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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [Game over] CURSIVE - And the winner is...

I am also posting this before leaving. I am not sure how much people will appreciate this (or believe the message, though you can verify it with a quick google), but I think this is rather inspirational.

It is the first story I seriously wrote since I came on Kong. Back then, it felt like a masterpiece. I dunno, but I think even Vinci didn’t feel as accomplished after drawing the Monalisa. I thought back then that I’d exhausted my ultimate possibilities (no joke).

And… I was wrong. Like always, being wrong has been more rewarding for me than being right. I think I’ve progressed quite a way since then. Which goes to show that you can always improve, no matter how tough you think the next step is, no matter how far you think you’ve come, no matter how many baby godzillas you have to tearfully slaughter so you can collect their blood to fuel your pen.


The Fly with Two Heads

Once upon a time, there was a fly with two heads.

The fly wanted to have food, but its two heads wanted to go in two different directions. So, the fly began to almost die of frustration. “ Somebody help me!!!!!!!!!!” He screamed like a banshee.

And a mosquito, flying towards a potential human victim, stalled. “What do you want, kiddo?” He asked.

“I want food.” The fly replied tearfully. “But my two heads wanna go in different directions.”

The mosquito laughed.

“Kiddo, you are an idiot. The solution is as easy as pie. Just spin in a circle!”

The surprised fly began to spin in a circle. Very soon, he became dizzy and fainted. A cockroach came and ate him.

“That is what you get for being in an idiot.” Said the evil mosquito and flew off."

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Alright, time for the inevitable announcement.

I will be away from everything Kong… heck, everything Internet starting 24th, that’s four hours from now the way I work, till the 6th, and potentially, if things go really badly, the 8th.

tl;dr: I will be unavailable from July 24th to August 6th/8th for everything.

I am really sorry for all inconveniences caused by this hiatus, and will do my best to mitigate whatever ensuing damage.

My School Rules character, Duncan Gross, will be handled/god-modded into everything by Maelord/eProdigy and Bluji. I have faith in you guys, so please don’t do anything tremendously OOC. When in doubt, don’t do it.

My Heroes character, Belladonna, will be handled/god-modded into everything by hamuka as far as allowed by the GM. I will tell you everything you need to do before I leave. If you/yeasy doesn’t like this idea, keep my character back at the Tavern.

My Worst. RP. Ever character, Chris, will be handled by hamuka in a, well, GM-pushing way, or alternatively, again, by Bluji, if he wants to.

My Survivor character obviously can’t be controlled because it’s friggin’ me, but if I get any items whatsoever, I use them all on myself. Yes, even harmful ones because wynaut.

Anything else will preferably not be touched till I come back. Thanks!

Please link to this post when you godmod my characters for the first time so you don’t get GM Lightning falling on you.

¡Adiós, amigos! See you all in August.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [Game over] CURSIVE - And the winner is...

I won’t make this short . It would be foolish to write a review on so much stuff and strive for conciseness. If you need just the results, Ctrl+F "coinfluence". No, seriously.

Everything in this post is my original, non-sarcastic opinion (well, almost everything. Not the bit titled Bluji, nope. I made a loooot of mildly sarcastic jokes there, for which I apologize to Blu in advance). I have tried my best to be objective and fail awesomely. Take nothing to heart as I have tried to mean everything in the best way possible.

I won’t be reviewing myself because… it doesn’t really matter. I know what I think about everything I’ve written, and I’d love to know what you think about them. I don’t want detailed reviews. I am okay with “that part with the laser sharks was awesome!” or “omg elephants u suk” or “peanuts on the oven melikey”.


Your R1 post Departure was one of the most convincing starters in the competition. Sure, it had a couple of rather grievous grammatical mistakes, but I glossed over every single one. One coin.

Your R2 post Love was Still Around was more on the weird side, and you did explain to me what you were aiming for. The endgame pun was, in my opinion, both comedic and ambiguous enough to be serious. This kind of double-meaning writing is always a joy to read, and shows certain ready humor in the writer’s arsenal.

I really do wish you had posted in the following rounds. Although you could do with a bit more work on your grammar, your grasp of storyline flow and poetic imagery is impressive. Keep it up, and hold onto that 1 Coin.


Sahara of Snow is a rhyme of a poem. It reads like a rhyme, it feels like a rhyme, and it does nothing pretentious or excessive. It deserves a Coin for being fun to read more than once.

Your R2 post was the somewhat hyped Dead Silence. I was originally going for this title myself! I am glad I did not since I couldn’t have pulled off a deader silence. The story begged for more logical investment, but the progression was sound, and the execution was stepwise. Have another Coin.

I do not like most of the posts from R3. Punch in the Past is a regrettable addition to the list of writings I only skimmed over once and decided not to invest much time in. Most of the submissions that round employed the humorous tone to much greater effect.

Thanks for sticking around with us Woggly. This competition has revealed the inner artists in many of us (though admittedly several of us have been flaunting them ages ago). Behind your Wagglerage and Squeaky Gaming, there’s a damn awesome writer, and I hope you keep working on this You. Have your 2 Coins and be proud!


Hey coolo. I hope you are reading this, since it means you are still around and haven’t lapsed into one of your prolonged hibernation periods yet. Your R1 Wasteland was a pleasant read, but I didn’t feel the message was conveyed well enough, or maybe it was conveyed a bit too forcefully.

Awesome effort, and post more next time! :D I am sure you can write well from what I have seen before, if you can just get over your laziness and constant needs for hibernation.


