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Topic: Galaxy Online / I have post again for alts..

This is really dumb.

I really enjoy this game. I enjoy it so much I’ve shared it with my nephews. So if you were to check our IP address, it would be the same. A half dozen different players, and the couple of computers we have at my house.

Our names our very different, and we aren’t in the same corps or anything, so I have no fear that we’ll be reported or anything. However, as someone who has spent several hundred dollars making this game fun for his family, I’d be very pissed if Igg banned any of us.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Locked Items/Commander Cards

So I get locking the items got through free events. It make a lot of sense. Stem the tide of Alt accounts and all.

HOWEVER, I think it’s a little disingenuous to lock items from paid events. People don’t MP from their Alts, so these Items are NOT going to be abused. We already paid for them, we should be able to sell them.

Even worse! The locked Commanders card can’t even be used properly. We can’t merge them without paying 100mp? That is mean.

I’m not sure what game mechanic/balance this does, except annoy your paying players.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Dismiss confrimation..suggestion


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Topic: Galaxy Online / New Player Warning (For Badge Collectors)

Do ya’ll whine this much in real life?

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Topic: Galaxy Online / How to not get farmed...for noobs.

Galaxy transfers, truce cards, spending your money and being nice to people… You should be fine.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Cleaning house


I was under the impression all the lvl1-9 inactive planets were getting deleted during the merge? They are really, very annoying.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Server01 & Server02 Merger on Jan 5th(updated)

There is a lot of heresay, saying that we will be loosing our ships if we don’t have the design for them. This cannot happen! I spend quite a bit of money, and would like to continue to do so.

If I loose my ships, I’m quitting and boycotting IGG.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Server01 & Server02 Merger on Jan 5th(updated)

I like this idea, but I think we need Adv Galaxy Transfers in order to really be fair. Some of us have used mall points (ie. real money) to get where we are. It fine to move us, but let us regroup with our friend for free.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ministry of War] Picking a Server

I’ve been playing for about week, and I’m hooked. I love this game.

However, on my server, Phoenix, China has has nearly complete control of all CZs. The PvP is so onesided…

So I’m thinking of moving to another server, where there is a better balance. Which server should I do? As which civ?