvigintillion … 78
Sexvigintillion … 81 (number of atoms in observable universe)
Septvigintillion … 84
Octovigintillion … 87
Novemvigintillion … 90

Trigintillion … 93
Untrigintillion … 96
Duotrigintillion … 99 (almost a Googol which is 10^100)
Trestrigintillion … 102
Quattuortrigintillion … 105
Quintrigintillion … 108
Sextrigintillion … 111
Septtrigintillion … 114
Octotrigintillion … 117
Novemtrigintillion … 120

Quadragintillion … 123
Unquadragintillion … 126
Duoquadragintillion … 129
Trequadragintillion … 132
Quattuorquadragintillion … 135
Quinquadragintillion … 138
Sextquadragintillion … 141
Septquadragintillion … 144
Octoquadragintillion … 147
Novemquadragintillion … 150

Quinquagintillion … 153
Unquinquagintillion … 156
Duoquinquagintillion … 159
Trequinquagintillion … 162
Quattuorquinquagintillion … 165
Quinquinquagintillion … 168
Sexquinquagintillion … 171
Septquinquagintillion … 174
Octoquinquagintillion … 177
Novemquinquagintillion … 180

Sexagintillion … 183
Unsexagintillion … 186
Duosexagintillion … 189
Tresexagintillion … 192
Quattuorsexagintillion … 195
Quinsexagintillion … 198
Sexsexagintillion … 201
Septensexagintillion … 204
Octosexagintillion … 207
Novemsexagintillion … 210

Septuagintillion … 213
Unseptuagintillion … 216
Duoseptuagintillion … 219
Treseptuagintillion … 222
Quattuorseptuagintillion … 225
Quinseptuagintillion … 228
Sexseptuagintillion … 231
Septenseptuagintillion … 234
Octoseptuagintillion … 237
Novemseptuagintillion … 240

Octogintillion … 243

Nonagintillion … 273

Centillion … 303

Decicentillion … 333

Viginticentillion … 363

Trigintacentillion … 393

Quadragintacentillion … 423

Quinquagintacentillion … 453

Sexagintacentillion … 483

Septuagintacentillion … 513

Octogintacentillion … 543

Nonagintacentillion = 573

Ducentillion = 603 zeros

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / alot of games finished

7 vigintillion AI, 8 banked with absolutely ZERO kred multiplyers. It is slow to progress, but you can enjoy the game for a longer time.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Request - End of Surge countdown timer

Originally posted by PonyFlare:

We just can’t know exactly when the market will crash, only that it will.

The true nature of capitalistism :)

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Do you have ideas for AdCap? Share them here!

I wished that managers would get experience over time that makes them level up and earn money faster.

They should make managers worthwile to play week without resetting, and when you do a softreset they will have to start at 0 exp again.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / This is the end

Agreed, Capitalism will break down at some point in time. Let’s play Adventure Communism!!

I remember you Roc55 from Vorp! You always killed my dreadnaught with your .. uhm, what was its name?.. erm that super-fast ship with 2 lasors I forgot. :)

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / This is the end

What about the players who did a soft-reset and who weren’t even able to buy half the companies before the bug struck? :(
I did like usual claim angels in the morning, and 2 hours later when I have enough cash to get almost everything back to 2200 I wasn’t able to log on anymore.
You see, I’m really sad companies now earn only 5 quintrigs income/day instead of the 44 quintrigs, when its running without the upgrades :(

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Game is broken?

Same here. Who let the bugs out?

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Game is Ruined

Sometimes it’s hard to explain, but even though the developers probably didn’t exactly know, what made AdCap suddenly so famous, whatever it was.. it’s gone.

My thought from the previous version: “I must get more money.. hahaha!”
And in the new version it’s more like: “Oh. It’s a game with numbers.. yawn”

I don’t know why, but some things are better left unchanged, or unexplainable. It’s unexplainable why an idle game suddenly became so famous, and I bet such a process of genius and a little luck is not reproducable.
From the objective point of view, nothing has changed?? Only a little graphic change, some re-organization of the interface… but the game is totally different. All of the sudden, this is not our AdCap anymore :(

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Angel Investor formula

If you reset with 1 decillion lifetime earnings, your angels will double once you reach 4 decillion.

It’s always x4 (to double angels)
or x9 (to triple)
because it’s an exponential equation by the power of 2.

(current angels + current angels again)² = (1+1)² or 4x as much to double them, because that’s easier to calc.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Time warp not correct

Originally posted by BenHetBeu:

The time warp purchase is not correct. I use it to check my total earnings per day, and when I did 8 hours ago it said I would gain 266.511 quattortrigintillion.
I just opened the game again, and in 8 hours I had gained about 200 quattortrigintillion! So in a day that would be about 770 quattortrigintillion!
I wass offline those 8 hours.

BenHetBeu’s observations are correct, the numbers are exactly what I have observed.
And no, I dont have Kred multiplyers.. its still 1x income.

There is one additional info on what I did:
Purchase timewarp and when it tells you “Are you read to spend 10 Kreds and gain $$$ cash?” and click NO,
where $$$ stands for your amount of cash,
then you divide by 24, divide by 60 for hours, divide by 60 again for seconds, then this number exactly matches the sum of all companies’ income per second.
That means, even the managers show an incorrect income per second. Either that, or you actually get much more money offline than online.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Investment prices chancing

Yeah, all of these businesses you mentioned have an angel upgrade, which gives you some extra businesses without raising their cost.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Do you have ideas for AdCap? Share them here!

