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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] Why I cant play this game

Playing on Firefox and got no problems whatsoever. The thing they mean by vague is that all people are saying is it’s crashing. They don’t say what they were doing, what version of firefox they have, whether or not they were doing other things etc. If I say about any game “it crashes”, no way the devs will be able to replicate the problem and fix it, there are just too many variables for that, because it could be anything from a faulty line of code to a plug-in in firefox.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Friend Requests

Add me pls ^^

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Topic: Wartune / The Spire - A quick look

bump for the sake of bumping…

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Topic: Wartune / The Spire - A quick look

Holy mother of awesomeness ^^ thank KnowingEyes, and nice one on reaching stage 10 :D Same setup as our group I see. What are your br’s? Also, did you buy extra Spire skills, or are you just that awesome? xD

Seems the vid we took of yesterday’s run kinda failed, so we’ll try to make one again today.

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Topic: Wartune / The Spire - A quick look

Decided to update this post again today, after killing boss 8 for the second time. We can now consistently pass boss 5 without having received even a single debuff. Boss 9 is most likely quite impossiple at our br.

I also noticed a possible turn limit during one of our runs. I cannot say with full confidence if this is true, since most likely if you don’t kill a boss fast enough, you will die quite early anyway. If however anyone was able to confirm a turn limit, I will edit my original post.

Also, we should have a vid incoming soon ;)

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Topic: Wartune / No Rewards for the 2nd time..

Originally posted by LilyUnsub:

Added balens for the recharge bonus event and haven’t received any rewards. Didn’t for the last time either… its real shit

And like Gruntarswe said, the event started today, not yesterday. I recharged just now and it worked just fine.

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Topic: Wartune / The Spire - A quick look

Originally posted by flamingice:

You can receive a resurrect from the treasure goblin

Thank you for the information, edited my original post.

Originally posted by akhilesh98:

i have a question on boss 6 can u figure out when he will do that crazy attack on a tank?

I was actually planning to check this during our next run. I will update this topic when I know.

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Topic: Wartune / The Spire - A quick look

Hey everyone,

Me and my group have been running the Spire, and have quite frankly been owning it considering our br. We know of groups with stronger players that get less far, or get to the same point with trouble. The key to getting far is described in this topic, as well as some helpfull stuff to get you started in the Spire. Since your player strength will determine a big part of how far you can get in the Spire, it’s only fair that I post the setup and br’s of my party in advance.

Mage 1: 41997 br – has RoF at l4 and Thunderer at l3, Suntoria can be helpfull
Mage 2: 41326 br – dedicated healer, so Restoration, Suntoria, Blessed Light
Archer: 43338 br
Knight: 48626 br

We try to use at least lv5 int/power pots, and on our last attempt we cleared the 8th boss with warrior’s call on Mage 1 and on the Knight.


The Spire is a 4 player, boss only dungeon. When you enter you have the option to buy special skills using balens, or to talk to the NPC and start the battle, once the battle has started bosses keep spawning untill your group gets wiped out, there are no breaks in between. Afterwards you get rewards based on your performance. Each boss killed will give 300k experience and 1 spire chest.

Spire Chest

The Spire Chest is a reward gained for killing bosses in The Spire. Upon opening you gain a random reward. I myself have seen the following rewards drop:

10.000 kyanite
2 Shadow Crystal
lv9 Luck Stone
20 vouchers
Fashion Shard
Fashion Core

If any other rewards can drop from the chest, feel free to post this and I’ll update the list.

Spire Skills

There are 4 special skills that can be used only in The Spire. Every day you get a few of these for free, but extra’s can be bought using Balen’s. The skills are as follows: (I do not know the exact names at the moment, will update with names when I find them)

Shield: reduces damage taken by 90% for 3 turns, 120 seconds cooldown. (3 free uses a day)
Heal: Heals the player for 50% of max health, 60 seconds cooldown. (3 free uses a day)
Vulcan Wrath: Increases damage done by 200% for 3 turns, 60 seconds cooldown. (3 free uses a day)
Resurrect: Resurrect yourself or a random dead player in your party and brings them to full health, cannot be used when everyone is alive. (1 free use a day)

At random times a treasure thief may spawn along with a boss. This is a golden goblin hiding behind the boss on the backrow. Killing this enemy will give you one extra skill. All skills can be obtained this way.

The bosses:

I only have knowledge of the skills of bosses up to lv8, any bosses after that will be updated when I reach them. Please note that none of the bosses can be slowed or stunned. Some of them do a very small bleed, but it’s not worth it wasting a skill slot for purification in my opinion.

Boss 1: Very weak starter boss, does single target damage on tank. Also does an AoE attack every now and then. Mostly a rage builder.

