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Topic: Eredan Arena / Card Impressions: Chidori


Level 1:used her as she was one of the first ninjas unlocked

Level 2:sorta not useful

Level 3:used as attacker

What level Chidori do you own?:3

Rating x/5:2.5/5

Reasons for rating: Great for beginning players and she’s good if you play her before a buffer that boosts attack or gives critical. However being in top 100 ranked, I face a lot of ex cards and nehalist who focus on debuffing my cards. She’s good if played on 1st turn or 2nd turn attack but overall she doesn’t cut it in high tier pvp. Too reliant on sword attacks which is the slowest after using skills. Her back stab is only useful against multi hitters aka bloodsword or melissandra so basically useful against few enemies. Overall damage is good, solid, easy to get, blue and black but defensive skill is non existent for the most part. Most characters use skill damage not sword.

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Topic: Wartune / Voucher shop needs update

@gruntarswe whats the point of lvl 9 transporter if your missing gem/transposer 6 to 8? Considering that dink is only managing to hit necro 8 at 53k Br, the rest of normal non casher will need another month or 2 to hit that kind of level/Br full sockets. Also cost of necro is too high. 3 crypt keys, no free attempts. Doubt it will be worth it until we are level 75 with new pvp gear for free players unless you get 3 crypt keys every day. That’s unless your a casher who can afford it…

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Topic: Wartune / Voucher shop needs update

The main balen shop is 9 pages long. However the voucher shop? Just 1 page. Not to mention mystery shop caters to balens.

I have nothing against that. Cashers should have more option in terms of items. They keep the game going.

However what about gem transposers? The recipes/scroll that allows you to craft lvl 5 and higher gems. Free players need to be able to unlock 1 group of gems past 5. Otherwise endgame will be so lopsided.

Would be nice if more rune options were available for vouchers. Also baby wings should be available in voucher shop. In Chinese server, they come with the free level 1 mount. I realize that this is the American server and all but I don’t see the reasoning between not allowing everyone a chance at wings. I mean theres a slot for wings after all. Free players its empty, how do you think it feels?

As of right now, equal level players (class, skill build, time invested), casher wins 95% of the time due to wings and better gems.

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Topic: Wartune / Anyone find the language filter too harsh?

gay and lesbian is filtered. Those words were filtered in another browser mmo, and somebody threaten to sue on that one for discrimination…

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Topic: Wartune / screenshots of Chinese server

as an American born Chinese, I can guarantee you almost anyone who has access to a computer will likely be able to afford the amount of money paid to a gaming site. Reports show some companies are moving back to USA from china (read somewhere in newspaper, will find link later) due to rising labor cost over there.

Trust me Chinese people aren’t as poor as you’d think. They have 2nd highest amount of billionaires in the world, USA is 1st. Lets talk about averages, since you will state income equalities, typically anyone who has access to a computer with internet access is well off, typically middle to upper class in China.

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Topic: Wartune / Server health

just wondering how much people show up in world boss in other kong servers now

EST kong server 1, around 400 at world boss, slightly over

world prosperity avg, ends at 55

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Topic: Wartune / screenshots of Chinese server

yeah not spending anymore kreds until we get this version. I mean its like we are playing wartune demo while Chinese server gets full version and cheaper.

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Topic: Wartune / [Guide] All About Mounts

why isn’t this stickied knowingeyes? it is very useful to plan for in long term.

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Topic: Wartune / Guild Battle: camping inside opponent spawn zone

Would be nice if guilds could hire guardians, like battleground ones, during battle to negate this advantage. As far as Im concerned, if your guild cannot stand a chance against the other guild, you should surrender or just stay in and prolong the battle for more rewards (cost of hp pots).

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Topic: Wartune / intense lag in MP dungeons

last patch b4 wings and gem conversation seemed to have caused a significant lag in areas with multiple players according to forums of main game site. Duno what can be done about it though.

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Topic: Wartune / Why don't r2games update the aution house

if the game designers truly desired to ban multi, they would have allowed 3 characters to each account on 1 server. Most legitimate players multi account so they can play other classes or they have free time. I agree, ah will be taken advantage of, but its not as bad as dukate would say, reason being, it takes a long time to bring up another character. Plus, the alt would always have limited resources.

I have an alt, however it was perfectly legal, told so by gm and I have vip on both accounts.

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Topic: Wartune / [Guide] Listing of Commonly Used Guides

Class specific guide


not mine, all links belong to respective owners.

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Topic: Dungeon Rampage / Double exp mode

Icewater cavern boss in champion league, you get an exp bonus if you let the boss summon more mobs and achieve the most kills in party. Also most kill 10+ enemies.

Even if you don’t get the most kills, there is bonus gold bars from the summoned mobs. So please don’t kill the dragon as soon as possible, weaken it and then let it summon a couple monsters.