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Topic: Everybody Edits / Can't Recive ee mails.

Originally posted by DJigorz:

So um,once.My friend tried to add me,he sent a request.I accepted it,but,i think i accidentaly clicked at ‘’dont recive pms of EE anymore’’ or something.The fact i cant get Friend Requests Now.I really pressed a button like that ‘’no more pms’’ and if yes,is there a way to i get EE mails again?

I believe you can said a request to the Everybody Edits e-mail to enable receiving requests. Also include your EE username and on what platform (website; Armor Games, Kongregate, etc.) you are on. Thank you!

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game-Related] The "Choose My Next Game!" Thread

I’m releasing the second map for my forum game, Warbound. Warbound is a game I have in construction for a command and conquer-like game where players try to get territory from other players.

I have released a leaked map. Please see and suggest on what to improve.

With Grid:

Without Grid:

I will release time-to-time updates when needed or as advised through criticism.

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Topic: Forum Games / Picture Wars (6)

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Topic: Forum Games / Master Thread

Hey guys, I’m preparing for a strategy game. Would you like any suggestions in particular? Here is a little map I’m making for the game. It’s a command and conquer-like game.

Edit: Game Updates will be at my profile page. Thank you.

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Topic: Forum Games / Grounded (Illustrated Text Adventure Game)

> Climb up the cabinet
> Look and find out the mysterious white background behind the wall

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Topic: Forum Games / The List(current round:USA Christmas Dishes)


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Topic: Forum Games / [CYOP] Level Up!

I’m sorry. I’ll be right back in 3 hours.

Tell me what you dislike?

Originally posted by BLOODYRAIN10001:

Most elaborate CYOP I’ve seen.

Tell me if that is a complement or an insult. ^^

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Topic: Forum Games / [CYOP] Level Up!

Current Battle

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Topic: Forum Games / [CYOP] Level Up!

Trade Centre

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Topic: Forum Games / [CYOP] Level Up!

History Book

Bosses Defeated [0/12]

For more details on the boss, buy the History Book for 12 Gold!

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Topic: Forum Games / [CYOP] Level Up!

Learned Skills / Skill Tree

You need to buy a weapon first!

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Topic: Forum Games / [CYOP] Level Up!


Small Bag [0/8]
Nothing inside! Just dust!

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Topic: Forum Games / [CYOP] Level Up!


Error #374: Image too large or Too complex for the Kongregate forum.

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Topic: Forum Games / [CYOP] Level Up!


Unlock the Bestiary! You can buy it for 12 Gold and have more detailed information to the ones you encountered before

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Topic: Forum Games / [CYOP] Level Up!


Attack Points
If you spend it on Attack points, Attack matters how you deal damage to an enemy, such as a slime monster, etc.,

Defensive Points
If you spend it on Defensive points, Defense matters how you receive damage from an enemy. Bigger defense means lesser damage.

Speed Points
This is how you quickly move in a reaction. Higher speed means bigger chance to dodge an enemy attack.

Accuracy Points
This is how you can aim an attack. Higher accuracy means lesser chance of an enemy to dodge your attack.

Effect Points
This is how you long or short you get or deal effects on an enemy. Higher effect points means you get shorter damage from attacks and deal higher effect damage to an enemy.

Health Points
This shows how much health do you have. Bigger health means more chance to live.

Critical Points
This shows how you deal more damage. Bigger critical means more chance to deal Critical Strike and more damage to Critical Strike.

Mana Points
This shows how much mana do you have. Bigger mana means more skill attacks.

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Topic: Forum Games / [CYOP] Level Up!

Current Player [Armor, Etc.]


Upper Body

Lower Body





Current Buffs

Creator’s Buff
This unit has increased attack points but slightly decreased effect points.

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Topic: Forum Games / [CYOP] Level Up!

Basic Info about The Game

So, welcome. In case if you don’t know what is a CYOP, it is where you can make a decision. You can choose to make the player eat the enemy, you can choose the player to kill himself. It is your decision. To play this game, do the following steps.

Step 1
I will conduct the story. For instance, a shoe fell under the hole.

Step 2
You will find ways to level up or improve the character. You make the decision. Like, how you can dig deeper or just climb up with your imaginary ladder?

Step 3
I can conduct the story again. I can make you do a victory dance or I can make you fall down and lose health. Okay. The last one is a thing I wouldn’t do. But you get the point.

Who is my Player?
“A voice was sent into his ear. It said. “You are the savior! You shall kill upon the 12 zodiac beasts.” He had faith in the angel. And bestowed upon himself to kill all the monsters. Even though still a really fast Windows XP painting, he had faith that he could kill them all."

-Gio 1:1-4

What is my task?
Kill monsters. Earn Exp. Level up. Earn attribute points. Spend attribute points. Become stronger. Keep leveling up. Fight the beasts. Kill the beasts. Win the game.

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Topic: Forum Games / [CYOP] Level Up!

Finally. Finally recovered my account. I thought it was lost forever.

To celebrate, let me take this thread a Choose Your Own Path game. It’s like a CYOP/RPG type of game.

Reserved for lock.

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Topic: Forum Games / Evolution: Monster! [Sign-Ups, 12 Slots Left!]


Name of Monster
The name of your monster matters. If you want to name your monster Hobo, then we will name it Hobo. Beware though, we might say “Hobo has been defeated!” or whatever.

