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Topic: General / Rules and ban appeals

Originally posted by TheDutchSoldier:

ID: 279130

I don’t know how to get in the rock and I never did. I would like to be unbanned right now because this is the second time I get banned for no reason in my holiday. For God sakes unban me fast please! I don’t know how it works, I never did it and it’s bullshit I get banned for it


looks to me like you got re-spawn into the rock. if it isn’t, then it means you are doing the glitch yourself and trying to gain sympathy by giving lies.

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Topic: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Unable to Resolve Servers DNS

it looks to me that your router got problem.

it is not the web browsers fault nor is it the game’s fault.

switch off and on your router and try again.

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Topic: General / This....

Originally posted by iamJerbear9:
Originally posted by minersail:

is that x24 exp boost?

1.5x pistol xp + 1.5x assault xp + 2x longshot xp + 1.2x for LT + 3x

just imagine +2.2x for near death ;)

bad news though, if all my kills had been at that value i would have over 382m xp :(

why don’t include 1.5x from exp kill series skill as well?

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Topic: General / Update: Weapons buffed!

here is a very good question.

which gun would you you get right now?? kac pdw or m4a1 custom rifle? (both are tasked)

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Topic: General / Rules and ban appeals

Originally posted by mahmoudsayeed:

I have not been banned and i am not a hacker but i wanted to say that some player 60+ lvl get 150 score for each kill and i only get 15 i thought that they arre using a skull i do not know please help me

not enough evidence, at least a picture would be helpful.


Topic: General / Rules and ban appeals

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Topic: General / age rating recommendations

if i is me, i would say age 12 or older.

if you(the owner) is going to create a kongregate account for your son, minimum age must be 13 or older.

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Topic: General / Rules and ban appeals

Originally posted by CoelHokendi:
Originally posted by ratiaa1234:

i use cheat engine in contract war please help me unbaned me please my Game name is SmaLe4KKK my game ID is 4282615

You admit that you used cheat engine and you want to get unbanned

i agree with you coelhokendi.

he broke the 2nd rule.

hacking comes in many forms especially when you use cheat engine.

anyone who uses cheat engine will surely never get unban for sure.

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Topic: General / AK12

people rarely uses noveske.

i mostly see people using devgru p90, machineguns, carbines, ak12 assault rifle……etc.

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Topic: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / PISSED! W-Task Stuck at 50%

well, high packet loss is the main issue for your problem.


Topic: General / Ban appeal

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Topic: General / BLACK DIVISION

i say fake.

black division = 1 million CR

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Topic: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Can't Play Contract Wars

here is another thing.

3. Are your flash settings set to unlimited? To check, right click (ctrl + click for Macs) the game screen and select “Global Settings” or “Settings” if available. From this screen you should be able to select “Storage” and change your flash settings to unlimited. Games save data to your computer for later use, and having a limited storage may prevent the game from working properly on your computer. No worries though – they don’t take up a lot of space at all.

Update: Make sure and are set to unlimited.

this is important because of the maps you are downloading in CW.

several solutions to solve network problems

1) to resolve dns problems, just restart your router. (if still got error with dns, type on your web browser to check your network settings. ( is your network connection ip address) if this still don’t work, ask your internet service provider for help.

2) clearing cache might work for most web browsers, but clearing cookies might help a lot as well. (this can be found over the internet)

3) make sure your firewall on your anti virus software allows your web browser to fully access the internet. (this includes your games if they are being blocked by your anti virus software without your knowledge)

4) wireless connection signal strength is not perfect due to the distance your computer is to the router especially for laptops. (put your computer as close to the router as possible for the best signal strength. if can’t then switch to wired connection)

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Topic: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Can't Play Contract Wars

Originally posted by xfenix:

kudamon, can you stop with your STUPID suggestions?
You have ZERO technical knowledge, they only thing you do is brainless copy-paste and nonsense talking.

And this is valid for mike too. Tell me, how your so called “guide” will help to someone with DNS issue? Do you even know what dns is.

I’ve asked about sticked “Technical support” thread months ago, the only thing i’ve got was stupid reply from “tester”, does anyone remembers the great “MP”? I bet noone does.

i bet it is because you never even give enough info to put in the technical support thread for CW.

currently, mike’s thread about clearing cache……etc and the link i gave above is more than enough to be part of the technical support thread.

mike never say my suggestions are stupid.

if you are not going to accept other people’s opinions, then don’t make any comments or call them “stupid or idiot”.

these sentences below are about you breaking the kongregate conduct guidelines.

