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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #29 interest

Originally posted by dragon_of_celts:

Maybe instead of giving away Kreds and t-shirts (etc), Kongregate (if they’re willing) could give first-place winners of GiTD instant badge/BoTD approval and second place winners instant badge approval? The games in question would need to be at a certain level, of course (I don’t think that would be a problem), and maybe the developer could have an extra week or so to finish up the game before the badges are applied? Just an idea for your/their/everyone’s consideration.

That’s actually a horrible idea IMO. Badges shouldn’t be a price for some competition. Badges on Kongregate are something special because the users get to decide if a game gets them with their rating (yeah, feel free to start the MMO-discussion and everything), unlike other sites like NG where any dev could give his games any achievements. Because of that, achievement he wants. Achievements elsewhere don’t have that notion of quality (lots are broken and unobtainable, others are just designed badly) and they difficulty between different games varies a lot.

There’s nothing wrong with badging a GiTD-game, in fact it’s awesome, but only if its based on actual ratings and if it’s not a given or a price.

Originally posted by Elyzius:

To keep from cluttering Kongregate with rushed games, I suggest that we publish to Kong only if we want to. Personally, I would rather upload GiTD entries to fastSWF. If I ever come up with a more polished version of the game, only then will I want to publish it to Kong. I’d rather not be known as a dev than to be known as a bad dev. I know that a game on Kong can be updated later, but if the first version gets very low votes, later versions may be ignored because of those votes. First impressions last, as they say.

Just my $0.02.

Great post, pretty much summarizes my thoughts on this.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Voting - Winners Announced!

Congratulations to AMD_Paulius for winning the first prize. Lure or Die is a great game, and I’d love to see the finished version of the game. Same goes for Slime or Die.

Also, thanks for all your votes! Glad you liked my entry. :)

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Voting - Winners Announced!

Originally posted by Senekis93:

Explode or Die:
I never found a way to mute the sound, which was pretty annoying.
That said, it’s a solid and fun game. Some levels are quite challenging and that’s good.
Good controls, nice graphics, many levels. Nice job.
One thing is that at level 5 (?) there’s some tutorial-like text telling you to destroy the castle, when you’ve already done that four times before. Kind of unnecessary.
More levels, a level editor and you have a great game there. Don’t forget the mute button!

Games made with flixel always come with a pre-built volume control. 0 mutes the game, + and – changes the volume. It’s not optimal, as M is commonly used for muting games and you cannot control sfx and music seperately this way, but I couldn’t be bothered to implement a system of my own for this. And you’re right, there’s no button for it – no explanation either. The final game will have a button for muting both sfx and music. :) Checking for 0, + and – is also handy for finding out whether a game has been made with flixel.

I first thought that the text in level 5 (I think you actually mean 6) is a bug and a result of the crappy way I implemented those tutorial texts. But that particular text (“You have to explode the castle”) is a reference to “You have to burn the rope”.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Voting - Winners Announced!

Originally posted by Narinik:

I knew i shouldn’t have started 6 days in :( had some nice 3d renders planned out for the gfx.

Well… No real reason not to continue the development of the game then? :)

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Voting - Winners Announced!

Wow, lots of entries! Glad I was able to participate this time for the first time, though I’ve participated in the voting process before. Tons of great games were created, took me quite some time go through all of them and write this monster-post with 13947 characters! :D I’m sorry if my feedback sounds harsh or anything, just been writing down my thoughts while playing the games.

MossyStump – Portal or Die

Instructions not there yet?
I have to say that I really liked the concept, but I just couldn’t get used to the controls, which were pretty awful in my opinion. I just couldn’t get portals to spawn where I wanted them to. That, plus the fact that Y isn’t supported as an alternative of Z for QWERTY-keyboards made it pretty unplayable for me. A retry button or key would’ve been nice for whenever you mess up, also, upon death, the instruction text should appear again as you need to press space anyway. The player might have missed something crucial there which is the reason why he fails over and over.
All in all, mouse controls would’ve worked much better. They might make the first few levels trivial (I didn’t come that far, 1-4 I think) – but the difficulty shouldn’t be caused by bad controls.
No sfx / music yet, very simple graphics.

