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Topic: War of Omens / Epic coins + tier 2 upgrades = segregated player base

Xienwolf, did I say NO time invested?

More like: commons upgraded? Done.
Uncommons upgraded? A slog, but will get done eventually. Nearly 3/4ths of the way there on most of them (I usually upgrade the least upgraded one on opening them, not rushing any particular one).
Scarce? First upgrade: okay, feasible. Then I see the second tier of upgrades, with gold packs not unlocked. Ummmmm? Having that 2-gold goat poultice or rat ointment would be kinda nice.
Rares? First upgrade: maybe with some tourney winning luck. Second upgrade? Yeah, a 1-gold clever planning, 2 gold Boar Unguent/Aurochs Elixir would be nice. So would a 4-gold Boar Fetish (along with second copy being 5 gold instead of 6). But guess what? It probably AIN’T HAPPENING for anyone who doesn’t massively shell out.

As for the runes/rune pages in League? Yeah, that can be had within what? The first month or two for a few champions? And don’t forget the free rotations. You think if Faker/Doublelift/Bjergsen/NameYourFavoritePro made an alt that they couldn’t crush it to Diamond within a month after hitting level 30?

Sure, there may be not much of a difference going from say, a 14-gold to a 13-gold card. But from a 3 to 2 that restocks allies that cost 5 or 4? That’s pretty damn substantial. And why should new players then willingly want to play against that? Who benefits from that sort of “pay to win” scheme, if most players simply say “NOPE NOPE NOPE not becoming a whale, okay, had my fun, see ya”?

And there’s also a difference between “top level competitive” and “playing the same game”. EG if someone starts playing League of Legends, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, or whatever, they still have to learn the game. But what if a video game was “your opponent paid us $100. Therefore, he does double damage.”?

Well, most likely, it’d be wise to look for a fairer game, right?

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Topic: War of Omens / Epic coins + tier 2 upgrades = segregated player base

Isn’t the first tier of upgrades enough? Get a card (progress!), get four MORE copies of that card to upgrade it (progress!)

Isn’t that enough? Why institute the grueling 20-copy grind?

Edit: regarding the problem being the matchmaking system, how many players do you think there are on kong? Probably quite a few. Why would ANY of them go into multiplayer when there are people like you advocating that they should be at a disadvantage (perhaps a substantial one) before the first move is made? Any sane person would say “yeah, I’ll just avoid that unpleasant experience.”

People avoiding multiplayer → bad matchmaking → people avoiding multiplayer BECAUSE of bad matchmaking → cycle continues. Why is there a cycle in the first place? Because the reasonable thing to do in order to avoid negative experiences is not to play multiplayer BECAUSE of second-tier upgrades and coins.

How many decks run three copies of something (tier-2 upgrade, tier-1 upgrade, and original 2-more-gold card)? Very, very few. How much would the game change if the second-tier upgrade was removed and every card had its purchase cost lowered by 1? Very little. I suppose it’s too late to go back on the coin genie, however.

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Topic: War of Omens / Epic coins + tier 2 upgrades = segregated player base

Refills? I run away from that in two seconds. I admit that this game is better about it than most. But that’s like saying “my shit smells less”. The pack unlocks are a nice way of monetizing IMO (EG spend $10, get gold packs, etc.). But the “buy a gazillion copies to reduce this card’s cost by 50%” aspect of things? Does it make too much of a difference for MOST rares, that are in the 6 gold+ category? Not too much. But clever planning? Aurochs elixir? Boar unguent? Yeah, that’s a pretty freaking massive difference.

It isn’t to say that the game is bad, but why should anyone go through the frustration of playing against something like a fully tweaked Mogesh deck with their 1-upgraded scarce next-to-no-coins deck? That’s just not a positive experience.

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Topic: War of Omens / Epic coins + tier 2 upgrades = segregated player base

Players who spent more time playing should have the reward of more experience and knowing what to do in more situations, not “oh hey I grinded more rares, therefore I win!”