Don’t be a jerk. Embrace this concept, young grasshopper, and the rest of life’s difficulties will fall into place. We know it’s a bit Golden Rule-y, but treating others the way you’d like to be treated is a pretty good recipe for a pleasant chat experience. We know you can’t keep everyone happy forever and ever, just don’t purposely set out to disrupt chat.

Don’t harass others. If you find yourself harassing another user based on race, sexuality, religion, or nationality, just stop for a moment. No matter what you believe or what has happened to you, it’s never okay to insult others. No, not even self-defense justifies it, or the fact that the object of your harassment “really is a total poo face, I swear.” If what you have to say is not civil, just don’t say it.

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Topic: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Can't Play Contract Wars

i already ask Nqss to put up a technical support thread with the link i put above.

that way, everyone can view the thread and don’t even need to make new threads about unable to play CW because of this problem, that problem.

in the link i provided, there is an info that is very important.

some add-ons for web browsers prevented you from playing online games, so it is best to uninstall such add-ons permanently and see whether you can play the game without it.

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Topic: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / NOT EARNING exp - WHY?

Originally posted by mtimothydoyle:


few reasons.

1) when you got the “high packet loss” message appear every few secs, whatever game room you playing when receiving such message, your exp, CR will not be registered at all when you return back to the weapons page.

second reason is already given above.

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Topic: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Can't Play Contract Wars

mike, i don’t think it is that simple about clearing cache……etc.

it looks to me like the owner of this thread kong account is being blocked to play contract wars.

not a bug at all. not the game’s fault

here is a link that might solve your problem potato_san and those who got problem playing CW.

read the section “why can’t i play this game”.

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Topic: General / looking for the thread about buggy maps

anyone who is trying to exploit maps that got bugs pls be careful as if you got caught, you will be ban.

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Topic: General / Contracts Wars (Person Hacking).

if the person’s ping i above 200 lets say 250 or higher and yours is below 100, then the lagger has a very high chance of not getting killed.

also, it also depends on how far/close you are to the person you shooting.

are you spraying your weapon in medium range instead of burst fire???? because when you just hold the shoot button down, your crosshair will become bigger.

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Topic: General / Ban appeal

Originally posted by PravoMocan:
Just ban him already! A lot of players complained earlier

your link doesn’t even prove he is cheating/hacker.

it is not even evidence at all.

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Topic: General / Refund please

i say no refund…….at all to rented skills.

1) there are skills that are permanent and requires GP as part of requirements to get it.

soft-point ammo skill requires CR, SP and GP

unique rifles, sniper rifles, smg and MG requires SP, CR and GP as well.

one thing is don’t rent skills for 15 days if you going to re-spec after using it for 5 days to 7 days only.

if you use the skill you rented for 15 days and you only used it for 5 days, then re-spec.

wouldn’t it be better if you just rent the skill for 5 days instead??
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Topic: Weapons / Discount GP guns "Not Available" for Permanent purchase?

Originally posted by gukr:

Anyone else notice that the GP gun discounts seem to be rent only? I searched for threads about GP guns not being available for perm, but didn’t find anything.

I’m wondering because the forum advice (which I’ve taken) is to buy GP guns on discount, and now that I just reached Tier 6 tonight, my excitement for the T6 guns is offset by how much GP they cost (including the CR guns, which are apparently ridiculously expensive to repair, so the logic is to GP-perm them too). I don’t mind being patient for the discount, but if I’m waiting just to see “not available” next to “forever” when i get the discount, that’ll feel pretty lame… especially when it seems as though more veteran players have been able to get their GP weapons on discount. (I get that the game has f2p/p2w elements, but this seems unfair.)

If there were a shooting range or something (so I wouldn’t have to spend more GP to rent guns to test them out) maybe I’d feel better about going after a gun that works best for me. Realistically, I’m hoping I’m flat wrong, or just misunderstanding the situation.

what you say is not 100% true.

lets say p90 devgru costs 1150 GP to own it permanently and one day it got 50% discount.

wouldn’t it cost 575 GP to own it permanently then?

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Topic: General / Error

make sure your antivirus software allows your unity web player to access the internet entirely.

also make sure you download the unity web player from the main website.

make sure your adobe flash player is the latest version as well. (this is just to make sure no other errors occur)

if after doing all this still cannot play CW, then change to another web browser.

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Topic: General / Full 100% clan contribution

the amount of points you earn at the end of match is the amount of exp you earn as well as the amount of CR being earned.

clan contribution causes you to earn less by a certain percentage you put to contribute to the clan you join.

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Topic: General / help me !!!

just change your web browser you using to another one.

if you use google chrome and got that error, then use mozilla firefox instead.

also error(s) can occur because your adobe flash player is not updated to the latest version. (make sure it is the latest version)