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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Special mission: Fast upgrades strategy

Worked perfectly!
You sir, are definitely full of far more awesome then I.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Is the game now to difficult?

Originally posted by OmegaDoom:

i honestly haven’t seen that happen yet. i still swear by a Sniper to kill the crew.

Well, I’ve never seen a mortar blow up a bunker before, doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

that requires an officer. i’ve never got far enough into the game for that luxury.

There’s a very easy ribbon to get that gives you a free officer at the start of each battle.
Additionally, officers are a pretty important unit, I’d recommend buying one.

Radar…another luxury.

That’s the way the game works, if you want the benefit of a large squad, you need to prepare to face the consequences.


I apologize, I’ve been trying other strategies and haven’t bought one lately.

yeah, that works for infantry, so long as they all survive. but then, that’s already 6 guys, and no Medic, so the next thing would have to be Camonets. and you have to not get an extra guy.

Yes, I would say camnets and a medic would come after that, but that’s still only round 20(ish), you don’t need any serious AT until ~wave 30-40

ah, right. Mines don’t add to the count. …this game really requires a formula to be able to play it. so really, it’s an endless trial nad effort till you happen to stumble on the right formula. there you go, problem defined.

Well, duh, did you expect to be able to win without learning how to play first?
And you don’t “stumble” on it, it’s common sense.

i get Flaks, Paks or Mortars way before i have such firepower every time.

also, the in game tips insist i don’t put my guys in Bunkers. those are troll tips then?

The last two games I played, I got a Flak38 on wave 2 both times, I made it past wave 30 both times.
AND, that was while I was trying out a strategy where my only AT came from rifle grenades, which turned out to be a failure.
So, really, if I, who is certainly not a great MnB2 player by any means, got a Flak on wave 2 and survived well past wave 30, WHILE trying a strategy that was an utter failure, it shouldn’t be that hard to work around it.

yes, unfortunately the selection of “right strategies” is incredibly thin.

These are just MY strategies, I’m sure that others have plenty more that work just as well if not, for many of them, better.

I’ll let Brutane reply to the rest.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Is the game now to difficult?

Originally posted by OmegaDoom:

and then they throw a PAK, Mortar or Goliath at you and it’s game over. or it gets destroyed by FF. or you pick up a crate with an extra soldier and you got 7 guys and they take you out with artillery. or the extra soldier is a flamethrower that sets everything on fire by chainreaction.

A bunker+gunner can take out a PAK, Mortar or Goliath in most situations, as for the extra guy from a crate, that’s where force retreat comes in handy, of course, since your in a bunker just above the center line, your chances of getting hit by enemy support powers are very low anyway.

oh lol, is that what missiles look like? looks like a plane to me. anyway, that then. took out my mob HQ twice then. i stopped trying with those.

Those are V1’s, you can counter them with a Radar and a Signaler, or just stay under the 6 man limit.

so how do you save up for a Tank or even an AT if you get overrun by infantry due to lack of firepower? not that that it matters if your AT destroys your own Bunker anyway.

AT is only 6tp, and Tanks are a late game unit that you buy when your defense is already set up.
Besides, 4 Average Joes, plus a Gunner, plus an Enginner is more then enough firepower to wipe out infantry, atleast until you get your defenses going.

without a Bunker Flak will kill you. without a Camnet extra soldiers will kill you. besides, 6 is a very steep limit. aside from Engineer that’s just one more guy, probably a Gunner, unless you suicide your soldiers. so how does that deal with Mortar, Opels, Infiltrators and Motorcycles?

Bunkers are necessary, yes, however camnets can wait until you get extra TP, until then, just stay under the six man limit, your bunker will protect you from Mortars, Opels get gunned down by your gunner, your engineer can lay mines and barbed wire on the sides of the field to protect you from bikes and infiltrators.

they keep rushing me down whenever i have no Gunner. i mean i have been lucky once where i had a Bar armed guy with 100 exp and a Ranger that reached 100 exp just after the Bar guy died, which seemed to do the job. but there’s so much luck required to get passed the first 30 or so waves.

Of course, never said that playing without a gunner was an effective strategy, just that it was a possible one.

seems to be the only thing that works. hand Grenades lack the range and the accuracy, and Rifle Grenades lack ROF and accuracy. Spec Ops against such weapons is suicide. in fact, suiciding Frenchies seems the only reliable way to do it.

