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Topic: Kongregate / Utopia kingdoms Contest For U.S. Only. Why?

Not to mention there are no Gamestop stores in the US…
meaning that even if you had your price,it would be absolutely useless to you

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Topic: Call of Gods / Some newbie questions

speed matters indeed,but not in the way you think:
Archers benefit from speed,since they don’t move and aren’t supposed to get hit
Melee units on the other hand,thx to their idiotic AI,do no,infact,they suffer from it,since the one who moves last is most likely to get first strike

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Topic: Kongregate / MMO problems...

it’s nice to see this being a seriously discussed topic,so i would like to add some things:
the people who actually pay to play games like CoG and evony(which refuse to be linked together cause the dev doesn’t want word spreading he made BOTH),will be waiting for the NEXT game to come out where they can spend their cash to be on top of everything.they don’t need badges to find that out…the problem is that they also rate the game high,so Kong staff can badge the game…basicly,cause no one who hates these games even comes there,it get’s high rating and badges

Sidenote:i find it offensive that they sell the same stuff over and over again and kong staff"doesn’t even notice that"…in the future,i’m just gonna flag the next edition of that game i find…it’s no longer funny,and there’s a kongregate law against posting someone elses game…and technically,it’s the same game,just spray coated(something thieves WOULD do)and not the same dev…infact,you also can’t post the same game twice…which infact,this is

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Topic: Kongregate / MMO problems...

Dear kong staff and other readers, the reason i’m writing this is because i am getting seriously concerned(and sick) off all these MMO’s getting badges they don’t actually deserve

I don’t wanna sound mean,and i understand developers need to make a living…but i’ll be honest,badging those games that just try to slam money out of you by reminding you every second click is…to be honest,it’s not the way of Kongregate

remember in the old days,when good games that we’re hosted on Kongregate could carry badges with pride…but badging the MMO games(and ESPECIALLY games starting from Evony and currently ending with CoG,though a next copy WILL be made)that are just not made for the players,but for their money,is an INSULT to Kongregate and it’s players…it makes it look like kong staff doesn’t care anymore too

that’s why i’m asking you,the players this:leave a response below if you disagree,and if you agree,leave that below too so Kongregate can see how the cards are dealt

for a better and nicer Kongregate, Dojel out

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Topic: Sonny 2 / i have an original idea that will blow everyones mind for sonny 3 what if sonny 3 was real time NOT turn based or had a real time mode?

wait,REALLY?thats the greatest news in years ive heard,i never heard anything from sinjid since SOTW

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Secrets and Tips

Originally posted by ShadowMog:

For the best party, pick 3 of the following: Sslen’ck, Legion, Elwyen, or Gloria.
I would say that at least 1 of the 3 should be one of the healers.

Personally my team is usually Elwyen, Gloria, and Sslen’ck (later on, Legion), but I’m trying to rotate the others so they don’t fall too far behind.

Essentially, everyone is good enough to use in your primary group except Donovan and Meraeador. They aren’t terrible, and both are good in undead/spirit areas, however the others are just more useful.


1) Elwyen Has the ability to nuke an entire enemy group for a constant amount of damage regardless of resistances, as well as a great, free group heal. She eats through enemy trash and is surprisingly useful in boss fights with Song of Balance/Life.

1 [tied]) Gloria Has the ability to protect against everything, although she has limited nuking power. It’s good enough against trash and usually she heals or protects in boss fights so he has no slack.

2) Solaar Has the best group heal in the game. Although he has low hp, Astral Form keeps him alive very well. Limited attacking power but the ability to poison makes him a very viable character. Plus, he’s a talking dog. Solaar is VERY squishy early on. Once you can afford a +6 Vit Stole or acquire Astral Form (self-cast spell), he should be fine.

3) Sharla Has a decent heal/protect abilities (Null Air, Aero Block, and Gust Shield). Only having access to Air elemental spells weakens her in several areas or monsters.

4) Meraeador At best, can either Protect, Damage, or Heal. Pick two and only two. The most limited character per fight in a game, and the most vulnerable to status effects. Berserk, Curse, Silence, and Numb shut him down 100%. With potion spray, he does have the ability to hit the entire team with a Mirilixir or Speedy Drink, so he’s good for the occasional tough fight.

5) Donovan Has no heal and one protection ability. If the enemy is immune or resistant to fire, all he can try to do is poison him with physical attacks or boost another physical attacker’s strength. Doesn’t help that a lot of the bosses in the game are strong against Fire. Good against Undead…but who isn’t?