League of Legends seems to be extremely successful despite giving absolutely zero advantage to those that pay the big bucks aside from getting that one champ a little sooner. Once you get into the game, there’s absolutely no difference. But the difference between a 2 gold clever planning and 1 gold? The Daramek restock cards (all scarce/rare)? Might as well tell the non-paying players “well, there isn’t enough of a player base because the ones that spent the most (time or money) win the most because of pay-to-win, but please come and play this game so we can serve you to our heavy grinders/spenders!”

Really? That’s how people are encouraged to stay?

In League of Legends (for instance), you can have your “dream” champion fairly quickly. Buy the champ, buy a rune page, buy the runes, which will usually apply to many champs anyway. Here? Want a dream deck? That’ll be 24000 ingots for one card please!

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Topic: War of Omens / Epic coins + tier 2 upgrades = segregated player base

I think the difference between a 3 gold stolen plans/seduce and a 2 gold one is massive. Same deal with clever planning, possibly cutpurse (not sure if that card is even useful), anything that restocks (daramek critter restocks, lackey, apothecary, charlatan). Also, a few procs of epic coins = same as taking an extra turn in terms of the resources (you only draw 3 a turn).


Originally posted by

Of course, if you have any suggestions on how to further improve balance without:

a) Screwing players that have invested time and money into getting their decks
b) Killing the devs’ income,

then we are all ears. Not joking, discussion about this is healthy.

Ever thought about running for public office? You seem to already have good practice on your doubletalk. The entire POINT of balance is that out-of-game grinding/money should be less of a factor (EG skins in League of Legends). I suppose at this point, it may be too late to say “well, we’ll refund everyone with second-tier upgrades with some ingots”, and then lower the gold cost of all cards by 1 (though I suppose the occasional deck uses tri-copy of a card), such that when the next card comes along, those players with the maxed rares have enough to automatically upgrade any rare they come across for the foreseeable future (the 4-copy upgrade).

Furthermore, I propose that players be allowed to purchase tourney tickets with silver, for say, 1500 silver. The only way they’d make that back is if they go 5+ wins anyway, but at the same time, they have a chance to actually play multiplayer instead of just grinding vs. the AI, because let’s face it—playing anything less than a 50/50 isn’t fun, and the quickest way to tip those scales is to allow for out-of-game grinding/paying to affect in-game balance.

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Topic: War of Omens / Epic coins + tier 2 upgrades = segregated player base

Oh, and I obviously tourney after my dailies. But rarely if ever constructed MP.

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Topic: War of Omens / Epic coins + tier 2 upgrades = segregated player base

Pretty self-explanatory, honestly. Tier 1 upgrades are quite feasible for anyone. But once you’re talking about tier 2 scarce/rares + level 28 hero cards with perfectly , well, I just don’t feel like playing against that in multiplayer, period. So these days, I just do a daily or two, and log off without ever spending time in MP. And I generally forget about MP quests.

Somehow, I don’t think that the current situation makes anyone happy—those with amazing decks don’t have too many opponents to play BECAUSE of their amazing decks, and those that don’t, well I recommend not to queue up for facing those sorts of opponents, since they have an obscene advantage thanks to fully-tweaked epic coins and tier 2 scarces+rares+hero cards.

Will there be anything done to address this situation?

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Topic: War of Omens / 1 supplicant, 1 vintner, 3 tortoise

So I’m guessing you draft tortoise (good if Ashkar), draft Supplicant (because why not? Magic is good), then happen on a Vintner. But yeah GL HF setting that combo up and not getting killed before that.

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Topic: Redshift / Balance and Player Retainment Suggestions- Please read this thread.

Originally posted by ClipwireGames:

ilk: Don’t forget, that is retail, we’ve always go promos where you can get Immortals much cheaper.

Except in the several weeks I’ve played, I’ve only seen the pack sales way back when I didn’t even have enough credits to buy any of them (well, only one worth buying really is immortal—MAYBE legendary if you’re impatient), and I think I’ve seen immortal ship promo twice, and immortal pack ONCE. Aside from mistakenly spending credits on the starter pack and accidentally spending them to rush planetary extractors once (both mistakes, thought there was a mission chain beyond the “buy the mixed pack”), I see absolutely nothing worthwhile to actually spend credits ON. Packs? What, with 90% chance of getting 1 immortalis? On additional spins of the matter wheel? On inventory slots that get more expensive just to slightly delay the “please burn your items” annoyance (that should probably be happening automatically)? On the obscene rates to rush material extraction?

