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Topic: KingsRoad / KingsRoad Release Notes v4.0.0 -- "Battle Dragons" Edition

Yep. I’m being consistently matched with people who have a full roster of dragons (I only have 3), some of which are ones I can’t even unlock yet, and all of them are either as high a level as mine (10) or better, or higher quality.

Chance of success = 0

The closest I’ve come is a dead draw where the last two dragons killed each other with thier last shots, but that counted as a loss for me.
So no more dragons for me it seems. Was fun while it lasted.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Uh-Oh Read timed out

I’m getting this too.
Refreshing seems to work. Eventually.

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Topic: General Gaming / What's happened to Kongregate?

Of all the changes to Kong over the years, the one thing that I miss the most and honestly can’t get my head around why it was ever removed is having Recently Played Games on the front page.

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Chrome Game Load Errors

Originally posted by bruins72:

I still can’t get this game to load right on one of my computers. Currently it’s sitting on a black screen with “Unity” and a progress bar that never does anything. Sometimes it gives me the Forge of Gods screen with a progress bar that also never moves.

I’m certainly not going to change my browser just for a game.

Game doesn’t even load. Just a blank black window.
Instant 1* and move on.

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Topic: Mission Genesis / Voice Volume setting doesnt get saved

You want to know what’s really great?

If you change the volume settings for music or effects, it remembers those.
But voice…. Nope. Always full.

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Topic: Mission Genesis / PVP is bias towards who can level faster

Every single PvP game ever created is biased towards those who level faster, given that these people have more power/options/ability to recover at thier disposal than someone who has just started.

However, unrestricted PvP is literally cancer. There are so many otherwise brillaint games which are completely ruined by letting people indulge in “seal clubbing”.
Some of these games actively encourage it and thier devs still cannot figure out why thier playerbase dwindles to nothing.

Please don’t do this.

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Topic: Mission Genesis / Observations

Tutorial covers enough to get you going, but misses out some important things that catch you out later.

The biggest one being altering warships equipment instead of being added to your current fleet for some cost like every other game ever, instead destroys all the currently active ships of that type.

The fleet limit is awkward. All your warship units are a power of 3. The limit is 50. 3 does not go into 50, and this leaves unusable capacity which is irritating.

You are taught about research but given no clue or direction as to what is going to make the early game more fun (aka easier), and there are some items which are effectively traps and are completely useless.

Like the shield recharger. DO NOT research this kids, it is a giant lie.
The info text says it refills all your ships shields to full. What actually happens is it refills about 5% of a random handful of your warships shields. NOT your flagship (which is included in ALL ships – well you’d think anyway). Misleading and disappointing.

Moving equipment around on the flagship costs the same as installing it in the first place. This is silly.

Difficulty scales really quickly. I’m currently lv.8 and can still only fight lv.2 pirates consistently. Sometimes lv.5 pirates depending on how they’re set up. Corsairs and Drones can be done but take so long and so much nanomat is just isn’t worth it.
Rednecks – forget it.
This game is hard. Nothing wrong with that, but it could use something like a direction for research or some lessons about fleet composition so the newbies don’t get frustrated and find some other game to play.

The action button which appears over objects is frequently superimposed with some other random button from elsewhere in the game rendering some objects unusable until the game is reloaded.

And finally. Your premium cash setup is quite, erm…. Optimistic.
At the prices you’re asking for even the most basic items I’ll bet you don’t get more than a dozen people dropping money on this, and probably none of those will end up being repeats.
Seriously guys if you are going to insist on having user paid content, lower prices get you more overall as a lot more people will be willing to pay for QOL stuff.
Sadly, prices are often dictated by things other than common sense or basic knowledge of market participation. Shareholders and business planners demand things and very seldom have any interest beyond maximum money right now.
(Which is entirely counter productive for gaming, not that anyone will ever listen.)

This is exactly the kind of game I want to play. It looks like it has most of what I’d consider good and interesting. I want to like this game, but you’ve made it so very hard for me to do so.
Lots of potential. Not a lot of effort taken to realise it in favour of rushing overpriced content in the vain hope someone will take it up and fill your pockets.

Best of luck. I have a feeling you’ll be needing it….

Shield / Armour restore are +25-ish% my mistake, however this is still not full recovery as stated.

Volume settings aren’t saved across sessions, and the voice (such as it is) is really harsh on the ears.

