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Topic: Serious Discussion / what if the nazis won world war 2

Originally posted by TheSituation:
Originally posted by Mattstephen6:

Yes but Im just saying, America is not an inpenertable fortress. No country is or ever has been (well maybe Britian in the 1800’s) Their is a possibility that Japan could have won.

im not trying to boast or anything, and your right it isnt AN inpenetrable fortress, but its pretty hard to actually win against us, i mean our economy is collapsing and 9/11 happened and all that, but we still are the strongest in the world, so thats pretty good. technology is advanced also, wait hang on … back then japan had no way of wining. if we didnt bomb them, we still would have won,….. their country holds a lot of people but even know i think we would crush them… and pearl harbor, that was messed up the only reason they attacked it was because the mainland was so far away and it was the easiest to attack, but it didnt hurt us all that much it just made us mad at japan, it did hurt us but it wasnt the only place to, you know station planes and boats and such and im going on about random stuff cuz im adhd and i suck at this