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Topic: Off-topic / There are times when you have to let it all out in order to move on. For me, this thread is one of those moments.

Well, isn’t this playing out just wonderfully? Level cap reached, nice round number of points, 10000 posts, the new year is still young, my semester is officially over, I’ve reached a point in my life that I would consider the end of a meaningful episode…
I know you guys don’t really like blog-style posts and in most cases I’m not a particular fan of them either, but I just feel like I need to get this off my chest. And since I’m kind of sort of in a way slightly attached to this hell hole I figured, I might as well share this with you guys. And I guess if I am going to make one final action on this account I might as well make it a meaningful one, even if it is probably more therapeutic for me than it is useful for you.

Right. Enough idle talk, more tl;dr!
During my childhood I spent a lot of time at my neighbours’ place. I was a year older than their son, but through sports and similar interests in general we became good friends. In fact, he’s probably the best friend I’ve ever had. I can’t think of a person outside my family I would consider closer than that guy. He’s like a little brother to me. When we went to school his place was something like my second home. I could come over whenever I wanted, we would play games, meet up for training, watch films, do stuff for school (rarely), discuss life; stuff friends do. Our families didn’t have a problem with either one of us coming over either. I like to think that this was due to us both being well mannered and polite, but in general, our parents were just really cool people and tried not to get in the way of their kids making friends and enjoying life.
And enjoy life we did. My childhood was really awesome, thanks to my parents and especially because of my friend’s parents. I didn’t get to see his father a lot, since he was working a lot at the time, but I remember his mother as a very kind, gentle and helpful person. I think that woman played a very important role in me developing into the person I am today and I am incredibly thankful for that.
When my friend and I began going to university we naturally had less time to hang out. We both live in different places now, but when we meet, it is still at home, with our families. This place has been our safe haven ever since, the one place we can always return to and know that we will be welcome.

But last year things changed. When I came home after the semester, things just seemed quieter than normal. When my buddy came home a week later he wouldn’t have time to do stuff and everyone over there just seemed … Concerned about something. After some time my friend decided that he was ready to talk about it: his mother was diagnosed with cancer. It was discovered very late and they were not sure how long she would still have. I spent more time with him than in a long while over this Summer, helping around the house, taking care of their animals and just generally being there for him and help him take his mind off of things for a few every day.
It was a tough time for his family, but it looked like his mother would make it through the worst part of chemotherapy and things would finally brighten up again. When the winter semester started and I had to leave, I was confident that things would return back to normal. Our safe haven would be there for us again in Spring. We could come home and forget the stress of the previous months.

I visited home again on New Year’s. My brothers managed to all come together for the first time in over a year and my friend was with his girlfriend’s family in Japan, so I was not thinking about my neighbours all that much at the time. Still, I figured I should at least go over and wish them a happy new year.
When I walked up to their house I had that strange feeling that something wasn’t right. I saw my friend’s parents standing outside. They were watching the fireworks, without actually starting any rockets or stuff themselves, like they would usually do. As I came closer, I noticed that both of them looked a lot thinner than I remembered them. I knew that she was still in therapy and maybe I was simply not used to seeing her without hair, but he looked like he had become weaker together with her. Hollow cheeks, slightly hunched over, as if he wasn’t able to support the bit of body weight he had left and sad eyes. It was a really strange atmosphere. We only talked for a few minutes, before they had to get back inside because the cold was getting to her. They explained that they had to give away their dogs due to both being in poor health. She in particular has always been a huge dog person, so I can’t even begin to understand how difficult this decision must have been for them both.
We also talked about their son and how he and I are handling life away from home and the usual small talk, but what really stuck with me was the goodbye. They told me to greet my family in their name and then each one gave me a long hug. It wasn’t awkward or anything, but it felt like a real goodbye. Not like a ‘Take care! See you in March!’-goodbye, but like a goodbye you would give someone about to go on a long journey.
The fireworks were still lighting up the streets as they went inside and I headed back home, trying really hard not to let them see my tears as I waved at them one more time before finally turning around. When I arrived back at my place I said that they seemed fine and I left it at that. I choked. I couldn’t talk about what I had just experienced. And I didn’t greet my parents from them. And today I hate myself for not doing that.

