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Topic: General Gaming / Notessimo 2 Beta - Get your song featured !

No i meant And I think Notessimo has fine quality for a free game, it just takes a little intuition to really take advantage of it. In no way does it compare to Fruity Loops…but I don’t have $100 I can just throw away and for the life of me I cannot find a musical community like the users at Notessimo. I can’t stand Youtube and although I do like this site (Kongregate), they just can’t compare to Notessimo.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] What is so great about this game?

Originally posted by 1amayzingman:

Still the greatest game ever

Wow you post on Kong? Why aren’t you ever on Notessimo 2?

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Topic: General Gaming / Notessimo 2 Beta - Get your song featured !

Originally posted by steeveyxenon:

I like the railgun thing alot. The music video is weird and doesn’t make sense though. I think Japan is noob at video editing.

Also, here’s this. (unfinished)

Steevey, why don’t you ever post on the regular forum? You really are just that good at making songs. Really. You could have your own thread and everything!

Hi everyone at Kongregate! I am one of the newer users on Notessimo (This October is my third anniversary on joining). I also happen to be one of the Moderators. Here’s some of my more popular songs:

Saga of the Dragon (Listen to the ending solo, it’s the best part)
Gateway to Paradise (An acoustic song, also has a great solo)
A Building Full of Experiments (My personal recommendation)