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Topic: Kongregate / Kings & Queens

People still organize these? I’m curious as to how the messaging process went. I think I’ve only done one of these, and that was ages ago (and by that, I mean… four or five years?).

I probably won’t go far in this, since I don’t play as many games on Kong as I used to in my badge-hunting days (and I’m probably gonna have some plans on Thursday night), but eh.

(Also, this got sent to me during Evo, when I barely even opened my laptop, much less went online. I didn’t notice it until today.)

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Bugs!

Originally posted by cyr426:

first i spent all my daily gdome passes, and then won a bunch of them in duel and they never showed up in the gdp counter,, so where did they go ?

If I recall correctly, they simply said to just reload the game. Your won GD passes will show up after refreshing. Annoying, yes, but you will get them.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Godfather] Reward delays and glitches

Well, it’s been a week. Technically, it’s almost been an hour past their self-implemented deadline of a week.

Not entirely sure why it would take them that long to dole out rewards, but not even being able to meet your own deadlines is rather ridiculous.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Kind of... worthless try

1. Re-spec into Vit early on.
2. Work on Withdrawalulz.
3. Lulz.
4. More lulz.
5. Imp badge get.

Seriously, other than getting ridiculously shafted with drops, that’s all it takes.
The “final mode” is heaps easier than many Impossible badges and, I can even say, several Hard badges here on Kongregate. And that’s without hacking.

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Topic: General Gaming / April will probably be known as "The Rise of Armor Games."

I’m pretty sure April is known as “That Month in America When Taxes Are Due.”

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Topic: General Gaming / If I see that f***ing elephant one more time...

This isn’t some kind of blue-moon occurrence.

Look at every Reincarnation game after maybe the first or second one. The guy’s up to, what, his tenth one now.
Look at every game Nerdook has made after Vertical Drop Heroes. Every damn game.
Look at pretty much every game that lists ArmorGames as a publisher.

Yeah, people like the blue elephant, but there are many other fill-in-the-blank choices that can satisfy that tl;dr statement with just as much validity.

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

I reckon that’s the scenario, HA.

A lot of the discussion has been tough, as fanboyism on both sides has definitely surfaced several times. It isn’t easy.

I do think, however, we decided that Star Trek would absolutely obliterate either universe, but that’s not what the discussion is about.

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Topic: General Gaming / point of 3DS?

$400? I thought it was $250 at release. I do agree, though, that it’s a bit pricey for a portable (Wii price at release), but eh… I don’t know. I actually don’t own a DS, so I’m going to bank on Nintendo’s reliability to incorporate backwards compatibility in their consoles as my primary selling point.

I’m probably in Deriaz’s boat. I’ll consider buying it when the price goes down, though I’d settle for $150 (a reasonable price for a modern-day portable console that isn’t a smartphone).

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Topic: Sonny 2 / awsome tactic

This looks like a long and essentially inferior knock-off to Withdrawalulz, if you ask me.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / i hate this game

This isn’t Final Fantasy, you know. You can’t blame the game for your own inattentiveness.
Also, there’s really no need for so many items that you’d actually have a full inventory at any time during the game except the end for the hell of it.

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Topic: General Gaming / Black or White?

Originally posted by Cammy_Justice:
Originally posted by slicer24:

if you dont like it, dont post. Stop trolling

It is a valid point, Pokemon games have stagnated and have not changed in 16 years.

Has it really been sixteen years since the games first came out?
Well, Japan had it in 1996, so… wow, 15 years.
I guess I learned something today. The Pokemon franchise is older than, like, half of my nieces and nephews.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Why Sonny 2 was an abomination, and why Sonny 3 should not be made

Originally posted by Brofessional:

You guys are def getting trolled. Hard.

So people who don’t like a game or a genre for solid reasons qualifies as trolling?

Man, the Internet has definitely lowered its standards by a country mile and then some.

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Topic: Kongregate / WTF with this!!

In light of all this, I want to throw in the funny little discovery that parent/instructor reviewers on this site gave Club Penguin an “Iffy” rating for kids ages 8+.

The first review thought CP is “probably only for 14+.”

I just facepalmed.

P.S I just read the first negative review of Kongregate on the site. Once I saw the reviewer was 10, I wondered how he managed to get an account here before COPPA kicked in.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Assassin Build, the Biological's Potential Unleashed!

Meh. Pretty much an Inferior Withdrawal build from the looks of it.

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Topic: General Gaming / runescape

Originally posted by cheatfreak25:

The reason I play Runescape is because of the fact that I prefer gameplay over graphics.

If you ask me, this line of reasoning would dissuade people from playing RS.
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Topic: General Gaming / Why do you hate Runescape?

