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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / No offline cash

Happened to me overnight, and somehow I’ve lost my x3 multiplier

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Cant start - unity crash all the time

Originally posted by Soulflare1928:

So I couldn’t play any Unity games on Kong (with Chrome), the tab would simply freeze and the game would show up as black. I eventually figured out that if I go into the Chrome task manager (Shift+esc), end the Unity plugin (at the very bottom for me), then click the popup that says Unity has crashed and asks would you like to restart, it then seems to load just fine. Dunno if it’s reproducible but it’s a simple fix that doesn’t take long to try. I do have to repeat after every computer restart. I never have this problem with other sites so I’m pretty sure it’s a Kongregrate issue.

Tried this and it worked for me as well. Thanks for the fix.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Laws

I’ve been thinking about this lately, and I hope somebody can give me an answer other than: “The government is retarded” (which we already know).

Anyways, fairly recently there was a case in the supreme court where a girl was stripped search at school under the assumption she had pills. The court decided that this violated current laws, and was thus, illegal. Now, I have heard that there is a law passing that basically makes the school immune from any lawsuits regarding actions made in good faith. (I apologize that I can not cite any sources on this, or if my information is wrong)

My question is this: If a new law is created that contradicts an older law, does the new law overwrite the old law? And if that’s the case, why not just rescind the old law. Otherwise, both laws are in the books and both are still considered laws, so which one do you listen to?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Computer chair commander: Episode 1. (Germany WW2)

Avoid a two front war with Russia by keeping your peace treaty with Stalin strong. Make sure Italy doesn’t puss out on you. As stated before, crush the BEF and push hard in the Battle of Britain… oh, make sure Japan doesn’t attack Pearl Harbor until the war in Europe is over.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Do liberals really think that Iran and North Korea...

Do conservatives truly believe that there are WMD’s in Iraq?

Do I personally believe there are some there? I don’t know. I believe there is a good chance that they are. I realize we ‘looked’ and didn’t find any, however, I believe out search was flawed. We had our investigation team stay in the exact same hotel rooms they stayed in before (which were probably bugged), and we had to give prior warning before our search. Whether or not the results would have been different, I’m not sure, but it surely wouldn’t have hurt to take better security measures.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Children's Rights

I find it offensive that people keep saying minors lack ‘mental capacity’. I’m 17, technically a minor. But take into consideration, I’ve graduated High School already. Which means, I’ve had the same amount, or more education that 80% of this country has received. And I’ve done it a year younger than the normal age. How can anybody justifiably say I lack any mental capacity when I’ve not only shown a mental ability on par with those considered to have the proper ‘mental capacity’ but in a majority of cases, superior to them. Why do I, have less of a ‘mental capacity’ then some 40 year old pot head who lives with his parents. (I apologize if I offended anybody there)

I understand that for a majority of your… minority I suppose, you are incapable of handling all the responsibilities that come with being an adult. But at 16 you’re allowed to drive, thus putting your own life, and others at considerable risk. If minors truly lack the ‘mental capacity’ to be in control of their own lives, why are we minors allowed to drive?

…just some thoughts…

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Court says strip search of Ariz. teenager illegal

Thanks for posting the verdict. I was waiting to hear what happened.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What's Your Political Party?

Ok, i know it’s from the first page, but i’ve got to bring it up.

I’m not really left/right oriented at all, which I’m glad this shows. If anything I’d say my philosophy would be “Leave me the hell alone.”

Well said, my thoughts exactly.

I just want to be left alone. I’m a libertarian, but since they’ll never win, i go republican.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / 5 Popular Safety Laws That Dont Actually Work

You know what doesn’t work? This concept of seeking punishment instead of rehabilitation.

Oh don’t give me that bullshit.

‘You killed someone, but it’s not your fault you did it, it was just the environment you were raised in. Let’s just talk about what you did; certainly you’ll never do it again after that’

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Topic: Serious Discussion / AX: What theme song would President Obama have?

<embed src=";hl=en&amp;fs=1" height="344" width="425"></embed>!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Dangerous republican/conservative talk show host!

If someones going to kill a politician it better be televised!
(preferably in HD)

You sir, are awesome.

But in all seriousness, why should he be arrested? For what? For making a political statement? For expressing his views against a socialist? For telling the truth?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Kongregate and the Konstitution - Illegal Chat Filter

Omg, l 2 constitution.

