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Topic: Forum Games / Tainted - Sign Ups/Discussion/Information Thread [Zombie RP Strategy]

7:4. That’s a nice ratio in comparison to the stag party going on here at first.

Why are the guys here so young

Name: Serena Wyatt

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Appearance: Medium height, a little on the skinny side. She has auburn, shoulder length curly hair with some traces of green and yellow highlights, tied back in a ponytail, and large brown eyes that can look innocent in low light conditions. Right now, she is wearing a black jacket over a turquoise sleeveless t-shirt, orange and grey mixed culottes, socks and ballet pumps.

Personality: Serena isn’t serene, by any means. She likes challenges (that includes, somehow, most men) and hates people who pretend to be what they aren’t (that includes, somehow, most men). She is a bit too energetic and likes to pick quarrels, especially with people she doesn’t know. She has a pretty salacious sense of humor accompanied by an occasional sadistic streak. Her decisions regarding people are made quickly and rarely changed. Like Xan except less awesome

Biography: Serena was born in the slums to a mother who died when she was pretty young. She grew up under the wings of her aunt (not nearly as poor, but extremely stingy), who told her to seek her fortune at the age of sixteen. She tried many jobs, and has been working at the Golden Arms Inn for some time now as a bar dancer. Even though she would consider alternative employment, this job pays pretty well and frankly, she just wants to leave this country behind and go somewhere else without all the bad memories.

Starting Item: Dual bowie knives, one of which is slightly shorter than the other. The hilts are modified to serve as a can opener and a nail file. These weapons have tasted the blood of a lot of unfortunate men who thought they were messing with just another unarmed girl. Concealable inside pockets.

Occupation: Bargirl/Bar dancer

Unique Abilities:

Bladed Combat ~ Serena has an affinity to all stabbing and slicing weapons, and can skillfully wield two at once.
Stealthy Gait ~ Years of walking around silently have taught her how to maintain a low profile, while automatically minimizing her ordinary sound output.
Passable Cooking ~ Pretty OP, I know.

Traits: Fearless, Lightning

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Topic: Forum Games / the epic box

Wrong forum. You want General Gaming when asking for feedback on your game. Thanks for your understanding!

It will be highly appreciated if you delete this thread now using the delete thread button at the top right of the page (in line with the title). FGFers, please don’t make any further posts in this thread to allow the OP a chance to delete the thread (thread deletion is impossible after at least 11 posts have been made, AFAIK).

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Topic: Forum Games / :D - Mafia [Night 3 ;d] RESERVES ACCEPTING.

@Minn: Stop misconstruing my words? I clearly stated why I think it is TOWNISH to direct votes, and:

(:3 :3 :3)

Townies are not self destructive, so your suspicion is meaningless. You also did not mention this suspicion on Gott when completing your survey earlier, which is a contradiction.

Trying to pin the Gott wagonstarter on me when I have spoken and explained why I am against it is another scumtell in my book.

My vote stands. :D :D :D

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Topic: Forum Games / :D - Mafia [Night 3 ;d] RESERVES ACCEPTING.

@Minn: :D Don’t self deprecate. And don’t be suicidal. Townies need to clutch at every single straw available to them, and appealing to emotion is not a straw. It’s a burning rope.

(These smileys clash so violently with my tone of voice)

:D :3 <(^_^)>

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Topic: Forum Games / :D - Mafia [Night 3 ;d] RESERVES ACCEPTING.

@Minn: If I am scum, why would I be ‘bent on removing you’? If town is stupid enough to actually listen to you, and this is probably where we should stop theorizing on the future, they will probably have to kick themselves again for believing your weird ‘scum directs all’ theory. I wasn’t scum in GRL where I directed town.

:D :p

Please don’t bring WIFOM into this right now. Town shouldn’t be taking NK ‘evidence’ into consideration anyway.

I have made a note on my diary to relentlessly pursue a policy wagon against you every time you try to fade to black. It would have worked in GRL, it would have worked in that Helltank mafia, and I am not going to care if it doesn’t work this time. You mentioned that it is a good idea to policy lynch idiots, but I think it is a better idea to policy lynch an intelligent lurker.