Hamuka Matata! This is the guy whose writings I’ve been looking forward to reviewing since almost every single one of them really astonished me. I knew hamsters grew up faster than us humans, but I didn’t know they could develop awesomer writings skills in the space of weeks!

Ode to Snow, your R1 submission was the only submission that didn’t really leave any permanent impact on me. It is a characteristic Hamuka submission with its half beige, half confused-exasperated take, but the poetic look just didn’t work.

Hanging by a Thread! If there’s something called a comeback, your R2 post almost drove every disappointment I had with your R1 post. Quick, snappy environment generation, a believable, no-nonsense hero figure, comedic elements that I half- believed, antagonists consisting of teens armed with BB guns that can spark the fear of god in law enforcers, an ending that oozed the same comedy style while introducing a weird twist… you sir, have shown us the definition of the classic Short story.

No, you totally deserve 2 Coins, and I’d have loved to have given you more on this.

Most R3 posts started off on a humorous note, and I daresay the granddaddy of these shenanigans is the good old (or should I say bad new?) B.L.E.N.D.E.R. This ain’t something I am buying for myself, but in exchange for these 2 Coins, I’d like you to deliver it to this list of addresses of people who’ve killed kittens in the last few hours.

R4 post… OMG long name I don’t wanna quote.KILL IT WITH FIREit mentions a tower defense inside! Jokes aside, I think it was a good effort, though it isn’t the type of game I’d play.

R5 involves some of the most hilarious posts in my FGF history, and your Theatre post is one of them. It gets a coin for a good middle portion, though the ending was somewhat lacking. Those damn adventurers >.<

The Gourmet Cooking Show didn’t waste a lot of time in building itself up, and despite the short startup before the action began, it was the first in a series of studio mashups and arguably did it better than a lot of better contenders. A Coin, though I doubt that this will cover all the medical costs… Oh well, more beaver for me!

No Cracked style post is complete without images, and no image is complete without a fitting caption. If R2 showed us that you write great short stories, R7 showed us that you are good at thinking of witty, minimalistic captions. I laughed at several of those captions, and nearly dropped these 2 Coins off my table by the end.

I will bundle your R8 and R9 submissions to avoid making this too long. Both of them were pretty good standalone short stories in the Hamuka style, but they didn’t quite meet the expectations. Hanging by Another Thread, despite title awesomeness, had almost nix to do with threads, which really, really put me off. Have Mercy Upon My Enemies was a good story, but it didn’t fit the Mercy motif well enough. Props for trying!

Combined together, they probably deserve a dual coin as neither of them completely satisfied me by themselves.

All in all, you get yourself a total of 9 Coins, and despite being tempted to tell you that it is a loan since I did nearly force you to join this, heck, you earned it, bro. I thought you were awesome with your enthusiasm, but I didn’t know you could channel it into art creation with such profeciency. Keep shining, hamStar.


OMG it is a lemma to my ultimate proof of the life, universe and- Oh wait, it is just plain old Lemma. I couldn’t imagine you in a writer’s capacity before this game… and while I like to think you wrote up everything via keypresses during one of your tourney games, that wouldn’t be giving you the credit you deserve.

Like Hamuka, your start was seriously lacklustre. There was nothing wrong with The Death of a Forest, but it felt bland, and almost unnecessarily stretched. It was a sincerely good effort, but not very amazing.

And again like hamuka, your short story practically blew me away. War-based fiction is not easy. Conveying the crudeness and brutality of war, the callousness of the common soldier and at the same time making loveable characters the reader can associate with is no common writer’s task. You excelled, you conquered and you stole my heart, along with 3 Coins. Bravo, my friend.

Bolt Blaster was a fine if tedious writing. I would definitely recommend for dog lovers, who probably have an idea of how dirty these creatures can get.

Do I like idle games? Yes I do. Do I like farming games? Ditto! You combined two of my favorite types of games, and though I found the description a bit lacking, I liked it enough for a well-deserved Coin (not Corn, sorry).

The Untitled Dialogue was unassuming, but it did its job well. It made me laugh quite a lot, and seeing how the whole dialogue round was about comedy, it was a successful effort on your part. Take 2 Coins.

While being 90% sure that the whole writeup was a parody, Cooking with Lem was breathbashingly, floor-rollably funny. From the very start, Gordon Bullsay really upped the ante for the rest of the participants. 3 Coins it is!

Greg could do with some of your tips on your blogpost. Seriously, some of these games do need a couple of badges, like Maverick and Polygonal Fury. Please no more Papa, though. Will you reconsider that choice if I give you a Coin?

Both your grabbag post and Sequel were vicious combobreakers on your journey to sure victory. Your grabbag adhered well to the motive, and the horror element was unmistakeable, but it was just not what I was looking for in a short story. The sequel to Prec’s amazing dialogue just didn’t live up to the mighty expectations generated by the original (and your own dialogue).

A whopping 10 coins, which probably means you don’t have to play those annoying secret levels on MoneySeize (provided you figure out how to exchange this with ingame coins…). Lem, you have impressed me and made me pride of having you as a buddy. Corny though it may sound, you are a writer extraordinaire.


Rifles? Check. Enough food to last me several months? Check. Barricading materials? Che- Oh, hey there. Sorry if I look a bit occupied. It’s just that I have been tasked with absorbing Prec’s awesomeness, and that can likely take quite some time. Prec, I could always sense the writer within you, and this competition has been effective in bringing it out in its full glory.

