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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Illogical Thing

Originally posted by TioPipa:

I don´t know if anyone else have noticed about a very illogical thing (IMO). A warlock can be frozen meanwhile he is using the flame armor. Fire it´s not supposed to melt ice? If you are wrapped in flames you are not supposed to be affected by ice.

Does anyone else have the same opinion?

It’s a kind of magic…

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Arena Quests - Tactics, Strategies, Tips

Thanks riko, I’ll edit my post when I get the time. Life gets in the way :P

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Arena Quests - Tactics, Strategies, Tips

Originally posted by McClintick:

Is it possible to finish any arenas quest that’s offers a epic or legendary hero reward with a maxed rare party? I know some cant but can any?

Yes, it is possible.
In my experience, a lvl80 rare is about on par stats-wise with a lvl59 epic. And has ~4 levels higher skills than that lvl59 epic.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Arena Quests - Tactics, Strategies, Tips

I’m thinking of trying with a ranged unit next time. Huntress maybe. Skirmisher, perhaps. Will see.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Arena Quests - Tactics, Strategies, Tips

Thanks for the insight, Debomb!

…any tips on the lone champ?

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Tavern Statistics

I will show my recorded statistics of hires through tavern here, and will update occasionally.
Tavern is at lvl10 (current max), all available heroes are unlocked.
I am not recording levels of hires.

Your additions, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Total hired to date:567
Rares: 56 (9.88%)
Class high count: Gnoll Brute 37, Gladiator 34
Class low count: Ghoul 16, Ogre 19

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Arena Quests - Tactics, Strategies, Tips

Reserved. Will delete if needed.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Arena Quests - Tactics, Strategies, Tips

I hope this thread will become a helpful source of information for those of us who want to have a strong party but are unwilling or unable to spend much (if any) real life money and depend on quests to get decent heroes and/or sacrifice fodder.

For now, I will just throw in what worked for me and what I can remember, and as more information comes in, I will add it.

I welcome any feedback, suggestions and additions (hint hint).

Righteous test – ? rounds
Enemies: Paladin
Time: ?
Bonus: ?
Top Reward: Legendary paladin
Requirements: lvl 8+ heroes?

Suggested team setup: 1-2* tank, 2-3* high DPS ranged heroes (or 1*disabler, rest DPS), 1* sorceress (or regenerating tanks w/o sorceress).
Paladins have relatively low DPS, so this quest is one of the easier ones. If you manage to kill them relatively quickly before many of them buff dmg, you are home free.

Suggested equipment: HP+ for tanks, DMG+ for ranged, SKILL+ for sorc
Potions: HP+ DMG+

Verified setup:
- Epic valk59 (hp40), frost59 (dmg25), huntress59 (crit25), rare valk80 (hp40), common sorc10 (skill3)
- Epic gnoll54, assassin50, valk52, paladin42, huntress42

Lone Champion – 45 rounds
Enemies: Gladiator
Time: ?
Bonus: ?
Top Reward: ?
Requirements: one hero only

Suggested team setup: Anything that can one-hit gladiators (~15k HP), or a high regen tank (or high-skill disabler/stun/knockdown and a lot of praying with a lot of dying) .
Lvl59 myth berz ~40k HP is insufficient, HP+ (40% equip, 100% + 50% pots) got to stage 31 and DMG+ (25% equip, 50% + 20% pots) to stage 32.

Suggested equipment: DMG+ HP+
Potions: DMG+ HP+

Verified setup: n/a

Warrior Sisters – 90 rounds
Enemies: Valkyrie, Huntress, Rogue, Assassin
Time: 3 days
Bonus: Exp +60%
Top Reward: Epic valkyrie
Requirements: at least one female hero

Suggested team setup: 1-2 ranged, 3-4 tanks. Valkyrie or two for ranged reflect, other tanks. Frostmage is good, as is Sorceress with HP tanks.
Your ranged units will die.

Suggested equipment: HP+
Potions: HP+ EXP+

Verified setup: epic valk59, frost59, huntress59, rare valk 80; no potions.

