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Topic: Cloudstone / Allow us to customize skill hotkeys

With this new update (the additional two slots, which I’ll never be able to use because I’m cheap) you’ve changed the 6th slot from E to W.

This bugs me because for months, I’ve been using it a certain way and now you’ve up and gone changed it. It’s no big issue, I can adapt within a few days, but it made me think – why not allow us to choose what hotkeys we use now (without forcing us to spend X gems to unlock the 2 other slots)

Some may prefer to use keys like Z, X, C, V and space bar. How about opening up a FREE option to do so….

Would be a nice minor update :)

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Topic: Cloudstone / DEVS: proposal to improve the mage class

Originally posted by HoboMcJoe:

I don’t think we need to buff mages, especially not this much. It seems people like to complain about charge a lot, why not just nerf that?

Whenever I suggest that it gets “omfg wut charge es fine guise, wariurs nid that cuz 2 low in skill tree” or in simpler terms “charge is fine, you’re bad”

1:1 fury scaling (inb4furyisbad, even though warriors often have 250+ fury) 10 second cooldown and a huge gapcloser. Not fine.

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Topic: Cloudstone / DEVS: proposal to improve the mage class

Originally posted by Seizan_7:

You know you’ve been away for long when one of latest topics is about improving class that was considered best. PvP is at close range when you’re mage? I’m sorry, but the only advice I can give you is l2kite. The only time my wizard was in melee range was against Charge using warriors, and if that bothers you too much just use Shield Bubble (or avoid fighting them, like I did).

Implying we don’t kite

Charge is used every 10 seconds. Not only that – charge still damaged while Bubble shield is up.

Also, at Sephi, selena was implying a HoT, not a burst heal like monks.

And when in the world were Mages ever considered the best in PvP seizan. Talking out of you ass like usual. It has and always will be warriors as long as they hit the hardest and maintain a strong tankiness front.

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Topic: Cloudstone / DEVS: proposal to improve the mage class

What I dislike is Monks have a similar amount of burst, have more armour avaliable to them, great source to Disc and good Disc scaling. Only downfall is being Melee, which is fine considering they also have good DPS and sustain.

Why am I mentioning Monks? Because Mages are supposed to be the bursty, glass cannon class, yet Monks do it better and can tank better. Only thing we have going is Range, yet everyone has access to that too…

What I think Mages need – some form of sustain, like HP regen as Selena mentioned. Or better scaling Glass Cannon is a viable option. Or just a blanket nerf to certain things that are too strong so Mages are actually capable of filling their role.

(Side note: Duckray IS OP, and should act as a polymorph, not a stun. Polymorph means they cannot attack/silenced but still are free to move. Helpless but not useless)

EDIT: Will it kill the Dev’s to add some much needed MOVESPEED (whether set bonus or base stats) on Mage’s gear? 10% Power is about the most useless thing I’ve seen yet.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Twin Cutters, Peace Keeper 3.0, or Hammercrux 3.0?

Why not Jubilation? (V);,,;(V)

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Topic: Cloudstone / Speed Problem - I'm Level 38 But Simply Can't Beat Certain Levels

I’m actually where you are at too Praxis – I am not fast enough (as a Wizard) for Heal the Yeti. I cannot defeat the Octobot (Shadowed Shores) and the Halloween Cat pretty much kills me on the 2nd or 3rd duckray swarm.

I find it ridiculous that I must (emphasis on must) continue to spend rubies to respec just to beat a mission where the game should be balanced on the fact that all three classes have a chance to beat each level. The more I continue to play, the more I find that I must be tanky and pretty much should be a Warrior or Monk to continue in this game, with each boss just being even more frustrating than the previous.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Game won't load now

It’s not browser-related.

One account I can access, another I encounter a gray screen. Same browser, same everything, just one account works and one isn’t.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Say thanks to developers!

qq new boss op ragequit dev monie making scammers.

But thank you dev’s for the wonderful game :) I do enjoy the game (been playing for far too many weeks now) and hope to see it grow more.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] New server is coming!

Originally posted by CO68:

Merging servers is a bad idea…

And I think apples are a much better fruit than oranges.

My point – eloborate. Having an opinion is nice, but without any reasons to back it up, it’s worthless.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kingdoms CCG] [Creative] Make a Card

Originally posted by JimboForTheWin:

My Creature:
Dragon Tamer
Cost: 4 Mana
1 Attack 3 Health
Armor 1
Summons card(s) Ancient ‘Whelp’ with 2 physical damage and 2 health in empty adjacent slot
Ancient Demi-God Beast Tamer

Only thing I disagree with this card is the 1 Armor. Natural armor buff usually belongs with the Holy Aligned cards and with 1/3, having a starting 1 armor will make him pretty difficult to kill.