Like almost every other goddamn awesome writer, you pretty much flunked R1. Burn Down the Sky was intelligent and well-thought out, but it took abstraction to distracting extremes, mingled meaninglessly in ministerial minimalism and didn’t please my pleasure-seeking plastids.

But like almost every other good writer, you made a brilliant comeback with Swallowed Up by the Ocean. It was humorous, took a new angle with the story and really lived up to its title religiously despite, at least in my opinion, being a bit on the shallow side. You deserve these 2 Coins.

The advertisement round still feels like a fiasco to me, but of the couple of successful writers in that round, your name pops up in mind immediately. You broke away from the existing norm and wove a lovecraftian web of horror and treachery throughout your advertisement. If I need something advertised, I will be sure to give you a call. Take this Coin as advance payment.

Integral is the type of game I would play, and that’s of little surprise: it is inspired by some of my most favorite games of all time. The story was well-written, as always, but I felt that your gameplay description was lacking and a bit vague in some places.

Why is your dialogue still lacking a title? If you win this competition, and I am willing to bet some coins on that happening, you will win because of this. It embodies the essence of good dialogue-writing, with memorable characters, timeless comedy and humorous projection particularly from the AI. 3 Coins!

♫ The comet that killed Dinowaurs /

The Sven Riots of 2014 /

The Kong mod’s secretgregbot, yeah ♫

♫ None of these are as extreme as /




I like finding out things about the Kongmunity, and your blogpost was both informative and an enjoyable read. I did feel it was lacking the Cracked atmosphere, and while humor was not compulsory that round, the list could definitely have been longer and more interesting.

Take an awesome Short Story. Tack on a deeply thoughtful and poignant ‘what happened in the future’ bit. Still Running has touched my heart, and I am sure it has touched those of many others. 3 Coins are the only thing that can try to compensate for your effort in further enhancing an already breathstopping story.

Your Grab bag was mostly on the meh side for me. The Letter archetype was very well used, and while not SS-quality, horror was definitely the predominant genre influence. But I don’t think the motif was done justice.

10 Coins! Heck, coins can’t characterize the amount of awesome you are, buddy, and despite the fact that you are likely to be my strongest competitor right now, I am proud of you, and happy for you.



Coco, firstly, congratz on staying with us this long. Your posts were seriously weird, at the risk of getting Beheslapped. No really, I was left wondering whether I could predict what you would come up with next on nearly every single round, and your posts were ¡fun! to discuss in chat.

Your R1 post was arguably the best effort from you, and the only one that used the literal meaning of Blizzard. It rhymed well, it conveyed an interesting story, though it didn’t bring me back to it. Take a Coin.

Starting from R2, most of your submissions were disappointing reads. April 6 is doubtless the best among these, with careful character development at least for Blizzard (though I felt he was quite a Marty Sue). The main character was an empty shell that reminded me a lot of Twilight for some reason.

R3, R6, R8 and R9 deserve to be clumped together as they constitute the brunt of what I call “Postposting”. They were uninspired, sometimes hastily posted and sometimes incompletely developed. Several of them, notable the last two, boasted sufficient potential and could have been developed into pleasant reading experiences. Friendly advice: Cut down on the action and work a bit more on the description.

Douglas’s Diaper isn’t a game I’d play. The description was lacking, replay value was brutally honest and I see no reason to praise what I didn’t enjoy.

A nod of appreciation for 5 Notable Kongregate Users despite me not being on it as it carried the same tangy edge as your R1 submission. I read through it, and it was pretty Coin deserving in my opinion.

Although you’ve only got 2 coins, you deserve to be applauded for effort and perseverance. I hope you will not be offended by any of my criticism and realize that I have your best interests at heart. Keep writing!


I was really disappointed when you dropped out, and while I am sure there are sensible reasons for your quitting, it still doesn’t make me feel any happier. I wish you had stayed at least one more round, as R2 is the exact type of thing you excel at.

At the Matchmaker’s, as you can guess, must have impressed me, or I wouldn’t have worked on a sequel for it (even if I didn’t post it). It had the swing of a short story embedded in the lyrical march of a poem. Well-executed, and deserving of 2 Coins.

You got only 2 Coins, but that’s only because you didn’t post enough. I still have faith in your abilities. Keep growing and spreading happiness, you precocious plantling.


Start writing creepypastas. Or even better, write a full-fledged horror novel, ALA Lovecraft. You have his style in your blood, along with a tinge of weirdness that give all your stories a life of their own.

Your R1 post, Poem for a Dead Man, was okay. The story behind it was good (good enough for me to consider it for a sequel), but the poem was written in an almost haphazard way without much rhyme or rhythm.

Crooked Minds reminds me of a story you once wrote for TDaT. Which is strange since that story was driven forward while this seemed to be mostly a prolonged flashback. The main character does justice to the title, and I honestly felt like slapping him silly by the end of the narrative. Calculated, calm and cruel, Crooked Minds deserves nothing less than a Coin, but nothing more either.

From R3 onwards, you started focusing a lot more on your strengths, which IMO is a triumph on your part. New Vision was an advertisement with sinister subliminal messages etched throughout its length, and the effect was done adequately so that it didn’t annoy me or leave me wondering whether I’d really seen it. A Coin, again.

The Untitled dialogue and Mortimer’s Cooking Show dually constitute the darkest, most menacing writings during this run of Cursive. Both of them started off as apparently lightly humorous narratives, and ended with shivers running down my spine. Together, they earn 4 Coins in total, which I am not really sure how to split.

Your Cracked post was nothing special. You did do some good image captioning, but that’s really about it. The content wasn’t spectacular, and I frankly wondered a couple of times how this was related to Kong (except for the fact that it was posted in a Kong FG). A Coin for image captioning, not for post content.