Death from Afar – 90 rounds
Enemies: Huntress, gnoll marksman, skirmisher
Time: 3 days
Bonus: Exp +50%
Top Reward: Epic huntress
Requirements: Ranged heroes only

Suggested team setup: Ranged. Huntress has the most range, so the shorter-ranged team members will draw aggro, effectively acting as tanks.

Suggested equipment: HP+ for aggros, DMG+ or CRIT+ for huntresses
Potions: EXP+ HP+ DMG+ CRIT+

Verified setup: Legendary huntress39, epic huntress59, frost59, skirmisher59, warlock40. Both huntresses survived. Last stage enemy strength rating: Average.

Chilling Menace – 125 rounds
Enemies: Frostmage
Time: 4 days
Bonus: Gold +120%
Top Reward: Mythical frostmage (legendary frostmage @ stage 110)
Requirements: “At least three warm bodies…”

Suggested team setup: Any, healer recommended (protect her!). Valkyrie helps a bit, too. I first failed at stage 74(!) with “idle battling”. Properly timed skills, sorceress, and luck got me to 92 and just pure luck after that (currently at stage 103). Team: Myth berz59; epic frost59, huntress59; rare valk80, sorc43

Suggested equipment: DMG+, HP+, CRIT+
Potions: same as equip

Verified setup: n/a

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / ranged attacks miss way too much

You can see misses, especially on enemy death animations slo-mo. The projectiles just fly by the enemies.

I use three ranged and two melee, so there’s a lot of fire to go around. My estimate of misses is around 10-15% and it doesn’t bother me overmuch. Of course, if you have only one ranged attacker, then it becomes more noticeable and probably more acutely felt…

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Valkyrie: Protective Shout - Does it Stack?

debomb: I use two valks simply because I have nothing much better, but I gear them with +HP items. Works quite nicely, if I may say so.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / It would be nice to have an official explanation on Soul Rest Scrolls...

Probably not so simple, as each time the items levels, it is subject to some randomness. I’m not sure how deep this mechanic runs, but it could mean a lot of reprogging for a relatively “simple” change.
However, it seems that Lut is working on the soul-infused items, as the latest change attests:

“- when you stat transfer an item to a soul-infused item, the resultant item will remain soul-infused
- level 80 soul-infused items can be stat transferred to any design of the same type”

Good start if you ask me. Not that this explanation is foolproof either.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Chaos Arena!


Leave it to players to explain the game mechanics :P

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Chaos Arena!

Originally posted by janusmccarthy:

Oh ffs people, are you just kinda…thick?

It’s a rating system akin to chess:

If you and your opponent have the same honor or nearly so, then you’ll win/lose roughly an equal amount of honor points (this actually changes the higher up you go, losses against equal level opponents go up as you increase, and rewards go down)

This is not a true rating system. There are “gimme” matches with a dedalord generated party (those are the level 7-15 parties you see) that are just there so that people can climb the ratings ladder and get ratings ladder prizes.

If your opponent has less honor than you, then you’ll lose more points.
If your opponent has more honor than you, then you’ll lose less points.

As you progress higher, any loss will knock you down farther and wins will lift you up slower, the idea is in theory meant to keep you in a 1-300 range of honor points that approximates an actual rating, for example, at a particular difficulty, if you fight 5 and lose one, fairly consistently, you’ll stick around the same rating.

My suggestion is, if you just want to get to 5k rating, then skip fights against opponents who are actually strong.(that is, REAL player’s teams) and just fight the gimmies.

Not so sure, janus. Quite a few of those “gimmies” (nice expression, btw) that I fought against came back in a revenge match. And it still doesn’t explain the wild fluctuations of the points – except if the match-ups really are randomly assigned, independent of the amount of honor the attacker has.

…just wanted to put it out there and see if we get a reaction from deadalord… I know, it was stupid of me.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Chaos Arena!