Otherwise, like the idea.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kingdoms CCG] Jorma is fine


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Topic: Cloudstone / Frigid map fragment


I just got this map fragment from the first zone in Glaciella

Double check your inventory?

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Topic: Cloudstone / Petition Vs. Energy

Energy regen is too low (1 energy per 10 mins) and base energy should scale as you level up.

I don’t mind energy if you don’t want people levelling up too fast, but waiting 40 minutes to do ONE level (once out of energy) is ridiculous.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] Whats better: BP gear or Gold gear.

Gold obviously, since it involves spend real life cash (or a ton of freebies) to obtain. BP Gear is just in-game…currency.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] Dodge and crit rating?

Not necessarily.

Firstly, Crit and Dodge decrease per level, meaning you still need to add some AGI.

Secondly, nearly 1/3 chance to crit is pretty high. And dodging 1/3 of the attacks too…can get very annoying.

Lastly, AGI adds some damage, and if you are a BM or Zerker (more useful for Zerker) there is a Level 15 skill that puts all AGI points to use (it adds like x armor per 1 agi point, or something like that) called Leather Mastery.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] give us a chance to reset stats!

Lektor – in every game there are people who prefer to play for free (like myself) and others who don’t mind spending a few bucks for online games.

Telling us to spend 60 gold – which some of us gained by restarting our character, is a solution, but not one we are looking for.

DoomForge completely changed the Stamina mechanics on us, and should compensate (at least with a free stat reset) for this change, since we had no control/say/notice about this. Facebook people have received compensation, and if they want to introduce this game to Kong, we should at least be offered the same thing.

If you want to spend 60 gold re-allocating your skills, fine by me. Quit trying to tell the rest of us to do so though.

(Personally, I have quit until something new/different happens to make me come back)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] New feature in Doom Forge: Clans!

…the 2nd link that has failed.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] Sudden Silence

I don’t know if you guys changed the AI, but today, almost every single battle, the AI has started with Silence with virtually no rage.

One battle, I missed my hit, and then the AI used Silence…fix it?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] skills for paladin blademaster

Level 10 Blademaster Skills

Shield Bash [7 Rage] – Bash enemy with shield for x damage (x = 35 damage for me). Activate for 3 seconds when enemy misses.
Cooldown: 15 sec

Final Blow [20 Rage, 3 sec cast] – Deals a massive x damage. Ignores enemies armor. Only works with 2h weapons.
Cooldown: 10 sec

Advance Weapon Training [Passive] – Increase damage done by 2% (at Rank 1)

Shield Specialization [Passive] – Increase block chance by 5% (at Rank 1)

Now the following is my guess but BM at Level 15 get Defensive Stance (Boosts defense 50% and parry 30%) and Decrease Armor (decreases armor by x. I’ve seen some reduce my armor by 900+) and some passive that increases Hit Rate.

Don’t have much info on Paladins, sorry :o

Hope this helps a bit :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] Help us to steer the game in to the right direction

I’m pretty sure it’s been mentioned, but there really needs to be a change in the AI.

Firstly, I’m facing some AI’s using Level 15 skills when I’m only Level 13 (happened even when I was 12), which is quite an unfair advantage.

Secondly, AI’s, when low HP and “desperate” tend to ignore any cooldown and rage rules. All of a sudden, AIs uses Power Strike several times in a row with 0 rage!

It is an enjoyable game, but gets irritating when you lose nearly 30 rating due to a cheating AI.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] Suggestion: Autorepair.

+1 xD

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] Help us to steer the game in to the right direction

Maybe include silver to gold currency.

I.E. – 10k silver = 1 gold. (could be higher, just using examples for the moment)

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Topic: Dream World / Whoops.


Sorry…completely ignore this….

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Secrets and Tips

I think it might be useful to mention, for idiots like me, but when you save the game for the next chapter, you can no longer access it on the current chapter. I beat Qualna before completing any of the Impossible Tasks and now can no longer go back ;~; I only used one save slot for the entire three chapters.

Sorry if it’s been mentioned before :D

EDIT: Massive facepalm – I wish I read page 72 before fighting King / Qualna….
Well this game has great replay value, so I may spend another 30+ hours trying to complete again ^^