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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug Thread

I am unable to access the dragon token building in the villiage.
Clicking on it just results in a sparkle of gold glitter and no menu appears.
Previously people have mentioned this happens when there are more tokens than storage. However, there is no indicator that the building is/has been set to make something and I have no idea what the problem actually is as I have no means of seeing what I already have, nor what I am trying to make.

This is poor/lazy design.
There needs to be a stock display in the storage building.
And the production building needs to give you positive feedback if it can’t complete due to lack of storage space.

Neither will happen as Rumble(stiltskin) doesn’t care.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug Thread

Killing the boss of a dungeon before they spawn mission objectives (eg: The Abyss) results in the dungeon being unwinnable.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug Thread

The dragon claw lockbox is (once again) showing as being an already earned prize or a gift by having a red indicator on it while it has an actual gem cost.
This is obnoxious. And also a possible trap for people spending “money” on an item they belive is free.

Either remove the cost or the indicator.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Suggestions to Developers!

Remove the limit for event token storage.
There are no limits for arena or tournament tokens, you can go over the “maximums” by opening boxes etc.

Also, remove the red “reward” indicator from the dragon claw lockbox. It isn’t a reward, it has a cost.
Which you were probably hoping people were going to click on without checking and spend gems, which is shady behaviour.

Also also, just put rewards into the players inventory (if they have space) instead of having the boxes jump out and land in exactly the same spot next to the town board that all the players spawn in.
It is super obnoxious trying to pick up boxes and you end up opening some random dudes profile instead.

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Topic: KingsRoad / KingsRoad Release Notes v4.4.0 -- "Dragon Token Buildings" Edition

Why do the different token guys cost different amounts to upgrade for the same levels?

For Lv.1 → Lv.2
One costs just wood and 5 mins.
Another costs wood, stone and 1 hour.
Another costs wood, stone, dragonstone and 6 hours!

Same for storage.

When creating dragon tokens it does not follow the same logic as every other building in the village.
For any other resource when you collect from the building, as much as will fit is transferred to your storage with the rest left in the building until you collect again.
For tokens, if the amount is larger than your storage then you can do exactly nothing with them until you expand the storage area.

Make up your damn minds how this is supposed to work.

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Topic: General Gaming / The last game I rage quit was ________?

Battlestar Galactica MMO thing.

I had no idea I hated open PvP so much.

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Topic: Kongregate / Tips on how to get fans

I have over 250 fans, and I have no idea why.
I barely use chat, and I’m a grumpy abrasive douchebag most of the time.

It is a mystery.

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Topic: KingsRoad / KingsRoad Release Notes v4.3.0 -- "New Dragons" Edition

Instead of adding more things onto this, it might be a better idea to get what you have working first.

Not all dragons are accessible as 2/3 of them require participation in event which are effectively “out of bounds” for anyone who isn’t max level with a ton of shiny gear. (Due to the hard cutoff powerlevel for the main event, and the arena matchmaker being derpy as hell.)

Dragon raids suffer from the same derpiness as the arena – you are almost always matched against someone you have zero chance of actually beating. So more content you are locked out from.

I get that you are trying to get people to give you money, that’s how businesses work. But nothing here makes me want to give you money.
All I see is locks everywhere and frustration, and this gives me the impression that it wouldn’t be any different money or no. Probably worse since with these rather high prices you seem to be trying to get people to bite into that “sunk cost” fallacy and cough up even more just because.

Playing this game is fun. I want to support this game because it is fun.
But I can’t. Because you have prioritised profit over accessible playablity.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Suggestions to Developers!

The “sale” banners directly above the skills bar take up far too much room. Not only do they look rather unsightly, they also impede interaction with displayed elements.

If you simply must have these on display, please move them to one of the bottom corners where they will not interfere quite so much.
Thank you.


Also, some means of searching through/looking at all guilds rather than a tiny randomly selected portion of them would be welcome.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug Thread

Completed a dungeon but did not recieve any reward.
Kind of annoying since you have to pay to enter dungeons.


Also, I keep getting notifications of dragon upgrades complete that I have either never started or are long since history.
This is probably not a bug but it is as irritating as one. If you don’t have meaningful content to display, displaying nothing is the correct choice.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate needs a ''Kreds Farm''

Some more ways of earning kreds would be nice.
But a literal farm that just pays out constantly is all kinds of self defeating silly.

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Topic: KingsRoad / KingsRoad Release Notes v4.0.0 -- "Battle Dragons" Edition

The problem with relying on dailies to progress your dragons is that you can only advance one dragon (ice) unless you’re at endgame levels.
The other two require participation in the events and arena.

Arena is pointless if you’re less than max level, as you get one hit killed by mooks which you can’t hurt as all the enemies are spawned to match the level of the highest player. And the vast majority of arena players are maxed (or at least much higher level than me).
So you don’t actually get anything from it.

