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Topic: Ballistic / Banned

Originally posted by jh25737:

Didn’t violate any of those. And grool i think you are just trolling or really just a jerk. I have no need to hack I was doing pretty well and enjoying this game. I actually don’t care too much at this point but I do think that the customer support should be a bit better for people that get banned falsely. Anyway enjoy your FRAPS skils friend. Fighting the plague of hackers should be endless fun for you. Too bad was a fun game. Hope they fix their anti-hack software.

if you think i’m trolling then you are wrong.

my post is legit because of the link i give.

you most likely go and download and install an illegal program to bypass this restricted website, that restricted website and forgot to off it when you go play ballistics.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Vulgar Names Of Players

Originally posted by Panzerfaust1965:

be a gamer do not authorize u to be an animal.

I found “niggakiller”, “adolfhitler”, “Schutzstaffel” and so on. It’s a game? so leave real shit outside?

when I found a “fucker” clan member in opposite team, I forget about my KD, my contract and my wtask and play ONLY to ruin his game.

u can play a game and be polite at the same moment. incredible, uh?!

i agree with you, those people in the game who has racist names, offensive names…..etc as their in-game name should be ban.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Rename recoil to spread

Originally posted by QuartInfinite:

Recoil is the same for everyone.

How you handle recoil is not.

The spread determines how well you’ve handled the recoil.

The same guns have the same recoil, but not necessarily the same spread.

Considering you can lower the spread, and not the recoil. (Unless you make a new gun.)

The name should be spread, and not recoil.

Deductive reasoning.

your explanation about recoil and spread is totally off.

recoil for guns only occurs if you spray your weapon and your hand start to shake up, down, left and right.

e.g machinegun, turrets, minigun, SMG, assault rifles, machine pistols, auto pistols……..etc

as for the word spread

the meaning of it is “cover the area by spreading out, shotguns, range………etc.”

if you want to replace the word recoil, the words that fit inside are " knockback and kickback"

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Topic: Technical Support / Account Blocked for Kreds Purchase

there are several reasons why your account is blocked from purchasing kreds.

1) you unknowingly gave your kongregate account username and password by visiting a scamming website

2) your computer contains keylogger, malware………etc

3) you share your account with your sibling (this is likely especially if you never delete your web browser history)

4) you play kongregate in school using the school computer and never delete web browser history and never delete active logins

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Topic: Technical Support / Banned for Kongregate Error...

i think i know where went wrong and why you got ban permanently.

here is the link about chargeback aka reversal.

in this link, there are several reasons about it and one of it is what you are getting right now.

under Reasons for Chargeback

As a merchant, you have to be fully aware of the most common reasons why merchants receive chargebacks. These are the circumstances that you also need to avoid at all costs. Note that most, if not all, chargebacks are initiated by cardholders. These are primarily due to inconsistencies in their credit card statements.

Item Not Received
This is one of the most commons reason for chargebacks today. This happens when the customer did not receive the item which they paid for by credit card. As in the previous situations, the merchant is charged accordingly.

most people usually send a ticket to ask for their kreds, not ask for a refund especially since there are a number of threads in this forum where the transaction is successful but never receive kreds.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / KSG - to get or not to get

i would rather go for saiga semi auto and saiga full auto to ksg shotgun.

ksg shotgun is so loud, if your first shot didn’t kill the enemy, you are dead for sure.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Is there a way to play with a controller?

controllers are not even implemented in contract wars as far as i know.

the only way they can lock on to you faster is because they put the mouse sensitivity in the game to very high.

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Topic: Ballistic / Banned

here is the ToS for

and you most likely broke these three under the “use of services”

c. You shall not have more than one account per platform, whether the Rumble Site or a Third Party Platform, at any given time, and shall not create an account using a false identity or information, or on behalf of someone other than yourself;

j. You shall not sublicense, rent, lease, sell, trade, gift, or otherwise transfer your Rumble Account or Third Party Platform’s account, or any Virtual Goods (as defined below) to anyone without Rumble’s written permission, or use somebody else’s account or Virtual Goods; and

l. If you access the Services from a Third Party Platform you shall comply with its terms of service/use as well as these Terms of Use.