You can grind resources. You can s16 farm to purples in a fairly reasonable amount of time. It’s the immortals that are worth buying credits for and spending credits on. However, the sales for those are basically non-freaking-existent.

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Topic: Redshift / Balance and Player Retainment Suggestions- Please read this thread.

Errr, correction—let’s assume you get 10 credits per kong kred. So you still need around $5,000 for a red fleet. Jesus Christ.

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Topic: Redshift / Balance and Player Retainment Suggestions- Please read this thread.

Hm, just looking at the cost to buy an immortal (10000 creds), for a fully red fleet, you need 6 captains (let’s say 10000 creds apiece), 24 interceptors, and 32 ships. That comes out to 620,000 credits. Now if you buy the $100 1150 kreds from Kongregate, you’ll need 540 of those. Multiplied by $100 = $54,000 for one red fleet.


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Topic: Redshift / QoL ideas

1) Surrender mechanic: IMO it’s silly that you have to lose a host ship for ELO to be lowered. So now, instead of going full out with our regular fleet, we have to devote a slot to a level 1 surrender button? Really? What was wrong with it before?

2) Auto-burn feature. Instead of every 7 or so battles being prompted “your inventory is full, you have to burn items”, can users have the option of checking off which types of items they want to burn and which rarity? There are 20 different types: XP, badge, ship, interceptor, for 5 different rarities. Obviously, immortal should probably never ever be burned, but it’d be nice to not have to constantly be prompted to burn items every minute. Unless that’s simply a way to force users to burn credits on inventory slots… >_>. Preferably with an auto-burn to target ship and crew member.

3) Formation choice—what if I don’t want my escorts spawning behind my hosts all the time? What if I want them to spawn in front, relative to the ship?

4) Possible interceptor/ship exchange? EG if I don’t want a moonraker, can I exchange it for a mayflower, or a thunderbolt for a liberator/axiom?

5) For the love of god, do something about the speed/range bonus upgrades. They are utterly meaningless.

That’s all I have on my head for now.

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Topic: General Gaming / RPG Shooter: Starwish

Tessa ending? Boooooooo! I wish he would have given us the special ending/golden ending as a canon choice, because it’s the one in which Ginny survives and everyone is happy. I mean if I HAD to pick one ending, it’d be Tessa’s, but they were all wonderful, some of them heart-wrenching (oh god, Ginny! MY FEELS Y______Y). The special one was definitely by far and away my favorite.

Also, where’s the confirmation?

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Topic: General Gaming / Frantic 3

Hey guys, bumping this thread from the abyss: Frantic 3 on its way!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Abortion

It’s the mother’s body. While that something is inside her, she can deal with that something in any way she wishes.

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Topic: General Gaming / Mardek 3 vs. Epic Battle Fantasy 3

From what I can tell, Mardek seems not to be able to make up its mind about taking itself seriously (the story) or not (the dialogue). While EBF3 is completely up front about it being a game with a plot just for the lulz, and its charm is in the fact that it doesn’t take itself seriously at all.

Now while I haven’t played Mardek (and by the sounds of it, don’t want to), EBF3 gets mark downs from me due to the fact that it’s just simply out and out frustrating on epic difficulty. When you can have level-capped, maxed-out characters with full-on buffs and for whatever reason get your party wiped out in a volley or two, that’s just unacceptable in my book.

That said, if you’re looking for story, I think Starwish wrecks either of them. Easily.

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Topic: General Gaming / - Most overrated games on Kongregate -

Upgrade Complete
Upgrade Complete 2
Mushroom Madness

Both Learn to Fly games
Anything with a big dumb blue elephant also

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Topic: General Gaming / RPG Game in the making - suggestions?

How about this: a story that doesn’t fucking suck. Seriously. The rest of your game (and I do mean the rest of your game) can be forgiven if your writing is good.

Case in point? Starwish.

