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Topic: Kongregate / Good news, everyone! jmtb02 is joining Kongregate

Does this mean jmtb02 will FINALLY bring Escape Path 2 and Epic Combo Redux to Kong? Will any of the other Four Second games and the original Escape Path get badges now which they should’ve gotten years ago ? STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT


Topic: Kongregate / Contest: Design a quest! "Yo dawg..."

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Topic: Kongregate / [Petition] Cancel Hard Badges of the Day!

Originally posted by JSilvis:

Badge of the Week? Of the MONTH!? Really I mean, I know most people don’t have nearly the time to spend on badges as myself, or some other people. However..VERY few badges take a week. The only badge I can think of off the top of my head that nears that much time is the Golden Hero badge in DreamWorld. If it takes you….a get ANY badge..then you shouldn’t be trying for ones like that. The bottom line here is, Hard BOTD’s are quite rare. So, the people who have a hard time with them, just won’t get the EXTRA 30 points. It’d be insane to remove them for everyone just because some people can’t do it. Your level/points here do largely depend on skill (Yes,time is a big part of it too I know.)

So the hard badges for Dream World took me a month and a half total to earn, and the hard badge for Backyard Monsters took me around the same time. Honestly, other than through buying in-game bonuses, I can’t really see how a person could do those badges in LESS than a month, let alone a single week. Also to everybody out there who somehow haven’t noticed, impossibles have never been and probably never will be badge of the days. Same with multiplayer badges.