Originally posted by Pyrofou:

I had the same question… and you can add the meaning of the so-called raid protection in the treasury. With a lvl 7 treasury like mine, I have a raid protection of 65… Dafuq does that mean ?

Edit : in the FAQ thread, I found the answer of the 1st question :

What happens when I lose at Duel mode?
A defeat on a Duel will cause you to lose Honor. The amount of Honor lost depends of the Honor of your opponent. If you are defeated by someone with much higher Honor than you, your loss will be smaller.

Yes, yes… sounds nice; logical, even. Only I call total bullshit.
Unless Dedalord mean to say that arena match-up is totally random, independent of how much honor people have?
When I was battling to the 5k mark, I could see a few players ahead of me on the scale (meaning they had more honor). Inevitably, I battled them on my way up.

I am now sitting at 5k honor and still see all kinds of weird stuff. So, yeah, it’s possible I’m being matched against people with (much) less honor. That begs the next question: how are the match-ups determined?
“Don’t believe anything you read, only half of what you see, and you won’t be wrong too often.”

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Chaos Arena!

Originally posted by Bob10110:

Would be nice to see the opponent’s total honor amounts, I’m pretty sure it’s based entirely off of that and not of whatever they have in the party at that moment. =P

It’s definitely not based off of the party.
All these teams were/are in the 4800+ range. It does seem that I get fewer win points the more I have, but still, why the huge inconsistency?

Why make it so obscure and incomprehensible? Why not assign, say, 100 points to each opponent and distribute those between win and loss?

This is so frustrating. I was so stoked during beta, was excited about the game and it’s potential, and now I feel we’re being just ignored. There is virtually NO communication other than the occasional “lots of bugfixes”. Dedalord have a lot to learn.

Example: “The Gate” – pretty much every single comment gets answered. I may not like the answers, they may not be very helpful either, but they are there!

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Chaos Arena!

I’ve been looking into the Arena point system and I can’t figure it out. See for yourselves:

Weak opponent:
Makes sense… sort of.

Much lower penalty for losing AND higher reward for winning, even though the team is weaker that the previous one. Why?

Strong opponent:
Now it’s getting interesting. Why do I get so few points for defeating a much stronger opponent? Well, at least I don’t get penalized too harshly for losing… right?


And for the sake of completeness, a “medium-strength” opponent:

I just can’t seem to find any logic in this.

Your thoughts?

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Latest changes (04/01/2015)

Originally posted by hidendra19:

any tips for making your heroes rise its rarety??

Nope. That option is no longer available and with the changes in the past weeks it seems that it never again will be. Requiescat in pace, evolution.

This still pops up from time to time (sadly, it’s the last trace of evolution in the game; even though it more likely refers to uncapping than evolution…):

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Lastest changes (04/08/2015)

Cap at lvl59 requires four lvl19 heroes of the same quality as the capped one.

E.g. lvl59 epic needs four lvl19 epics to uncap. So just this one uncap costs you four epics AND four rares (to get the epics past lvl9 cap)… plus the summon and sacrifice costs in gold.

I’m trying to compile all the requirements for uncapping epic and better heroes just to see the full cost of leveling one higher rarity hero. If anyone makes it before I do, please make a Google spreadsheet and post the link here, willya? :P

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Not so Random Hero purchases

Pretty balanced mix here. I don’t have all heroes unlocked so I’m not keeping records… yet.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Latest changes (04/01/2015)

Originally posted by Kaithan4:
Originally posted by eijiwolf:
Originally posted by MGrid:

Stupid Valkyries are still overpowered. My team commits suicide against 1 level 30 valk many a time. This game is rigged I tell ya!

Heh. Well, i have two valks in my team and they are not always that useful.

soooo if they are not overpowered, why again do you have two of them in your team? ^^

I have two valks because one is among the only three acceptably-leveled epics I have (and ALL of them are in my team), and the other is there to complement. The high armor helps them survive when drawing aggro while my ranged units provide the DPS. I could use a paladin or demon but they are geared more toward DPS than valks, and I have DPS on my rangers. Just a team setup that I use.
Against valkyries I toss the ranged. Yes, they are dangerous, and yes, they seem overpowered when against ranged units. But once I lose my DPS ranged units, the valks are simply not up to snuff. Their armor doesn’t compensate for the crappy damage and they die in a drawn-out battle. Guaranteed.