Finishing in style, the Untitled horror story really doesn’t seem incomplete at all. It is richly mysterious, appropriately convoluted and has some creepy imagery (I still can’t push the professor’s body out of my mind. Ugh. That gave me nightmares). Cramming so much shock and awe into some of the most mundane protagonist characterization doesn’t even seem possible! You have excelled, and deserve your 2 Coins for this round.

Overall, you’ve hauled in 9 Coins from just seven rounds. You might want to try writing comedy next time too, which you seem to have cleverly avoided on every round where it seemed compulsory. I’m glad to have had you aboard with wonderful train of storycrafting, as you really brightened up my experience of the whole competition with our in-chat conversations. Thanks a lot, bro. You rock.


Where’d you go off to, Spec? You were a lively contender for this game, a livid source of inspiration for me multiple times, and it just seems weird that you would drop out after your rather good early submissions. Oh well, at least you added a lot of sunshine and spiders while you were around, which is all that really matters.

Your R1 post was actually pretty good, despite feeling rushed. I did have to read it twice to really grasp its inner beauty… and I am glad I did, as it was an inspiration for my Sequel post. A Coin, as royalty ;)

Love was Still Around, or was it? The first true infusion of craziness in the thread (lyrical craziness, not thick, creamy craziness like Wooneh’s) came in with this story, and it is amazingly well done. I’ve never seen a mental breakdown done so well. Imagery was spot-on, diary-writing was spot on… what else can I say. Have a Coin. No, this is not redeemable right now at any store anywhere but might be in the future. Who knows.

The rest of your posts were okay but nothing eye-catching. iSphere Nano was a bit on the funny side but not very coinworthy, Untitled dialogue was even funnier but I dunno why I didn’t really like it all that much, still gets 1 Coin and Meta Epic RPG had an awesome replay-value side but little description of gameplay. Take 2 Coins.

Well, that’s an overall haul of 5 Coins. You have a good sarcastic edge to your writing, a wide coverage of writing styles and interesting characterization (from what I saw R2). Keep writing, and hope to see more from you in the future!


What did you eat for lunch

How serious were you when you joined this competition? :p Despite what others might say, I think you have made a fair effort to crawl out of that shell and put lots of interesting words on the screen. They weren’t the best bunch of words, sure, but there’s a niche market for everything (plus, I like insane writings)!

R1 post… Oh, isn’t that the one about Bestie? When I first saw Inferno (AKA First Visual), I expected it to be very uninspired and simplistic. It turned out that the poem was actually pleasant from a crazy reader’s perspective, though criminally simple. Maybe you can use this Coin to get Bestie some new heaters down there in hell.

You had a title collision with Prec, and despite not wanting to, I ended up comparing your story against his while reading. The subject matters are encouragingly different and your take, while suspicously similar to that bit from Finding Nemo, contains some semi-humorous elements that I liked. Not too much, but another good effort.

I will bundle the rest of your submissions together like I did in a couple of other cases. Salesbot was a reasonably good attempt, and I did have some fun figuring out Pizza, so props for that. I think the reason it didn’t really pop out to me is because everyone else was doing humor that round and my own submission was heavily concerning robots and robotic rebellions.

I laughed at your game description, though you did plagiarize a bit of Lou’s ideas off-thread :p Untitled dialogue was the worst of your lot of writings and felt like it was hurried through right at DL. Naughty Woony. All three combinedly earn you 2 more Coins, bringing the total to a respectable 3 Coins.

This platform has showed me that you can write well if you need to –or have a blue elephant threatening to murder your family if you don’t-, and I am glad to to be acquainted with another of your multiple talents. Keep that keyboard clickin’!


(Did you think you could really escape judgement too? Think again!)

Your R1 post, Poetry had a minimalistic feel to its beginning, though followed rapidly by a whole barrage of colors and vistas that almost blinded me for a second there. While I would have liked an interpretation or label of the sceneries to add character, scenery pron is always welcome. Have a Coin for making my possible most favorite round in the entire game.

Poetry. It takes intestines, bro.

On R2, I feel that you still had that rush of creativity, putting on my second favorite type of writing (and the only type I think I can ever do better at, lol). Short Stories was a bit marred by the fact that you didn’t link the song titles to the songs offsite, meaning I had to dig them up and listen to them in order to be inspited. Have a Coin anyway.

By the way, I feel you sort of cheated with all your deadline extension submissions to get more writing on the screen, so I am gonna ignore them, sorry.

R3 sucked for me since I am not the type to try to convince someone who doesn’t want to lend me their ear, and Advertisement really is just that. But hey, competitions are about trying new things, right? I liked the bit in your post where you extended the deadlines, so a Coin for that too!

Your R4 post rocks, period. It has amazing references and links, a practical, no-nonsense layout, sensible round description… did I mention amazing references and links? Unfortunately, while the layout and references were good, the actual post content was very depressive. I don’t really like beige tragedies, so no coin for you.

I love your characters from R5, Dialogue. The depth of Character One is insurmountable. The way he follows up his blah blah blah with a precisely timed (ONLY when ‘something happens’) ‘oh my god’… I’ll be honest, I cried at that point. It was awesomer than a 20 meter long laser-spitting shark highfiving a godzilla grizzly bear on fire while skateboarding in SPACE. 3 Coins. Don’t be shy.