Last week my friend’s mother died. I was one of the first persons my friend contacted about it. And at that moment a feeling of incredible guilt overcame me. I was one of the first people to know about her condition. Sure, I had spent time at their place and lent a hand whenever I could, but I hadn’t done this for her specifically. I had done it for my friend because I felt that he had trouble dealing with this situation. All this time I knew that she must have been miserable, but I have never really been there for her.
When I met her would I say: ’Hi!’ and: ’How are you?’ and maybe make a bit of small talk, but that was it. She was essentially family, but I never did anything to show her. I never went out of my way to let her know that I cared. Even though I did! Right from the start. I just didn’t know how I should tell her. I was so afraid to bring up a topic she might not feel comfortable about. I was afraid to do something stupid and make her feel even worse. So much so, that ultimately I didn’t talk about it at all. I didn’t even manage to fulfil what essentially had been her last wish directed at me: I didn’t greet my parents from her on New Year’s. A totally trivial little act, and I wasn’t able to do even that. If I could turn back time I would greet my family from her on that first of January, I would hug them from her and I would tell them to all visit during the day and make her see that there are people caring about her. There is so much I would like to be able to do and say. But now it’s too late.

If there is one thing I would like you guys to take from all this, it is that if there are people in your life that you care about, let them know. Call them from time to time, write them a postcard, listen to what they have to say. Please, do anything, but do not leave them alone. Even small gestures matter.
If this experience has shown me something clearly, then it is that you must not take friendships for granted. Don’t be afraid that your friends might find it annoying if you ask them how their day was from time to time or if you call them to just talk. Be afraid of losing touch with your friends by not doing it.

Here’s an “article that sort of touches on that crudely constructed ‘lesson’.”: It’s really good and significantly shorter than what I have written here. It also has less emotional drivel that probably contains tonnes of awkward expressions that I am not going to edit, because this is how I wrote it when I had to write it and now that it’s written it will remain like this forever.

Well, that’s all I got… Like I said: probably more therapeutic for me than useful for you.

Take care, guys!
EPR89 out.

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Topic: Off-topic / Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Originally posted by Roki123:
Originally posted by cesarcurado:


isn’t it funny?

So you’re saying you don’t?
What the hell is wrong with you?

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Topic: Off-topic / So, my dad is teaching me how to drive...

Not sure about the legal situation in Argentina, but better don’t let the cops catch you. If you practice driving on public property here without a license you can get in serious trouble.

That aside, start out in a large open place. An empty parking lot would be good. Where I come from there are actually training areas for people who want to learn how to drive. Something like this would be ideal. Perfect training environment and no risk to run into any trouble with the law.
Just take your time and get to know the car. How does it feel when you accelerate, when does the clutch bite when do you have to shift, what is the turn radius and so on. It’s a bit tricky at first, especially if you are learning to drive stick shift, but after a short while most of that stuff will become automated.
Regarding turns: look into them. After a while you will automatically turn the wheel enough to follow your gaze.

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Topic: Off-topic / Pie or Burger?

Definitely burger.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official My Little Pony Thread

Originally posted by adv0catus:
Originally posted by aguspal:

I ,think it should stay u locked stots. It makes Mlp fans happy and those who are curious about the whole “thread begin locked and then unlocked after like 1 year or so” are curious about where it is going to (such as me)

Its a win/win

Right, except as Stots said, some users can’t restrain themselves.

Then those guys should look at this like a learning experience. If they manage to get it here it will benefit OT as a whole.
If not, the consequences have been made clear.

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Topic: Off-topic / Has OT ever crossed the line for you?

I don’t have any problems with political jokes, especially if it’s obvious that it’s meant to be a joke. If you get offended by that you might just as well shelter yourself. Stuff like that happens in every newspaper, satirical website or magazine.
But when people harass individual users over a few posts I usually consider reporting them. That’S just taking things too far.

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Topic: Off-topic / I Just Looked In The Mirror

Originally posted by Rolby:

I think my thigs are big cuz i have big thigs bones

Who told you that this is even a thing?

Even if you had a abnormally big femur it would hardly make a difference. What gives your thighs their shape is soft tissue, primarily muscles and fat.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official My Little Pony Thread

Well, that’s a surprise.