Aaants – GiTD or Die

Very comical, cool concept! :D At first I thought the “Click to make a new game” button was supossed to be the start game button.
I liked the graphics and the GUI. Music or sfx would’ve been a plus.
The gameplay is a bit too linear and boring yet, but it has potential. You can basically only work on graphics, code or sound, everything else is not possible yet or makes no sense. That’s why its more of an idle-game at this moment and it’s the type of game where players would request to put a speed x2, x3 etc button in.

EmergencyFlasher – Save or Die

The intro would be awesome with voice acting and / or music.
Hit escape, which paused the game – there didn’t seem to be any way to reload the page though, so I had to hit F5. :/
I liked the music, sound effects would’ve been a plus. Graphics were ok.
I like the concept of the game. Execution, especially control-wise, wasn’t that good / fun though. Why would you have a sprint button if walking normally is so incredibly slow that you’re going to end up pressing it all the time anyway? Also, why would you allow arrow keys and WASD if you’re forcing the player to pick up the mouse for some tasks like opening doors? That makes no sense, arrow keys and mouse don’t work together. Having mouse controls was not neccessary.
Also seemed rather glitchy and buggy overall. Got a whitescreen after every level, couldn’t figure out at all what to do in one of the minigames (there was someone I had to free and a lot of tape), no input would do anything, but the game deicided to let me finish the level after spam-clicking a bit. Didn’t finish the game because I couldn’t make one of the jumps in the last level.

Narinik – Paddle or Die

First thought: No reason not to allow arrow keys.
Upgrades are nice, but not if the font telling you how much coins you have left is nearly invisible because of the blue background. Also, they game depends on upgrades way too much and they are too expensive considering how few money you earn per run at the start.
Graphics weren’t really good, the river sound loop got repetitive quickly. Sound effects are missing.

RTL_Shadow – Conserve or Die

Familiar concept (Boomstick), but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad one.
Seems like you managed to add quite a bit of polish to this since I last played it. Didn’t immediately realize you actually have to shoot the two boxes on the tutorial screen, they seemed to be more of a demonstration.
Music was fitting, but didn’t loop unfortunately which made the game a lot less fun after it had finished. Sound effects, especially for shooting, would’ve been nice. Graphics are simplistic.
I would’ve liked there to be some time factor involved. Currently, you’re spending a lot of time just waiting for “the perfect shot”, while it’d get a lot more exciting if time wasn’t unlimited and you can’t just wait for the perfect opportunity, so there’s some pressure on you.

Kewry – Avoid or Die

Love the voice acting in story mode. Music is fitting and graphics are pretty good.
Dying in story mode is really annoying because you have to start all over, no fun. The voice acting gets really boring after hearing it a few times. There should be checkpoints or something.
Didn’t like the enemies coming from above or below at all, most of the time, there’s no way to react quickly enough because the game’s height is pretty small. That combined with a rather unclear hit detection (though it got better since I last played it) made it frustrating.
A score counter in endless mode .. would be nice, but I feel it would kinda ruin the relaxing atmosphere. Maybe there should be something that lets you know how well you’re doing without telling you exact numbers, like a bar.

UnknownGuardian – Mine or Die

Has a lot of potential. It lacks music, sfx and good graphics, but you know that already.
It seems to easy to mess up at the start if you don’t know what you’re doing (just building shafts until you run out of money), I think you should already start with at least one drift.
Other than that, it’s pretty slow-paced and thus boring at this point, a speed x2, x3 button would be nice. Badly needs a sell all button in the market. At the moment, holding your materials doesn’t make any sense, so the market is unneccessary. There might be features like pending planned prices though.
Didn’t really see the theme here. What if you don’t mine? Is there any way to die?

Gharrot – Flee or Die

Very similar to “The World’s hardest game”. I really like challenging games, but this one just wasn’t fun and overly frustrating. Hit detection seemed unforgiving and it was a bad design choice not to be able to touch walls.
It got a little bit better once the timer started, almost didn’t play that far, but not much.
Also, what’s with the title? There doesn’t seem to be any story explaining what you’re fleeing from.