Seriously, Minn. If you are town, you are doing the wrong thing here. Don’t be the second T6 of FGF Mafia history, whose idea of good play is “Just don’t do anything as any alignment and hope to luck for a win”. Many townies think that playing badly gives them a higher chance of winning the next time they are scum, since they can just pass off stupid scummy play as VI tells, but then, all games have players who don’t follow the rules. Rule #1 of mafia is Play to Win, and winning involves killing scum AS WELL AS survival. Since your survival is on a dime anyway, especially if scum is RNGing kills, focusing on massacring them (or trying to) is what the worthy townie should do.

My vote stands, regardless of whether it sees a lynch :)

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Regarding the new Rate Tab feature:

While this would be amazing as a toggle (I personally forget to rate most games I play, so this is useful for me), I really doubt we will get a toggle for this, since Kong rarely, if ever, allows user toggles for site features.

What could be a solution/compromise (depending on which way you look at it), since the current feature is just there to alert us to rate, why not make the “unrated star” display more conspicuous instead? Like, right now, we have:

The stars are just greyed out, which makes them blend in a bit. If they were shaded in red, they’d attract attention better (red stands out). The signal sent by the red stars would easily let the players see whether they have yet to rate the game.

It might seem redundant, as the grey stars indicate the same thing, but from what I gather, this update is intended to make it easier to know if you have left a game unrated. The main complaint against the current system is that it takes focus away from chat, and the red star system would at least take care of that while also serving the purpose of the Rate tab.

Sorry if this is a bit long winded/silly.

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Topic: Kongregate / Rise & Fall, 35th Kongregate Gaming Tournament (Last Round: Accelerator)

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Topic: Forum Games / :D - Mafia [Night 3 ;d] RESERVES ACCEPTING.


2. Lose because this is nearly impossible.


@Zilla: How did he start the bandwagon? He didn’t provide any reasoning behind voting you that helped to make a ‘case’ against you.


@Minn: Directing votes places is a scumtell? I don’t play mafia like you, Minn, and playing styles differ from person to person, but if I am town, and if I don’t support a lynch, I should voice my opinion on that. Not directing town’s lynches is basically not taking responsibility for my existence, AKA lying low AKA ‘actively lurking’, which is what scum would prefer to do.

Making a case against another player requires going out on a limb. For townies, this is hard, but necessary since they will lose otherwise. Townie accusations carry a note of uncertainty, and are based on ‘scumtells’ or behaviors that they argue would be likely for scum to commit. Scum, on the other hand, have to fabricate evidence against townies, which isn’t usually the easiest thing in the world. Since they KNOW that they will mislynch, they have to be wary of their wagon pursuit.

As for GRL, if I was alive, you wouldn’t have got away for as long as you did, but that’s not relevant. What’s relevant is that you contradicted yourself multiple times in that game, and I find your stance on playing unwieldy, and slightly scummy.


Townies are not self destructive, so your suspicion is meaningless. You also did not mention this suspicion on Gott when completing your survey earlier, which is a contradiction.

Not voting is scummy since you are ENSURING that scum CANNOT die. Voting later does not make votes more townish since you are just doing the same thing later. Wagons can be analyzed for evidence and by NOT voting, you are denying town the evidence for or against your towniness. Vote: Minnakht. Although it is most possible that Minn’s playstyle is weird, I find it too scummy to ignore.


@Gott: Scum Zilla has no business voting anyone who jokevotes him (like Tracy). OMGUS votes are entirely nulltells, and not OMGUS voting is a weak scumtell at best.

C: :D :)

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game] Hunted -- Game over: WooFunWeed wins!

Edited the team name to accommodate all the votes :D

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Topic: Forum Games / :D - Mafia [Night 3 ;d] RESERVES ACCEPTING.

@Zilla: Why is GotterakkaThing suspicious? As in, how are his actions scummy?

The overreaction is annoying and misplaced.


@Gott: Is it scummy not to countervote when jokevoted, and why?


@Sabin: Give us your opinions on life, universe and everything.


@Walf: ….what the crud? There’s a Jester role in this setup?