Large ships are essentially useless. They take up too much supply/material/time yet don’t have even half the effectiveness in battle as an equivalent mass of smalls/mediums.

You have clearly marked the timed missions! This is something people seem to think is an optional “extra”. Gold star doubleplus.

The text everywhere seems to be randomly misaligned with odd letters seeming to have different vertical and horizontal spacing, resulting in something which can be quite difficult to read.

Items which boost stats of nearby modules are not worth upgrading at all, as the maximum level only gives 10% more boost than the lv1.

Scanned ships/fleets don’t stay scanned, and always display “scan required” when viewed regardless of if you have scanned them or not.

Clicking floating boxes at the end of every battle is obnoxious and unescessary, just add whatever loot drops to the inventory and spare the player pointless and tedious clicking for the sake of clicking.

Quite a few recognisable an unique system names. Very nostalgic for Elite all of a sudden.

Why can we have only one of any given type of mission at once? There is infinite space on a scroll bar (which I don’t think I’ve even used yet.) And why is the mission which is preventing you from accepting another one not highlighted so you know which one you need to pay attention to?
Also, the “system message” telling you about not being able to accept another mission appears under the mission dialog so you can actually see it unless you close the mission box, leading to the player repeatedly clicking the accept button in frustration wondering why nothing is happeneing.
tl;dr – Get rid of this 1 mission per type limit. It serves no purpose other than to confuse/frustrate the player. And having a longer scrollbar will have exactly zero impact.

There doesn’t seem to be any way of seeing how much fleet supply a ship takes up with actually equipping it to a shipyard. Supply costs do not appear in the mouseover info box on either the research or shipyard selection screens (which would be the two most useful places).

There is no way of cancelling a build order, and there really needs to be. So many times I’ve wanted to recycle something and ended up building more of it.

Also, being able to build multiple ships of the same type in batches outside of combat would be useful. Requiring a player to repeatedly click to do something which could be done in a single stroke is bad/lazy design.

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Topic: Monsters & Dungeons / Suggestions & Ideas

^ Maybe scale the difficulty and reward of rune dungeons to match the team you’re playing with?

Also, there really needs to be an automatic sort/filter for helpers so players on cooldown either appear at the end of the list or not at all. Constant and repeated scrolling for no purpose is shoddy design.

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / post your unluckiest/most embarrassing death here

Thief with +3 sneaking cape & +4 hunters barb, shadow mastery at 50% and vital strike (which works really well with job satisfaction).
This guy is basically the avatar of murder.
And he dies in tower 30 to a poison blob after failing to kill it from ambush. In one hit. From full health. (28 hits + 13 def)


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Topic: Spiral Knights / What total fails have you had in this game?

> Picking up blue and green minerals for ages because they were the biggest chunks in the level, but niether have any actual use I can see.

> Turning minerals into pet food and feeding it all to my sprite instead of selling the off-colour stuff and just feeding raw the mats.

> Bought a recipe from the barracks for 10k because I thought I needed it, but I already had it and had apparently ignored the “known recipe” tag at the top of the window. Those recipies are bound, I ended up selling it to a vendor for 5cr.

> Just bought some orbs. Check the AH armour tab on a whim and see a nice cloak with a decent shock UV at a non-insane price I could have afforded a minute ago. Auction time: Very Short.

I am legend :toot:

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Topic: Spiral Knights / What total fails have you had in this game?

No sparks, just mission attempts.
I refuse to use sparks (anymore) because it just reinforces my terrible skills and I won’t learn anything. And sunk cost is a stupid fallacy. :p

Just had a good one though.

The mission ‘In Cold Blood’ has a gate battle in the middle of it, to open the gate you have to kill all these dudes.
I killed them all, but the gate didn’t open and the battle music kept playing.
Quit due to miserable frustration fail. Try again tomorrow.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / What total fails have you had in this game?

Eleven consectutive deaths trying to complete the munitions factory because I am terrible at platformy puzzletrap things, and even worse at timing based puzzletrap things.

Welp. Best go and make it a round faildozen.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Beginning Spiral Knights Guide (Updated 12/11/2013)

Advice wanted: R-Twins (and preceeding levels).

I suck hardcore at these levels because they’re all platformy, and I HATE stuff like that and find it super frustrating.