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Topic: Ballistic / Health hack ?

Originally posted by Ratonhake:
Originally posted by kudamon:

if you are a sniper and you got a “legendary” sniper rifle, it can one shot kill tank even if it has armor.

tried it before once and i got 11 kills and 0 deaths………lol.

False, I was playing with AyyyLmao awhile ago. It took me 3 shots to even trigger his Last Stand. He told me he maxed out resistances. And I fought a tank with a complete Haunted set. That guy was as tanky as 10-year-old Beef Jerky.

do your know that sniper rifle got max penetration???? (if the max penetration is 100, sniper rifle penetration is 100)

so your post is totally out.

you go ask all those who uses sniper rifle, they can 1 hit kill tanks even if they got armor.

tanks can die in 1 shot if you HS them with a sniper rifle as armor don’t give any protection to head shots.

sniper rifle damage for head shot is over 2000.

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Topic: Ballistic / 200hp??

if someone were to shoot him in the head once, his HP will drop not armor.

armor will only drop if you aim at his body, feet…….etc not his head.

from the picture, it shows he got hit in the head by a weapon that deals 50 damage and that weapon is either a machine pistol or SMG that deals 10 damage per hit. (range does affects HS damage)

the further you are, the lesser damage you do when you hit the head. (in this case, sniper rifle doesn’t go into this category as it most likely has maximum penetration)

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Topic: Technical Support / contract wars

an add-on is blocking unity web player.

this is the only answer i can give because there were topics about this before in this forum.

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Topic: General Gaming / List of League of Legends banned players *UPDATED

league of legends doesn’t belong on kongregate at all but on garena.

please lock and remove this thread as it is unrelated to kongregate completely.

p.s the link also got password as well, preventing people from accessing it 100%.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Unban me

Originally posted by FullInfinity:
Originally posted by illREC0Nlli:
Originally posted by jey_malware:

I think asking for nothing but I got ban and I want to get unban please. Took me long to get to the level we have reached

Your name has “malware” in it. Mods should trust you that you aren’t a hacker?

I don’t see how that has to do with anything…

it does, because the word “malware” got a number of meanings.

virus, trojan horse, adware, spyware……etc.

in other words, he is most likely trying to use hacks in the game like getting 1 billion CR or completing all the contracts instantly……..etc.

p.s and in truth, his username got an offensive name which is none other than the word “malware”

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / HOW DID I GET BANNED?

and its been a week since he is online.

so he must have quit kongregate completely because of this.

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Topic: Technical Support / HELP urgent

Originally posted by hanibal83:

please help me i play contractw 2y now but i cant play any more i cant buy gold i cant do anything it writes GET LOST YOU ARE BANNED. please help me i never cheated if this can hapend to anybody in any time this games on kongregate no one should play. help please

you must have installed an illegal program to bypass this or that.

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Topic: Technical Support / Jual Obat Aborsi Terampuh Dan Terpercaya Hub : 081327423445

lock and remove this thread.

he broke the ToS rules completely.

advertising other websites without permission from kongregate.

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Topic: Technical Support / character merged

Originally posted by TheRealPip:

Given that there is no link at all between your Kongregate character and the other 3 platorms (Facebook, DB, and Armor), I find it hard to believe that when you logged into Kongregate it happened to select your alts from the other environments.

  • Are you all talking about the GoTA mobile app (and not your login to the Kongregate website)? If so, you just need to switch it back. The mobile app can be linked to any of your accounts.
  • Are your user names on the environments you say your character is getting mixed up on the same (ie do you have the same login on Kongregate as you do on DB, Facebook or Armor)?

I would raise this issue to the devs by either submitting a ticket, posting on the DB forum, or even posting on the Kongregate forum for GoTA


i would rather your post this on GOTA forum instead of here like what therealpip said.

if the dev of GOTA decided to merge the servers of kongregate and facebook into one, then your account might be merge into one by accident. (contact the Dev)

e.g first account which you play on facebook is merge together with your kongregate account. (the server for SAS 4 here on kongregate is the same server as the one on ninjakiwi)

p.s currently the game is undergoing maintenance.