If I only wanted melee heroes in my team, I’d toss the valkyries, and go fo full-gnoll team for epic DPS and multiple stuns.
If we had more room in barracks (among other things), it would be easier to juggle multiple teams and experiment with different combinations. As it stands, this is not an option.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / Soul Infused Gear should reset when you Rebirth...

Great work, keep it up! Have to say, this is the best f2p game I’ve played in a long time. Very long time.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Latest changes (04/01/2015)

Originally posted by MGrid:

Stupid Valkyries are still overpowered. My team commits suicide against 1 level 30 valk many a time. This game is rigged I tell ya!

Heh. Well, i have two valks in my team and they are not always that useful. Their damage sucks balls to be honest, and my PvP suffers from it (or maybe I just suck at teambuilding). If you need to go against valks, use fewer ranged units I’d say.
That, again, hits a wall with only 27 places being available in max upgraded Barracks. This few places are simply insufficient if you want to have several full-blooded teams, heroes in progress, and sacrifice feeders.

Game rating in my view currently:
Concept 4/5*
Potential 5/5*
Execution 2/5*
Communication 1/5*
Lots of issues are still unresolved/unfinished. Perhaps the devs would do well to sell the game off to someone who can bring business savvy instead of just technical expertise…

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / the end

Originally posted by Simyran:

so there was some evolving system? star evolving?

Yes, the system was in place during beta, for several weeks, with several changes. The last version required a number of sacrifices to be made/fed to the hero you wanted to evolve. Starting at 10 to get from common to rare, and ending with 800 to get to legendary if I remember correctly. The system was never really finished fully (if you already had a lvl80 hero, you could not sacrifice to him any more, thus being unable to evolve him further…) and was finally scrapped with a vague promise to bring it back in a modified state… which has not happened yet, and no word on it since.

So, since the end of evolution I log on once or twice a day at most, play some story mission battles, feed some exp to my heroes, do a few quest runs if possible, and that’s it. Definitely not a game for prolonged play. Oh and, of course, no money spent on it until it’s worthwhile… if it ever happens.
My time and money now go into Straw Hat Samurai Duels (in beta on Kong, live already on Armorgames and fakebook).
Too bad, I still believe this game has huge potential… but, sadly, hugely wasted.

Don’t hold your breath.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Gem comfirmation

Originally posted by Malakaj:

There’s no question about it!
Now it looks like icons which player is using with his “muscle memory” are temporary replaced by application to trick him into spending money on things he doesn’t want to.
It looks shady as it is now.

Agree. The “enter/look” icon has places swapped with the “upgrade” icon when an upgrade is in progress. Is this really accidental?

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Suggestions

Originally posted by giulio34:

1.a new building that is very similar to the altar of sacrifice where you sacrifice 3 of the same hero same rarity to make its rarity higher.
2.make the game less P2W how?…you can transform 10000 or even higher (or lower) gold to gain gems

Originally posted by ColoredPain:

The other Altar with the rarity system is a very nice idea… (Y)

Yeah… there actually was a system in place for several weeks during beta, it underwent several changes… and then was scrapped completely. It was called “evolution” and required different things, the last version required a certain # of sacrifices to move a hero up a rarity tier. As far as I remember, you needed 10 to move from common to uncommon, 100 to move to rare, 400 to epic, and 800 to legendary. But the sacrifice system was not geared towards it – level caps, and often people hit max level of hero and couldn’t sacrifice any more. I once suggested offering sacrifice options – sacrifice for exp/soul/both – with corresponding cost differences.Well, it’s all gone now.

For more info, check the forum thread “It’s lonely at the top”, and two of the most +ed comments in the Comments tab.