How does voting yourself help town?


@Ninja: I FoS’d Minnakht in my previous post. What do you think of the FoS? Since you said you find no one even marginally suspicious, I assume you do not agree with my logic for the FoS?

@thelolol: Wrong mafia? Also, please answer the survey.


:] [: (^_^)

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Topic: Forum Games / Hyperbolic Mafia - Night 2 - 48 HOURS REMAINING

I spy with my little eye a mafia worth joining.

(Though I don’t like playing closed setups as much as I enjoy hosting them)


If this majority hasn’t been reached by the end of three days, it will result as a no-lynch.

Can we vote for DL extensions? 72 hours is a good DL, but you never know.

Plurality isn’t in effect, then? That’s a bit problematic owing to the lack of anti-lurker mechanisms. Ten to one the game will die some time around D2 since most people aren’t willing to pull the weight of their opinions.

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game] Hunted -- Game over: WooFunWeed wins!

Popped in for a second.

Team Name: Team Awesome Taffy Hunters
Members: AdeebNafees/AN, racefan12/Faceran666, MaistlinRajere/MoistLintRageAir

I really wanted a more relevant name, but I can’t think of anything :< So bad with team names

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Topic: Forum Games / :D - Mafia [Night 3 ;d] RESERVES ACCEPTING.

Role COnfirmed :D

Ignoring the first few jocular posts, I would like to draw attention to things. :0

1) Tracy marked out Zilla for voting him over Gott for the same randomvoting. Why would a scum Zilla prefer Tracy over Gott?

2) Walford mentioned something about ‘doing his vote later’ in the face of the bandwagon, which, IMO, is a bit scummy. He could have mentioned something/analyzed the thread, but instead made a pretty meaningless post foreshadowing his next actions.

3) Jask FoS’ed everyone who voted Zilla. In your opinion, Jask, is everyone on that list equally scummy? I don’t get the FoS on Gott who was obviously jokevoting, for one, not those on Tracy or Pulse who behaved extremely idiotically throughout :P

4) Hamuka FoS’d Zilla, which is strange seeing how he was behaving as erratically as the others, and they hadn’t exactly reached the majority. Seems like goading on the wagon without being on it.

Jask Questionnaire thingummabob

1) Jokewagon, possible discussion starter. On the second part, I find Jask’s insistence on the jokewagon being dismissed immediately a bit strange, since Zilla was hardly at threat of lynch. Of course jokephase is stupid, but if Jask admits that the people are jokevoting, why did he FoS them? FoS is for scummy behavior, not socially acceptable behavior in the jokephase.

2) Sure. I have some other engagements, but I will manage time for contribution to this one :p

3) Walfordking, for his foreshadowing a vote, Hamuka for goading a wagon and Jask for his odd insistence on jokephase being cut short. Not very strong tells from any of them.

4) Depends, and I don’t know. I personally doubt a roleclaim on my part since it cannot help town much.

5) Jailer+Cop+Tracker gives town the most powerroles, although Tracker will have mostly limited power. Jailer is useful since he might RB scum too, and Cop is always handy. Follow the Cop will be mostly impossible due to the semi open nature of this game, so more power roles are better than a normal Doc.

The one with the Miller, even though it would lend itself amazingly to Follow the Cop under the right circumstances. The Miller will waste a lynch, not to mention that if he flips VT (dunno how Zzzip will handle Miller flips :P), the Cop will be in deep trouble.

6) Mostly useless conjecture will fill this bit. Ordinary miller flips will of course be useful. If the Miller knows his role, he can roleclaim and totally unbalance the game (which, IMO, makes this setup the least likely to be used). JailerCopTracker should be individual effort. Jailer should target everybody who he thinks mightn’t be Cop (and might be scum). Tracker should hit players who claim roles in order to ascertain that they are trueclaiming.

For the Faith Healer setup, there is no sensible strategy except an endgame claim and cross-protections to buy some time for town.

Minn, do you find Jask suspicious or what? You mentioned:

It is almost as if you knew what the non-town’s setup is! :)

And in the survey you mentioned that you find no one suspicious.