(that above paragraph was sarcastic. I really didn’t enjoy Dialogue at all, lol)

R6 was supposed to be TV Programs, so I collected all my popcorn, cheese and soda before it started, but I was terribly disappointed. There were like only three paragraphs of instructions and when I follwoed them I didn’t get anything edible which sux. It was as uninspired as R7, where I didn’t really get the caption under the image of the beheaded aardvark.

Finishing off in style, Round 9 and 8, Grab bag and Sequels, were a powerful comeback from you. I didn’t expect anything less from a good host. I do feel the submissions that round weren’t as good as they might have been, of course, but there ain’t nothing you could have done about that. Good effort, and 3 Coins.

So… a total of 9 Coins! All jokes aside now, that’s how I feel the overall competition went (except Dialogue). Great hosting as always, Blu, and that’s another genre under your belt right there :D

“So AN,” you say nervously. “We are standing at the coinfluence of competition and declaration of the winner… could you please vote or something?”

To that I say, Have at thee why of course! I will put together a brief point standings here for easy reference later. I may have miscounted somewhere up there. Please tell me if you notice anything amiss.

[ 10 ]

LethalMutiny (0, 3, 0, 1, 2, 3, 1, 0, 0);

Precarious (0, 2, 1, 0, 3, 1, 0, 3, 0)

[ 9 ]

SilentSand (0, 1, 1, ×, 2, 2, 1, ×, 2);

hamuka (0, 2, 2, 0, 1, 1, 2, 0.5, 0.5);

Bluji (1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 3, 1.5, 1.5)

[ 5 ]

Spector29 (1, 1, 0, 2, 1, X)

[ 3 ]

Woon1957 (1, 0, 0.666.., 0.666.., 0.666..)

[ 2 ]

occooa (1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0);

S_98 (2, X);

CalmWaters (1, 1, 0, X)

[ 1 ]

Behemoth542 (1, 0, X)

[ 0 ]

coolo2011 (0, X)

[ ∞ ]

AdeebNafees (IMRICH, DONTNEEDMONEY, I, L, O, V, E, U, 2)

Well, it is obvious that I should vote for whoever has the ability to throw the biggest party right now :p But there seems to be a very unfortunate draw. I have been broken between Prec and Lem throughout the competition, and had it not been for Prec’s Sequels post, I would have readily gone with Lem. So here’s the deal I am making with Blu:

  1. My vote will remain in a sort of stasis until needed.

  2. If either Lem or Prec is tied with someone else, the vote will count as a tiebreaker, pushing Lem/Prec to number 1 regardless of who they are tied with (unless they are tied with each other, in which case, read 5).

  3. If either Lem or Prec needs one more vote to tie someone else who is not Prec or Lem, the vote will count as an equalizer, tieing Lem/Prec in number 1.

  4. If BOTH Lem and Prec need one more vote to tie someone else who is obviously not Prec or Lem, the vote will count as an equalizer for Lem (decided by RNG, sorry Prec).

  5. If Lem and Prec are tied, I would love to have them both be declared winners. If that’s not possible, the vote will act as a tiebreaker for Prec (decided by RNG, sorry Lem).

  6. This algorithm is strictly the property of AN. It is patented and overrides any other algorithm regarding votes put forward henceforth in this thread. If someone starts a flame war about this whole thing, my vote counts as a vote for Bluji. Please don’t start a flame war Bluji.

Have fun guys!

It is not known whether AN Coins are currently redeemable at any store anywhere in the world. Hold onto them anyway JIC.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [TEXT RPG] Tarot Cake - The Great Secret

Uh… you don’t need to be super-detailed like that, I should say. It’s an RPG, rather than an RP; that being said, the personality will determine things said by the party over time, so that’ll be slightly more important than the appearance.

Aye aye, sir. Will shorten and concise-ify.

I wish this didn’t start right before my 10 day hiatus >.<

EDIT: Everyone gets four bite-sized paragraphs now. Rejoice!

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

[What even is a whatpulse?]

A thing that allows you to track your computing habits, or so it says on the label

Actually epeen booster

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [TEXT RPG] Tarot Cake - The Great Secret

Before writing the remaining two: Is this the type of stuff we are supposed to make?

King Argoth The Brave

Of Pentacles


King Argoth is a tall, imposing, well-built man in his middle ages. His dark, flowy thick greyish hair is painted with green, and reached down up to his shoulders, meeting his plain black beard and mustache across his cheeks.

He is typically seen wearing regal royal robes of grass-green velvety material with dark green embroidery when handling state issues.


Argoth is a matter-of-fact, down-to-earth, compound-adjective-loving man; cynical, crafty, a lover of all types of witty wordplay, extremely observant and most importantly, a man ruled by powerful ambition and jealousy.

He trusts no-one completely and is really not as tough as those titles suggest. Slayer of Dread Dragon Zephyr? That’s his fifth ancestor, King Benagoth the Burly, and he never really hunted that stag. He sorta trapped it. And if it is needed, he has a ton of illicit affairs.

Queen Meridan the Benevolent

Of Wands


Queen Meridan is a slim, medium-height woman with a pale heart shaped face and a delicately curled and braided ‘nest’ of bright-red hair. Her eyes are black and quiet.

She is dressed a lot like the commoner woman instead of high society.


Queen Meridan deserves her title, having ‘her heart in the right place’, so to say. She has inherited a lot of her father’s courage and sensibility, speaking very, very little while doing a lot more than her ‘easily indignant husband’. She is friendly (unless you misinterpret her silence) and hospitable.

She is a bit of a pacifist for the most time, though that doesn’t stop her from raising a weapon to defend her friends and family.

