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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / Share your thoughts with devs

add a half-way decent way to get anything as a F2P.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Buff Cid

Originally posted by Paratroopa123:
she does really need a buff… She just lets me one-click more monsters after ascending.

no she doesn’t, if she would receive a buff, then every single +click damage boost would need re-balancing. just because she’s the first hero to become useless, doesn’t mean that she needs a buff, every single hero except the last one becomes useless eventually, some sooner than others.

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Topic: The Gate / Ultimate Guide (WIP)

Originally posted by ThatsANiceGuy:

2. You unlock Hell Forge around the 1st or 2nd boss of Articum.

Originally posted by Achilleus993:
2. No, you don’t, you unlock it after the last boss on Articum

are you sure that you’re not mixing hell forge with isla mare? because i haven’t beaten the last boss of articum, but i still have hell forge.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / So. What is your thoughts on the use of Auto Clickers?

this is a single-player game without a leader-board, so i don’t consider anything to be cheating. i personally don’t use either auto-clicker nor save-hacks simply because i don’t see how that would be fun, but i don’t have a problem with people that do.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is Lvl4725 still the end?

level 4725 is the highest without bubos, bubos will take you to level 4730.

given that it’s hard to reach even level 3000, this wall is probably a few updates away.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is There An End?

Originally posted by Gabidou99 (undefined):

Someone manage to get to level 50000 by using hacks, and it still doesn’t stop.

Thought, at level 4700-ish, Health of Enemies will be at “InfiniK”, and can’t be dropped down, so this could be the end.

4725/4730 depending on whether or not you have bubos. though it is theoretically possible to get iris to high enough level to reach further, if you farm enough souls before dumping them all into iris.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Gift of gilded for reaching higher zone

what is your highest level reached and how many gilds have you gained?

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Buff Cid

Cid is only useful in the very early game, but click ancients and click damage upgrades bring up your click damage so that it is balanced with idle damage, so no, cid doesn’t need a buff because the other heroes and click ancients bring up your click damage.

the early DPS heroes are useful for quite a while thanks to that whole x4/x10 bonus every 25/1000 levels, but once you get far enough, the also become useless as well.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Food

food gives gold based on the highest level in your current run, what level you are on when you eat the food doesn’t matter.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is There An End?

Originally posted by taurtue (undefined):

Well back in those days HS were worth more. I think it was 10% DPS + 10% gold + 1% cool down reduction on skills (with a max at 50). I did beat 160 with only HS, wasn’t that hard.

eh, it was a few months ago, so i don’t remember exactly what was available back then, i’m not sure if grant and frostleaf were in the game yet and the x4/x10 boosts at every 25/1000 levels didn’t exist yet. also, it was +2% gold per HS, which ended up getting capped at +50%.
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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is There An End?

Originally posted by JiffyJuff:
Originally posted by olinn:

there is no final zone, by hacking save files people have gone beyond zone 700. but yeah, the goal to beat is definitely zone 160.

Foolish mortal.

back before ancients? yeah, beating zone 160 was the highest achievement, just like beating zone 2000 was the highest achievement before the new patch added those 9 heroes. try beating zone 160 without buying ancients.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is There An End?

Originally posted by Brownieman323:

I saw a hacked save that ended at lvl 4699, don’t know if that is the end but it seemed like it

wrong, a hacked save can go up to level 50.000+ by using iris, but the numbers break at level 4725, 4730 with bubos.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Chests

they don’t, but the money/second formula factors in the gold you’d gain from them.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / LordStewx leveling guide

Originally posted by AllenI4three:

The sandwich conservation over ascension didn’t work for me on the first try. Not sure what happened, I ascended after Yeti 1400, sandwich was still there on level one but didn’t yield me any money.


do you have iris? sandwich gold is dependent on how far you’ve reached in your current run.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Easter eggs??????

Originally posted by MisiekMislaw:

If your dps is not that high but enough to kill bosses at 90 lvl just go there and try to find it. Have fun.

kappa can appear at any boss level.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Tutorial: How to use Iris (Late gamer, come here, I have good stuff é_é)

Originally posted by nalflord:

And BTW, you can click back the bosses to get the souls if you’re going to complain for that.

you can? that didn’t work when iris originally came out, when did they change it?

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is getting primal bosses and gilded heroes determined?

Originally posted by modonlotdo:

I wonder at which point does the game do this calculation to determine which boss would be primal and which hero does the next gild go to, and what triggers them to change, ie upgrading Atman or just at ascension time?

i believe the game calculates the primals every ascension. giliding was calculated when the save was originally made (first time you played the game) and never changes. upgrading atman has an immediate effect on your current run, however atman has no effect on bosses you have already beaten in your current run (i don’t know if he can effect the boss you’re currently on or not, but considering the fact that you should be leveling him at the start of a run, that’s a bit of a moot point).

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Bad luck runs?

Originally posted by Deadmano:

If I remember correctly, there are only 3 good and 2 bad runs in a total of 5 circulations, all you need to do is figure out the pattern, and you can just ascend soon as you’re on a bad run to get on the good one. :) For example my good runs will start with primals at the same early levels as soon as 105, if I don’t get any on those, it will be a bad run. Note this isn’t the same for everyone, so don’t try to follow this same advice. :) Figure out your pattern and you’re good to go.

wrong on several points, there is no “3 good runs and 2 bad runs”, there’s roughly the same amount of primals per run, but since no one does complete runs (it’s currently impossible without cheating) no one gets every single primal in a single run. the reason why some runs are better than others is because which bosses become primals makes a large difference:
a run with a lot of primals near the end of your run is a very good run as that will give you a lot of souls, while a run with a large cluster early and only a few primals every few bosses near the end of your run results in a low amount of souls, same if most of the primals end up behind the ascension wall.

also, the pattern doesn’t exist anymore as of patch 0.16

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / How are Atlas and newer heroes activated?

