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Topic: Galaxy Online / Vapor Engine Not Received

yeah, got mine today as well.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Vapor Engine Not Received

same here

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Is Galaxy Online a bugged game?

Originally posted by chutaiko:

GO2 has 3 main parts to it; The front end server and UI which is the game we all play, The Event servers which do the events the WWs play and the Back-end server which is responsible for delivering the prizes/MP/etc…

Since Kong based GO2 isnt a big moneymaker anymore the Admin $$ have obviously gone to another game. Considering the state of delivery of prizes from the back-end lately, I’m betting they gave admin of the Back-End servers to the secretary or janitor.

considering the fact that upgrade blitz hasn’t been updated in 2 weeks, the event server seems to be deserted by maintenance.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / advice needed

don’t hard reset, at worst you should respec, but as long as you don’t pour HS into them it’s not going to have a huge impact on you.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / cant play ATM

Originally posted by DrakeVonDragon:

You can try deleting the cache. Export your game, though, deleting cache might delete your save.

how is he supposed to export the game if he can’t get past the loading screen?

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / About the level cap...

Originally posted by JordanW103:

try typing 2^1023 in google. To bring up the calculator. Than on the calculator take that number and multiply it by 2. The answer is infinity. (or try 1exp308 * 2 )

Although it’s certainly possible for some computing system to get past that number (wolframalpha does) it’s not within normal techinical limits.

But since bubos does manage to postpone the cap, it looks like they do have a way to apply a division without the number exceeding the limit first. So perhaps an endgame ancient that divides both your damage and the monsters’ HP by a certain amount would be able to extend the game.

windows calculator can reach 9.e+9999 before overflowing.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Hard reset: Diary of how quickly you regain souls after restart

Originally posted by shadowdeath123:
Originally posted by MaouPaou:

First of all, i love reading your diary and it helped me out a lot deciding what to get etc.

I just dont get one thing. Why dont u get Khyrsos instead of some of the last ancients u picked? This guy saves so much time every time u ascend because u can just keep the idle status and dont have to click a single time. Start with buying Natalia and race to 100 while spending your souls. Give him a try ;)

While he may seem to be helpful, it only takes about 5 minutes to actually get Natalia, and with that many souls you won’t need idle dps bonus for the first 200 levels or so. Khrysos helps less than you think :/

he helps a lot when you have a level 51 iris though.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

Originally posted by PalaverPasquali:

A x1000 level button for heroes so I can quickly level everyone I don’t use for damage (i.e. everyone but the Samurai) before ascending.
Also it seems that Fortuna, the x10 gold chance ancient, doesn’t affect Golden Clicks, which renders it nigh useless during late-level click combo runs. Making Golden Clicks affected would probably be nice.

it does affect golden clicks, while using golden clicks i spot a few platinum coins fly around every now and then.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / How does TDR work?

no, it puts an active multiplier on your DPS until you ascend, this has been tested by comparing damage increase before and after using Dark Ritual, heroes gain more damage per level every time you use it.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Ambrose's Tutorial with pictures, links, and more!

Originally posted by Jynx980:

Should the first ancient(s) be summoned right away or after an ascension?

siyalatas and libertas both give a greater boost at level-1 than the single hero soul it takes to summon them, so if you get them in your first roll you’ll gain by doing so but this will put you on the idle path so it might not be advisable for someone that’s very active with clicking.

juggernaut would be the active counterpart and at level-1 would require a 1000 click combo to equal the single hero soul, if you’re active enough then this is possible. Fragsworth and Bhaal are also active ancients, but neither gives more than what you’d get for the single hero soul at level-1.

all other ancients give less than what you get simply by keeping you soul and rerolling would be the worst thing to do. (morgulis would give you a 1% increase, but he’s not worth the ancient slot until much later)

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Three new ancient ideas.

Originally posted by Deadmano:
Impatientia, well, if someone really can’t wait those 30 seconds to get back to idle then I guess it would be useful for them, but to me that would be a waste of souls, especially since it gives no actual bonus in the longterm (if you’re always idling or leave the game off and return to spend gold).

impatientia would work well with berserker, giving you a minute of double DPS for 60 seconds in return for a 30 second downtime, right now we’re only getting 30 seconds of double DPS for 60 seconds of downtime so that’s 60 seconds worth of kills in 90 seconds, with only a 30 second downtime that’d jump to 120 seconds worth of kills in 90 seconds.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / About the level cap...

Originally posted by RMEfan:

I thought the game went on infinitely. Can I have a picture of how that’s the cap?

the numbers break at that level and the boss will simply have InfiniK HP and have either a health bar that doesn’t go down or is always empty. i’ve yet to hear about anyone reaching this point without some kind of a save hack.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Tips for quicker leveling please

Originally posted by Malmis:
Originally posted by TimothyS80:

Thanks for the tips everyone. I respecced and got a Siyalatas and leveled it to lv 5 (125%). It does make grinding a bit easier. Looking for a Libertas now. Is there a way to “reset” my Ancient rerolls. I saved, used 15 rerolls and got nothing worthwhile so I reloaded. But everytime I reroll i get the same Ancients. Any idea how to change that except buying a whole new ancient.