Sir Inghast

Of Swords


Tall, slim, with curly black, untameable hair and bright green eyes. Inghast is considered extremely handsome, despite the fact that his expression is almost permanently stuck at ‘semi-angry’.

He is wearing a light half-knight’s armor and the sword at his waist is pretty conspicuous. He is also wearing a red cape, because capes rock.


Rather chivalric, duty-bound and hotheaded, Inghast has something of a fiery ego. He takes insult at almost everything said to him, and repeatedly keeps trying to prove himself. Deep down, he always feels that he is losing himself and fights an inner battle to keep that from happening.

He is more intelligent than his rough and gruff demeanor may betray, and he is fiercely loyal to the Kingdom, and a bit less loyal to the King, having served more than one King in his life.


Of Cups


A bit dishevelled, and looking like he just woke up. All the time, except after actually waking up. Has straight, golden hair and sad yellow eyes. Lucian has plain, pleasant features and a rather short stature, though that might be because he is still quite young.

He is usually seen wearing loose-fitting clothes and likes to keep his head uncovered, though he probably can’t do that in front of Sir Inghast. Sigh.


Nick Toldy A bit of a dreamer with his head in cloud cuckoo land. Lucian likes to imagine things happening that haven’t happened and are unlikely to happen, often getting so lost in his daydreams that he has trouble being useful.

He is a kindhearted soul and an admirer of Sir Inghast’s perseverance and personality, even if not his combative attitude and hasty predictions. He loves animals and has several pet animals.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

[He types in square brackets, presumably, because he has participated in so many tons of RPs where he needed to separate OOC from IC that he now speaks in them all the time so he doesn’t accidentally make a mistake while playing a RP.]

[He might also use them because they make text look a lot more consolidated and less strewn about the space.]

[He might just use them to add two extra keystrokes for his Whatpulse account to boost his keyscore.]

[He might also use them because, frankly,

Why not?]

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [Always open][LABYRINTHIUM] Heroes - Day 9: Not Done Yet

Originally posted by yeasy:

[Just one thing, are you using 2 weapons to attack or one? I need confirmation.]

[One, now.]

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [Always open][LABYRINTHIUM] Heroes - Day 9: Not Done Yet

[Will do, GM. I thought I’d warned you in advance, but apparently didn’t. Oopsie.]

Belladonna, Level 3 Warrior ~ Inside the Tavern

…wow, that must have been hotter jerky than Bella had imagined.

As it splattered against the zombie’s face, it gave out an almost bestial scream of pain and went absolutely crazy. Bella felt confused. Was the girl still alive? Was she under some sort of mind controlling enchantment and were they making a mistake in attacking her?

But almost as quickly, she had made up her mind. Those eyes couldn’t lie. She had heard of a select few mages having the ability to sap life out of their victims and reanimating their empty corpses. A puppet. That’s what this was. No longer a human.

She flung herself aside to avoid the flailing arms, and struck out again, almost blindly. The force of the strike against the hardened skin sent off sparks, and seeing how hot the metal already was thanks to the jerky, it suddenly and spontaneously caught fire.

That had never happened before, and for a second, Bella was awestruck. The brilliant golden-red flames seemed to intimidate the creature, which turned quickly and headed for her warrior ally.

Recovering quickly, and deciding that the fire was an outward expression of her limited magical potential catalyzed by the former presence of a powerful mage in the room (at least, that’s the only explanation she could come up with on short notice), Bella tried to put the creature out of its misery quickly with several stabs through its back.

Attack the Amateurishly Zombified Corpse ~ Enthral (afire)

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Originally posted by Knoob85687:

[The sudden return of these two people.]

Best thing that happened this year arguably.

Now we just need a Jimbo RP that doesn’t get hopelessly abandoned. I am still having trouble getting over Uterus.

EDIT: I am not sure I am thinking of the right game, and whether that’s the one with the Achievement and such and the one where I play (yet another) crazy dude.

EDITx2: I got the right game.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [Always open][LABYRINTHIUM] Heroes - Day 9: Not Done Yet

[GM, could you please gen Zombie Lauren for us as an enemy? It doesn’t need to be a particularly strong enemy since ??? is supposed to be able to generate tons of these]

Belladonna ~ Inside the Tavern

Suddenly, Bella found herself with an ally against the evil wizard! A slim, messy-haired warrior she had seen earlier at the rat battle. He was as enraged as she was agitated, and the dark mage almost seemed to be able to sense the strength of their emotions as he waited, like a crafty wolf considering his choices before leaping in attack.

And then, before either of them could react, he had crossed his hands across his chest and flung them apart. Two jets of hot air burst out from behind his cloak, one striking Bella’s companion, the other hitting her sword.

“My EYES!” cried out the warrior, covering them with his hands, and Bella felt her sword violently pulled out of her hand and slammed all the way against the wall on the opposite side of the corridor. In the briefest moment when she turned to check on her ally, the wizard shot to the window.

“No, wait!” shouted Bella, but before she could move herself, the wizard had slipped out of the window, and was gone.

“Are you okay?” she asked nervously. The boy nodded, and uncovered his eyes. Oh, so it was just a disarming spell that hadn’t been injurious. But what about the girl?

Bella ran to the prone figure on the floor, and gasped. The once youthful face was thickly and disgustingly lined. So much so that it was almost impossible to say whether it belonged to a human or a monster. Her hair had turned a faded, rusty reddish brown, and as Bella stared, aghast, the dry lips parted and emitted a horrible, throaty moan.

