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Topic: War of the Web / The Haxmod System

Nah not really. I’m busy with life. Dunno when i can fix it.

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Topic: War of the Web / From Armora Games with love <3

(I speak for the WotW Community as a whole)

The rise and fall of Arua07 is short lived.

May he rest in peace until he is revived.

-WotW Community

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Topic: Off-topic / The Departing Thread

I came back to see what was happening with Off-Topic as of 5/20/14

Nothing has changed, same shit like usual. Nothing can change that, yet I accept it silently.

Same stuff, nothing else.


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Topic: War of the Web / WotW 1 Year Anniversary

Jiggmin should make a WotW2

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Topic: War of the Web / The Haxmod System

Update Log:

Forum post created

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Topic: War of the Web / The Haxmod System

This is the Rotation bar. This will tell you what side the Haxmod System is on for the current war. When I feel like it I will rotate to a diffrent side.

Rotation: [UNKNOWN]

The Haxmod system is still in build, so we clearly have No side at the moment.

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Topic: War of the Web / The Haxmod System

The Haxmod System
Released 5/20/14

This is the Haxmod System. The inclusion of 15+ alts from different factions and nations, this is a Neutral system of drones/alts that will be used.

Though, Most drones will Not fight for one side, they will support myself in battle from rotation.

Drone Log
For Security purposes, I have restricted the names of most Drones/Alts. As well to their faction side.

Drone System Name – Build Progress – Active/Inactive

RIGGER – 40% – Inactive (Spy mode only)
RELAY – 20% – Inactive (Spy mode only)
TOMAHAWK – 25% – Inactive (Spy mode only)
INTERCEPTOR – 20% – Inactive (Spy mode only)
FAKER – 15% – Inactive
OVERRIDE – 5% – Inactive
INITIATIVE – 3% – Inactive
ALPHA – 3% – Inactive
GAMMA – 5% – Inactive
NUMERAL – 0% – Inactive
STAR7 – 0% – Inactive
CHASER – 0% – Inactive
RATIO – 0% – Inactive
SARIN – 0% – Inactive
CELL – 0% – Inactive

The Haxmod system is a Neutral based system hired by anyone to fight in the war.

The system will not target anyone until there is a direct target given from a respected personnel from a sided faction (refer to the Rotation Bar to see what faction it is on)

Destruction of a Drone results into the collection of data to rebuild and update a drone. So, the destruction of a drone does not mean that it is destroyed. You just turned it off.

Created by: Darkbot Sol2 Haxmod for the Global Restoration Nation Initiative.

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Topic: War of the Web / From Armora Games with love <3

A note from Darkbot Sol2 Haxmod

Dear Aura07,

This is not a attack or offensive letter, I hear by give you a Challenge

Please remember that not all Kongs are with Kong. Nor are all Armora’s with Armora (and so on with other factions). Thus this does not mean I maybe sided with Kongregate.
Thus I raise a challenge for thee:

Take over Mars and overrun Kongregate.

Then maybe I may support Armora. However, that is up to your actions.


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Topic: War of the Web / From Armora Games with love <3

Aura07 Analysis:

Side: Armora (To be determined)

4 alts (Determined on alt rate)
3 level 5 hq’s
Power of 2M x 4 = 8M+ power
Coin rate: Unknown
Amount of level 5 barracks: 10 per faction, giving 40 (Determined on alt rate)

Preferred attack strategy – Dingus Movement 3 (Alt attacker from 3 nations)
Preferred defense strategy- Unknown or No preferred strategy

-Haxmod System V.2

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Topic: General Gaming / Clash of Clans

Originally posted by Kevin0070:

Clash of clans should b on kongregate,its addictively fun

It’ll be hard to, besides they need to get rights from supercell to get the game on kongregate.

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Topic: War of the Web / sites betryers list.

I just want you to know, going one-sided is going to hurt. Just saying.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Bug Report Thread

Found this little bugger!