It’s not illegal, Kongregate has every right to place a chat filter.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Counter Strike - Should be banned or not?

Lol wow…

…god damned wallers :P

but in all seriousness

1: It slowly devalues human life. You must play a lot.

Lol true, true, but doesn’t it fall to the people to decide if they want to spend all that time playing it?

2: It creates interest in real military weapons.

So join the military if you get interested in them.
It’s better than playing some other game and saying: “You know what? I’m going to build a railgun in my basement now.”
Sci-Fi Weapons

3: It teaches you over time actual squad tactics. ( ONLY if you play in private, serious servers)

I think this is a good thing. It makes you think.

4: It makes you feel good when you shoot the enemy.

Lol it rewards you for being the best
3: It teaches you over time actual squad tactics. ( ONLY if you play in private, serious servers)
4: It makes you feel good when you shoot the enemy.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What's Your Political Party?

I’m not really left/right oriented at all, which I’m glad this shows. If anything I’d say my philosophy would be “Leave me the hell alone.”

well said.

Some guy named George Washington (anyone ever heard of him?) didn’t believe in political parties. And neither do I, the reason being that associating yourself with a party implies that you agree with everything the party believes in. Which is not true for me.

For the most part, I agree. However, you select the party that best represents what you believe in. You don’t have to agree with everything, but, they’re your best bet for what direction you want America to go.

Oh, btw. I’m a Libertarian, but since they don’t stand a chance in hell to win an election any time soon, I go Republican.

I’m the opposite of Obama, whatever that is called.

That’s called the ‘correct side’ welcome to it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Vigilantes - good or bad?

If we ‘trained’ vigilantes, wouldn’t they be cops then? And training them, to essentially hunt down and kill criminals, then they’re like soldiers (in a sense). I see what you’re saying, but there is no need to train vigilantes, all we need to do is protect citizens that act like them.

I haven’t really given this much thought, so I’ll post again when I have.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Inappropriate game being banned

‘Liberal Avenger’


I don’t think it should be banned. If you want to get it and live out your fantasies, be my guest.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Can Communism Work?

We are heading for communism though, Obama is saying “we need more Government, more laws,” in essence, more conformity, Communism shares a trait with socialism, if everyone is the same, then success is limited and aspiration is crushed.

I agree. Though I wouldn’t say communism; socialism is more like it. But, there is no difference between the two; except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end. Communism proposes to enslave men by force, Socialism by vote. It’s merely the difference between murder and suicide.

Everyone keeps talking about how communism can work ‘in theory’. But if it doesn’t work in practice then what’s the point? The theory ignores some major flaws and that’s why it works. It’s like me saying I’m going to build a slingshot to shoot me to the moon. If I ignore some major flaws, it should work in theory, right?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Can Communism Work?

lol. Very well said Eketek.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Don't Tread On Me: A Libertarian Thread

The price would definately drop. Just as with illegal drugs, the only reason they are so expensive is because it is risky to sell them, thus they are able to charge more,a lot more.

Lol oops. Made a mistake in my post. I meant to say that yes, the price would drop. Thanks for the catch.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Universal healthcare: for or against?

Still, the more help they recive the quicker they will be self sufficient.

The sooner they figure out how to do it themselves the better off they’ll be.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Universal healthcare: for or against?

Define best. Most of the time economies of scale comes into play and these larger companies are just able to supply their goods, not nescessarily superior to anyone elses, at much cheaper prices because they are so large.

People will always buy the highest quality they can.

The waiting times aren’t too bad.

That’s subjective.

Definitely untrue. Most people who become doctors don’t do so for financial reasons. There are still some top quality doctors in the NHS, some of the best in the world depending on the field. Any statistics to back that up?

Wow. If you’re looking to make money you either become a doctor or lawyer. You may feel some call to help people, but it’s mostly about the money.

If everyone paid a little more in taxes, the costr would be spread out.

It’s still my money being taken from me.

Does it ever occur to you that there are people who do not have medical insurance and who have to choose between eating and medical treatment.

Yes, it did occur to me. Did it ever occur to you that I don’t care? I am automatically against having my money extorted from me at the point of a gun.

That is a social evil that should definitely be eliminated.

Evil how? It’s unfortunate yes, but not evil.

Financial reasons should not get in the way of this, especially when it has been proven that it works in other countries.

