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Topic: Kongregate / Graveys A Day A Chat Room Thread (Picked my room now)

This entire thread seems pointless, a twenty-four hour period is not enough to determine what a chatroom is going to be like, the majority of people who enter a chatroom are just being kicked around by random assignment because they haven’t faved a room, or a series of trolls that pop into every chatroom and are giving it a bad judgement on it’s “evaluation day”.

Spend a week in a chatroom, if you’re going to judge it; and do so anonymously. (Eg: Don’t post a thread on your judgements until you’ve judged every room, don’t let people know you’re judging them, don’t let your fear of muting people interfere with your enjoyment…) So forth.

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Topic: Kongregate / How to make a badge-worthy game

6: Most especially if it’s a CCG or so-called “time-management”, where you have to wait forever to get things done, or for your energy to refill.

Extra points if you break copyrights with-in the game itself using age-old references to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or anything with Zombies. (Most especially if you average four misspellings a sentence and your grammar is from Google Translate.)

Get rated, get cash from ads, get greedy and make cosmetic fluff for $80 a purchase.

Alarming lack of Pony-material.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Scout upgrades

Originally posted by EpicBoss58:
Originally posted by PIS_DarkBeat:
Originally posted by EpicBoss58:

I want to know how to kill a blaster with the scout. Can someone who is pro at it like Janiye or Dotaman tell me?

This is the way I kill a blaster with scout:

1st way

1.) I use doped saber slash on back, Don’t do it infront of him, or else he’ll use Micro-ammunitions and will deal heavy damage on you.
2.) I’ll Use Hazebomb (optional, depends on the skill of the target if I will use it or not )
3.) If he use his “Q” skill, no choice but to use submachine gun.
3.) Follow and slice his back with the saber (not locked-on), don’t let his target lock-on focus on you (if you didn’t use hazebomb)
4.) When he jumps and try to fly, use Lightning Kick Fast… when done correctly, the target will fall on the ground.
5.) When he’s still alive or the lightning kick stun failed, and he use his jetpack…. no choice but to use the submachine gun. (The effect of haze bomb had expired )

2nd Way

1.) Use Haze bomb (optional )
2.) Shoot him with submachine gun. ( don’t let him see u as much as possible )
3.) For the final hit, (30% hp left), finish him with doped saber slash.


1: Some of us Blasters take flight and/or hit Q immediately, especially if we see you coming, meaning that you are (or likely, will be with Q-skill) out of range when we jetpack.

2: This seems to be written on the assumption that the Blaster won’t switch to mini-gun, which has less lock-on issues against fast targets than the Rocket Launcher.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / OP Blazers

The problems with Blazer.

1: It’s base attack damage is too high.
2: It’s DoT is not only too high, but stackable and renewable, even from multiple Blazer units.
3: It suffers no jetpack or movement reductions or limitations for the effective weight of it’s weapons like Tank does.
4: It is available in the Free Rotation, Blazer should be a Premium class only.
5: When Blazer enters the free rotation, the aforementioned class used to combat it (Gunner), rarely does.
6: The Heat Ray has a very high range, and like the Base weapon, it’s stream of fire is very visible and continuous, making it virtually unnecessary to have any skill at aiming, or even a capacity to aim.
7: Most notable on the Shuttle map, but present in every map, any ground location has multiple avenues of approach, making, especially on Capture maps, it nearly impossible to guard against a Blazer ambush.
8: The Gunner has similar issues on the Shuttle map, they can get in large groups and Railgun anything on a Capture pad to death from the farthest limits of range, more cover should be provided from both Blazer and Gunner, and they should be forced to enter the free four-class Rotation together.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Make your custom weapon (from current guns)

Uhm, this thread is ridiculous.

That being said, Scout should be equipped with this

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / MOst used or fav lines with a certain class?

Meh, I generally call out the camping noobs, the ones who can’t do anything but Railgun all day, every day, and never play without it.

You so much as look at them, and they go running for the longest time. (Never mind if you actually kill one of them.), most annoying when it’s a Shuttle Bay CP, on the other hand, they really are noobs, they could never win in Deathmatch or maps with multiple capture points…

And this happens with every class, because frankly I dislike people camping non-stop from the edge.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Granted, but then the server rolls-back.

I wish Oryx received an elaborate cutscene on death.

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Topic: Cloudstone / What would you buy Rubies for?

Originally posted by Wepawetmose:

Put some effort to make it an interesting game instead of a dull grindfest.