I really don’t think that the new episodes are all bad. There have been a few extremely good ones, especially the ones where Pinkie played a major role.
The thing is, the quality has been quite inconsistent so far. A few episodes were great, some were entertaining and a few suffered from the usual issues: awkward pacing, certain characters acting out of character, fuzzy morale. The ones that had these issues just usually ended up having multiple at once. They felt like complete filler. With the overarching storyline this season has they feel a bit more out of place than usual.

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Topic: Off-topic / I Just Looked In The Mirror

Are your thighs big because of muscle mass or because you have some fat reserves n your hips?

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Topic: Off-topic / Emily and Jim Greer IRL.

Man, I remember when this was news!

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Topic: Technical Support / market with paysafe


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Topic: Off-topic / Hypothetical: You can sticky one thread of your choosing.

Originally posted by adv0catus:

also had the brillant idea of making us not begin able to see all of our post/thread story (Limit: 10 pages) even thought its al in their servers…

That’s really old and is there to mitigate server strain (ie. it’s a lot easier for the servers to queue up 10 pages then 1,000 {if you’re a heavy poster}). Either way, you don’t even need to do that. If you know how to use Google properly, you can find any thread you want.

Link me to your fifth post, please.

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Topic: Off-topic / Hypothetical: You can sticky one thread of your choosing.

That one thread I started that got deleted, because I’m suffering from a rare combination of nostalgia and a very weak long term memory, and loved that thread and kind of want to know what it was about.

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Topic: Off-topic / So Trent and I were talking and

Originally posted by adv0catus:
Originally posted by EPR89:

[…]even though we couldn’t really understand why the thread was locked.

Originally posted by Stots:

[…]the bronies who were derailing their own thread.

And I’m telling you that we were not doing that.
We were discussing how we should handle the thread from time to time, which some people interpreted as derailment for some reason. But we were always called out for derailing the thread after trolls came in, so we decided that this was a necessary step.
In the end it didn’t matter. The mods locked it over a bunch of other troll posts that a few users responded to.

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Topic: Off-topic / So Trent and I were talking and

What? We vanished?!
We didn’t vanish, we just moved back into regular OT. We were not the ones who derailed the thread. It was trolls barging in repeatedly, posting spam and nonsense. For some reason the mods decided that it would be more useful to remove that target rather than punish the people taking pot shots.
In the end we simply decided to respect the decision of the mods to lock it and agreed that we talk about the show somewhere else, even though we couldn’t really understand why the thread was locked.

Bringing back the masterthread at this point doesn’t seem very useful to me. It has been locked for so long that most people who still like to talk about the show have established some other way to do it. It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t just stay in the community we decided to be a part of, but now it’s too late.

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition: Allow name changes

Originally posted by Holy2334:

- One day I shall hope to find the Honeybadger in the world of Kongregate, and I shall name him Tim.

What the hell is that?

Originally posted by WhataaaNooob:

I made this account 6 years ago when I was twelve. I obviously wasn’t the brightest kid in terms of planning for the future so a name change feature would diffidently benefit me.

Don’t you think that the lesson that you should think before making a decision that could become important later on is an important one?

Originally posted by adv0catus:


It’d be great if a community administrator could make an official comment.

Not sure why they should. The official position is pretty clear and there is not really any reason for them to change it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Hypothethicall: You are a prisioner and this is your only food to survive

I see your point. But I think that in a real life-death situation where you are starved enough, there’s a high chance that you probably reach a point after some time where you don’t see the person that used to be behind that body. I imagine this is what made it possible for the people who have resorted to cannibalism during World War II in Russia and in the war zones in the Pacific. They just reached a point where they blocked out that these bodies were people at one point.
Obviously, I have never been in anything close to a situation like that and I am definitely not an expert on it either, so everything here is pure speculation. But there are many examples people not being able to see others as individuals under extreme situations in the records of social psychology. I wouldn’t be surprised if a situation like the one here couldn’t have that effect.

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Topic: Off-topic / Theories about what Kong will do with the blank space caused by the new forum format

Originally posted by GraphicDesignC:

They will fill it with longcat.

That would actually be pretty cool. And SD would suddenly become a lot more interesting for many users.
Who knows, maybe certain people who seem to have an enter-phobia might actually be inclined to format their texts in an attempt to make their post-specific longcat’s live a little more meaningful.

