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Topic: Kongregate / Unity now has an easy Flash port?

Today at school, our mentor announced that there was a new Unity update, which allows a game made in said application to be easily ported to Flash.

Ofcourse this is great for people using Unity, but now i would like to know what is going to happen to the Unity section of Kong.

Is it going to be removed? is it going to be ignored?
Are the contests still on or will they be changed?

What’s your plan on this Kong?

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Topic: Game Programming / [Resolved]Right Click?

i havent tried this before but would it be possible to disable rightclick menu and use it for something else instead?

like alot of shooters have a single weapon with leftclick as primary fire and rightclick as an alt-fire

would this work with flash?

ps:if you think your reply explains it just post it on my page and i will change the title to resolved

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Are parasites taking over our lives?

Originally posted by antiworld:
Originally posted by dd790:
Originally posted by CopperShell:

I could see how parasites could take over our bodies. They do this for some wasps and make the hosts do what they want.

There is a big difference between an ants brain and a humans

And? I believe his point was if it was possible for fungi to control an ant it may be possible for them to develop a possible means of controlling a human. So to speak, yes our brain is more complex. This would only mean we’d need a further complex organism. If the theory of evolution is proven, it’s only a matter of time. There is much more to discuss here also.

that would mean that we would grow resistent to those threats. ofcourse IF evolution can be proven

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Zerbur?

like you cant use fear or crush? you could tottaly pwn the enemy even in it were 100%

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Man Beaten, imprisoned, threatened with execution, and sexually assaulted for converting to Christianity.

the thing is, there isnt a word in the quran about that you are allowed to kill somebody who chooses a different path. these people are simply extremists and they themselves should die instead. if a source or power can be abused, it will be.

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Topic: General Gaming / Anyome remember Chromehounds?

i played a demo before, and man it was awesome. i just didnt know they went down, pity though it was very promising

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] medics?

defeat a player not cpu, meaning you need to play in arena

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] this game is awesome

i think its better than magic the faggering, but who am i to say that

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Quad walker...

yep thats him alright^^^


Topic: Serious Discussion / What do you think about Islam?

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Topic: Elements / shards

maybe so you can counter the enemy with his/her own cards by copying the cards

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

i dont know on what site it was, it think it isnt on kong.

you had a team of knights and the level was 2d where you could spawn knights, they walk on their own and what you have to do is shoot them into a direction by clicking. you could save other knights who were captured and you could buy weapons like a triple bow or something and a cannon. help me i dont know how the game is called

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Topic: General Gaming / why is UPGRADE COMPLETE so overrated?

it just bothers me that ratings can be so biased, i for one think about how they pulled certain things out, and sonny 2 is a mystery to me, thats why i love sonny 2.


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Topic: General Gaming / why is UPGRADE COMPLETE so overrated?

Originally posted by kirdaiht:

Maybe you should try something else next time. Go find the game you think is overrated. You see those 5 grey stars? Make it so one of them turns red, then click.
Now you are already halfway.
You should find the comment section and find a button which says “Add a comment”. First, you claim you gave it no stars at all out of the 5. Now push the capslockbutton. Next you should claim that the reason is the games sexuality and how it has a bellow average IQ. After that you can claim the game is made out of feces and maybe add a few hints on how it creats a vacuum. After that, you add ad huge row of exclamation marks followed by the number eleven. Now hit post comment. You should see a comment that looks like this.

aug. 13 2010

0/5 CUZ IT IS GEY AND STUPID!!!!!!11 THIS GAEM IS SHIT AND IT SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Thank you.

dude. i told you, i dont mean to flame or hate OR troll. i didnt say that the game sucked, although i think that it sucks, im just not capslocking it here.

i know this discussion probably goes nowhere but i still want to know peoples upright opinion about the game and why they rated it x/5, please?

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Topic: General Gaming / why is UPGRADE COMPLETE so overrated?

simplicity? I’d rather call it stupidity. its not that i want to convince people of my opinion, but i mean why only rate it because the badges are too easy? or that the mechanics were “simple”.

the “raters” of kong have gone berzerk? this cant be happening right? what would happen to kong if this keeps going on? i think we are in danger.

have mercy.

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Topic: General Gaming / why is UPGRADE COMPLETE so overrated?

parody? that is based on the original, i don’t see originals.

besides the game is as easy as snap that, i dont understand whats so fun about it.

i like games with lazers and missiles and i LOVE upgrades of different kinds. but this game doesn’t make sense at all

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Topic: General Gaming / why is UPGRADE COMPLETE so overrated?

i don’t mean to hate, flame or troll. but i just question myself why it is so overrated while it isn’t obviously a high grade game.

its almost fishy

what do you think?

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] what we would like to see next in gemcraft

sorry for the double post but…

the problem with other gems specialties is that they cap, like the chain-hit, stacks at 70 when you put it in a tower pure. why cant it be 100%? and it only hits monsters once

same with cyan, if you put it in a trap the chance percentage doesnt go higher but the Duration of effect.

orange can go very high with the mana gaining, and posion doenst have a cap either(i didnt notice). thats the problem with some gems

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] what we would like to see next in gemcraft

my idea would be to rework the gem sketch, i mean orange? lime? those are simple words
we need diamonds, ruby, sapphire, emerald, cyan, opal, onyx etc. stuff like that. moar jewelry

and change their abilities so it has more flexibility when combining gems like one has high firing speed than other gems and other has more range.

magic beacons that can disrupt enemy or help close by tower to gain more firing speed, damage or range. maybe built in the stage so you can utilize it that way

more shrines, not that they are bad, but it could always be better right? more variety.

more skill tablets so you can have different set-ups and strategies, because the only winning strategy at the moment is the R/O shat

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] Level Editor?

oh boy do i, it even adds more re-playability to the game. and it would be better to have a sandbox mode so you can test certain strategies and gem combinations right?

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Topic: General Gaming / The could have should have would have of Super Smah Bros Brawl

it seems that the lack of information about megaman has hit you guys…

they could do a megaman NT warrior version of him whereby he has attack that could be used via chips…

not only charging up his shots but he could use various chip effects like the wide sword or spreadshot or cannon…

there are like 500 battle chips that can be used in that game. you guys just think about the old megaman with only the buster and chargeshots


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Topic: General Gaming / stop comparing every shooter to frantic

i played this raiden tribute, and i must admit that that game was awesome! it is tottaly not comparable to frantic except that they are both shooters and nothing else!

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Topic: General Gaming / stop comparing every shooter to frantic

frantic is the one that is a rip-off ok? i hate it when people say that some games are rip-offs of others

infact, i hate it so much that i made a topic about it, it is indeed that annoying

today i played this game called starmageddon [url][/url]

and before i played this game called Red fluxion [url][/url]

both are very good games but people keep commenting that they are a rip-off of frantic

im going to say it again STOP IT ITS ANNOYING

it is a genre called SPACESHOOTER

get used to it, they are all spaceshooters and people cant OWN a genre, how could it be a rip-off? is there a copyright or something to it that FRANTIC owns or the alike?

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Topic: General Gaming / Hexcelle: Arena

meaning that it automatically reconfigures its batches to best configurations for you.

wouldn’t say that, its not always the best reconfiguration. atleast you should be able to choose what abilities are Applied?

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Topic: General Gaming / Hexcelle: Arena

well this is awesome! i like this game too, it has some thing off of BT but it also has something unique.

i hope you can configure the batches and abilities you want because in the first hexcelle i hated it when my growing missiles also flew very fast, is this configure able?

archigeek i would like to say that your game is inspiring for every new game developer, including me :D