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Topic: Crystal Saga / [Activity] You ‘Like’ us! You really ‘Like’ us!

Thanks you :D

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Topic: General Gaming / Glitch with new medals

Originally posted by SicMirx:

Yeah, you would have had to load up one of the games on the Phyrexian list, though why you’d want to join them? Who knows.

\o/ Team Mirran!

This Is Mirran !

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Topic: Kongregate / Join the Mirrans

Originally posted by SicMirx:

Join now.

Will you allow the Phyrexian scourge to sweep across our great land and taint it? Our last bastion, our great land of Mirrodin is in peril against this new and terrible foe. I say we stand up and push back these incorrigible foes away from our home and hope. What will stop them from further torment and destruction if we do not? We cannot allow them to win. We cannot allow them to proceed. Most certainly we cannot allow them to flee.

We will win, we will live, and we will retain our home!



Topic: Serious Discussion / Interesting read on Islamic behavior by percent of population

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Topic: Off-topic / Lets pretend where 5 year olds

Where Number 4

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DarkOrbit] (Rant to Darkorbit chatmods)No Reason Chat Ban