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Topic: Technical Support / please help..banned Reason: please email

ok…..this is full message and your reply to what kongregate sent to you.

Kongregate left Bestprogie a shout on their profile:

Important! We have been trying to reach you to verify some details of your recent purchases. Please email within the next seven days so we can get that sorted out. If we aren’t able to verify your purchases, your account will be permanently banned so please do get back to us! Thank you.

bestpr0gie: This is the biggest bullS#$t in the world…..freaking scammers.

the date you wrote the reply is 19 Nov 2014(singapore date)

from your reply to their message above, it shows you never reply to them at all, not even once and you are rude some more saying kongregate are scammers when kongregate is not even scamming people even once. this also proves that all the emails you receive from them you also either delete or put them into the junk folder.

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Topic: Technical Support / Logging in on newly installed Win8.1

DNS full name is Domain Name Server.

i suspect your secunia-PSI most likely install the beta versions of some of your installed programs.

can post a screenshot of all your add-ons in your web browser. (something tells me secunia messes it up somehow though it shouldn’t be)


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Topic: Contract Wars: General / banned why?

Originally posted by Discuzting:
Originally posted by Fascio_Littorio:
Originally posted by mangu4kill:

i think sometimes cw troll with players and make hacks just to ban those lazy and skilless players lol… so they get the hack play a bit and say “man i am OP” 2 weeks later bam bam you are banned lol.. anyways dude you are only level 30. u can get there again in a few hrs of game in a new account. but if u do make a new account stop hacking and instead learn to play the game fair. remember playing video games in nintendo and genesis with game genie it’s ok since you are playing against a program , but once you play online it’s just not fair to cheat against other players…

I just tested an External Crosshair, then I did not need to cheat in a game because I do it just for fun. I’m not one of the usual bimbiminchia that need to feel superior to everyone else. I do this do to the various high-level players who do not play clean of course, but because they convenient you buy gp with real money.
I created a new account in 1 hour and are already in the middle, but what I am sorry the old and losing the gp I bought, the rest I do not give anything.
and sorry for my English bye

The external crosshair itself is a hack…

If you inject anything into the game process, you risk getting banned.

not just that, as long as you go and download and install illegal program(s) and uses it when playing games that contains anti hack program that can detect it instantly, you will get ban instantly.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / I got hacked and moved to another clan please reply ASAP!

Originally posted by ladolcevita:

sad putin needs hugs today coz evil west trying to bully russia again and make russia economy collapse.

no discussing politics here pls.


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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / I got hacked and moved to another clan please reply ASAP!

Originally posted by Nqss:
Originally posted by ladolcevita:

Contract Wars offers some important life lessons:

1. Teamkilling in Hardcore mode happens irl, so don’t join the army;
2. Don’t pass around your account information or people will steal your account.

you made me proud

not just contract wars.

garena, facebook, steam, warcraft 3…….etc applies as well.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / have the gods listened to me or is it my new ISP?

it could be you using a VPN to play contract wars.

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Topic: Technical Support / Contract Wars

Originally posted by CWRealAlpha:

hey guys i cant open conract wars it opens crash and says operation timed out please help me

from what i see, the loading take so long that it causes “connection reset”. in other words, your connection is likely to be slow or unstable.

there are some solutions

1) change to cable/wired connection

2) don’t open too many websites at same time

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Topic: Technical Support / Logging in on newly installed Win8.1

i think more info is needed.

1) can post your dxdiag here (computer specs)

2) connection speed (this is important as well)

3) is your computer running programs in the background that uses internet other than your web browser and your anti virus software?

4) did you open too many websites other than this at same time?

from what i see, it could be you got a slow or unstable internet connection and/or slow computer.

to solve unstable connection especially if you are using wireless connection, switch to cable/wired connection.