Make locations fun to explore, quests that involve more than killing or collecting x items. Maybe add a few storylines instead of some cutscenes that show up after you clear an island and have forgotten about the previous one already. And things to do aside from killing things to get some better gear to kill stronger things to buy some better gear to…

If you would create something like an interesting fantasy world or at least go into that direction instead of making another rpg for monkeys with keyboards, I would glady pay. As it is now, you can forget it.

Firefall is a good example of playing unrestricted by level or auto-attacks.

Game companies in general could learn a lot from Sidescrollers.

I’ve seen a few examples where Grinding can be engaging and require skill (Again: Firefall for gear, DeadFrontier for levels.)

^ Adventure Quest Worlds used to be this way a few years ago, back when they still had a level-20 (which took 1,000,000 experience to hit) cap. (The day they raised it, everything fell apart, perhaps it’s the destiny of all games to suck eventually.)

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Topic: Cloudstone / What would you buy Rubies for?

Originally posted by Kazecuden:

^ Vanity Items. Equipment to go over your regular gear to change how you look without effecting your stats.

^ Sure: But equipping regular gear into costume/stat-negating equip slots would be nice as well.

Originally posted by Kazecuden:

^ Reduced Zone Cooldown. Spend a small amount (2-3 Rubies, for example), to refresh the cooldown on a zone after it has been completed.

^ Probably wouldn’t, but I can see other people doing it.

Originally posted by Kazecuden:

^ Storing Pets In Home. The ability to spend a few rubies to store your pets in a special storage at the Home. They would be removed from the inventory (so they no longer take up capacity) and would then roam around the Home for other players to see. Would allow you to show off your pets, too.

^ Would love this.

Originally posted by Kazecuden:

^ Visual Champion Indicator. A small visual notice that appears briefly whenever you enter an area with Champion monsters. Currently, there is a very quiet horn that plays, but is very hard to hear sometimes. This would simplify the Champion hunting experience, and make it a bit safer for players that would rather avoid them than fight them.

^ I would rather have them fix the horn or, should they prove incapable of that, provide a free visual notice: I would not pay them to be incompetent, I would however purchase a mini-radar that shows the locations of all monsters (with different colors for Champions.)

Other ideas for ruby purchasing:
1) Passive Skills (Just like Guild perks, but for personal use, you only have eight skill slots, after all, juggling gets annoying.), almost anything could be made a passive skill, run speed, stats, regeneration, etc.

2) Upgrading skills to not share CD with power-up.

3) Previously mentioned: More runspeed equips, however the prices of Ruby equips are downright ridiculous (Since you out-level most of the Ruby shop equips.), and choosing between +runspeed and +main stat isn’t always helpful either. (Most notable if you’re a wizard.)

4) Powerpuff Girl Summon and/or Morph Skill. (Okay, not really, but I would probably try and get them just for the lol’s)

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Topic: Cloudstone / Improved and Risk Free Harvesting

^ This.

See also: Ruby Spend Confirmation.

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Topic: Cloudstone / The Official Guild Recruiting Thread

Originally posted by Bumbaclad:

Guild Name: Incubi
Creator: bumbaclad
Requirements: We our a tight group who generally do not take in outsiders. There is now only we three who came to this world. We do not do online weddings or roleplay
so if your looking to socialize this may not be your guild. No drifters.
Q:Do you guys host social events?
A:No. Maybe have meetings or handle communication via webpage.
Q:So what is it you guys do?
A:We play online video games.
Q:Is this a cloudstone guild?
A:Right now it is, letting others into the core will be done on a individual basis.
Q:What’s with the no webpage?
A:May or may not in the future possibly maybe.
Q:Why are there no woman in your guild? Are you afraid of woman?
Q:You guys make to many gay jokes.
A:That’s not a question.
Total Members: 3 out of 10
Power Rating:
¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿
Other Details: Oh, squiggly line in my eye fluid, I see you there, lurking on the periphery of my vision. But when I try to look at you, you scurry away. Are you shy, squiggly line? Why only when I ignore you do you return to the center of my eye? Oh, squiggly line, it’s all right. You are forgiven.

What is this madness?

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Topic: Cloudstone / Mystery Room Champion~

Originally posted by jlee1968:

I saw the exact same one XD but how did you get so damaged

I’m a Wizard, and the Champion had electricity on, but I decided to keep default attacking because I knew it wouldn’t kill me.

So, I got damaged to kill it faster.