So far I’ve done best solo in the levels as I can take my time and creep through the stages inch by inch, but the twins are effectively impossible as I just cannot do enough damage to keep the bots off me AND line up/time the gates AND evade all the bullets.
When they’re sat facing each other it’s hard but do-able. Once they start moving it turns the whole thing into a luck based rocket roulette – and the only luck I ever have is bad. I can maybe hit them once after that before I get overwhelmed and die.
Yes. I have watched the videos of others doing it. I know how to do it, I just lack the ability.

In a group I never even get that far. Can’t even get past the lead up stages because the only people who are willing to play the stage are either just as clue/useless as me, or are 5*’d complete jerkwads who think they’re on some kind of time trial and seem to take great joy in seeing the struggling noob die repeatedly.

Probably doesn’t help that I don’t really have any ‘special’ equips.
My stuff: 3* Cobalt Armour & Shield, 3* Calibur, 4* Blaster, 3* Nightblade, 2* Owl Shield, 2* Prisma Alchemer (which I don’t like because it is so slow and underwhelming).

And because this is apparently required to get further into the game, I’m stuck and I’ve got to the point now where this is making me not want to play a game I otherwise really like.
So…. Wat do?

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Topic: Spiral Knights / its a pretty awesome game

I’m stuck at 5-2 as well.
Need to upgrade 5 pieces of equipment, only had the bits to upgrade the sword and armour. And then…. Nothing.

There isn’t even any direction in the game, it just says ‘you need this stuff lol’ and leaves you to figure it out on your own. And there’s no orbs anywhere. This game is super fun, but getting stopped cold like this is pretty obnoxious.

It’s only going to get worse, isn’t it?

Not stuck any more – lots of grinding for cr to buy orbs from the market.
To the next roadblock. On! On!

Well …k if I know how to get past those twins. Can’t hurt them yourself, and it’s almost impossible to time the gates with all those bots running around, which I can’t kill nearly quick enough to get anything done.
And when the heads start moving around it becomes actually impossible.
Whoever designed that fight has successfully created the most boring and frustrating thing I have seen in any game anywhere. Conf…inggratulations. This is way, way worse than forced grinding.

Love this game.
Hate Hate HATE that level (which is required to progress).

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Topic: Astroflux / Improvements?

Yep. I’m wrong. You can unselect items in the recycler, it just doesn’t update until you move the pointer away from that item.

Sorting arts by value would be no harder than sorting them by type though, the mechanism is already there.
All that would need to be done is put in a dropdown with all the possible bonii and then sort by descending value. (Bonus for NOT displaying arts which do not have the selected value.)

It is so dull looking through several hundred arts trying to find one that has a certain resist or boost, because sort by type only lets you sort by the primary values which is essentially useless since arts can have 4+ values any one of which could be the one you’re interested in.

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Topic: Astroflux / Improvements?

Some things which have either bugged me, or that I wish I could do.

Reset a single weapon.
Doesn’t matter if it costs a some amount of something, but having to go through the entire click-click-click upgrade process for the entire ship again just to change a single weapon is quite tedious. Meaning you’re either stuck with something you’re not happy with or you have lot’s of clicking in your future – niether of which is appealing in any way.

Sort artefacts by #value#.
We can already sort them by level and type, niether of which I find to be especially useful tbh.
I have found that I really want to pick out the artefacts which have a certain ability on them to see what the best combination I have is, but currently this means looking at each one individually and remembering which one was where and what it had on it.
This is much more of a pain than it should be to do such a simple thing.

Completed missions jump to the top of the list.
Because right now they don’t. They sit wherever they originally were and you have to scroll through lots of entries to find them. (Releated: Does anyone else have like a dozen plus missions in thier list? Because that’s like 5-6 times more than I remember.)

Weapon stats should show in the upgrade station and select menus. (They DO show in the ship overview though.)
Currently they don’t. So when you’re selecting a weapon to put on your ship or uprading a weapon you have to guess/remember what does what because the mouseover does nothing in these two areas.
This is somewhat linked to the reset a single weapon thought as it’s the aforementioned guessing which leads players to picking something which they end up not liking.

Can’t unselect items to recycle.
If you highlight an item to be recycled either by a direct click or the select all function, it CANNOT be unselected.
This is silly.

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Topic: Astroflux / Game doesn't load

It works now.

Two solutions: Disable flashblock or add to the whitelist.

I am derp.