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Topic: Kongregate / A guide to making a top 20 game on kongregate

Originally posted by Exemaf:

here is what you do:

1. make a mediocre game that is addicting (minimal story and many ways to mess around)
2. add internet memes (so it gets 5 stars for being “OMG SO FUNAY!!!”)
3. a few months later, take your game and add a few minor things. Release it as a sequel
4. repeat step 3 until you get a game in the top 20 games.
5. Enjoy all the free money you got by using internet memes in a terrible game.

BROTIP: use stencyl to make your game for FASTER PROFITS!!!

Here is one epic exception to these woeful rules

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Topic: General Gaming / Golden Age Gaming

IMO I think what is great about today is that a single person can make a true gem of a game. For instance, consider the RPG Last Scenario, as well as here on Kongregate, RPG Shooter Starwish. If a single person or a handful of people can make such works of art in about a year, what’s keeping AAA studios from absolutely blowing them out of the water by hiring several such visionary individuals?

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Topic: General Gaming / RPG Shooter: Starwish

Well, frankly, I’m of the opinion that Ginny Good End aka Special End should be canon. Why we can’t vote for that is beyond me, because that puts the best (and actually most believable) ending to the story—the rest are simply a case of “well why THAT character over ALL the others” not to mention that Ginny’s and Johnny’s explicitly suck, Nef’s and Mare’s require far more suspension of disbelief, Swig and Deadeye are far more secondary in the game than most others besides Johnny, and Tessa’s just has bad implications for Nef and Mare (no Janni transform, Lucerna kaboom’d, death in short order).

Special end just seems to make the most sense given all of the above negative consequences.

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Topic: General Gaming / RPG Shooter: Starwish

The gameplay left much to be desired. Being unable to avoid the laser beams on the final boss = very irritating. And on a whole, the gameplay is no Frantic/Frantic2/BulletHeaven

But the plot/characters are the best I’ve ever seen in a flash game and the emotional responses the endings got out of me more or less blew away any game I’ve ever played past the golden age of RPGs on the SNES.

Makes you realize…if a couple of people can make such an experience…why is it that professional game companies can’t deliver anything memorable? Odds are, I’ll remember this game for a LONG time, right there with Seiken Densetsu 3, Chrono Trigger, FFVII, and FFX.

Very, very well done in the story department, which just goes to show that no matter what kind of gameplay you have, it’ll be forgotten. But a good story is immortal.

Well done, Starwish team. That said, please don’t ruin this game with a sequel. The experience was too beautiful, and any of the endings deliver a sense of closure—of course, the special ending should be the canon one—when EVERYONE gets to be happy =).


Topic: General Gaming / Epic Duel.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Tips for Darkness on Elements

6 devourer 6 black dragon 3 life drain 3 steal 12 obsidian pillar.


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Topic: General Gaming / Alteil

Just came up on a new online CCG.

Anyhow, here’s the gist of it: very innovative system, very well designed game.

Essentially it’s a sort of lovechild of MtG and Kongai in that it has the rarity tiers and less control over attacks, but the same sort of “every unit valuable, combine units with spells to achieve great results” playstyle as Kongai.

The art is drawn by the premier anime and manga artists in Japan.

The music is also quite phenomenal. I’d venture to say that it’s a far more professionally made game than any of the hundreds of thousands of games on Kong.

The only downside is that the learning curve is rather steep because of the innovative system involved, so it can possibly become rather frustrating. There is a very helpful community, however.

Furthermore, there are far more cards than either ElementsCCG or Kongai has, and so the possibilities are out there, assuming you manage to collect enough. Of course, newbies get one card a day (there are a few hundred, and in order to play a creature in your deck, you need at least two copies).

To get you started though, you get access to a fully-fledged deck which can compete at some of the highest levels as you modify it organically with your random one card a day.

But if you really want to take a shortcut, you could shell out some cash and buy the cards at a much quicker rate. (I personally don’t since I’m fundamentally against buying virtual goods, but the call is up to you)

That said, as we speak, the game’s developers are working to make it even more inclusive for the vast majority of players, so in my opinion, a good game is getting even better rather quickly.

Anyhow, here’s the link:

And please say that Demongod referred you (my handle there), so I can receive some credit for it.