A hard reset to trade all your Angels for permanent x3 multipliers. (the more angels you have, the more x3 you get)

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Unable to play in Chrome

my Chrome works fine. no problems at all.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Dumbest thing you did

I shouldn’t have done a hard reset 2 weeks after I started playing.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Do you have ideas for AdCap? Share them here!

Clerk to Banker: “Sir, a customer just paid back his loan debt. What are your orders?”
Banker: “Use the neuralizator on him so he forgets”

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

I know Boyeteers from Astroflux. He had a pretty high level over there as well (much higher than mine) and I think he’s a good player.

Btw, care to give us a vague direction how you managed to reach floor 120? Just something like “mainly melee” or “mostly spells”, not everything just a clue.

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Wow, I just obliterated that Manticore+ ! Haha
Opening that door with hyper-empowered fire affinity 17 (!!) like I described earlier in this thread, I immediately cast Fury.
Remember, spells that require at least 1 pt in fire to learn, benefit from having a high fire affinity, even if they go against:

  • Mental resistance (fury)
  • Physical resistance (incinerate) and
  • Spell resistance (magma missile etc)

So there it goes.. “fury” at chance to hit 47.5 vs Manticore+ mental resistance 35… and it is PINNED DOWN, unable to move or do anything but hit adjactent enemies for the next 28 turns! lulz
Now for the damage.. Firebreath at 43.5 chance to hit doesn’t do a thing! That Manticore+ has spell resistance of 110 pts. But incinerate does the job… at a puny 40.5 chance to hit vs physical, it does 104 damage per shot, penetrating armor and ignoring it’s absorbage…
That was a short fight, 8 rounds at most… I didn’t count them.

Anyway, I have all the classes I need now (10 priest, 10 mage, 3 inquisitor) and can from now on spend every last experience point into boosting my chance to hit with fire spells even further. Stay tuned for the Manticore++, I’ll make a youtube video of it when I reach that floor.

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Level 5: Sanctuary (Active)
• Makes you immune to almost any kind of damage for 3 turns. Costs Exhaustion. Not that good for Exhaustion cost. Can save you in a pinch.

Sanctuary does not cost exhaustion. But it’s still very expensive for 30 energy (no reduction from mage abilities). Basically casting sanctuary costs 1 turn itself, leaving you with 2 turns to do something before you need to re-apply it. Might be useful if you have lots of energy potions.

Legendary items (yellow)
They level up upon entering a new floor. I just found an arcane book in floor 16, then I entered the portal and it became an arcane book +5 (same as the other yellow items I had)

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

I will proove that you’re wrong, by using my fire based tactic. I’ll go to chaos tower level 130 and beyond all legit!!
And I’m going to eat that Manticore++ in 3-4 turns, you’ll see.

Go to settings→ and turn on “full combat log” to see resistances of enemies, their armor mitigation etc. and from what I’ve seen so far, this should be no problem. Just give me a couple of days please.

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

I’m floor 21 and didn’t even find a bracers yet …
And now to something completely different: I think to have found a solution to the exponentially harder to hit enemies!!


Each point of fire affinity increases the chance to hit on fire spells by 2. Together with inquisitor skill lvl 3 “holy fire”, not only can you put experience into fire or holy affinity, but also every orb fire or holy will do. This way, the chance to hit with fire spells is not dependant on your exp alone (which increases linear), but you also get extra help from the orbs which appear every 2 levels or so. And with holy fire, you have double the chances to find an orb, that helps. (doesnt matter if its holy or fire)

Together with all free arcane points from mage class, and the free holy points from priest class, and the exp you put into affinities, plus the orbs, plus the equip that adds fire/holy.. you can delay the unhittable enemy problems a good while.

But I need to test this, my current mage has far too many arcane points wasted into other skills. Btw incineration is the only spell that can target over summons.

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Heavy armors make you less mobile and therefore more likely to get hit.
Defense stat means: Dodging Melee/Ranged/Direct Damage Spells

While heavy armors slow you down, you’ll get hit more often but take less damage. Not to mention the plain absorption bonus.
Armor stat means: When you get hit, a certain % damage reduction takes place.

And Resistance stat means: Physical/Mental resistance to spells.
There are 3 type of spells: Spell damage, Physical effects, and Mental influences.
You can dodge spell damage, but resist physical/mental effects.
The first one, spell damage can only be dodged with the prior mentioned “Defense vs spell” it’s next to melee/ranged defense stats.

The other two are covered by physical/mental resistance, for example burning, earth attraction, or mesmerize, curses etc.
It might be confusing, because the 3 types of spells are split into 1x “defense” and 2x “resistance”

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Could you please clarify, why the tooltip of certain debuff spells (“Mind Freeze”) shows a different duration, everytime the mouse hoovers over it? My Mind freeze currently has either duration 2, 8, 5, 4 or 3 turns.. lulz :)

Btw watch out, I’m tower of chaos lvl 14 and coming to get ya :)

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Is it smart to reset early for Angels?

I reset at 300 AI, 1500 AI, 44.000 AI.. using 48hr shifts between reset. So, after 8 days I’m around 15 million AIs and since then it won’t take that long anymore. So you might want to prefer a daily reset. Until you will someday hit a wall… not sure what to do at very high level.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [War of the Shard] Bug Reports

I can confirm these are indeed buggy. My excel table calculates 25/28 skills exactly like they appear in game. Only these 3 skills have a wrong tooltip:

Infect Mind

If you could take a look at Infect Mind for example, the tooltip reads 100+ something
But the value actually never goes above the thirties. So you might agree, that could be a minor typo.

Great game! You rock!