I didn’t know Champs could spawn in mystery room.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Mystery Room Champion~

Twas just a singular champion P: but gave shards.

Anyone ever seen anything like it before?

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Topic: Wartune / Anyone find the language filter too harsh?

People ask how to report players, file support tickets, or contact the staff on a regular basis, yet the text on the button you click to do so (“GM”) is filtered.

This is ludicrous, filtering text that you place in your own game.

It feels like discrimination against anyone and everyone with more than half a brain cell, as do many other things.

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Topic: Wartune / [Info] Bugs

I logged out yesterday after setting up my Blitz on Forgotten Dunes (160 stamina for 8 dungeons under +50% exp scroll.) and when I logged back today, I had the Blitz results page, with (as far I could tell) the relevant rewards in my inventory.

Thinking back, it may have only done 6 instead 8 blitzes, despite having the gold to do all 8 (and not getting plundered overnight.)
But I can’t prove that, what I do know is that after reset, without using stamina potions or ennoblement, I have 200 stamina, even if two of my blitzes failed, I should have no more than 140.

Edit: I have no other pictures because I didn’t notice anything was out of the ordinary until after closing the blitz window and selling the rewards and going about my daily routine.

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Topic: Wartune / Connection problems.

There’s only so many things you can do to resolve an issue before writing it down to R2Games having crummy servers and butchered coding, and just having to wait for them to fix it themselves (Hah, as if they’d do that, it’d cost too much money out of their considerable earnings.)

If being unable to play Wartune bothers you so much, why not just choose a new game to play and save yourself the hassle?

Edit: Remember, to connect to a location, they have to connect to you too, you can fail to connect to a server without any local issues. (And bad weather among other things can cause interference between the locations, but it wouldn’t last as long as this is, so it’s acceptable to blame R2Games, and not an obscure third-party)

If the average is accurate, R2Games averages like 10 periods of server errors a week, and they have 100 Wartune servers alone, let’s throw a party once they hit one million errors (and considering the number of people who suffer from said errors, we’ll probably get a crowd.)

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Topic: Wartune / screenshots of Chinese server

Originally posted by ju3tb0red:

yeah not spending anymore kreds until we get this version. I mean its like we are playing wartune demo while Chinese server gets full version and cheaper.

R2Games should reimburse 75% of kreds already spent too ;) consider it a penalty for highway robbery?

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Topic: Wartune / [Info] Bugs

Originally posted by Andrias:

I should also add that when I left the room to refresh. When I logged back in… People “see” me in the room even when im just in my city, not in a room. So as soon as I refreshed. I was viable in a room I wasnt actually in.

It’s broken somehow where you can “be” in two rooms, the first room sees you as an empty slot, but you’re there (and no one else can enter your slot), and the second room is just one you’re seeing, but not present in, for some reason.

Not sure why, cheap servers/coding on R2Games part probably, refreshing was the right idea to get the display back on track.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune related

Stamina is at least partially client-sided, I lost 20 randomly and got it back after clearing my cache with CCleaner.

Also; I could not use the missing 20 stamina, it was an actual value that was missing, not just a displayed number.

If you found the right file you could conceivably give yourself unlimited Stamina and put it back to normal later, since while the server does keep a record of your total Stamina, it doesn’t check it mid-session (Or, I believe, even across multiple sessions, only if it can’t read from the host does it seem to do a non-sporadic check.)

This should be fixed.

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Topic: Wartune / Pros/Cons of Wartunes

Originally posted by daunzey:
Originally posted by Death1698:
Originally posted by Goontra:

Cons : After getting the badge this game wasnt compelling enough to continue playing it
Pros: After getting the badge this game wasnt compelling enough to continue playing it

Then why are you talking about it on forums?!

Cuz he’s a FailTroll

So many titles you give to people you disagree with, and you never put any thought behind commenting with them, is it a reflexive knee-jerk reaction? Do I get accused of crying for raising a valid point with your thoughtless insultive nature?

Pros: Not as much in Wartune is as rigged as in Crystal Saga, and R2Games has hosted Wartune for less time, so Wartune is still enjoyable to play outside of BG.

Cons: R2Games is hosting Wartune. Balens and Balen-related services or items are overpriced, the money going into the pockets of R2Games is clearly not used to better the game nor it’s servers by any substantial amount.