Exiting Creator after changing gamemode to “Story”. Character wouldn’t move, and the menu didn’t show. had to refresh the screen losing progress on my train of thought.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Reality of it is...

Originally posted by jmtb02:

So when I made those categories (Time Trial, YOLO, Experimental, etc) it was because I knew you guys would want containers and ways of sorting through the maps YOU wanted to see. The question was… what sort of maps would people make? We honestly didn’t really know all the answers to that because this is a Sandbox game… people make what they want to make.

So based on the information we’re getting, we’re looking at how we can better organize maps. Clearly some people like rollercoasters and some don’t… but we can separate those out easlily. So we’re making plans for better sorting right now.

Thank you.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / trading would be epic

No to the trading system, yes to the lobby. However the lobby would not be complete until multiplayer is.

This isn’t TF2 and it will NOT be TF2.

Edit: Let me add a reason, if I didn’t my statement would NOT make since.
Yes trading gets you new items and probably good ones too.
Why not? It’s a good idea for the creators to put and build a new system that buys items directly!

Scamming, People will cry about scamming and stealing someone’s items.
Corrupt Economy. Doesn’t matter, People are going to want more than what they are selling for.
Hacking. People will spawn in items directly to the game
(There are a lot more than this. I’m just stating why.)

I use TF2 as an example to state that the trading system caused an economy that is so corrupt the prices that the Mann. Co Store are obsolete and make online DLC cheap. Look at the Mann Co. Store and then the servers. They are total diffrent prices.

Online DLC trading is BS. This game is better off without it.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Try my Auto Coaster!

Originally posted by PetalmaneBaku:
Originally posted by darkbot:

They’re boring

That sounds more like opinion than fact.

Huh, That sounds like slander. Cause i never said that.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Feature Requests (not multiplayer)

The NPC’s have to have an AI like the LBP2 Sackbots that can follow you, or help you. Maybe at least make them move around so they can have abilities like the player.

Custom Map filter system
One that people can edit themselves where you can input this menu, like a custom finder or blocker:
Find Maps with:
Block Maps with:

Or a “Play a random map!” button.

Featured Maps of the week
The builders should find up to 5 maps each week (Good maps in style and play ability) and post them up each week. This should also give the player a special misc item to state that they were the editor of that map!

Achievements (Kongregate wise)
Add achievements like:

Builder (Build 5 maps!)
Al la Player (Play and complete up to 40 player maps!)
and so on…

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / New tile ideas

Originally posted by Fxie:

Just for fun, a Mystery Box tile. Y’know, like the ones in Super Mario. The picture on the box would change each time you hit it, but other than that it wouldn’t do anything. Just a cutesy aesthetic.

Like that?

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / New tile ideas

Environmental tiles (Ones that move around and affect play):

Flowing water (can cause people to swim) (Drowning must happen if someone stays in the water for too long.)
Deadly Lava (Instant death) (Shoots magma that can cause fire.)
Toxic waste (Slowly damages)
Fire (Rapidly Damages)
Sludge (Like water, but is very very slow)

Interaction Tiles:
Movable blocks
2-way Enter and Exit doors
1-way doors
Teleporters (With menu to choose destination)
Warp portals (To continue to another map, like a series)

Item Tiles:
Health dispenser I (Regenerates health slowly)
Health dispenser II (Regenerates Instantly)
Small Chest – No key required (Gives player up to 5 coins)
Big Chest – No key Required (Gives player up to 10 coins)
Treasure Chest – Key Required (Gives player anything the owner can afford.)
Key (Unlocks Treasure Chest)

Server Tiles: (This is optional, because the multiplayer server hasn’t come up into idea yet.)
Randomly spawn in a world, editor must place a Crate Spawn tile to spawn one (There can be only one per map). Only spawns once per map, and respawns every month. Some may require coins, Some may require Golden Keys or Diamond Keys that can be bought from the shop or earned.
Key prices may vary, that is up to the owner | They also give off Full sets of clothing
Crates also look different than the actual tiles (But act like tiles), because they have a unusual sparkle and a chains and a lock on it. (They can be collected)

