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Topic: Ballistic / Petition to remove the top railing in Overhead

Originally posted by masterbielski:
Originally posted by zaz0960:

Remove the railing, then what. Get backstabed by shadows in the middle of crates? I don’t think so. Railing gives us stratagy. I don’t what to watch it turn in to spray&pray kind of map.

agree,by removing the railing you are boosting the shadow

not only that, how is snipers going to snipe if the shadow just runs here and there………

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Topic: Ballistic / can someone do a lockbox guide

anyone willing to do lockbox guide………^_^

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Please give me another chance!

Originally posted by DeusTheDestroyer:

So my account got recently banned because I wanted to sell it. That was very stupid and I`m really sorry (I spammed random people srry guys :( I wanted GP guns ;0) I would give everything to get my account back I want to continue to play CW. Please devs unbanme I`ll never do something this stupid

read this CW rule(s)

5) Selling Of Accounts/Offering Payable Services
Any transaction involving the game using real money (ie. money which is recognized by most governments) is forbidden with knowledge and written permission of the developers. This includes, but is not limited to: selling of accounts, paying others to play on your account, paying others to set up and/or participate in farming or boosting, etc.
Violation of this rule will lead to a permanent loss of your account.


4) Harassment/Offensive Language
Players are forbidden to use the chat system provided in-game to threaten, harass, or insult other players that could be considered offensive, or vulgar language.
Violation of this rule will lead to a warning, or temporary ban placed on your account. Repeated offenses will lead to longer bans including permanent loss of your account. The ban length is determined at the discretion of the game moderators and administrators.

from your post, it looks like you got banned permanently due to breaking this two rules.

the 5th rule is way far much more serious than the 4th rule.

p.s no way they will unban you because if they do that, then anyone who break the 5th rule can ask to be unban as well.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Theres a ghost in bay5

Originally posted by userwithnoname:

Who you gonna call?


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Topic: Technical Support / impossibility to login

Originally posted by cedrichent:

i try to login since 3 hours and i receved this message:you have attempted to login too many times in a short period.please try again was 3 hours ago and that always dont work.please help me,what can i doe?

i believe that he did click the sign in icon, but the circle thing appear after that and he waited for a few mins, then he refresh the web browser and click the sign in icon again……repetitively.

in other words, he didn’t wait for his web browser to finish the process first, then he refresh the web browser after lets say 1 to 2 mins later.

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Topic: Ballistic / add/delete in game friends

can add friends in the game but can’t remove them.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Ban request

Originally posted by lnvincibIe:
Originally posted by total1000:

Plox ban Ewoud,
he iz a hakar

Anyone who gets over 2k exp a game is a hakar. Ban them all. And ppl over lvl 52 r hakars az well

nice try idiot.

i’m lvl 59 and i don’t get kills as high as hamex screenshot he gives above.

watch what you say first. you don’t even have proof that everyone above lvl 52 are hackers.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / I can not play cw...

Originally posted by Twisted_Killer:

i have a weird thing, i player with a worse rig than mine can play CW but i cant ._.

Edit: i removed all un necessary add ons, programs, and make my winds to 98 ( appearance) but i have problem. i can’t respawn in normal mode but i can respawn in HC (btw my fps increased, i will try game booster now.)

high FPS = low ping

low FPS = high ping

your last sentence totally contradicts what you wrote above it.

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Topic: Technical Support / SIGN IN PROBLEMS

Originally posted by TheRealPip:
Originally posted by PROFESSIONALIST:

2 times for more than 7 days my account didn`t loaded. Endless sircle shows it is loading for days….. Please someone fix this problem. I like to play games. But if kongregate doesn`t works properly why they simply spend some time fixing it??? Bug splat always appears. Please someone help me quick!

I am not sure I understood all of that post, but I think you are complaining about your login not always completing. If you could do the following:

  1. Log out if you are currently logged in (go to your profile bar at the top, hover over your name, click signout.
  2. Close your browser
  3. Open up in a new browser window
  4. try to log in
  5. if you are getting the spinning circle thing, then click on the achievements link.
  6. If the page has your name in the login bar, you are good. If it doesn’t, then something is interfering with your login.
  7. If you get to here and can’t log in, disable your extensions and add-ons and close your browser window. Reopen and try to log in.
  8. If that didn’t work, download and install a malware scanning tool (Malwarebytes or Spybot are good options). Remove everything they flag and reboot. Then try to log in.
  9. If you get to this spot and still can’t log in, load up any game in Kongregate and take a screen print of your browser window. Make sure it is scrolled up all the way (so you can see your profile bar/login bar) and large enough so that you can see the bottom of the game screen. Post the screen shot (this can help troubleshoot things if you can’t log in.


errr, your 2nd point should be expand further.

2) close all your web browser tabs and windows, remove all web browsing history first.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Throwing Knives

i say no to this suggestion.

and to jedann, knives in FPS games where got unrealistic…….huh. your post already shows how ignorant you are.

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Topic: Technical Support / What the heck happened with the email login

Originally posted by TheRealPip:
Originally posted by Superlaluigi:

Idk what happened but when i try to log in using my email it wont work, so i did the same process if you clicked forget password but instead of bringing me into my account it brought me to an account called “Alix” and i never noticed this till after i change my password but after abit of testing i was able to post this by logging in with my username any idea why this happen?