Senekis93 – Die or Die

You don’t leave much of a choice, do you? :D
Gameplay is pretty much your standard avoider game with some intersting physics but crappy controls. And the title proved to be somewhat true, you’ll die rather quickly.
No sfx, music. Graphics weren’t all that interesting, just black and white except for the dot you’re controlling.

nadjatee1996 – Fly or Die

It rhymes! Though, the title wasn’t really appropriate when I look at the story. More like “Land or Die”.
Music and sfx would’ve been nice. Liked the graphics, gameplay, on the other hand, was pretty boring. I assume it just goes on forever, and there’s no way to land? How sad. :(
You should hide the mouse cursor and replace it with a dot or something.

nutter666 – Escape or Die

Really atmospheric game, though it’d have been much better with a bigger resolution and some more sound effects.. “Creepy silence” is good, but this was just “silence”. There should be random, weird sound effects every so often.
There should be more that distuinigishes different areas to make sure you don’t get lost, for example different wall colors, not just black. I got lost neat a textfield saying “This is not real” or something along those lines.
I was sad to find out that you didn’t change the control sheme. I still think it doesn’t work very well, you should either make it mouse-based (move-to-mouse) or standard WASD / arrow key.
I’d also like to see my battery idea implemented, where you have a bar that indicates how much battery life there’s left and if your light turns off monsters will get you, so you’re always under the pressure to find batteries that are scattered around. The “..or Die” aspect of the title wasn’t really there, at least I don’t think there’s a way to die in this version, I even walked straight into some monsters and nothing happened.

Sanchex – Shoot or Die

Wow, amazing graphics! There’s not much else though, you can move around, but apparently not kill the dog. Has lots of potential though and looks really promising! :)

Shake_N_Baker – Save Kitty or Die Trying

Reminded me of “Robot wants Kitty”. Just because of the title though.
Cool artstyle, might be great with more content and polish. No music or sfx yet.
Keep in mind there are people with QWERTZ-keyboards whenever using the Z key in a game!
I eventually got stuck in a circular, empty room. Not sure if that’s the “or Die Trying”-part, but if so, there needs to be some way of retrying.

ErlendHL – Fly or Die

Surprising how “fly” is the only verb that was chosen twice considering the theme of this GitTD / the naming restricitons.
Not sure if this is actually supossed to be playable, at least I can’t seem to control anything, there are just a few circles with random size, color and velocity that move to the left. Might have been a good idea not to leave the “description”-field empty. There are even sfx! :D

alecz127 – Hunt or Die

The intro story was a little too long for my taste, but the story was nice. Should consider increasing the text size a bit to increase readability. Could be great with voice acting! But in general, try to keep intros like this as short as possible, most ppl just want to get to the actual game.
Music was pretty fitting, same for the grapics, they’re pretty unique. Sound effects are needed though, especially to indicate what’s going on (taking hits etc as there’s no health bar)
Gameplay was fun at first but quickly got boring. There needs to be more variety. After you’ve killed all the animals, the only thing that seems to happen is that they respawn, it doesn’t get more challenging.
Was also noticing some weird lag spikes when holding down “E”.

Moshdef – Jump or Die

Like I already said before, fun and challenging gameplay here! Couldn’t be bothered to play much further than the second checkpoint in story mode though. Still, nice change that there’s now a checkpoint after every 5 levels.
Too bad you didn’t implement an option to control downwards velocity (down key) like you said. Really would’ve enhanced the gameplay, but I guess it’d destroyed the balance of story mode a bit.

SSDRWH0 – Gamble or Die

Pretty much your average blackjack-game, except it has a rather comical story. Liked the music as well.
Winning / dying is based on luck too much in my opinion, but it’s blackjack after all.

feartehstickman – Dodge or Die

Just an avoider game that has a weird background and isn’t really fun. Is intended that the score doesn’t reset after you die? That totally defeats the point of a highscore-based game. Also, the player is forced to pick up his mouse on the game over screen, which is not a good idea as this game is entirely keyboard-based.
Controls didn’t feel good. X velocity when moving left / right was way too low and didn’t really allow to dodge effectively.
No music / sfx.