“Uh… I think we should get out of here.” she stammered, taking a few steps back as the figure suddenly opened its eyes. They were sightless and blank, like a zombie’s. Not that Bella had seen zombies before.

But before they could reach the door, it slammed shut and they heard the bolt slide in place. More of the wizard’s doing, it seemed.

The girl, now a shambling, walking corpse, dragged herself across the floor towards Bella and her companion, who was staring with his mouth wide open. And then suddenly, it was on its feet. It let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Bella and her friend dashed in opposite directions as the walking corpse dashed their way and slammed against the wall. That only stopped it for a moment, and it was eyeing them again, its mouth wide open and its eyes unseeing.

“Do you have any idea how to handle this?” asked Bella, though she thought she knew the answer already as the zombie tore across the room in her direction. She was a bit underweaponed… oh wait, that bowl… finally some use for its hotness and heaviness.

Wielding the strangest sideweapon she’d ever used beside Enthral, Bella jumped aside and let the monster have a taste of her rapier, along with a helping of burning hot rat jerky in the face. There was more where that last came from, actually.

Attack Zombie Lauren ~ Enthral, Hot Rat Jerky

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / SURVIVOR: Redemption Island - Game over; who became Sole Survivor?

I guess I am going to the Blue Tribe. This is placeholder and might be subject to change.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [Game over] CURSIVE - And the winner is...

Originally posted by Bluji:

Thanks Adeeb <3

No problema E>

I am currently working on my review, which is sorta big, so don’t expect it soon.

EDIT: Coco’s dialogue is named December 14

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / [Continuous] Name That FGFer

Originally posted by Bluji:



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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Worst. RP. Ever. (Sign-ups + OOC discussion)

Whatever Blu said. Just add peanuts, 30 seconds in the oven at 30 degrees. Serve hot.

Also, made some minor changes to my character sheet. Please check it out (and hopefully add it to the character sheet repository if it is accepted).

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Mr. Mystery (lock please?)

Originally posted by ImplosionOfDoom:

Open the door to the left and examine what’s inside

But if the door is locked,

Originally posted by sirwoofy:

Force Blocko to take you to his room. Do so in vicious manner, violently pushing him and yelling obscenities the entire time.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / [Continuous] Name That FGFer

I had no idea I was bland enough to have only like two distinguishing features.

Also, Woon1957.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Mr. Mystery (lock please?)

>Ask Blocko about the suspicious lack of Sickeningly Cute Cats within the room. He is supposed to be a Regular Cat-Lover Extreme, so it’s a bit weird.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [RP] School Rules


Whoa, crazy Kat lady. I almost smile at how unchanged she is. Keyword: almost. I turn it into a nasty grimace and satisfy myself by lifting the kid from earlier off the ground.

Don’t creatures beside humans have white blood cells too? Wish I had paid more attention in science class…

“Now listen, Langley. If this is really white blood cells, figure out where they are coming from. Are there dead people in that fog? Is this a goddamned zombie apocalypse?” I wish I hadn’t mentioned that, since it seems to have sparked a fresh wave of nervous glancing.

I let go of Langley’s shoulder and set the kid back down. He seems to be trying to tell Langley something. In the meantime, I saunter about the roof with my hands in my pockets, wondering whether to go after Kat.

That’s when I notice two more peeps standing near the entrance to the roof.

“And we are NOT throwing a party here!” I roar and punch the wall hard, and briefly consider punching the guy in front too, who I don’t really recognize. But if he ends up bleeding or something and contributing even more to the density of the fog…

Am I losing my mind?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [Always open][LABYRINTHIUM] Heroes - Day 9: Not Done Yet

[Ball’s in your court now, Behe. Or Ham.]

Belladonna ~ The Tavern Kitchen

“And it is done cooking!” Thomas gingerly handled a crispy meaty piece of rat with his wooden ladle and took a bite. Bella tried not to make a face as he chewed slowly and thoughtfully, turning the not-so-much-but-still-icky meat around inside his mouth.

“Needs some more salt. Pass me the shaker.” Bella handed over the heavy salt shaker, and Thomas added another dollop. “Now all we need to do is cut the meat off the rat bones so that it is easy to eat and doesn’t look like a blatant copy of rat fry.”.

“Can I use my-” Bella started hopefully, but Thomas shook his head.

“For best results, we use the best tools for the job! Here, grab this chopper.”

Bella sighed, turning to wash her hands and catching the thrown chopper as it passed over her head. This better have taken a hefty slice off her debt to the establishment. Or she would have to consider alternate sources of money.

“Now that it’s done, time to taste it good and proper.” Thomas took a spoonful of the jerky and took it into his mouth. Bella watched curiously as a look of intense pleasure crossed the burly man’s face. His delight was almost childish.

“The newest, marvellous, fantastic, extraordinarily delectable cuisine from the incomparable kitchen of the culinary genius Thomas Deprah!” He roared triumphantly, nearly stabbing the roof with the wooden ladle and pushing his cook’s hat a bit askew. “And, of course,” he added quickly and graciously. “He had help from a most gifted young lady! Succulent delight in every bite of this rat jerky!”.

“Glad to help, Chef.” Bella said, nodding and smiling. She was a bit surprised when Tom filled his ladle with more rat jerky and held it right beneath her nose.

“Why don’t you try a little, Miss Bella? It will do you good! Hunting rats can be tiring business!” Bella wanted to push the ladle away, but the smell from the spoon was indeed quite tasteful. She took the spoon from him, and tried a tentative bite. Soon after that, she had licked the spoon clean.