Pure Damage

1) Legion is a more versatile and slightly more resiliant version of Sslen’ck. The only character capable of dishing out Fig elemental damage, and good status immunities.

2) Sslen’ck is just pure damage. He dishes hurt, and a lot of it. In case they are immune to physical damage, he does have a good Fire elemental nuke.

3) Vehrn is, practically, a more physical version of Solaar. He has a worse heal, worse nukes, but a better physical attack and survivability (until Solaar gets Astral Form), but he also has a very annoying personality…

4) Zach is also pure damage. Similar to Sslen’ck, except he has less survivability and can outdamage him in long fights with Crescendo slash. Unfortunately, the only long fights are boss fights, and the damage of a KOd character is zero.

i would say i disagree at some points,and want to make some notes
First of all,Gloria can only protect against physical attacks(barkskin)and Nature Ellements(Null Water/Fire/Air/Earth),she does have the ability to heal almost all status effects(i never found out what she doesn’t heal)
and has a group heal with earth element,which is great if Mardek needs to use a Morality block and so can’t heal the party himself,however,she’s not that good against the spiritual or moral elements(though you have mardek for the last group)
Second,about Meraeador,i put him ABOVE Sharla and Donovan in boss battles,because off the Potion Spreader(which is fucking usefull in some cases,like having Speedy Juice,Mirilixir and Rainbow potion be four times as powerfull,i don’t know how to compare him to Solaar,since i never seriously played with him
Third,you forget Donovan has 2 protection abilities,he also has Pyro Shell,you should have known that,giving you gave Sharla Aero Shell,also,he does hit more than Sharla,and has higher health,which can be usefull when fighting creatures who have great magic resistance
Fourth,I don’t know why,but you put Legion in the Pure Damage category,while he actually is in between,when you go to the right random battles,you can learn him how to poison,bleed,curse,numb,blind,stun and confuse enemies(i didn’t take him to some boss battles so i could miss some)when fighting the right boss,that can add up sometimes
Fifth,Zach might be weak,but with some power leveling and some vitality upgrades,he can become a pain in the ass on the end,especially when u give him a Blood opal
Sixth,Vehrn has one good nuke when you finish the arena,its called Emerald shock,i saw it do max damage to the water guardian(i know this is with elemental advantage,but i can’t remember any creatures about as tough with elemental weakness i didn’t kill before,cause golems are bad examples,seing they have both physical resistance,earth resistance and 40 Defence)
i think thats about it,and ill go with my advice i will put up with every post
Remember that Life Draining abilities,reactions and weapon stats are two way gates,so don’t use them on enemies which absorb the element

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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] Whats Harder: Assassins or Ninjas?

Ninja’s and assassins are both annoying,but i want to give some advice
first,get the unlockable special ability for every tower,since before the ninja activates it,it might succeed and freeze,burn,poison,frighten,also,assassins dodge only the damage of the projectile,not the special ability,so for instance,if a temple doesn’t hit him directly,it still can burn him
second,ninja’s strong point is the temple(except burning temple)since it deals continuous damage and ninja’s go invisible as soon as their damaged a little,and his weak point is crypt,because of the freezing or frightening ability,which halts the ninja(ninja’s only smoke bomb after freeze though)but also because of the damage potential(a lvl 7 crypt can instant kill a non-champion ninja),further i advice upgrading the damage and degrading the price of meteor(incase of chapion ninja,which cross the map in the 5 seconds they are invisible,further could banshee crypts help sometimes,since they strip them off their invisibilty skill,also note,they can use it only ONCE
assasins are weak to everything that rapid fires,that means basic temple,evil eye and beholder temple,and the orcish den,WARNING:DO NOT USE METEOR ON ASSASINS,theres a chance it will miss,use frenzy instead,it will double to quadruple the hits,further i say,banshee towers always work

i hope this will help you,with greets from Dojel

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Topic: Elements / Fate Egg?

why are you even complaining about this,fate eggs are to random to be trusted,and to easy killed to,just take a thunderstorm and every unbugged fate egg is gone,not to mention about the delaying chances you can get,i suggest using air or water decks

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Topic: Dream World / Defense mechanics?

i dont know exactly about these theory’s,but what i think is,and i quote,Defense is rough percent of damage you will absorb from opponent’s attacks.however,i also think the developers were smart enough to set a cap,since i got 102 defence and still get damage,Rickmaster7’s theory does not make sence,since at my lvl a normal attack should do like 1000 damage on unarmored person,while at me it doesnt do more than 50;so then i would have 250 or 350 defence?