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Topic: Pool Live Pro / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

There really should be a way to concede in snooker once you’re mathematically eliminated from winning.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] To the developers--problem with pvp

I don’t know if the developers are reading this, but I hope they are. In the kong chat this issue has come up a lot, but I’m hoping that by putting it here, you’ll actually notice. Simply put, PVP does not work. When two fully outfitted characters (i.e., Winner’s Ring + Lightning Armor; sometimes even a little less) fight, the match will never end. Both players have access to enough healing, and take so little damage due to high armor, that neither player can do sustained damage to the other. Both players can re-heal to maximum easily by cycling through Magic Square and Magic Cross, and buffing with Shield of Faith.

Now, the simplest suggestion offered so far is that there is a draw button—if both players agreed to a draw, the match would end with no winner or loser. A better solution, of course, would be to actually balance the weapons and armor in such a way that there is always an advantage to attacking (for instance, this is how Magic the Gathering is built). I would have no problem with PVP taking a long time—with people being having to slowly grind out little bits of damage over time. But it simply doesn’t make sense that, as made now, the only way a match will end is when someone has something more important to do IRL and just has to concede.

Please note that this a a killer error—one guaranteed to eventually turn people off from the game. For instance, I will personally always concede in these matches, because it isn’t worth my time. And I certainly would never pay kreds for a game with this large of a flaw. Please address this in some way.