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Topic: The Arts / Wulf Avatars | Customized Wolf Sprites (A lot of updates!)

Hey, DarianWulfbane,

The Wolf I would love to use as my avatar is a wolf with an orange-inside, black-outside COAT. Not a fur coat. An actual coat. Really, it’s more of a cape. Also, I would love to see the wolf with an extremely large top hat and a red satin ribbon similar to the ones on most top hats. I would also love brown eyes, and I would enjoy if it was nomming on a box (surprise me with the box look please but make the colors bright). If you need an original fur coat aside from the coat, make it golden brown please. I am asking for all of this not only to challenge you, but to see pleasing results. I really hope to be inspired.

Sincerely, Huddin

P.S. Could you possibly message me what you think the wolf will have and not have? That would be awesome.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Ultimate Skills

For the battle games in Anti-Idle: The Game, there are these skills in the battle arena… how do you get these “Ultimate” skills?

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Topic: Kongregate / New moderators

So basically the summary of this thread from beginning to end is: Moderatorship (which is not a word) is attained by whisper, from one or more Mods that technically vote you from a long list of eligible people with positive and negative votes, and becoming a Mod involves being grammatically correct as well as kind in chat, reporting to (other) Mods, calling for help when in need, as in the chat rooms, being familiar with Kongregate, and being active with the site and badges. There is no minimum or maximum level to become a Moderator, and arcaneCoder does not have a life :P.