I am not against removing the stupid player from the game when we have no other ideas, so I let others do as it pleases them!

But you don’t vote yourself? FoS Minnakht for claiming to sitting on the fence despite not opposing the policy lynch.

Jask, why do you find it more important to address Minn than your own survey?

Myhome, what do you think of the bandwagon on Godzilla?

Pulse, what do you mean by:

However, if there is no clear target, perhaps we should really consider lynching that scum or VI, who may do more harm than good.

Zilla, do you actually find Gott suspicious? If so, why did you vote Tracymirkin? (Who is, incidentally, a guy, for those who don’t know).

:D :3 C:

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game] Hunted -- Game over: WooFunWeed wins!


1. Are you familiar with solving (difficult) puzzles? Have you participated in puzzle forum games before?

Yes, I think so. I have participated in Timespace, Deepspace and similar puzzle FGs.

2. Are you willing to make a quicktopic account?

Sure. Already have one.

3. If you sign, you give up your right to complain about the puzzle difficulty. Do you understand?

Perfectly okay.

4. Are you willing to actively commit to solving puzzles for the next month?




Can I fill up the Team Sheet right now, or should I wait?

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Topic: Forum Games / [Psychological Strategy] Crossing Lies IV: Deaths in Xville [Post-game discussion]


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Topic: Forum Games / [Continuous] Samster's Puzzle of the Day - Join in at any time!


6) I have a crush on you (?)


5) Overseas Travel


1) Three Piece Suite
2) Right Out of the Blue (?)

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Topic: Forum Games / :D - Mafia [Night 3 ;d] RESERVES ACCEPTING.

I really like some of the rules in this mafia :D

That said, can’t you say what YOLO’s win condition is? I think he’s a SK :p

Anyway, guess what I will do now? :) I think I will be signing up for this awesome mafia C:

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Topic: Forum Games / [Competition] Master of Kong

Necro? This thread is barely 13 days old. I believe at least a month (or two months, if we go by the MFGFT unspoken definition) hiatus classifies a thread as ‘dead’.

That said, I doubt the OP will be hosting his tourney after all, so it might be prudent to wait and see if he bumps his thread himself before signing up.

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Topic: Forum Games / Flood Mafia (Sign-ups are open.)

1) Wut. Please, just list how many of each role you are going to have in the game and RNG them. I think I linked you to the script that RNG’s roles for you.

2) Paramedics REVIVE? I thought they PROTECT. Those are entirely different actions. Can you please specify whether they protect or revive?

What do you mean ‘he doesn’t know’? He knows it damn well when someone says “X is scum, and I know it. Kill him.” As I said, paraphrased claiming.

4) I want to know how the role/role modifier ‘Infected’ works.

5) ….so it is more advantageous to be Alpha if your username starts with M?

7) GM, I am not going to argue game theory pre-game unless you actually permit me to, but I repeat from around an year ago: Mods have no right to decide how the players decide to start conversation or who they decide to lynch. To any good GM, there is nothing called ‘unnecessary lynch’, since it progresses their game. Whether lynches hit scum is TOWN’S headache.

I am not saying I am a fan of joke convos, but I refuse to have something limit how we flesh out our conversation. Maybe a joke convo will turn out to be a last resort choice, and then we will find ourselves limited by a badly made rule.

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Topic: Forum Games / Flood Mafia (Sign-ups are open.)

1) Do we get to know how many of each role you are going to have?

2) Looter and Paramedic form a Follow the Cop duo. Please disallow Paramedic from consecutive protects from the same person. I know you have disallowed roleclaiming, but anyone can paraphrase their claim. “I am a guy who finds out roles at night” is sufficient roleclaiming for the Paramedic.

3) The Survivalist description is vague.

Chooses a person to kill each night. Does not have to kill someone that night.

I interpret that as “Can choose someone to kill every night, but doesn’t have to”. AKA Vigilante. Am I right?

Some questions.

4) How does Infection work? Is it like a cult recruit? I seriously doubt a town victory when a cult can recruit TWO people each night.