AMD_Paulius_J – Lure or Die

Pretty good! Love the amount of polish, graphics, music and sfx were great.
Music didn’t seem to play after the first level though.
I love the innovative concept. However, those bushes have way too much HP and there’s no indication of how much is left. They don’t always drop spears either, and since you start with so few, it becomes boring pretty soon. Spears randomnly appearing could be good. You’d have to collect them within a certain time frame though.
I don’t like the way sprint is implemented. It made me sprint accidentally all the time, which actually decreased the level of control I had. Also, it’s more like dashing. I’d suggest putting it on the shift key or somewhere else at least.
Not sure about the fact that you need to be facing the direction you’re throwing – that made me lose quite a few spears, which is frustrating since they’re valuable. Could as well always throw them upwards.

adamkingdom – Slime or Die

“Slime or Die” didn’t really seem like a appropriate name, but “Lure or Die” was already taken I guess. Anyway, really really liked this one! Great concept and great execution, there’s quite a bit of content, too. :) I actually finished the game, though the last level took me a few tries. Had a lot of fun.
Hit detection was a little too unforgiving in my opinion. Might as well decrease the size of those hitboxes a bit. The level complete sound effect didn’t really seem to fit, while the music created a great atmosphere that really fits to the game.
This game has lots of pontential… It needs a little more variety at this point, there’s only one enemy type (or 2, but you just increased the scale of the image). There are be all sorts of things you can do, for example add ghost enemies that can fly over tiles.
A level selection screen wouldn’t hurt. Would also be cool to be able to see the enemies field of view, probably best indicated by a half-transparent circle.

Darkscanner – Fry or die

Urm.. You collect orbs and run away from people. Is there anything else you can do here? :/ Dying doesn’t seem to be one of the things you can do (yet).
Possibly interesting, also nice artstyle, but incompolete.

Yeah, this wasn’t exactly an easy choice – but here’s what it comes down to:

1 – Slime or Die by adamkingdom

2 – Lure or Die by AMD_Paulius_J

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

Haven’t done anything since my last post, so this will be the final state of my game: Explode or Die!! :/

Awesome graphics, Halysia! :)

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

Originally posted by Kewry:

@Gama I have such a hard time trying to control the bomb that I don’t care about trying to reach the top, and those walls, so annoying the minimum touch causes such an annoying bounce >.<

EDIT: Latest version of my game and to do list

What level are you even talking about? Level 14 I guess?

Originally posted by ErlendHL:

I don’t think I can join after all… Started 5 days late, got distracted by games and have to attend at something this weekend :(((

Probably doesn’t hurt if you submit what you’ve got so far anyway. :)

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

Thx for all your feedback guys! :)

Added some more levels, there are now 14. I doubt I’ll add more content… Probably just gonna work on polish a little bit tomorrow. Beware, the last two levels are hard.

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Topic: Game Programming / Keyboards...

Originally posted by DPbrad:

Hey everyone,

My Sidewinder X4 broke (Who knew pepsi+keyboard=broken keyboard) and I was just wondering what you guys use?

Funny, I use exactly the same keyboard. :) I like it a lot, though I don’t use the macro features very often at all. Also, it takes a little bit of time getting used to at the beginning because the keys on the very left, especially shift and ctrl are very small.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

@Moshdef: Customization isn’t really needed and doesn’t add too much to the game, at least in my opinion. It also comes with issues, like I mentioned, it’s hard to make sure everything contrasts nicely when the background color is variable.

You’re right, the double jumping isn’t as obvious as the rest… But still, no-one wants to read text walls, and if a lot of players skip your how-to, it won’t help either. It’s better explained in-game, for example, you could pause the game right when the player jumps for the first time and let a message pop up than if he presses jump once more he can double-jump.

A seperate survival mode sounds like a great idea! You could try making it more interesting by mixing objects form different waves and letting the come from various directions, including above.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

Originally posted by Moshdef:

Here is my entry, Jump or Die.

I definitely need to tweak a few things, but I’m really eager to hear what people think. All criticism is very welcome, and I would especially like to get some feedback about the difficulty and music. Those are two things I can change very easily, and in terms of the difficulty it could completely change the game if it was made significantly easier or harder in places. Please let me know! I’m glad this GiTD got me working.