Enough small arms fire will bring them down, after a while, Spec Ops own them, Rifle grenades can be fired from the safety of a bunker, hand grenades are the holy grail against weapons such as these.
In fact, if you just stuff your guys into a bunker you can usually take it out with Rifle Grenades before it even gets into firing range.

two mines don’t stop Bikes unless you have a glass ball. and sending an Engineer that far ahead is potential suicide as well.

If you have a bunker center-center, with an engi in it, you should have more then enough time to move him out to place mines in front of the bike, or just place a minefield on either side of your bunker, with some barbed wire in front of it to stop both bikes and infiltrators, atleast for a while, until you get your actual defense going.

that is very vulnerable to friendly fire, putting five guys in there is also suicide, one missile, Flamethrower, Pak or FF hit and it’s game over. i used to do that with just one Gunner , but he never survives and is impossible to replace that far north. of course, moving all the way to the top of the screen kinda works, but that’s clearly cheating.

IF it get’s hit, yes, your going to have some issues, but with 5 guys in it, you should be able to kill flamethrowers and Paks before they can hit it, V1’s won’t hit unless you have over 6 guys and friendly fire won’t hit it, as long as you make sure to use AT guns and take advantage of the fact that they won’t fire if they’re too close.
And hopefully, by the time it gets hit, you’ll have a strong enough secondary line to last while you get another one up.

Basically, it’s impossible to make a full-proof defense in this game, sooner or later, your going to get annihilated, however, by knowing how to start and what strategy to use, you can oftentimes make it pretty far into the game.
Of course we’re all going to have games where we get screwed over within thirty seconds of starting, and nothing can be done about that, it’s what makes this game unfair, random and brutal.
With that said, using the right strategies can really make a huge difference in your chances of surviving.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Is the game now to difficult?

Originally posted by OmegaDoom:

^isn’t that a Mechanic? Engineer is needed to build, like, Bunkers and/or Pillbox and such, which seems an absolute necessity.

Good lord, I’m an idiot, yes, your right, Sorry about that.
Anyways, engineers are rather important, however vehicles can provide cover for your men as well, along with any natural cover you find, so not absolutely essential.

seems like grenade destroys them.

Only a direct hit, if a grenade lands anywhere else it negates fragmentation damage.

once you have had the time to prepare such.

You can prepare a pretty good defense in less then 10 turns.
TP after 10 turns = 15
Engineer = 4tp
Bunker = 5tp
Gunner= 6tp
Total = 15tp

then you can’t have played the game recently. i’ve had several targeted attacks of airplanes crashing into my units for a one hit kill. Jeeps, structures, Spec Ops, Half Tracks, nothing’s safe from them. in fact i’d just upgraded to Mobile HQ and poof, from full HP to gone, without warning.

Wait, these “Kamikaze Planes”, don’t happen to look like this:
Do they?

Engineer, Camonet, Bunker is already 14 TP not spent on firepower (though actually, the Engineer has great firepower). well over half the time you don’t get the chance to set this up. especially when your Engineer dies, or your Bunkers is destroyed by FF or PAK or Mortar or… plus, some Grenadiers have really strong throwing arms.

How many TP do you really spend on straight up firepower anyways?
Most of your TP’s will likely go in setting up defenses, you don’t need that much for firepower.
In addition, An enginer, bunker and camnet is most certainly not a waste of TP’s and doesn’t need to be used near the beginning of the game, you can wait until you have some TP’s to spare before you build one.

it takes forever to get your 5 TP back, and you can’t keep the points if it’s destroyed. i build one right on top of a pillbox, it still got destroyed way before i got my 5 TP back by a missile.

Really?, it should only take ~20 turns.
Additionally, you have a chance of making an extra 20 free TP before wave 100.
That’s basically a free tank.

they don’t seem nearly as effective as a Gunner, nor survive as long.

Fifties should be treated as full-auto snipers, they are high damage and accurate, but die easy and don’t pin.
Gunners are the exact opposite, really, you would want one of both, a gunner to pin, and a fifty to pick em off.

for their 3 second life-span, and an accuracy of nothing.

Mortars should be placed in the back behind a palisade, where they can survive, additionally, they put enough ordnance down range that they have a very good chance of killing something, even if they aren’t accurate.

still require him to walk all the way from one side to the other, and it stands still to shoot more often than it moves. haven’t got it to work yet.