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Topic: Off-topic / Today was a shitty day.

Not particularly.
However, our definitions of shitty may be different.

I demand an objective definition of what constitutes a shitty day in order to determine if my day was in fact not particularly shitty.

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Topic: Off-topic / Theories about what Kong will do with the blank space caused by the new forum format

Originally posted by aguspal:

My theory? One word, something that has always been lacking on this forum despiste the fact that its common practice everywhere else:


Why? Well I just randombly thought about it. I think it would look nice since it would be right below the avatar, like in most forums somewhat….

Signatures are bad and you should feel bad for even suggesting bringing signatures here.
I also doubt that the grey box would be enough space for your average signature. I mean, having signatures below posts is obnoxious, but having signatures below the avatar, cramped into multiple unstructured lines… I can’t even think of a comparison to describe how ugly that would look like.

My theory: nothing, besides the guild stuff.

EDIT: Just clicked Quote post again when trying to edit a spelling error. Who came up with the idea to separate the two functions you would use most often on the forums like that? The guy deserves a glorious paddling.

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Topic: Off-topic / Hypothethicall: You are a prisioner and this is your only food to survive

Vsauce published a video on cannibalism a while ago.
Supposedly, humans don’t taste all that bad. Obviously, raw meat is not everyone’s cup of tea, but in extreme situations people tend to consider extreme measures more readily. And since the people are dead already I wouldn’t even have to deal with the issue of killing someone to survive. I guess eventually all the implicit rules in my mind that tell me that eating humans is wrong would be superseded by my hunger.

I can’t imagine that this would work much differently for a vegetarian. I’ll assume a model like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

For the sort of vegetarian your friends seems to be, not eating meat is behaviour that realises her self-actualization. This is very high in the hierarchy of needs. People can only afford to take care of these needs when the ones below are sufficiently satisfied.
Eating is a physiological need. It’s one of the most basic ones we have. I think that when it’s a matter of starving or maintaining your high moral values, vegetarians that base their dietary decisions on moral arguments will very quickly become the omnivores they physiologically are.

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Topic: Off-topic / Single Awareness Day

Originally posted by The_Satyr:

Unfortunately, they don’t want to give back what is due. Instead of acknowledging that I’m the best partner they can have, they offer me their friendship.

You are forgetting something on your approach. You need to take the initiative at some point. You can’t always react and show how nice you are. This will make you look like a nice person. A good friend.
If you want to move on from there, you need to be a little more active. Valentine’s is actually a pretty good opportunity to do that. Get some flowers or sweets and give them to a girl you like. Add a little bit of a personal note with a short letter or a creative wrapping style or whatever else you can think of.

This might only be a small thing, but it’s a start.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: Guild Forums

Everytime I want to edit my post I hit Quote post instead.
Curse you, muscle memory!

Why are the meaningful post interactions not on the same level? The ones I use the most are quote and edit. I imagine these are the ones that are used the most for posting and should be very accessible. In the old layout they were close together and therefore easy to use. The new layout introduces a lot of wasted space, whose only function seems to be to separate these functions as much as possible, which makes no sense whatsoever.

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Topic: Off-topic / So today at the university I saw a bunch of kids playing Modern Warfare 3 on a laptop whilw the teacher was explaining math logics

Originally posted by Gabidou99:

Tell the god damn teacher so (s)he can punish them

University is not school.
When you go to university you choose your subjects (for the most part). You are supposed to think about what it is that you want to do and then choose your major accordingly. As a general rule of thumb, if you hate what you are doing, don’t study it. Sometimes you only find this out after a semseter. In my case it was six… Which is a different topic entirely.
The main point about university is that you are responsible for how you spend your time. You can stay at home and learn by reading the literature for a module, you can sit through a lecture, you can take notes, you can watch stuff on your laptop, you can essentially do whatever you want to do; as long as you don’t distract others nobody cares.
If you choose to waste your time, power to you. But if you fail an exam because of that you only have yourself to blame.

The only problem with university (at least where I am) is that people higher up don’t think students can be trusted to be responsible. So they’ve restructured many majors to function more like school, with attendance lists and homework that will be controlled and other bullshit like that.

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Topic: Off-topic / Google Translate Shenanigans.

I want a remix of this.