You’re right, financial reasons shouldn’t get in the way of anything. I need a yacht, and nobody can prove I don’t.

You’re saying it works so well in other countries?

Well hate to burst your bubble but…

For example, a typical Canadian seeking surgical or other therapeutic treatment had to wait 18.3 weeks in 2007 — an all-time high. Approximately 875,000 Canadians are currently on waiting lists for medical treatment.

Many Canadians can’t even get routine care. Of those who sought routine or ongoing care in 2005, one in six had trouble even getting into a doctor’s office for a routine procedure or check-up.

It’s no better across the Atlantic. The average wait time for bypass surgery in New York is 17 days — compared to 72 days in the Netherlands and 59 days in Sweden.

Patients with serious illnesses such as cancer face much longer odds of survival in government-run health care systems. In the United Kingdom, the five-year survival rate for patients diagnosed with breast cancer early on is 78 percent — compared to 98 percent for similar patients in the U.S.

Yeah. Sounds like it works real well.

tually any measure you care to take. I notice you didn’t quote my citations, they are true you know. Your healthcare system really does suck compared to everyone elses.

See above statistics.

How you can dispute this is a little beyond me. Theres a million and one reason why money would prevent treatment. How many would you like?

Take loans. Simple.

…how do you explain the discrepancy?

Ok, real quick google on European vs. American lifespan yielded this:
European nations averaging the fewest “healthy life years” — time lived without disability or limitations on activity after the age of 50 — face serious challenges in containing health care costs, the study concluded.

This is a pretty common scare tactic to be honest, and not true. Doctors come from all over the world to work in NHS hospitals. In fact if you go to hospital its more likely than not you will be treated by a forgein doctor whos working in England because the pay and conditions are so good. There is no ‘brain drain’, its simply false and you can see that by, well, looking at the NHS.

I have an associate who used to be a doctor in Canada. He hated the socialist system up there so much he moved down here to America. Sounds like doctors love not getting paid.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Universal healthcare: for or against?

Private companies are accountable to their shareholders and are motivated by money and nothing else.

And how do you think they make money? By being the best in their chosen field.

This leads to people being reluctant go for diagnosis or to pay for treatment and increasing the chance of illness going undetected or untreated.

Ummmmm how exactly?

Shows the USA at #46 for life expectancy despite being the richest country in the world by a LONG way. This is in addition to public healthcare systems having far far better rates of preventative care simply because people are more likely to go to a doctor if its free at the point of use.

Did you ever think we have a lower life expectancy because we now live a mostly sedentary lifestyle? Couple that with the amount of cheap, salty, greasy food we eat (which is delicious lol) and what you have there is a recipe for being overweight. Due to all the health concerns coupled with it, of course our life expectancy is low.

And of course people are more willing to go if it’s free. So you’ll have everybody going thus creating unheard of waiting times. And since it’s free, doctors will not be paid as much; thus the greatest minds will not go into medicine creating a mental void in that profession. That being the case, the overall quality of doctors will drop.

This leads to another train of thought. Nothing is free, so then who is paying for you to go to the doctors. The short answer is me. I have no reason to pay for anybody but myself or my dependents to go to the doctors.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Universal healthcare: for or against?

In my opinions Indians should be treated better.

…ok; they got the short end of the stick there. I’ll give you that point.

The British shouldn’t have to look after the US because for one thing they just don’t need to…

I also agree with that point; I was just using it for arguing purposes.

…and for another thing the British despite ruling the colonies for years didn’t leave them in irreparable shape like most developed nations did to Africa and other areas.

But notice that everywhere the British colonized, is much better than the surrounding area. Look at Hong Kong compared to the rest of China. It is infinintely better off.

I think it is morally wrong that we live in nations of plenty whilst people are needlessley starving to death on a daily basis.

Morals are subjective. And I’m cool with voluntary help; if you feel the need to volunteer your time, or donate some money, that’s awesome and good for you. But I think it’s wrong that we’re sending tax money to help Africa.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Universal healthcare: for or against?


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Universal healthcare: for or against?

Because America became rich off slavery and the exploitation of those nations. They at least owe them the chance of survival.

So because of a mistake in our past, we should now look after them? Ok, then why don’t we treat the Indians like that? Why don’t the Brits look after us?

Don’t be guilty over something that happened in the past.