The last one was a joke. Don’t name your character Hobo. Even better, don’t name it inappropriately. Try a name like “Terminator” or “Destroyer” or anything related to it. Just so your name looks awesome.

Choosing A Race

Choosing a race may be difficult, but it is must that you must choose a race. Each race is treated fairly. Each race has its cons and its pros. Choosing a race may evolve you to a better secondary class! So choosing a race is as difficult as choosing your fate.

Types of Race
There are 5 types of primary races. You must choose a race that suits you best. Each primary race will lead you to a secondary race, and then a tertiary race which will be revealed. You will have a secondary race at Level 15, then a tertiary race at level 30.

Secondary Race?
Yes. There is are 3 secondary races, and whichever combination of primary and secondary race that you have will lead you to a chosen tertiary races.

Primary Race

Giants are large creatures of daylight. They wield a club, they have a lot of health but they lose in speed and agility.

Fairies are little creatures with incredible power. They have a staff, they do a lot of magic damage but they are quite weak in defense.

Globs are slimy creatures of radiation. They usually have power food, they do a lot of effects but they lack in intelligence and health

Robots are advanced creatures of technology, They have energy source, they have defense and intelligence , but their attack is lacking.

Choosing Age

Age matters. But in this game, age is everything. They give you a boost in battle. There are three types of age.

Types of Age

Being young gives you an edge in agility

Being middle-age gives you an edge in attack

Being old gives you an advantage in intelligence

Choosing A Clan

You may team up in teams of 3 to give you an advantage in team battles.

Signing Up

Did you read already the rules? Good. Now sign up.

Name of Monster: (keep it catchy and short)
Race: (see race for more details)
Age: (see age for more details)
Clan: (see clan for more details)

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Topic: Forum Games / Evolution: Monster! [Sign-Ups, 12 Slots Left!]

Battle Terms

Agility is computed as a small chance of you dodging an enemy attack.

Speed is computed as a small chance to deal less damage from a basic attack, and also the abilty to take less damage from critical attacks.

Attack is the damage dealt to an enemy.

Defense is damage subtracted to you when an enemy attacks you.

Critical Chance is computed as a small chance that will deal 200% more damage.

Critical Percentage is computed as the % of damage that will be dealt if a critical strike lands on the character.

Magic Damage is damage dealt by fairies and fairy-type races.

Intelligence is the ability to weild and use weapons.

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Topic: Forum Games / Evolution: Monster! [Sign-Ups, 12 Slots Left!]

Player Stats

12 / 12 Slots Remaining!
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Topic: Forum Games / Evolution: Monster! [Sign-Ups, 12 Slots Left!]


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Topic: Forum Games / Evolution: Monster! [Sign-Ups, 12 Slots Left!]


The shop is filled with items of your choosing. This may help you, or can affect the fate of the enemy player.

Health Potion S: 350 Gold
Recovers some of your missing health.

Health Potion L: 3,500 Gold
Recovers most of of your missing health.

Health Elixir: 10,000 Gold
Recovers all of your missing health.

Secondary Bar Potion: 350 Gold
Recovers some of your secondary bar, used in the wild.

SB Elixir: 15,000 Gold
Recovers all of your SB.

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Topic: Forum Games / Evolution: Monster! [Sign-Ups, 12 Slots Left!]

Evolution: Monster

Create your monster in this game! Simulate and use your monster in this turn-based game. Fight your way through monsters everyday! Destroy your enemies and hunt for your survival. Before you complain and spam me with harassing comments, first read below.

What is this game?
This game is about creating a monster and evolving it, trying to hunt and survive in the wild.

What can I do?
Once you have created your monster, everyone will be given a turn every day. You can use this turn to do choose and do the following:

Hunt: Hunt for a wild monster in the place of your choosing, but make sure you must be able to hunt in a compatible area for your level.

Buy: You may buy in the shop on armor and weapons of your choosing. This may be important, but it will cost a full turn.

Recover: You may use this turn to recover health or your secondary bar.

Challenge: You may use this turn to challenge a fellow player. This must be accepted by the opposing player. Under random numbering and mathematical formulas, I will declare the battle winner and put a mark on the opposing player.

Evolve: If you gain enough levels, you may choose to evolve your monster. You can evolve a part of your body depending on your choosing.

Group Hunt: If you have a clan, you may agree in a group hunt. It will give you a slighter less EXP, but the loot and companionship with each other is large.

Group Challenge:You may agree to challenge another group. It will be turn-turn basis. The opposing group must agree the challenge. Once agreed, the teams will fight. Losers will have two strikes in their profile, while those teams who won but died will only get 1 strike.

Use Buff:Use a buff potion in your inventory.

Can multiple players challenge me at a single turn?
Yes, but you must agree to challenge.


If you have heard the strike I said earlier, strikes are a part of this game. If you get 3 strikes, you are officially out of the game. Dont worry, you can monitor on the Player Stats your strike amount.

Secondary Bar?

The secondary bar or “SB” is used up when you challenge other players or fight in the wild. Make sure to recover your SB Points!

Are my potions automatically used in battle?

Yes. When you have potions in your bag and you have 20% life left, a potion is used. However, when you have an elixir, it will be used after your potions have run out.

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Topic: Forum Games / Evolution: Monster! [Sign-Ups, 12 Slots Left!]

Reserved for Lock

I am going to need a lot of editing as I have left Kongregate a few months ago and I need to get back to the forum game business.