Your email is linked to more than one account.

Just log in via your account name and you will be fine.


yeah, make sure you don’t make your email address link to more than one kongregate account as it will make hackers who wants to hack kongregate accounts very easy.

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Topic: Technical Support / Why can't I see anyone in chat?

don’t tell me you don’t even know how to check what add-ons are there running in the web browser??

your latest reply shows that you did not even bother to check at all.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Pool Party lucian

most likely you edited the picture yourself.

and stop spamming this.

close or remove this thread.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Please help me whats wrong with this?!?!

this is a trolling thread.

please lock this thread.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [Petition] Disable Screen Shake

Originally posted by AngelZGamer:

I think it would be better to have an option to disable/enable the screen shake.
Maybe you should make a request instead of a petition ;)

+1 billion

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / what does black division mean

Originally posted by GreekRage:

How about the devs finaly FIX the Icon and add a little line of text saying 1mil CR..
Im getting sick of this being asked a million times a day…

its ok for people to ask.

there are people who are curious and will ask this question that question.

if people stop asking questions, then it means that………

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Free For All (20-70) Servers

Originally posted by SuspiciousSquid:

I have seen a few different maps get servers popping up with the ffa tag, and a 20-70 level cap (Bay5, Interchange Dm, OSm Dm, Parkside). These have been on Vk for a while and it seems they are just getting added to Kong/Fb. I’m hoping we can actually get a good number of these servers for every map, not just death matches, so people have the choice to play in them if they want.

if this servers were to be added, i can assure you people at lvl 70 will pwn those people from lvl 20 to lvl 49 easily.

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Topic: Technical Support / Unity Web Player

either your anti virus is blocking unity web player to access the internet and/or one of your add-ons in your web browser is somehow causing it.

have your tried changing to another web browser like mozilla firefox????

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Topic: Technical Support / stolen account

Originally posted by TheRealPip:

You can find your answer in the FAQ sticky

Pro Tip: change your password regularly and don’t make it the same as another website’s password.


giving away your email address and its password is even worse than giving away your kongregate account password.

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Topic: Technical Support / my game won't show up?

Originally posted by MDLatqp:

I’m having an identical problem w/ a game that was just working w/in the last hour or two…has anybody come up w/ a solution yet? For that matter, would somebody be kind enough to explain the problem? Is it something on my end, or something on Kongregate’s end? (Additionally, I checked a few other random games, and none of them are working for me)

if you look into his profile…….you will notices something that contradicts his post here.

3 hours ago he got “battlefield earthwall” badge.

p.s that516kid, go to games development forum for help. that forum is full of developers like you.

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Topic: Technical Support / Framing issue

Originally posted by TheRealPip:
Originally posted by hatemakingnames:

I posted here first since I didn’t think it was a bug:

But yeah I’m on Chrome at 100% and it happens in all games.

It isn’t a bug. As a Kong employee in that thread posted, it is a split test.

Originally posted by player_03:

It’s a split test. Here’s what it looks like:


can’t people read this first before hijacking the thread.

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Topic: Technical Support / Dont post deleted

read the “terms of service”

Account Information: You may not share or transfer your Account or your Account password or other access information with any other party, temporarily or permanently. You shall bear sole responsibility for all use of your Account and for the confidentiality of your password. You represent that all information submitted to create your Account is accurate and truthful.

he should be very lucky that they never terminate his account.

Account Termination/No Ownership of Account: You understand and agree that you have no ownership rights in your Account. Kongregate may cancel your Account and delete all User Content associated with your Account at any time, and without notice, if Kongregate deems that you have violated these Posting Rules, the Terms, the law, or for any other reason. Kongregate assumes no liability for any information removed from our Site, and reserves the right to permanently restrict access to the Site or a user Account.

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Topic: Technical Support / Online yet offline

Originally posted by horsejockey:

Sounds like a problem on your end. Try contacting your ISP and have them send a technician out to check your connection. If it still doesn’t work email , in some cases the chat and achievement section (or the gray box on the side of every game) can shut down because your connection is suffering from high packet loss and/or your base-speed is too slow (has to be unreasonably slow to be shut down IE: 5-10 KBPM) this is in place as some people use slow connections to encounter bugs or glitches that reveal exploits in the site that they can either use to their advantage (either using SQLi to capture user data or turn the site (and related servers) itself into a zombie to DDoS a target) or sell the exploit online. Either way K staff and/or your ISP should be able to help you get reconnected.
hope this helped

i’m going to add on to your post.

1) have you tried using wired/cable connection?


1) wireless connection like wi-fi is less stable and less reliable than wired/cable connection

read this as it answer the question “which is better wireless or wired”.

p.s check the wires that connect to your router, make sure that it doesn’t bend beyond 45 degrees especially the thin wires. (if it does, then you have to ask a technician to come and replace it)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / The worst guns in Contract Wars

Nqss, please close this thread.

got a similar thread to this already in CW forum.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / is verry powerful wepon

Originally posted by HeadlesHorsemann:

i thnk ths faker dosnt knew haw tu tolk

just like you………hohohohohohohoho……….^_^