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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] Need ryos?

yea, normally I am one who would consider Macroing to be cheating, but this game is just asking for it. The amount of clicking and babysitting required to advance completely negates any “Idle” aspect of it. IMHO Idle just needs removed from the title of the game altogether. There is noone who is idling in this game.

On a side note, I was wondering what your ryos bonuses were at that you are able to get to map 4 with just 75 bought in the first 5 training. And do you just spend you Ryos in Vitality, or in Ki also, or other bonuses? I was putting everything into Ki gain ( i thought it would be faster to buy trainings this way) but 75 into the first 5 trainings only gets me through map 2.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blue Moon] Not bad, nothing great.

Been playing this on Tablet for awhile now, it was released as MoonQuest for Mobile.

Has many balance issues, the classes are generic, and moving and combat are tedious. As mentioned in the comments, the enemies are fast, you cannot really kite them, so a ranged class still plays in melee range. You just get an extra shot or two before it closes in, or when you move away from enemy skills. This makes the melee classes much easier to play, as they have better armor, while ranged classes are nearly impossible, especially the wizard with light armor.

YOu can also check the facebook page: for updates or notifications, probably before they get posted here on Kong, if they even do.

I have no idea if its the same company, but it is most definitely the same game. Stolen or not, its nothing special, and needs much improvement. Things that players expect on PC games is missing, as it is developed for tablet/mobile gaming. Would also like to see better character control and combat, or custumizable hotkeys.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Anything to do after getting all achievements?

Originally posted by vanleeuwenhoek:

“Greetings Starfighter.”

AMAZING reference there. And sadly will be lost on probably 99% of the people here on Kong. You my friend, are my new hero.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Save wiped... Again

So I finally gave in and deleted my save data. I had been playing since the very beginning and spent way more time in the game than I probably should have. With all the Unity crap just before the holidays, I lost the ability to play. I never restarted then because I still had hope the Devs would figure out the problem and fix it so I could start up again. That never happened. I moved exclusively to the mobile version, and just started fresh there, hoping beyond hope, that some day they would fix the Kong version. I waited through all of the holiday stuff, completely missed out on all of it, and the mobile never got updated to include it.

So today, with the Moon version going into beta, I finally decided I needed to start fresh to save enough to get the expansion when its released. Im saddened to say, I had to lose everything, all my multipliers, my badge, all my investors. Its totally not worth it. I had forgotten how much I had worked to build up to where I was, what walls I had to cross, and the tediousness of restarting over and over to build investors. With no way now that I know of to restore all that I have lost, I will probably go back to playing exclusively on Mobile. I can only hope that someday the mobile version will be updated as well, and will get the expansion.

I honestly have high regard for all of you who have lost your saves and started fresh over and over. I have no idea how you do it. And I can only wish that the devs have finally found out why the game loses data everytime they update, or it will be a dark day in AdCap when the expansion is released. Good luck to you all.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Error when trying to open the game

+1 to this as well. Still getting Unity crashed. Did the uninstall/reinstall thing. Tried both Chrome and Firefox. Deleted cache and everything. I cant think of anything else I can do on my side to fix this, has to be on developer side. As others have stated, every other Unity game still works fine, so its also not a problem with Unity. Develop has to make changes and get this fixed. Completely missing out on all new updates, including the holiday event, which is a timed event. Please fix.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Only a white screen with icons

+1 to this. Just happened today.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Time Pirates] Feedback

Hello Lebo. Just tried the game and thought I would share my experience with you.


The animations and characters are done really well.
The graphics are nice
Load times are low
Story is unique and interesting.


AI is all over the place. The enemies have no trouble shooting you, but your accuracy is almost nonexistant, even while standing right on top of the enemy.

Team AI doesnt move out of the way of enemy fire, and wont move into range of their own weapons, makes it difficult to move the whole team into shooting range.

Rewards are out of sync with costs of items and upgrades. You only get a couple hundred dark matter for instance, and a revive is 5k. Even if you play 5 levels perfectly, and dont upgrade weapons, you still cant afford even one single revive.

Along with the above, upgrading takes dark matter too. You cant spend on upgrading weapons and still expect to revive if needed. You have to choose one or the other.

Even the gold and gem upgrades and items are disproportionate. Please look into this.

Overall, has the potential to be fun. The story is interesting enough, and the concept is well thought out. Sadly all the bad AI and pricing, along with the broken multiplayer (and pay to win aspect of multiplayer) make the game not playable. With some changes here and there, I think you might actually have a decent game.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Bug Reports and Issues

Not sure if its just me or not, since I dont see this reported already, but seems the achievement for the trade house isnt working.

In the achievement tab, it says to “make 2000 gold pieces through the trade house”. I have now made well over 10k total, and have even had one mail with 5k in sales in one go. The mail works fine, giving me the gold I made, and it looks like the trade house works in every other fashion. Just no achievements.