First thing I noticed: No way to retry from the game over menu without using your mouse. Horrible mistake, never do this, guys – this totally discourages and annoys the player in a keyboard-based game, why are we seeing this so often? It totally breaks the flow when you have to pick up your mouse! Also, after reaching a checkpoint, I don’t want to click through the configuration menu every time.

I’m not sure if checkpoints are the way to go for a game like this, it’d be better if it was a highscore-type game where you rack up a score. That being said, I like the concept a lot! It’s fun to play, but it’d be nice if you had more control over your character – currently there’s only left / right – movement and (double-)jump. Ducking could be good, (although that might not fit to the title) as well as increasing the characters downwards momentum when pressing the down arrow.

Hitboxes seemed to be surprisingly good. I wouldn’t let the player choose the background color, that makes it impossible to make sure that every object has a nice amount of contrast to the background – which wasn’t the case with the default, white background and the eggs for example.

Regarding difficulty, I made it to level 10 on second try. After that, it becomes much harder. I tried acbout 7 more times and made it to “Grenades”.

Add some soundeffects! Check out

Any particular reason why you created a new account for uploading this game?

Not sure the “How to play” is needed. My assumption is that most will skip it anyway, at least that’s what I’d do. The controls are intuitive enough.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

List of prototypes posted so far:

I thought this would be helpful as it was getting a bit confusing. List is in the order the links were posted in this thread. Might have missed some. Name is mentioned where a name was mentioned. Sorry if I mixed something up.

Total: 13 games so far!

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

Since when has this thread been stickied? :) Kinda gave me the idea that it’d be extremely cool if Kong promoted this game jam in some way.

Originally posted by UnknownGuardian:

@Gama11 Remember that skill should not necessarily be the focal point of your game. They should be fun to play, rewarding, with (in all honesty) not a whole ton of skill required. This thread has a lot of good stuff (oops. Kewry just pointed out that this is in the Market leaders forum so most people probably won’t have access. Let me see if I can dredge up some screenshots. EDIT: Screenshot of page. Zoom in a bit to read easier.) regarding what you should/shouldn’t do in your game. (Ignore the OP and read the actual posts).

Your game is at a point where it could be polished, given some more appealing art, and sponsored.

Thanks! I think I’ll eventually work on a polished version with more content, features and professional art (gonna hire someone) to get it sponsored on FGL.

That thread seems fairly helpfus. :) Thanks for your efforts of screenshotting it, I would’ve been able to see it anyway, but that won’t be the case for others here.

Regarding difficulty, like I mentioned earlier, I think it should work fairly well to make the standard level set relatively easy but then have a second, much harder version of each level for the hardcore players that unlocks when beating the game (inspired by Super Meat Boy). For now, I went through all of the levles and made them quite a bit easier!

Originally posted by AMD_Paulius_J:

I didn’t yet had enough time to test all other game previews, but yours is a brilliant one I did beat all levels, difficulty is normal except of level 7, I was stuck there for a while, and thought a double jump would be very helpful to slow down a falling speed on such situations.

Grats on beating them all, glad you like it. I’ll make level 7 (now 8) a bit easier. I don’t think double jump would really work… At least not for when you’re on fire, as you can’t jump at all in that state.

Originally posted by Feffers:

I love the music Gama, but I’m a huge chiptune fan… so :\

Cool! :)

Originally posted by BobJanova:

Gama, I like yours, but I think the controls are unfriendly, particularly the way you keep moving even on the ground if you are not holding any control keys. I felt with level 4 that I was failing to control the character, not solve the puzzle.

Yeah, level 4 wasn’t designed very well, it’s much better now. I thought a little bit of friction would be nice, makes sense after all as you’re a bomb moving on ice. I’ve toned it down quite a bit though! Might add slippery blocks or something like that in the future.

Anything else about the controls you disliked?

Here’s the version with updated levels (It’s always the same link, but still). You guys should really consider using Dropbox for sharing .swfs btw!)

It would be cool if there was a post or something that acts as a directory of prototypes that have been posted so far. This thread has a lot of posts by now.

Edit: Just made such a list.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

Originally posted by Feffers:

Wow Gama, that game is amazing. Loved it!
However, I can’t get past level 4. I’ve tried probably over 100 times. Way too tedious and I eventually ragequitted.