5) Can you explain the disadvantage clause in Alpha Flood?

however, everytime they choose a person and infect him, their name will be spelt out in letters.

You mean the infection will be publicly revealed?

6) How does Ghost win? How does Psychopath win? How does the- Never mind.

7) What’s wrong with joke votes? If they get discussion started, aren’t they beneficial?

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Topic: Kongregate / Rise & Fall, 35th Kongregate Gaming Tournament (Last Round: Accelerator)

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Topic: Kongregate / Rise & Fall, 35th Kongregate Gaming Tournament (Last Round: Accelerator)

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Topic: Kongregate / Rise & Fall, 35th Kongregate Gaming Tournament (Last Round: Accelerator)





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Topic: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Main Game


April 24th, 2013

As we hurry deeper into the library, sidestepping fallen bookcases and heading into what appears to be abandoned ruins, I feel the dead body beginning to slip off my shoulder. Quickly, in order to balance it, I grip the dark wrist, planning to hoist is back on.

My skin tingles and for a moment, I can literally sense my hair stand on its end. The dead body is unnaturally warm. I try to reason that since he, whoever he was, must have died quite recently, such warmth is probably quite natural, but it isn’t believable. The skin feels as if it has just been dropped out of a frying pan.

I feel the heat burning through my own skin and jarring the nerves in my fingers, eliciting a short yelp of pain which I quickly muffle, and switch my hand on the sleeves instead. The pain lingers, however, and the burning sensation, not nearly as unpleasant now, rapidly sweeps through my whole body.

My blood feels like it is running champagne, and my eyes water over for a few moments, before the sensation vanishes entirely, as suddenly as it was invoked in the first place. What the hell just happened? I wonder, but divert my attention, noticing a cracked sign on the floor that proclaims, through a veil of dust, the word ‘Romance.’.

“Wait.” I alert my companion, stopping in my tracks and looking around. “It’s around here somewhere.” Both of us start as the fainted guy speaks up. “We are in the library, Leon.” I assure him. “And we should be safe soon.” ‘I hope.’ I sense something amiss, but can’t figure out what it is.

‘I doubt that the hidey hole will have something to do with pulling a book out of a bookcase,’ I think, pulling out a book from one of the few standing shelves. As expected. ‘Hmm, what did Purple say… underground hidey hole. If I had a hidey hole underground, and wanted to hide its entrance, what would I do?’ Cover up the entrance, most likely.

I look around carefully. Cracks in the roof send in so much light that it creates an illusion of ceiling lamps. Bookcases, overturned tables and chairs, smashed lights and the remnants of a ceiling fan dot our surroundings. I never realized how frightening a library, or any building, for that matter, could be when it was almost perfectly silent. Sure, there was the occasional sound of water dripping, or pages fluttering in the wind filtered in through the windows, but those are even more unsettling.

Books, many of them unrecognizable after their unknown assailant tore them into multiple pieces, are strewn about our feet. Loose pages sweep across the floor like dry leaves. And… my eyes train on an unnatural formation in the middle of the wreckage. Some of the bookcases have been shoved against a wall, and while there are similar stacks inside the library, this seems to be the largest. And it is near the Romance section.

Running over, or trying to, anyway, under my burden, I inspect the stack from up close. There seems to be a small gap by the side, which can serve as an entrance, and I can faintly see the outline of a pretty large hole. Hopefully, that leads down to the hidey hole. “Listen.” I turn to my companion, and carefully lean the body against the floor. “Take care of this for a while. I will be back soon.”

And with that, I drop to my knees, and crawl through the gap carefully. While we could remove the bookcases, and might have to if we want to take Jackson’s body inside), it is better not to make more sound if we can avoid it.

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Topic: Forum Games / Body Mafia: Sign-Ups.

Originally posted by thelolofdeath:

You should make the RBC’s EACH a doctor but with only 80%* chance of success. Since there are 5 nightkills this should balance it out.
*Just an example and what I think it should be-make it what you think it should be.

In my opinion, if a change to RBC’s is in order, they should be turned into Faith Healers. Every RBC has a 100% chance to protect who they are targeting, If more than one RBC targets a player, their protection will fail.