Events are just a flat out “no”, as they require a certain combined level for your gear which I fall far short of even for the lowest tier.

Even working on the one dragon you have left is entirely dependant on the tournament, which as of this post will end in 5 hours 17 mins. After that is over, then what?
Nothing is what. There is no way to derp with dragons without gems.

Also interesting in that you can’t pick and choose your dragon matches, as each re-roll costs an ever increasing amount of silver. Sure it prevent abuse etc, but it also prevents roadblocked players from even playing that part of the game.

I don’t have a problem giving people shortcuts for paying, but flat out making things impossible without paying is seriously dickish.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Suggestions to Developers!

Being able to repeat a level without returning to town would be nice.

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Topic: KingsRoad / KingsRoad Release Notes v4.0.0 -- "Battle Dragons" Edition

Yep. I’m being consistently matched with people who have a full roster of dragons (I only have 3), some of which are ones I can’t even unlock yet, and all of them are either as high a level as mine (10) or better, or higher quality.

Chance of success = 0

The closest I’ve come is a dead draw where the last two dragons killed each other with thier last shots, but that counted as a loss for me.

There is also quite a substantial roadblock once you level the inital 3 dragons, in that once you get them to lv.10 there are all but impossible to take any further as they require a large amount of bought items. And to be honest the prices for these items are high enough to be inaccessible for a casual player, which is in itself a turnoff for buying anything.
A more gradual levelling scheme would be better, as it would give the player something to do and give them at least the feeling of progression so they will continue to invest into it.
But no. Roadblocks.

So no more dragons for me it seems. Was fun while it lasted.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Uh-Oh Read timed out

I’m getting this too.
Refreshing seems to work. Eventually.

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Topic: General Gaming / What's happened to Kongregate?

Of all the changes to Kong over the years, the one thing that I miss the most and honestly can’t get my head around why it was ever removed is having Recently Played Games on the front page.

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Chrome Game Load Errors

Originally posted by bruins72:

I still can’t get this game to load right on one of my computers. Currently it’s sitting on a black screen with “Unity” and a progress bar that never does anything. Sometimes it gives me the Forge of Gods screen with a progress bar that also never moves.

I’m certainly not going to change my browser just for a game.

Game doesn’t even load. Just a blank black window.
Instant 1* and move on.

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Topic: Mission Genesis / Voice Volume setting doesnt get saved

You want to know what’s really great?

If you change the volume settings for music or effects, it remembers those.
But voice…. Nope. Always full.

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Topic: Mission Genesis / PVP is bias towards who can level faster

Every single PvP game ever created is biased towards those who level faster, given that these people have more power/options/ability to recover at thier disposal than someone who has just started.

However, unrestricted PvP is literally cancer. There are so many otherwise brillaint games which are completely ruined by letting people indulge in “seal clubbing”.
Some of these games actively encourage it and thier devs still cannot figure out why thier playerbase dwindles to nothing.

Please don’t do this.

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Topic: Mission Genesis / Observations

Tutorial covers enough to get you going, but misses out some important things that catch you out later.

The biggest one being altering warships equipment instead of being added to your current fleet for some cost like every other game ever, instead destroys all the currently active ships of that type.

The fleet limit is awkward. All your warship units are a power of 3. The limit is 50. 3 does not go into 50, and this leaves unusable capacity which is irritating.

You are taught about research but given no clue or direction as to what is going to make the early game more fun (aka easier), and there are some items which are effectively traps and are completely useless.

Like the shield recharger. DO NOT research this kids, it is a giant lie.
The info text says it refills all your ships shields to full. What actually happens is it refills about 5% of a random handful of your warships shields. NOT your flagship (which is included in ALL ships – well you’d think anyway). Misleading and disappointing.

Moving equipment around on the flagship costs the same as installing it in the first place. This is silly.

Difficulty scales really quickly. I’m currently lv.8 and can still only fight lv.2 pirates consistently. Sometimes lv.5 pirates depending on how they’re set up. Corsairs and Drones can be done but take so long and so much nanomat is just isn’t worth it.
Rednecks – forget it.
This game is hard. Nothing wrong with that, but it could use something like a direction for research or some lessons about fleet composition so the newbies don’t get frustrated and find some other game to play.

The action button which appears over objects is frequently superimposed with some other random button from elsewhere in the game rendering some objects unusable until the game is reloaded.

And finally. Your premium cash setup is quite, erm…. Optimistic.
At the prices you’re asking for even the most basic items I’ll bet you don’t get more than a dozen people dropping money on this, and probably none of those will end up being repeats.
Seriously guys if you are going to insist on having user paid content, lower prices get you more overall as a lot more people will be willing to pay for QOL stuff.
Sadly, prices are often dictated by things other than common sense or basic knowledge of market participation. Shareholders and business planners demand things and very seldom have any interest beyond maximum money right now.
(Which is entirely counter productive for gaming, not that anyone will ever listen.)