Originally posted by Kewry:

@RTL_Shadow I like your game, would love to see more of it!

@Gama11, I can’t beat level 4 made me rage and afk, if that was the intention GOOD JOB! But I came back, Level 6 is really hard too you simply can’t be slow or you’re doomed, lvl 7 wasn’t so hard but the “drop mechanic” was pretty amusing I think there should be a few more of these. I did not like your music at all, but I could be biased since I don’t like most 8-bit music.

Thanks for your feedback! :)

I probably went a bit overboard with the difficulty, even though it’s supossed to be hard. Thing is, I can beat all the levels easily by now as I’ve played them quite a bit. I think I might have a much harder, “dark version” of each level in the final game similar to the way Super Meat Boy did it. For now, I’ll work on tweaking the existing levels.

Interesting that you found level 7 to be easy, Kewry. For me it’s the hardest level right now. Also, does anybody else feel the same way about the music I chose? I actually like it a lot. :)

Originally posted by RTL_Shadow:

Conserve or Die
Twist mechanic was going to be upgrades but I highly doubt I’ll finish for GiTD.

The accuracy thingy just doesn’t work yet I guess? Always at 100% for me.

I still don’t like the movement of the turret / character. The way it moves sorta creates the impression of lack / slowdown for me, although the game’s framerate seems to be constant at 48 FPS. I don’t feel like I have enough control. Also, you badly need to add some sfx!

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

Here’s the current version of Explode or Die. Haven’t changed too much, bigger resolution, some polish, few more levels, also saves times now so you can go for highscores. The levels are difficult on purpose.

I probably won’t add / change all that much. Should probably create some more levels (currently, there are only 7), enemies might also be nice.

Originally posted by nutter666:

You would surprised be how difficult it is to find a decent sound for a large, heavy footed creature running towards you..

I assume you already tried If not, that site is extremely good. And you’re right, sometimes, it can be really hard to find good sfx…

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

@Kwery: The main problem I have with that game that I can barely tell what’s going on. It’s just not clear enough what my hitbox is, what the enemie’s hitboxes are, what your goal is, when you die etc etc… It needs sound effect that indicate taking hits or collecting orbs.

The purple buttons and the plain white, way too small texts there currently are are ugly and don’t fit to the awesome particle effects you got going on. How did you make them? Same for the mouse cursor, you should replace it with something custom and hide the system cursor.

The game over animation is nice and everything, but gets boring after watching it more than once. Speed it up a lot, otherwise people will quit after two runs or so. If you die early, which is likely when playing the game for the first time, you have to wait through the animation longer than you actually played the game. The game should restart ASAP to keep the players attention.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

Originally posted by nutter666:

I get what you mean Senekis, but equally if they died it would be their own fault. The flashlight dying is basically just an alternative to having a timer counting down in the window saying “Escape in X time or you lose”.

The only way to lose would be for you to run out of time (or commit suicide by turning off the torch and letting yourself get eaten) so yeah it’d be frustrating but you’d know that the reason you did lose is because you weren’t quick enough and if you played again you’d have a better idea what to do so you’d be quicker.

There should be a timer and batteries you can pick up every so often that keep the light alive for a short amount of time. That way, you’re always adrenaline-pumped about finding new ones quickly enough.

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Topic: Kongregate / Question about Kong

You can’t really blame Kong for “hosting MMO’s”. After all, everybody can upload a game to Kong as long as it doesn’t violate certain rules. I guess you could blame them for badging so many, but that’s usually a result of a good rating.

The removal of the collabs section was a logical decision in my opinion.

Also, Kong is currently hosting that “Apocalypse Nao”-event – Things like that are awesome and the reason why I love Kongregate so much. There hasn’t been something like that for quite some time! :)

Another thing to note is that the webdesign is constantly improving. Sure, most users tend to complain about that all the time, but new things just take a while to getting used to. The new game page that was tested recently is pretty awesome!

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

Originally posted by nutter666:

Ok… I have a question for everyone.

