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Topic: Game Programming / One game a month

Wow guys, thanks so much for setting this up! I’m proud and humbled by your enthusiasm. I 100% support this Kongregate #1GAM goodness. Sign me up on the list and keep up the amazing work. I can’t wait to see the amazing games you all make.

Happy new year! Good luck! HAVE FUN! You can do it.

Kind regards,

Christer Kaitila

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Topic: Game Programming / Is Flash 11 hardware 3d (WMODE=DIRECT) supported yet?

Just a quick question: Flash 11 has hardware 3d, but the html markup requires wmode=direct to be set in the flash variables or you will be forced to use software rendering. When I view source for old flash 10 games I see wmode: ‘transparent’ which will not enable hardware 3d when we all start posting Flash 11 games, killing the framerate as you might expect.

Q: Will Kongregate add wmode=direct to their swf embed code?

Thanks and keep up the wonderful work!