Originally posted by koval92:

I think you unlock him somewhere near level 500, as im at career-high 459 and im close at thousands of #, but not $ yet

different players will unlock the new heroes at different points, someone that only progresses with idle will get Atlas at a much lower level than someone that focuses on clicks due to the extra gold gain from libertas.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Can we energize reload?

Originally posted by aztecboy:

what if you used reload before and didn’t use anything else. Then you energised reload. Then you reloaded energise. Then you energised reload. Then you reloaded energise. Then you energised reload. It would make you unstoppable. You could conquer the game. Wow. I’m mad. Hey does this work in the game.

energize never gets reloaded. also, if reload was the last skill used, then reload will try, and fail, to reload itself.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / lvl 2000?

Originally posted by nargis1984uz1:

how the hell did you get to 5675 its keep saying dead to me and other and that guy didn’t die

the only way to get past zone 4730 is to have a level 4730+ iris, which lets you skip zones.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Please fix the "reload" skill

Originally posted by Sweetkid02:
Originally posted by mifdsam:

Reload isn’t broken, it reduces the cooldown of the LAST skill you used by one hour

So if you reload, then use a dps skill like clickstorm, as Hamrage mentioned, and reload again, the reload will affect clickstorm, REGARDLESS IF IT’S ACTUALLY COOLING DOWN OR NOT

Conversely, if you reload, then wait for it to cool down, and reload again, the last skill you used is reload, so you just wasted your reload

The ONLY way to effectively use reload with dark ritual is as follows:

1: use your dps skills, ’cause why waste them
2: Energize > Dark Ritual > Reload
3: wait for energize and reload to cool down
4: Energize > Reload > Dark ritual
5: wait for energize and reload to cool down

Repeat steps one through five

Note, the reason it works like this is that energize doubles the effect of reload, in that it will reduce the cooldown of the last two skills you used by an hour, rather than reducing the cooldown of the last skill you used by two hours

I agree with you, even though I had never seen this. I think that if the current amount of cooldown time left is 1 hour or less, Reload will then stop the cooldown, making the skill usable again.

reload shaves up to 60 minutes off of the cooldown, so if there’s less than 60 minutes left on the cooldown, there won’t be any cooldown left after the reload reduction.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / What should i do now (ancient + progress question)?

Originally posted by marceloxlr:

Wow… high level Mimzee + libertas + mammon + fortuna = a ton of gold. Damn, i can get 6000 – 7000 HS in 30 minutes now, that’s crazy!

don’t forget Dora, she gives more gold on average than fortuna at max level, x2 vs. x1,9 ^_^

Originally posted by marceloxlr:

Any tips for me? Currently at 10k HS, gonna grab 7000 now.

khrysos + iris will speed up your runs, max khrysos will let you grab natalia, which should be enough to farm somewhere around zone 60, immediately after ascending and iris lets you start at a higher level meaning that without any kind of micromanaging, you’ll be able to skip zone 1-59. if you’re willing to go through the hassle of manually changing zones at the start of each ascension then a level 299 iris can shave off a few minutes per ascension.

aside from those you’ve already grabbed all of the non-active ancients, so maybe grab pluto+kleptos/energon/chawedo to gain insane amount of gold with golden clicks on chests or grab skill/click ancients for more powerful skill combos.

otherwise, just keep leveling what you have while building up your stored souls, and if you don’t intend to get any other ancients, then morgulis would become a viable option, though he is only a 10% increase which makes him worth 1/10th your current HS. the main downside with him is that if you put all your HS into him (which results in the highest increase) you won’t have any left for gilding.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is The Masked Samurai A boy or girl?

Originally posted by Dunwall:
Originally posted by Darth_Knoll:

Seriously? that’s your question?
All the characters (with the exception of Cid) share two poses. all the male characters stand with their feet apart, all the female characters stand with their feet close together.

Except cid
Originally posted by Dunwall:
Originally posted by Darth_Knoll:

Seriously? that’s your question?
All the characters (with the exception of Cid) share two poses. all the male characters stand with their feet apart, all the female characters stand with their feet close together.

Except cid

Wait poop

pthallo is an exception, stands with the feet close together but is referred to as “He” in his description.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / 35 clic in 1 sec

Originally posted by javg0521:

Try this: use energize, then wait for an hour (DON’T use reload), when the skill is ready, use energize again, thus doubling the effect of energize. If you use clickstorm ability, the 10 clicks/sec will become 40 clicks/sec.

energize doesn’t stack, you’d just be replacing one energize with another energize leaving you with a single energize.

this argument has been done to death, the only ways to get 35 clicks is by;

a) lagging the game so it counts several seconds worth of clicks as a single second.
b) energizing clickstorm and getting 15 manual clicks (there are several tips in this thread on how to get 15+ clicks in a single second)
c) use an autoclicker.
d) hope the game awards you the badge without actually earning it.