“This is actually pretty good, Chef.” She praised, and Tom nodded.

“But before we can serve this to anyone, we must perform the final test of tastebud ticklingness.” He took some of the smoked rat jerky in a bowl and held it out. “Can you go to the Inn’s guest quarters and see if you can get someone to try this out? Do take careful note of their reaction.”.

“Oh, I guess I can do that.” Bella took the bowl and left by the door Thomas had indicated. They led to a flight of stone stairs that didn’t seem very well-traveled, and apparently led to the rooms upstairs. Bella walked carefully, switching hands every now and then.

That bowl was rather hot and heavy.

This would be a magnificent way to assassinate someone staying at the tavern, Bella decided, although she doubted that anyone important ever came to stay anyway.

Empty. Empty. Empty.

Bella knocked on the first couple of doors politely and waited, but after a while, she got a bit annoyed and knocked more insistently. The doors were thick wood, and her knocks were muffled. So she banged on one of them.

Not that it mattered since they were empty, empty, empty.

Just as she was about to decide that there wasn’t anyone here to offer the recipe rat to, she heard a creak from the room at the end of the hallway. Maybe there was someone there? She hurried down the hallway, a bit disturbed by the dirtiness of the place. The thick layer of dust was practically muffling her footsteps.

She lifted her hand to knock, but then stopped. Did it really matter? With this being room as likely to be occupied as the rest, and the sound probably having come from a stray rat, she could push in and see for herself whether they were inhabitants.

There had to be “Do not Disturb” signs or something, and the present occupant hadn’t used it, from all appearances. Though Bella doubted the presence of such signs in so dingy a place.

And then she heard what sounded like the chants some arcane wizards would sometimes mutter. Oh, so there was indeed a magical someone behind that door! But what spell was he casting? She leaned, carefully balancing the hot bowl in her left hand, and put up her ear against the dark wood.

Silence, for a while. And then, she started as someone, a girl, from what she could glean, started to scream, but her voice was cut out as abruptly as it had started. The chanting sound grew vigorous, the musical voice within the room almost crying and moaning as he spoke words that meant nothing to Bella.

She couldn’t bear it anymore.

Backing up a couple of paces, she drew Enthral, balanced the bowl on its tip (now there’s an idea that would have prevented a lot of semi-burnt fingers) and kicked the door open. Inside, she saw a hooded figure bent upon the figure of a girl, clearly one of the barmaids she had seen earlier.

“What have you done to her, you monster?” She demanded angrily, drawing her shortsword with her other hand. The figure leapt aside and turned, watching her nervously, bloodthirstily from beneath its hood, its behavior half human, half animal.

Beneath the hood, Bella thought she saw the cruelest smile she had ever seen on the thinnest pair of lips she had ever seen.

She positioned herself at the door, aware of things suddenly having taken a very strange turn indeed.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Mr. Mystery (lock please?)

Originally posted by AdeebNafees:
Originally posted by KADleon:

>Interrogate Blocko and Screamer for the Super Secret Code to the Half-Hidden Keypad

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [RP] School Rules

[I think Jimbo should be allowed in. He is extremely awesome.]

[Welcome back, Jimboman. Missed you and your amazing RPs.]


I’ve just realized that the girl I grabbed from earlier was Kat. I wasn’t really noticing with that annoying kid trying to wrest himself out of my grip. I half-think of apologizing for the rough treatment, but the ‘sorry’ never escapes my mouth as I force it down with a couple of rapid gulps.

I don’t want to be a softie before Kat anymore.

There was a time when I and Kat were really good friends. We shared pretty much all our problems, and we really understood each other with childlike simplicity. She was the relentless, optimistic fighter. I was her proud, idea-genning supporter.

I think what drew us together was a sense of not belonging to the rest of the people in class, despite in different ways. She was conscious of her skin color. I was conscious of my inability to fight back.

I am still not sure when we started to fall apart. She moved onto ‘better things’, I guess, while I spiralled downwards. She found herself surrounded by the popular nerds like Langley and pretty boys like Gatlin. Sickly polite, sickly conforming.

I found friends in Dave, the incurable prankster. Bobby, the hotheaded boxer and others of their kind.

At least, I think they are my friends, even if half of our relation stems from fear and lack of power.

At least they’ve never abandoned me. Like Kat.

“The f$@# are you talking, Langley!” I roar, stomping past Kat, shaking up the solemn nerd, and trying peer into the microscope myself. “You must have got your own goddamned cells into it somehow.” I shove him back to the microscope. “Take another look.”

Langley doesn’t reply. He has a vague look in his eyes, as if he is still having trouble believing himself. He looks back through the microscope, while I cross my arms and pace back and forth.

“It’s no use.” Says Langley, his voice sounding oddly defeated. “It can’t be anything else.”

I feel sick as I stare at the thick fog before me. Is this really made up of dead particles of human beings? “But aren’t white blood cells…” I think hard. “Aren’t white blood cells the defense mechanism of the body that attacks and destroys whatever intrudes the blood?”

Langley nods.

“So does this mean,” And I suddenly realize that there is a slight tinge of fear in my voice. “Does this mean this damn fog is destroying everything that enters it!?”.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Mr. Mystery (lock please?)

Originally posted by KADleon:

>Interrogate Blocko and Screamer for the Super Secret Code to the Half-Hidden Keypad

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Mr. Mystery (lock please?)

>View Clues

>Examine Empty Cracked Jar

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Mr. Mystery (lock please?)

>Examine Harmless Looking Portrait on the Back Wall