Originally posted by finalflax:

the graphics are actually VERY good for a java game

Problem One: It’s a Java game. I don’t see why I should treat it with some sort of special preference just because it’s a Java game.
Problem Two: I’ve seen 2D MMOs that look better than that.

and with over 200 quests, how can you say its boring and repetitive

Problem Three: Only 200 quests? There’s a medal in MS that you get for completing 800 quests. And that’s achievable less than halfway through the level cap. (FYI, I got it at around level 86.)
Problem Four: The number of quests doesn’t reflect how boring or repetitive an MMO can be.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Why Sonny 2 was an abomination, and why Sonny 3 should not be made

To be honest, I find it mildly hilarious that many fans still resort to ad hominem and a boatload of other fallacies thinking those will somehow make their argument valid. I mean, take a look at the guy who just posted.

Originally posted by titanoftime:

u guys r all trolls,

Ad hominem.
ad dont like the game? dont play it
Dodging the issue. Whether or not I play the game doesn’t change the fact that the game still has problems.
the only problem is its 9 star,
Not only irrelevant hyperbole, but subjectivity doesn’t correlate to objectivity.
so if ur sayin im trollin, then ur agiasnt the general players
Bandwagon fallacy.
and yes, ur trolling makes sense, so stop whining about this
Dodging the issue.
id like to see u guys make a better game if all u guys can only complain
Irrelevant. Matter of fact, the game Krin made after that, Colony, is heaps better than either Sonny. So when the developer establishes the fact that he can make a good game, it leaves you wondering why his other works aren’t as good.
go ahead and show us what a “GOOD” game is made off
Most RPGs (and pretty much every badged one) on here are much better than either Sonny game. I think that’s displaying enough.
u mad sis?

Ad hominem.

I take it back. It’s not mildly hilarious. It’s just hilarious.

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Topic: Kongregate / Do you stay in one single chat room for the whole time?

Nowadays, I’m predominantly in Feed the Ducks. I forget why. I think it has something to do with sushi.

It definitely wasn’t my main room, though. I was in League of Gamers when I first started out, then jumped to the Hive/Lamp Factory for a bit, then Difference Engine for about a year or so. After that were my faux residences in IiN and (currently) FtD, though I do occasionally go back to the old rooms to say hi and check in on folks.

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Topic: Kongregate / Testing of sides (Mirran or Phyrexian)

I honestly don’t care about sides. I’ll probably just flip a coin close to the end of the event just for the sake of getting a new medal on the profile. FTR, I already had the badges needed for both sides, so there’s no preference there.

I see this as the next ZvS, except you won’t get recruited by random single-levels in chat so they can get an extra point. I didn’t care for that either (I opted out soon after getting recruited because I didn’t know how to opt out beforehand), so I don’t expect to suddenly care now.

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Topic: General Gaming / Runescape or World of Warcraft

I find it odd that this thread got revived around the time Cataclysm came out for WoW. Are RS proponents just trying to trick themselves or something?

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Topic: General Gaming / One Chance

Originally posted by DannyDaNinja:
Originally posted by OMFGPwned:

You do realize you can still play that game after you finish it once, right?

No, you can’t play this game after you finish it noob. That’s why it’s called One Chance.

So you’re saying the game will never load for you again once you finish playing through it once? That’s kinda lame.
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Topic: General Gaming / Sonny 3

Originally posted by Chimto:
Originally posted by xIridescence:
Originally posted by pip09:

If you guys dont like sonny then why visit this forum?
You just must secretly like sonny O_o

That’s about as silly as saying we shouldn’t read books because we don’t like the Twilight series.

I think he meant the thread.

(I know he did; he just had poor word choice. Still doesn’t change much, though.)

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Topic: General Gaming / Sonny 3

Originally posted by pip09:

If you guys dont like sonny then why visit this forum?
You just must secretly like sonny O_o

That’s about as silly as saying we shouldn’t read books because we don’t like the Twilight series.

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Topic: General Gaming / Sonny 3

Originally posted by pip09:
Originally posted by Dr_Stein:

Never, let’s hope.

Why you say this?

Because some of us think that a lot of the hype is unwarranted. We feel the first two games weren’t that great, so we don’t anticipate a third being that much better.
Of course, la la la, it’s all opinion, et cetera, et cetera, people have different standards, and so on and so on. Just… don’t think that everyone on here loves the Sonny series. I think the only games that don’t get jeered are, like, DTD 1.5 and Fancy Pants, but I bet there are people who dislike those games too.

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Topic: General Gaming / ROBLOX

Originally posted by companioncube2:

To all those roblox/kongregate users, please stop acting like a noobs on kongregate, your giving us a bad name.

They once had a good name on Kongregate?