Just use hold-fire on him constantly, it’s free, so why not?

it’s the suppressive power of the Gunner that you can’t do without. but yeah, Spec Op is great.

Grease guns suppress pretty well, and the Carbine has the same targeting pattern as the gunner.

what about Crewman (PAK/Flak/Mortar) or Drivers? anyway, in early game, Snipers seem to make all the difference, if only because they don’t die all the time.

Snipers shouldn’t really be used against Crewman, they’re considered a low priority target, and can block the snipers fire. grenades from the aforementioned spec Ops are a much better option, or a mine or two to stop bikes.

thanks for the tips, but i just keep getting killed by stielhandgrenades, early armor or heavy weapons, and friendly fire.

Well, there are alot of ways around that, your best bet in almost any situation is to rush a bunker at the top half of the screen and shove 5 guys into it. Basically that means that almost all enemy fire will be directed at your nearly invulnerable bunker.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Whats better halftrack or tank?

Originally posted by Brutalized:

Actually, I think someone a while back mentioned that the passives on the HQ were broken. (Ex, V1s came w/o warning, and the antenna’s affect is minimal anyways.). And the sheer cost of the HQ on average should offset the benefits of the extra TP.

I find the Quad fifty to be a better investment due to the new 222, and the faster you kill those, the better off you are. And the extra fifty cal bullets aren’t bad for opels/sdkfzs/bikes either.

The fifty IS better until you lose the gunner, and that will ALWAYS happen at the worst possible time, murphy’s law says so.
I don’t mind giving up a bit of effectiveness in exchange for a little security.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Whats better halftrack or tank?

I like using the Halftrack with Field HQ, It basically provides a bunch of passive bonuses that while they don’t actively contribute THAT much, can definitely help, however the main reason why I choose to use the Halftrack with the HQ upgrade, is because for whatever reason, the gunner can’t be shot out, or at least, in all of the times I’ve used him he never has been, I’ve gotten messages saying “Fragmentation Killed the Gunner” or something like that, but he stays alive (and, yes, he does still shoot), and the HT keeps moving.

I absolutely despise using tanks, simply because of the friendly fire, for that matter, I don’t really like to use HT’s either, however, the HT can’t kill itself and manages to keep a fairly competent gunner position, with a good bit of armor, so it’s not bad.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Is the game now to difficult?

Originally posted by OmegaDoom:

oh and yes, this game has been completely fucked up. bazooka is useless, grenades are way OP,

Use sandbags, they block fragmentation.

early game is a freaking game of pure chance,

While MnB2 has a lot of randomization in it, and alot of the game is left up to pure chance, you can certainly help your chances with a well-prepared defense.
kamikazi airstrikes are fucking insane,

What exactly do you mean "Kamikaze airstrikes?, as far as I know, no such thing exists.

camo nets are completely useless because evey enemy grenade will cost you 5 TP which is just game-over.

Place the camo nets in the back, out of grenade range, as for other explosives make sure they focus on your bunker.

there’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s just completely useless, like HQ, .50 platform, mortar, crewmembers (never survive), while it seems impossible to do without a gunner, a sniper and an engineer.

HQ is one of the only ways to reliably get extra TP, which can make a huge difference later in the game, the .50 Platform is arguably one of the fastest and most reliable ways of killing infantry and light vehicles from a distance, mortars aren’t the most useful unit, but they basically equate to a grenade landing somewhere on the enemies side every 5 seconds, and finally, crew-members should have no problems surviving because your vehicle should be either A) Mobile, or if it’s stationery, B) Near the back.

seriously, there’s a lot of effort that went into this game, but all i see is a game that’s completely out of whack.

Gunners are rather important, yes, but necessary?, not really, a Spec Ops kills infantry just as well and his grenades wreak havoc on the enemy team. Snipers are important but not necessary, a good scout with a Garand/Carbine can take care of infiltrators just as well, and also show the wave count, which is pretty handy when setting up a large defense.
The engineer IS, in fact necessary if your using a large number of vehicles, but that makes sense, because he’s one of only three “Healing Units”, and those are absolutely necessary in any game you look at.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Mud and Blood 3 Masterthread

Originally posted by kingcobra605:

Since I now know that medics dont use weapons, I was thinking of the officer, I would like to see that they would be able to upgrade them with weapons like gernades or the BAR ect. I would like to give better guns to the officers too. The idea of being able to pick up enemy guns and use them seems like a cool idea too.