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Topic: Astroflux / Game doesn't load

Used to work, now it doesn’t.
Right-clicking where the game should be doesn’t bring up the flash context either, it’s just the generic HTML menu.
And the page info has both the swf files on the page in italics as if they’re indexed but inaccessible.
Using FF37.0.1

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Topic: Monsters & Dungeons / Bug Reports & Issues

I’ve been stopped cold by weird flash behaviour.

In a battle the game essentially freezes immediately after some damage is done. The music and animations still play, the mouseovers for the ability counters still show, but nothing responds to being pressed. The damage numbers just hang there forever.
Refresh allows you to resume the battle, but the problem just repeats.

Played for a while now with no issues, until I tried playing ‘Flightless Surf’ and now battles are inaccessible. :(

Just reloaded and quit the battle, played a few more rounds and they seem to work fine. ‘Surf’ however is still unplayable once you get to the boss.

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Topic: Monsters & Dungeons / Frequently Asked Questions.

Originally posted by Lamatiel:

Kittens (at the bottom) rarely appear in Daily Dungeons (not the Rune Dungeons!) and can drop Hatchlings. Evolve them, then fuse it with a monster of the same color to increase skill level by 1.

Oh you are kidding…. I had two of these and had no idea what they were, and as they looked rubbish I burned them for xp.
Maybe they should be marked as special to prevent players from derping like that.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Suggestions to Developers!

Why must you pay twice to obtain dungeon loot?
First you pay coins to enter the dungeon, then you pay gems to open the chest at the end.

Good grief. I want to like this game, I really do. But that is just…. Spiteful, is the only way I can describe that without resorting to profanity.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Suggestions to Developers!

Originally posted by PickPacket:

This game is an exercise in frustration.

Same opinion, different cause.

The inventory “system” is just awful.
You get a tiny amount of space to play with, which for the moment anyway is unupgradable due to the rather steep cost.
In that space sits a ton of consumable items which stack at absurdly low numbers taking up over half the space.
Leaving very few spaces for loot and forging, which is just plain frustrating.

To add insult to injury there is nowhere to store things you want for later meaning to have to haul those round with you even if you can’t use them, giving even less space.

As it stands I have a grand total of 6 space I can use to pick up loot. 6. If this deliberately imposed frustration is what this game is going to be like, then I’ll not bother.

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Topic: Redshift / Fleet raids and bases generally being much stronger than my current rating

Yes. Excluding players from 50% of the content on the basis of “you just weren’t lucky enough to roll skill A or ship B” is some completely sensible game design.

50% win/loss? Ha! The last match I won had a single grey ship and 3 fighters, after that it’s been endless fleets of red & purple.

Maybe it wouldn’t be such a huge thing if all the skills/abilities had some actually useful effect, but as it happens most of them are either lacklustre or pointless. For instance, I only have access to a single useful ability which just happens to be attached to something with the armour equivalent of wet tissue paper – fleet DPS.
Not that it makes a whole lot of difference because it doesn’t matter how much you boost the DPS of something which has a lifespan measured in fractions of a second.

This game has a lot of fun features and tons of potential. But this artificial “working as intended” brick wall has completely killed my interest.
I don’t have a lot of time to play games so things which aren’t fun/enjoyable tend to put me off quite a bit, and apparently I chose incorrectly this time.

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Topic: Redshift / Fleet raids and bases generally being much stronger than my current rating

Originally posted by 808daman:

Because of the fact you can place your own fleet down in a more strategic pattern and use actives… you have an advantage. Depending on your actives and build… you can have anywhere from 40%-150% additional fp power

None of which makes the tiniest difference when your opponent has:

a). more ships than you, and
b). all of which are higher level than anything you have.

Seriously, this game would be amazing if the matchmaking system wasn’t completely hopeless.
My fleet is 230k and I’m regularly getting pitched against 450k+ opponents, and I’m not going to jump through arbitrary hoops to make some system work because it just isn’t fun. Also because systems like this should work without the player having to cajole and wheedle it along.

Honestly, at this point just displaying a list of other players with similar FP to your own and letting the player pick which to attack would probably work better.

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Topic: Redshift / Planetary raids issue

Base raids are pretty much all I’m doing right now.
Fleets and planets are “off limits” due to some mixup – the matchmaker seems to think I’m Kraz.
Sectors are pointless because I only want the matter from them, and every sector which can be farmed is now entirely empty.

So yeah, base raids. And spinny wheel thing.
I suppose it’s helpful really, making sure all you wonderful people have lots of nanos. :)