Boss 2: Again very weak. Spawns adds halfway through, but these do no noteworthy damage.

Boss 3: Spawns with 4 adds. These adds do a lot of damage, so it would be wise to AoE these asap. Once the boss reaches about half a bar, he will cast a damage debuff on all players. More on this debuff will be in the next section.

Boss 4: Nothing noteworthy, casts the damage debuff upon reaching his final health bar.

Boss 5: Same as boss 4.

Boss 6: Same as second boss in TL. Does extremely strong attack on the tank. He starts with a regular attack on the tank. On his second turn he does a huge attack on the tank. Then he does another normal attack, a very strong 2 player attack, 2 normal attacks, before doing the strong anti tank attack again.

Boss 7: Just a regular boss. Does a few random attacks and AoE’s. From here on you’ll start sweating.

Boss 8: Does an extremely strong AoE on his second turn, and every 4th turn after this. From here on you’ll need to start using shields/heals to survive if you are around our br.

Boss 9: Does weaker attacks as boss 8, but does AoE more often. Also applies a 50% damage reflect. Can be removed, but will most commonly be recast after 2 or 3 turns. Haven’t survived more than a few turns on this.

The damage debuff:

Bosses 3, 4 and 5 all cast a damage debuff on the party when they reach a certain point in their health. This debuff increases all damage taken by 40% per stack, lasts 999 turns, and cannot be removed. Upon dieing the token on the buff/debuff bar did disappear, but damage taken did not decrease after resurrecting, causing me to believe that dieing does in fact NOT remove the debuff.

There is a way to avoid this debuff however, which my party has been using to get further into the Spire. we assume avoiding the debuff is going to be the strategy to actually getting further into it, since the debuff really starts adding up the damage later on.

This is how my party deals with preventing the damage debuff:

Boss 3: The boss casts his debuff once he reaches half a bar. After AoEing the adds bring him down to about 1.5 bars. Stop using any skills, except for healing skills. Your auto attacks should still bring him down quite quickly. When the boss reaches his final bar, let him do one more attack. After this everyone does one more auto attack. After this auto attack the knight uses the damage buff and does his ulti, while the rest does a strong ability. This easily knocks over the boss before he gets a chance to cast the debuff.

Boss 4: The same as boss 3, however this boss casts his debuff once he reaches his last bar. We stop skill at 1.5 bars again, let the boss attack and do one more round of auto-attacks. Me and the archer then used the damage buff and our ulti’s to knock over the boss.

Boss 5: Doable at our br using the following tactic:
Don’t use ANY skills except for healing skills, this is to extend the fight as much as possible to wait for cooldowns. Once again when he comes near 1 bar, you will need to do the damage buff and ulti’s, but this time let all 3 damagers do this.

As you become stronger you might find you won’t need the Vulcan Wrath buff anymore to do this strategy, if you are at that point, I do suggest saving the buff for later bosses.

If you’ve done everything properly you should be able to pass those bosses without getting any debuff. So far we’ve only tested it on boss 3 and 4. Please bare in mind that this strategy worked for our group and might not work for yours. The key word for this strategy is communication. Make sure everyone knows when to do their damage buffs and abilities so the boss doesnt accidentally get knocked past the critical point. Keep talking in party chat, and you should be able to avoid the debuffs.

I hope this guide has been helpfull, and I’ll try to keep updating it as more information becomes available and as my group progresses further into The Spire. Bosses become progressively harder, and they become harder quite quickly. Where one boss might be challenging but doable, the next boss might oneshot you alltogether. I wish you all good luck, and if you have any comments, please feel free to comment to this topic.

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Topic: Wartune / Spire Chests...

In all honesty, what did you expect? I got a full fashion core the first day and I consider myself extremely lucky at that. But Spire is a load of fun, even without the rewards. Don’t forget you’re playing the game not only for the rewards, but also for the challenge. Also, do you really mind getting Shadow Crystals? I need 24 a day, and get maybe 6 from MPD’s, any extra’s I get from other sources are welcomed with open arms.

Also, if you really want to get far, it’s not just 6 and onwards that require thinking. It starts at lv3, trying to find ways to avoid the damage debuff. We cleared level 7 yesterday, with every ounce of skill we had in us, only to get obliterated by level 8, where we got oneshotted by a single AoE. But ye, we did get the damage debuff on all levels that can give it (being 3/4/5 so far).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] Move buildings

There already is a move building option. Go to the build menu, there should be a 4way arrow on the right side of the menu there, with that, you can move buildings just as long as it’s not busy upgrading or being build.

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Topic: Kongregate / Frantic 2 badges

Personally I think the impossible badge should be something like the one from the original, complete all episodes on Frantic level without being hit :P
Otherwise getting 50-60M on survival sounds good.