As far as picking up enemy guns and using them, I doubt it.
However it would make sense for an officer to carry a larger weapon, seeing as how any that went to the frontlines would have been armed with atleast a standard issue rifle, if not something better.

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't Load Games Or Connect to Chat?


Well, seems the problem was not in fact with Kongregate but rather a flash instability.
updated my Flash web-plugin and all is fine now.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mud & Blood 2] Official Bug Reports Thread

Originally posted by Rejhain:

I have worked my way up to Lt. Colonel/Colonel twice now and it resets me at the start of the game. I do not delete cookies and I do not mess with the date…I really love this game but I can’t stand it when I have played for hours and hours only to be back at the start of the game with no ribbons and no hope of progression.

Is flash storage set to unlimited?
Are you absolute sure that there are no settings set to delete or disable cookies?
are you running any “PC Cleaner” programs?

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't Load Games Or Connect to Chat?

I apologize if this was asked previously, or is simply common knowledge.
However it seems as though I am unable to load any games, or connect to the chat, all other services are, from what I have seen, working fine.
However, I’m left with a simple blank screen when I try to load a game, and the chat box is permanently stuck on “Game Info Loaded”

I disabled my add-ons, tried a different web-browser, restarted my network, started FF in safe mode, basically did everything I know how to do to try and fix it. To no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Mud and Blood 3 Masterthread

Originally posted by Colonel_Saizen:

Hey guys… just some ideas on weapons.

American Weapons:
Pretty much the same, few minor changes, such as light tanks (M3 Stuart), and tank destroyers (less health than tank, same damage, cost less, e.g M36).

German Weapons: Same as MnB II, but with light tanks (Panzer III Ausf E with 3.7cm KwK), and Marder III tank destroyer. Also add a MG42 machine gun emplacement. Sarge gets a MP40. He also yells in German.

British Weapons:
Interesting. I’m thinking:
Soldier: Lee-Enfield
Officer: Browning HP/M1911
Engineer: Sten SMG
Flamethrower: Flamethrower, Portable, No.2
Signaller: Lee-Enfield
Bazooka: Bazooka :P
Jeep: Willys with a Besa machine gun
Spec-Ops: Silenced Welrod/De Lisle carbine
Scout: Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine
Gunner: Bren
Sniper: Scoped Lee-Enfield/M1903 Springfield
Mortar man: Ordnance ML 3 inch Mortar
Light Tank: Mark VII Tetrarch
Medium Tank: Sherman Firefly
Tank Destroyer: Carrier Valentine 25-pdr Mk 1 Bishop
Airborne: Lee-Enfield, Jungle Carbine, Sten, M1 Garand (lend-lease)
AA gun: 20mm dual mount Oerlikon
AT gun: BL 4.5 inch Medium Field Gun
MG emplacement: 15mm BESA
Mechanic: Browning HP
Crewman: Browning HP
Multiple Rocket Launcher: Land Mattress
Sarge: Same amount of Badass, but with a Sten gun and pineapple grenades.
Halftrack: M2 (lend-lease)
Quad MG halftrack: use 15mm BESA
AT halftrack: Ordnance QF 17 pounder
Tank MG: 7.92 BESA

(btw can the medics be armed like this?
American: M1911
German: Luger P08/C96
British: Browning HP
Soviet: TT-30
Japanese: Nambu Type 14)

That took a while. I will post my ideas for the Soviet and Japanese weapons soon, if I get any replies.

That’s pretty good actually.
I can’t see any problems whatsoever with that list, you know your stuff.

Originally posted by kingcobra605:

I would like to see a medic that can use other weapons other than a pistol.

Medic can’t use a pistol anyways.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / sdkfz 222 on first round

Fair enough.

Originally posted by Brutalized:
Originally posted by Hecter94:

You, Are, Bee

I will be stealing this quote from now on.

Fair enough.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / enemy superiority?

No, American units are GOING to be better then Nazi units, until you hit like wave 80 or something.
It’s the sheer number of Nazi troops that eventually overwhelm your forces.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Is the game now to difficult?

Well, as someone who has successfully gotten to wave 100, not once, but TWICE!

I can certainly speak from a position of inferiority.
So, with that said, as with all things, it will always seem to hard directly after a patch, but that’s just until you adjust to the new play-style required, soon enough, it will be, while not easy, but playable again, it just takes practice.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / So brutal, you just have to laugh.

