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Topic: Kongregate / New Evony Advertisements, this spam is getting dirty!


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Topic: General Gaming / Anyone know a good free mmorpg

Originally posted by Rue2414:

Sorcery Quest definitely worth a check. IMO.

Only not.

Also, Runes of Magic. Easily the best F2P MMORPG out there. That said, all MMORPGs are redundant and have the same premise in the end. Yet somehow, it’s one of my favorite genres. Go figure.

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Topic: Off-topic / michael jackson jokes

Have some respect for the dead or take these jokes to /b/…

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Topic: General Gaming / Dead Frontier or Last Stand?

Too different to compare.

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Topic: Off-topic / What was your starting avatar?

I think it was the ant.

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Topic: General Gaming / PAWN GAME.

Used to play. Pretty fun.

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Topic: Kongregate / CrunchBall 3000 Easy Badge (TICKET NOW UP!)

Bad game. Very very bad game. Excellent potential, poor execution. I could go on and on about the frustrating experiences I had with this game while trying to get all of the badges. The main problems are the AI and the controls. It always seems like the computers run from the ball (both my teammates AND the enemy team), throwing and tackling being on the same key is stupid, and I hate when I’m running down to go after an enemy with the ball, then they throw it to the goalie, then, still holding down, I RUN INTO MY OWN GOAL. Go ahead and blame that kind of mistake on my own incompetence, but it’s near impossible to react quickly enough to stop running down or to know where and when the computer will throw the ball.

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Topic: Off-topic / the most annoying thing that has happened to you while playing a flash game

Originally posted by RMcD:


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Topic: Off-topic / Google!!!

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Topic: Off-topic / a short memo

Originally posted by dragonshield:

i meant pledurism

I chuckled

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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] What we want!

Oh God no. No more.

My hatred for the series aside, take into account how long it took Sonny 2 to be made, then put on Kongregate, then be given badges. Then think about the possibility of OTHER projects they would like to work on.

Stop being so needy. You just got Sonny 2, what, a few months ago? Besides, they’ll probably make it anyway, so why beg?

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Topic: Kongregate / Evony Ads...

Adblock Plus works wonders.

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Topic: Kongregate / Copying someones profile

Don’t be bothered by it. It’s just someone screwing with you. Not like they’re killing your dog.

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Topic: Kongregate / points

Newsflash, nobody cares.

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Topic: Kongregate / awesome


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Topic: General Gaming / why does everyone hate the wii

“Hey guys why do you think the Wii is a bad system”

Originally posted by Carados:

99% of the games that come out for it are shit.


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Topic: General Gaming / Why isn't there Club Penguin on Kong?I'm pretty bored...

lol’d at “tittle”.

Anyway, neither game is going to be put on Kongregate. We’re not even the people you should be asking. The respective creator of the game must upload it, so go ask them if you really think this is going to happen, which it won’t.

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Topic: General Gaming / Most Over-rated and Under-rated games ever!

Originally posted by aguspal:

Over-rated:ALL legend of zelda games,any crappy shooter game,except maybey counter sttrike
Under-rated:mario games (the “Secundary ones”)sunch as mario kart,mario tennis,especially mario party games)

Mario Kart? What’s your problem? That isn’t underrated in any sense of the word.

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Topic: General Gaming / Most Over-rated and Under-rated games ever!

Originally posted by heepy1:

underrated: super smash bros franchise


Overrated, the Final Fantasy series, namely FF7. Underrated, Persona 3 and 4.

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Topic: Kongregate / KongregARG?

Originally posted by Kogknight:

Finding a puppet master would be impossible. It would only hold together for a week at most. ;_;

Daaaamn. Necro.

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Topic: General Gaming / what is better WoW,clubpenguin,runescape or guild wars

How does this have so many posts? Those games are too different from each other to bother comparing them.

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Topic: Kongregate / What makes it okay?

Well go make your own awesome flash game website and then you can do whatever you want. Sounds fair to me.

You’re completely missing the point. We’re not talking about my own website, we’re talking about the Kongregate staff breaking their own rule – NO VIDEOS.

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Topic: Kongregate / What makes it okay?

Aaaaand, it’s removed.

I’m feeling a facepalm coming up.

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Topic: General Gaming / Which Video Game Site is better? Kongregate, Maplestory, WoW, Battleon, Gaia Online, Dead Frontier or Runescape?

1) Kongregate =/= MMOG. It’s a flash portal.

2) MapleStory = MMOG.

3) WoW = MMOG.

4) BattleOn =/= MMOG. It’s a sucky flash RPG with no online interaction.

5) GaiaOnline =/= MMOG. WTF!?

6) Dead Frontier = MMOG.

7) RuneScape = MMOG.

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Topic: Kongregate / What makes it okay?

So you are saying Jim and Emily Greer are not allowed to determine what is allowed on their site?

If I’m reading this correctly, that’s not what I mean. If they want to make a rule “No videos!” and they put up a video anyway, it doesn’t seem right, no matter what the circumstances.