Honest opinions needed, shall I swap the controls in my game to normal AWSD controls (for the sake of familiarity) for shall I stick with how they are now with forward and backward movement (which is less familiar but fits the game better), I’m stuck on the fence as I can see benefits for both. I’ve been making an effort to keep HUD elements and stuff offscreen to keep it “focussed” on the horror and darkness.. normal AWSD controls might be counter-intuitive to that. I guess why question is? Is it really that big of an issue.. or will people be able to adapt once they’re told the controls properly rather than having to pick it up themselves?

To me, the answer seems pretty clear, I’d go for normal WASD.
There are two (good) options of doing the controls in a game like this IMO, either make it mouse-based, so the character moves towards your mouse – or go for normal WASD-movement. You basically mixed those two together and that just doesn’t fit and is counter-intuitive. You could even make a mix of both work, by limiting movement to walking straight ahead – no walking sideways or backwards whatsoever. The left and the right key would be used for rotating the direction the character faces.

Each option comes with its restrictions. WASD controls are definitely the option that allows the player to react the most quickly. You have to ask yourself, is that what you’re going for? Maybe you want the player’s reactions to be slower to focus on the horror / darkness theme even more.

Also, I don’t really see why WASD-controls would be “counter-intuitive to the focus on horror / darkness”, controls are not compareable to HUD elements at all. Speaking of atmosphere, a increasing the game’s dimensions a bit surely wouldn’t hurt.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

Originally posted by DrYoshiyahu:

I don’t mind the graphics, I like it. The controls and the physics are solid, but the screen could be a little larger. I found the second level frustrating cause I was falling blind. Players need to have some sort of control, especially on level 2. For the first few levels specifically, make a slower difficulty curve. Start off with something dead easy and work from there.

As for the music, as long as you’re not infringing any copyright laws, (you have permission to use the song) teams of up to 2 can work on the game. (You + the author of the song = 2) So sourcing resources from other sources is fine as long as it’s still only 2 people IIRC.


Bigger resolution is something I’ll do… It’s 800×600 now and the game feels a lot better already. Part of level 2 was not knowing what’s down there, and there are some “icicles” which sorta indicate where you have to go.

You’re probably right about the difficulty curve, I was worried about going overboard with it. But I also don’t want the game to be too easy. I’ll need to balance that out a bit more… Also, it’s actually a lot easier to come up with a few simple levels than extremely challenging ones.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

I guess a bit of feedback couldn’t hurt. Here’s what I got so far.

Graphics are a bit shitty, but w/e. Maybe I shouldn’t have restricted myself to this color palette, but at the same time, it’s also kinda fun. I also struggle with keeping level design interesting and innovative. I feel like everything I’m about to add has been done before over and over. :/

Edit: Btw, is it allowed to get some music from the NG audio portal?

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Topic: Game Programming / Having an issue with AS2.

Why don’t you want to into further detail here in this thread? It’s you who wants help after all, why do you expect people who are already forthcoming enough to help you with your issues to go an extra mile?

That being said, AS2 might not be the right way to get started. At least that’s how I felt about it when the Shootorials got me started – AS2 is slow, outdated and confusing. I found this tutorial extremely helpful, it’s basically a Shootorial-game made with AS3 and flixel.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

Originally posted by DrYoshiyahu:
Originally posted by jjwallace:

Shinyo: Finished this weekend,;game_id=27123

Broken link is broken.

No, it’s not, you just need an FGL account.

Originally posted by TheAwsomeOpossum:
Originally posted by nutter666:

Guess what happens when some foolish person leaves keys lying around on the floor… monsters escape.

I’d suggest switching to standard WASD movement… I think it’d work better with this game rather than forward-back.

Yeah, I found the controls pretty counter-intuitive at first as well.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#28] Entries and Discussion

I hate how I can’t stop making references to this game. :(

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Topic: Game Programming / Keyboard double click

Originally posted by AMD_Paulius_J:

I thought there was a simpler/faster way to do it. I will need additional boolean, because the trickiest part is not to call a double click function if key is being held down.

Thanks i will try to implement this.

You’re right, you’ll need a slightly more complicated logic than that. I didn’t realize all the event listeners there are for keys are Key down and Key up.

I’m used to flixel handling all that stuff for me, it has pressed, justPressed and justReleased functions for all the keys from the get-go.