Well, I had three unfair events happen to me in short succession.
Before I begin, I’ll tell you about my deployment, I had an NCO Spec Ops Near the top-left corner, an AT Halftrack Middle right.
Then an NCO Sniper Center-Center. (Both the Spec and the Sniper were heroism’d)
1. My NCO Spec Ops was killed by a SINGLE random Artillery shell landing directly on top of him.
2. My Halftrack was blown up by a Hand Grenade. (Yes, a HAND GRENADE!)
3. My sniper was 2HK’d by a Volkstrum (With bullets, while invisible)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / sdkfz 222 on first round

You, Are, Bee
Unfair, Random And Brutal.
That’s what this game is.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Lol moments

Originally posted by Brutalized:
Originally posted by Hecter94:

That picture always makes me laugh.

Where have you been?! We’ve sent out an Amber Alert for you D:

I’ve been busy with work.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / is AA a vehicle?

For future reference, if it uses “Gun” skill instead of “Rifle” it’s a vehicle.
the opposite is also true.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / lol people get pissed

The day I actually care about what you think will be the day after you realize that no-one actually cares about what you think.
aka: Never.
Also, your wrong.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / wespe blitz

Not “common” however as ALMOST, if not, everything in this game is randomized, entirely possible.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / are the rockets broken?

They are not “broken” per say, but they have been SEVERELY nerfed, I would suggest turning to AT guns for your primary source of AT.
If you MUST use zooks, then have a look at this zook firing guide by Brute.
Along with his very helpful explanation.

“as you can see from these pictures, bazooka rounds tend to explode in rings around the bazooka unit itself. The X on the diagram marks roughly where I stacked all the bazookas in all the games. The vertical red line shows the path of a bazooka round in the air. The horizontal red lines indicate the areas where the bazooka would explode if a target is detected. The blue lines measure how much space is extra onscreen. More on that later.

The first explosion ring (From here on, they will be called Rings of Death :mrgreen:) is at 200 pixels away from the center. This first Ring of Death is the minimum range of the bazooka. In those 10 games, I never had a bazooka fire a round that exploded less than 200 pixels away. If a target is detected while the bazooka is passing through the Ring of Death, the bazooka will explode right there at 200 pixels. If not, the bazooka round will continue flying on.

The second Ring is 125 pixels away from the first Ring, 325 pixels away from the bazooka unit itself. If a target is detected there, it will detonate at 325 pixels. If not, it will continue flying on until it flies another 125 pixels. The third Ring of Death is located at 450 pixels away from the bazooka. And again, if a target is detected, the round will detonate there, if not, it will continue flying.

Now you may have already guessed that there is another 4th line. There is! I just couldn’t show it on the diagram. :cry: As the blue lines indicate, there are 150 pixels of screen left, 100 on the bottom, 50 on the top. The fourth Ring of Death is located at 575 pixels away from the bazooka. Some quick subtraction, knowing the screen’s dimensions (400 width x 600 height) leaves 25 pixels, meaning if a bazooka is placed 25 pixels from the bottom of the screen or less, the fourth Ring of Death will appear on the top (Important to note, these calculations are for vertical height not a diagonal radius. Meaning the 4th Ring will appear even if the bazooka is more than 25 pixels from the bottom, but the rings will only appear near the upper corners)." ~(Brutalized)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / WHAT THE F*CK!

Unfair Random Brutality.
This is a game that will frustrate you, piss you off and make you cry to your momma.
The only thing to do after that, is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again.
It’s the initiation ritual we all went through.
Also, you had 42 waves to prepare for that, so it really isn’t THAT bad.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Lol moments

Originally posted by Brutalized:

/Volk blitz

That picture always makes me laugh.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / The Best Defense and Offense?

I’m sorry, but what is the point of this topic?
I think it got kinda lost in the confusion.
Anyways, the two best strats right now, are Invincible Bunkers, and Flanked Bunkers.
if you’d like to hear more about them, I would suggest checking the wiki.

Invincible Bunkers
Flanked Bunker
And here’s some strategies that employ them.
FieldMarshall’s Guide For Getting Past Wave 200
Brutalized’s Guide on How NOT to Get Brutalized

And well, if you’d like one from me.
Hecter94’s Spec Ops Strategy
Don’t expect much.