This is exactly the kind of game I want to play. It looks like it has most of what I’d consider good and interesting. I want to like this game, but you’ve made it so very hard for me to do so.
Lots of potential. Not a lot of effort taken to realise it in favour of rushing overpriced content in the vain hope someone will take it up and fill your pockets.

Best of luck. I have a feeling you’ll be needing it….

Shield / Armour restore are +25-ish% my mistake, however this is still not full recovery as stated.

Volume settings aren’t saved across sessions, and the voice (such as it is) is really harsh on the ears.

Large ships are essentially useless. They take up too much supply/material/time yet don’t have even half the effectiveness in battle as an equivalent mass of smalls/mediums.

You have clearly marked the timed missions! This is something people seem to think is an optional “extra”. Gold star doubleplus.

The text everywhere seems to be randomly misaligned with odd letters seeming to have different vertical and horizontal spacing, resulting in something which can be quite difficult to read.

Items which boost stats of nearby modules are not worth upgrading at all, as the maximum level only gives 10% more boost than the lv1.

Scanned ships/fleets don’t stay scanned, and always display “scan required” when viewed regardless of if you have scanned them or not.

Clicking floating boxes at the end of every battle is obnoxious and unescessary, just add whatever loot drops to the inventory and spare the player pointless and tedious clicking for the sake of clicking.

Quite a few recognisable an unique system names. Very nostalgic for Elite all of a sudden.

Why can we have only one of any given type of mission at once? There is infinite space on a scroll bar (which I don’t think I’ve even used yet.) And why is the mission which is preventing you from accepting another one not highlighted so you know which one you need to pay attention to?
Also, the “system message” telling you about not being able to accept another mission appears under the mission dialog so you can actually see it unless you close the mission box, leading to the player repeatedly clicking the accept button in frustration wondering why nothing is happeneing.
tl;dr – Get rid of this 1 mission per type limit. It serves no purpose other than to confuse/frustrate the player. And having a longer scrollbar will have exactly zero impact.

There doesn’t seem to be any way of seeing how much fleet supply a ship takes up with actually equipping it to a shipyard. Supply costs do not appear in the mouseover info box on either the research or shipyard selection screens (which would be the two most useful places).

There is no way of cancelling a build order, and there really needs to be. So many times I’ve wanted to recycle something and ended up building more of it.

Also, being able to build multiple ships of the same type in batches outside of combat would be useful. Requiring a player to repeatedly click to do something which could be done in a single stroke is bad/lazy design.

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Topic: Monsters & Dungeons / Suggestions & Ideas

^ Maybe scale the difficulty and reward of rune dungeons to match the team you’re playing with?

Also, there really needs to be an automatic sort/filter for helpers so players on cooldown either appear at the end of the list or not at all. Constant and repeated scrolling for no purpose is shoddy design.

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / post your unluckiest/most embarrassing death here

Thief with +3 sneaking cape & +4 hunters barb, shadow mastery at 50% and vital strike (which works really well with job satisfaction).
This guy is basically the avatar of murder.
And he dies in tower 30 to a poison blob after failing to kill it from ambush. In one hit. From full health. (28 hits + 13 def)


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Topic: Spiral Knights / What total fails have you had in this game?

> Picking up blue and green minerals for ages because they were the biggest chunks in the level, but niether have any actual use I can see.

> Turning minerals into pet food and feeding it all to my sprite instead of selling the off-colour stuff and just feeding raw the mats.

> Bought a recipe from the barracks for 10k because I thought I needed it, but I already had it and had apparently ignored the “known recipe” tag at the top of the window. Those recipies are bound, I ended up selling it to a vendor for 5cr.

> Just bought some orbs. Check the AH armour tab on a whim and see a nice cloak with a decent shock UV at a non-insane price I could have afforded a minute ago. Auction time: Very Short.

I am legend :toot:

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Topic: Spiral Knights / What total fails have you had in this game?

No sparks, just mission attempts.
I refuse to use sparks (anymore) because it just reinforces my terrible skills and I won’t learn anything. And sunk cost is a stupid fallacy. :p

Just had a good one though.

The mission ‘In Cold Blood’ has a gate battle in the middle of it, to open the gate you have to kill all these dudes.
I killed them all, but the gate didn’t open and the battle music kept playing.
Quit due to miserable frustration fail. Try again tomorrow.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / What total fails have you had in this game?

Eleven consectutive deaths trying to complete the munitions factory because I am terrible at platformy puzzletrap things, and even worse at timing based puzzletrap things.

Welp. Best go and make it a round faildozen.