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Topic: Wartune / some freaking character in chinese server

Originally posted by Dohickey:

on the chinese servers, for the cost of 17USD, they can buy 90000 to 100000 balens =P

Ah, well whatever then, consider that an addition to my list of complaints against R2Games, I hardly expect them to let us buy that many balens for that cheap, but if they moved in that direction, even I might reconsider my very extreme desire to not support R2Games.

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Topic: Wartune / some freaking character in chinese server

Those posted player images on the first page of this thread could probably have bought a small (there are some houses that only sell for 10-20 thousand dollars with like 750-1200 sq. feet.) house, or two, and rented them out and made more money, with the amount that they spent on their characters. (Especially since the prices of items on the Chinese servers are apparently higher than our prices, if that’s even believable.)

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Topic: Wartune / Weekly Maintenance for 01/16 - 01/17

I can’t really help an inner chuckle.

R2Games, caring about grammatical errors, for any reason?

In fact they seem to get a greater kick out of it when it affect lower-cashing players. (They only try and move hell and high water for major-cashers.)

Good ol’ Crystal Saga shows you how R2Games really works, especially as their period of hosting a game lengthens.

Personal opinion; they should leave the grammar the way it is to avoid looking like more of hypocrites than they already are, they never fix other grammar errors that get pointed out. (Plus, if you keep VIP activated long enough, you automatically get level 9, the fact that it actually stated “activate a 1-month vip and automatically achieve vip 2” is translated as “achieve vip 2 on activation of vip 1” the word “automatically” in this context = immediately unless R2Games was being redundant, since we know it comes ‘automatically’ given enough time [and that violates accepted interpretation], which isn’t grammatical.)

And as a general rule the customer is always right, remember that? The majority of people correctly took the usage of automatically to pertain in grammatical context to the referenced action of activation and receive it immediately, they incorrectly assumed R2Games thought they weren’t stupid.

You shouldn’t rage-bash paying players for interpreting something literally due to redundancy, R2Games said it, people paid, I believe R2Games needs to credit these people a level-up in their VIP #.

If I say “Do this and I’ll give you your allowance”, when you know you’re getting your allowance anyway (just not immediately), you correctly take the promise to mean immediately. Because why would someone repeat something you already know in such a potentially confusing manner? (Unless they take you for an idiot, but if R2Games is doing that, why pay for game services when the people providing them think you’re stupid? That’s like endorsing their behavior.)

In fact purchasing services from R2Games when Wartune has many issues for which R2Games is at fault is encouraging them to cause more issues and leave the current ones unfixed.

If you want to pay money for an online game, go ahead, it’s your money. But please don’t pay money to a game company that breaks things, if you don’t, it’ll probably encourage them to stop breaking and start fixing, and then you pay money, to encourage them to continue fixing.

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Topic: Wartune / [Activity] Wartune Hall of Fame

I imagine this thread will be the greatest step in the war on terror.

When an obscure game-event can turn genocidal terrorists into hard-core pacifists, you know something’s messed up.

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Topic: Wartune / Another: be online and pay to be awesome game

The issue is not anger at players with income from those without it, this reflexive accusation of “QQ, you mad bro?” is what sickens me, and makes me want to puke.

To surmise the issue, it’s one of comparison, we feel that this game is second, or even third-rate compared to other pay-to-play/pay-for-item/purchase games out there that have had a lot more time and effort placed into them for a greater result.

We know that R2Games has a long history of cheating their players in various ways, such as lack of updates, overpricing basic items that result in you spending a freakish amount of money, not for a game, but for an upgrade to a single item. (This is especially true of Crystal Saga, where some upgrades run into the hundreds of dollars.) or just the lack of updates that other versions are hosting. (Like the Chinese servers.)

R2Games also a large amount of circumstantial (because they are too busy breaking copyrights to show us their source code to prove it <because they don’t want people stealing from them, among other things, ironically.>) evidence that they weigh “random” odds in their favor.

These things justify a natural dumb-founded-mental-gag at highway robbery. (I’m sure you’ve all asked if people who fall that are really that stupid.)

The major issue is not that a company seeks to make money off their game, but how they do it, are they open and aboveboard with their players, does a free player have the same capability (or close enough.) as a paying player? (Can any player with no more than monthly VIP can get to KE’s level and beat him in a honest [no throwing of the duel to any degree.] start-from-scratch 1v1 duel?)

Games should not provide items that boost player power (or only marginally boost.) for cash, if they have to make money from other things than ads, then turn to a pay-to-play format, seriously. (Or introduce “fashion” items, that’s a pay-for-pixel thing that really confuses me, but everyone likes it.)