Normal Crate – Can be opened by 200 Coins (Recommended), Can give a normal set of items (Chances of spawning in a map: 1/10)
Golden Crate – Can only be opened by Golden Keys and give a set of rare items (Chances of spawning in a map: 1/100)
Diamond Crate – Can only be opened by Diamond Keys and give a set of unusual items (Chances of spawning in a map 1/1000)
(Notice! There is NO trading system. This will NOT be like TF2!)

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Try my Auto Coaster!

They’re not. You just go around afk and pick up coins. They’re boring and just loops.

They don’t deserve coins. True maps* deserve coins.

*- Maps with difficulty and a story line. Also with a challenge.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Monster Hp

Originally posted by IMaroxI:

Is there a way to change monsters Hp? because monster with 3 hp is to easy to kill.

The Number above the Mob isn’t the HP. It is the Level it has been set to, Reason being is that your current level, judges the difficulty on how much HP they have and how much damage they will do.

Btw, for editors. Spikes will always do 999.9 damage to you. It’s just inscribed that way.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Reality of it is...

Originally posted by DragonArcherZ:

So the game is built as an RPG but…they all just make rollercoasters :/

It’s something like a side-scrolling RPG, I really can’t tell, though I believe they might add guns and cannons?

Yes, All of the current creators just make Rail Coasters. Which really is just ruining the game. Hence my post above, this game will turn out like EE if they do not Figure something out to filter these easy levels.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Try my Auto Coaster!

No thanks.

Create better maps instead of stuff like this. You’re ruining the game.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Kong+, Publish and Cloud Save

Kong+ should get something special for beta testing the game. Like a Kong+ Kongpanion or a set of items for Kong+. We did bring up some bugs and glitches to help support the game.

Also, I keep losing my unfinished saved worlds. I can’t complete my future 10 part series if the saves keep deleting itself every time I get on a different Computer.

Have you heard of Cloud saving? Where it saves in a database mainframe instead of the computer. So where we can keep our set load outs rather than going though the same tutorial over and over (Even though we might click the No, “I’ve been here” button).

Not to be a noob or anything, but how do you publish?
I had already tested my level and set the settings so that it looks like a good adventure map. However, when i click publish, it keeps saying that I haven’t done more. How do I finish this Publishing process?

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Reality of it is...

Hopefully, there will be a filter system to filter out these easy levels which disables coin abilities.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Reality of it is...

This game has potential, I just hope it doesn’t end up like the game “Everybody edits”. (If you are a EE vet, You know what happened when Chris gave up the game. It went to trash donating rip-off system)

Yeah, being a Kong+ has it’s rewards, You get into beta games, you get free stuff and you support Kongregate as a the “ultimate donator”. I wanted to see a game like EE, but wasn’t trashy in the trolling, destroying and junk. I found this one, it’s awesome!

I really like this game, though I’m seeing levels that remind me of the bad times of EE (RailCoaster Maps, Junk maps, etc), and they are destroying the game before it’s released to the public. Just think, if we released it to the public people would make one hundred times of what it is now because of the ideas of these messy maps. (Something has to be done about these maps!)

Create something that can counter what is happening now. Being a fan of Rogue-likes, Creative/Sandbox, and Side scrolling games those serve no purpose of being created and should be reviewed by a creative staff before released to the public. (It’s something in mind that I like, but it will cause more work) or limit the coins of these “Fun” maps, Coins go to crates that give good stuff. People should earn them by defeating a good level (as in, has mobs to fight, problems to solve, things to jump over).

I really hope that this game gets some work done, because it is not yet complete nor the community is either.

Keep updating the game, It’ll sound great once you guys can focus on the whole Kong Community.