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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Things that isnt true

One thing that isn’t true are the combining chances in alchemy lab.

It said i had 72% chance to have a successfull combine but i failed 4 of 5 tries.
Even all of my guild mates say that they fail combines alot so i don’t think it happens by accident.

Seems more like the Lab shows the chance to fail the combine :P

Really annoying.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Bug Reports - Official

Had lvl up, did a fast fight so energy can regenerate. After that fight i was at about 530 energy left for fighting. Closed page then because Flash player became laggy and i wanted to reload. After reloading i bought some LC, with these several Lunchboxes and opened them. Then i wanted to do missions again but had to notice my energy went from 530 down to only 30.

If opening lunch boxes doesnt need energy then i lost about 500 Energy by reloading the page.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Guessing game!

Emerald Dragon

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Post Active Raid Links Here

Just started Oluth Raid.
Join in fast, they are usually finished quite fast.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Post Active Raid Links Here Siege on Kor Raid, 41/75, 9h 40 mins to go, nearly half done, we need more players to join to finish in time

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / A Full Guide to Building Your Defensive Decks!

I have to admit that i underestimated Dragoon Hunters.
I recently got beaten up by a deck with them and some Sustainer Xolan. Might even work with Hatchlings to back up the Dragoons.

Their Poison 2 if very effective once inflicted and with so many immobilize cards the enemy just gets nailed down.

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Topic: Sorcery Quest / Gold

Its not possible to just deliver it from one to another…

You could buy some random stuff and sell it with another char but that way you would loose 75% of the gold each time.

(easiest way is to have a thief with higher steal skill, he will have way more money than any other char soon and can buy all the stuff you want then.)

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Topic: Sorcery Quest / This game sucks.

Or everyone is busy playing so much that they dont consider its forum.

^ pessimist

< optimist

(I play it since quite some time and like it. Even worth spending some Kreds in here since the Kreds 4 ingame points exchange is quite cheap)

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Topic: Sorcery Quest / Free skill redistribution

Thank you, i really forgot about the other options in there :D

So i just have to look out for a guild or make an own one to get all Badges :o
Well, quite some things to do.

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Topic: Sorcery Quest / Free skill redistribution

About this distribution and the changed character colors (i believe its some kind of Christmas joke ?).

How to use it ?
Iam not in a guild and also dont know why, where or whatever and the redistribution is said to be available in the guild hall.

Where is it, how to use it and any other help beside “play the game” are welcome answers :o

I used to play this game just to level my chars and find a storyline jet, i have no idea of guilds or arena. Just recently learned about “recycling” the medals.

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Topic: Sorcery Quest / Recycling

Woah, thx for your help :D

I will try to figure out all remaining questions with it ^^

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Topic: Sorcery Quest / Tax collectors

I just met a group of 4 of those guys.
Tried to flee since it would take me much time to beat them. (Active playing since like a week)

Outcome: my first 3 flee tries failed, 2 of them stole more than half of my actual gold (first stole 985, other about 400) and 4th flee worked.

I just lost the gold of a whole day playing T_T

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Topic: Sorcery Quest / Recycling

So this 1st recycle is used to undo some lvl up mistakes and to set more skill points at the beginning ?

Is there no other way to let your characters gain more points in charm or intelligence during the game ? Since this all seems to cost Tokens which (as far as i know) cant be earned ingame.

(Sry if this is a silly question but iam quite new to this game and i didnt found an Help section or something jet.)