You’re just unlucky I think, since they supposedly fixed that particular problem.

he’s talking about changing the roll order, which is impossible and has been for almost as long as ancients have been in the game.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Libertas and Mammon

actually, because of the nerf it’s better to have mammon about 20 or so levels above libertas.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is it always best to farm at 4 and 9? Math behind this?

chests give less than 10% extra gold on average until you have dora and mimzee, so a boss level that takes you 1.1x as long to kill gives more gold than a regular level. otherwise it’s always best farm your highest non-boss level.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Tips for quicker leveling please

Originally posted by FireNinja2013:

It’s bad advice for later too. Many heroes have upgrades that increase the dps of every hero.

nah, he mentions that you should get those upgrades, so it’s fine when you’re insta-killing everything and get all your main heroes to level 1000+ within minutes of ascending.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Manual pickup coin value ancient

Originally posted by dagcenter:
Originally posted by PalaverPasquali:
Originally posted by Nokks:
Originally posted by PalaverPasquali:

Frankly, that’s the evilest idea ever because it would only serve to overpower active play (again), and this is a semi-idle game where active play is already a huge benefit.

You could just put your cursor where gold drops the most and it’d get the bonus while you were afk. But honestly I just don’t see a need for this.

Where gold drops the most? You mean like 1 coin out of 10. It is clear that a static cursor only catches a small portion of coins. I know it from combo skill runs if I don’t move the mouse while clicking.

Anyway, this particular idea would destroy the idle portion of the game as then idling would always be worse than active playing, at any stage; whereas now idling with occasional levelling every two minutes is good until you reach the point where your killing pace quickly drops. I’d rather not be forced to play actively every second in order to get anywhere real. (Per topicstarter’s suggestion one could get tens of times more gold by playing actively and that’s an enormous benefit.)

Ok guys let me “patch” the idea a bit!

First of all maybe the 20% at lvl 1 was a bit much. Let’s make it lower. Either start out super low, like 1% but with a forgiving cost increase for leveling the ancient, or start at ~10% but with a heavier cost increase for leveling.

As for the sneaky fellow who would put the cursor where most coins drop, that is clearly a flaw in the idea. I see two solutions: Either you have to move the cursor for it to pick coins, or you even have to click the individual coins to get the effect (if the latter, the benefit maybe should be increased a bit per picked coin).

The coin cap that makes coins dissappear that Redeemedwahrior was concerned about, well those will counnt as normal, non picked coins.

Lastly, the idle/active balance issue. Nerfing is never popular, so i guess some kind of boost for idling could be in order. Either by buffing existing idle-type ancients or by making a brand new one of some kind!

Either way, I thank you all for taking the time to comment on my idea!

you only get 1/4-1/5 of the coins if you just leave the mouse at the gold drop zone.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / EDR combo

Originally posted by SpongeBobientje:

dr —> e —> r —> dr —> e —> r

gives 1.05*1.05 = 1.1025 instead of 1.10 each half hour

you need to reload dark ritual twice, so your combo doesn’t work.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Tips for quicker leveling please

Originally posted by Sankok:

Don’t bother getting the heroes to 25, since one level of the next hero is much better. You can go back and get them, later. Honestly, I usually don’t even bother getting the current hero to 10, unless they have a skill that gives DPS to every hero, or if the next hero costs more than it costs to get the current hero to level 10 and buy their first skill.

that is horrible advice, this might work late game when you’re able to insta-kill everything, but early on OP’s tactic is much, much, better. in fact once you get a hero to level-10 you should get the hero before it to level-25 and the hero before that to level 50, etc. until you’re at or past amenhotep, at which point you should get your current hero to level-50 before moving on to the next one.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Primal boss occurrence chance (decent sample size)

Originally posted by Yras:

Lebossle you are wrong
this is data from my 2 runs
100,110,115,140,145,175 and later
and start of 29th
it’s really different sequences

do 10 runs and compare them, seeing as Lebossle said it’ll be the same every fifth run not every run.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / The Worst Ancient? Thusia.

Originally posted by PalaverPasquali:

Bosses have approximately 12 times (6 if you’ve got Bubos maxed) more HP then the monsters in the previous level.
However, how much you get out of Thusia depends on your click damage as well, obviously (specifically how many clicks you take to finish the chest) and golden clicks money, too, so that’s some nice math ahead to find the optimal balance for Pluto-Bhaal/Fragsworth-Thusia.

if killing a mob on level X4/X9 takes 2 seconds, the boss will take 30, so the boss has 15x the HP of the monster below it, 7.5x if you have bubos.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Got them!

Originally posted by JujuDredd:

15 levels to Vaagur, nothing else.
When I am online, I use an alarm to use each hour an energized-dark ritual and reload it…

Honestly, once you have Vaagur maxed, the hero’s soul and Ancients system is unworthy the dark rituals it makes you lose to ascend.

early on you’re getting far more from ancients than dark ritual, but since it’s not an exponential growth it’s best to get a decent boost from ancients before going on a DR stack run.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / The Worst Ancient? Thusia.

Originally posted by poprock2209:
Originally posted by olinn:

right now Thusia only increases chest HP, it’s meant to be used with golden clicks so that you can get more clicks and thus more gold from the chest. there are several problems with this which results in Thusia being a net loss rather than a gain and is why they’re working on making Thusia more useful.

yes, Thusia is so bad that the developers are working on improving her.

Who said Thusia is a girl? :P

no one, i just like giving ancients genders based on their names and Thusia sounds girly to me ^_^

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Best Gild?

Originally posted by Gavman:

Masked Samurai has been outstanding for me. I’d put him first.
Treebeast, Ivan, Brittany and The Wandering Fisherman are great too.

the wandering fisherman is weak.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / At what point will Siya and Lib make skills useless?

i found that i got less damage with skills when siya was at 6500%, but then i got frags and bhaal to make skills useful again ^_^