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Topic: Epic War Saga / Hacker Report

Weird stats no matter how you look at it

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Immortal Empire]Team Combinations

Im carefully choosing teams that are potentially good when mixed together. I.E using all 5 immortals.

The main purpose of this guide is to show my insight on a good combinations with teams on a 5v5 match and making it difficult for any enemy. (a soloing hero with lvl 35 can easily be beaten by a team coordinated balanced heroes no matter what it is)

Valkyrie – Can deal massive damage in short period of time and has great mobility using her skills, she can also deal an aoe damage increase within her casting range creating a combo with Paladin’s massive AOE skill Godly wrath. In addition, valkyrie can be switched from a mobility for scouting purposes or a supporter cases and a damage dealer based on her ulti. In my suggestion a combination of Battle cry will greatly increase the survivability and desctructive forced by your whole team.

Paladin – Can combo with mostly everyone and his heals makes up for the loss of priestess in the team. Ultimate skill Divine word or Spell immunity differs. Divine Word + Battle cry can create a devastating amount of damage. Although I haven’t tested if battle cry is still in affect if spell immunity is casted(someone look this up pls) if it does then any negative buffs casted on the team will be negated thus creating a whole new advantage. In addition to being a combo with valkyrie, he can also remove buffs from enemies + it damages them. EVERYTHING EXCEPT righteous fire is very good combinations for everything to tank, save, or damage dealer.

Summoner – A MUST HAVE Using the eye can scout area than valkyrie(which is far safer than sending valkyrie even while she has positive buffs) plus his teleport can damage and set up traps. I.E he’s going to be our soloer on our team and goes back to the team when the perimeter is secured using his traps. while he is our soloer, he can send in the eye to make sure his location is safe or confirm that he is safe, if not he can summon golem that could take hits or damages the enemy. In a scenario where he is in dead set in the middle and enemy is focusing on him, your whole team can flank them from behind and set the game winning damages with aoe and buffs on them.

Treant – Our main AOE stunner as well as our tank. With the entangle your whole team can create opportunities whether you want to choose to go for a positive buffs on your team or deal massive damage on the enemy team while they are dead stoned and frozen in their tracks. He can also be our anti-melee hero using boulders and colossal strike. I personally do not think that there should be a lvl up where he needs to be upped with nature’s essence since there’s already a valkyrie and a paladin on the same team.

Dryad – She can be our main supporter mostly because of negative buffs she can provide. stone prison can greatly minimize an enemy team by focusing on their key point character and taking out their weaker character instead. Basically what she can do is stone prison their supporter, and then nuke main problems (damage dealers) with negative buffs. It wouldn’t be bad too if you use pixie dusts on the supporters so they can do anything at all to help the team and basically render them useless. Dryad can be our sneaky fellow where she has stay behind or sneak behind enemy lines.

I have some team combinations with different types of kinds including a 1-man with 4-supporters type of combinations where the key character can just become Hulk and annihalate everybody before they get the chance to do something. It works most of the time but if you placed them in the wrong position you are screwed guaranteed so it’s better to position yourself 1st before go out and hunting.

Well I’ll leave this guide incomplete because I’m still trying out new things and i know that some of you have a say in it so leave a comment and tell me what your opinions are. and as always.

Have fun gaming _

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] Not loading up?

Browser: Firefox

Problem: only sees black box and nothing else :(

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DDTank] How can u tell when u get 2 shots?

Delay time is used for balance. It is also a hidden factor for this game and gives a very very high advantage over the enemy if predicted right/ Backfiring may cause you to lose severe health. Think of it Like a Double-Edge sword

Naturally, Medkit will go first since it clearly has the higher Agility.

Now On the 1st turn (your turn) if you used power-ups and let’s say you used x1 + 50% + 20% on your 1st turn

Those power-ups will accumulate to your delay time.

Now It’s your enemies turn

On his 1st turn he doesn’t use any power-ups. This causes his delay time to be lower than yours giving him a SECOND TURN (skipping the player’s turn) because due to the fact that his DELAY TIME is lower than the yours (which is higher if used on the 1st turn)

Factors that increases Delay time are:
Damage increase
Guide Missile

Basically anything will increase Delay time but some of the power-ups increase your delay time lesser than other ones

It’s just predicting and knowing when the time is right.

Example this time in mathematics: Using on a scale of 1-20

Both of the Players start off with scale of 5 (Don’t ask why just go with it)

Player 1:

  1. turn = x1 + 50% + 20% Delay counts up to 15

Player 2:

  1. Turn = None Delay counts up to 7
    (Now notice how Player 1 delay counts is higher than Player 2’s)
  2. Turn = x1 + 50% + 20% Delay counts up to 17

Player 1:
(Delay count decreases)

  1. Turn = None Delay counts up to 7
    (Now notice how this time Player 2 delay counts is higher than Player 1’s because Player 1’s delay time has been reseted)
  2. Turn = Fly Delay counts up to 9

Player 2:
(Delay count decreases)

  1. Turn = None Delay counts up to 7

Player 1:

  1. Turn = None Delay counts up to 7

Now notice Player 1 on turn #4 didn’t use anything so his delay count didn’t increase as much. Now on Player 1 on turn #5 used fly (Fly doesn’t increase the delay counts as much as attack power-ups)

Player 2 predicting that he will get a double turn will not receive what he wished for and instead it will be Player 1’s turn

Player 1 didn’t get his turned skipped because he used items with lesser Delay Counts. Also there wasn’t any HUGE difference with the delay time so no turns got skipped.

I think that pretty much sums it up but if you still don’t get it PM me


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DDTank] Advice on Fortification

I did it with 3 lvl 5 es stones and pretty much got it on the 1st try. its better to be safe than failing it over and over again which kinda builds it up.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DDTank] Matchmaking

Yep, I should’ve suggested it to the suggestion box but I hope they would take the time to get the idea

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DDTank] I HATE DIGGERS

How to Anti-Digged:
1)Equip Stable pearl in your armor that way you have a chance of no pit = no getting digged.
2)Learn how to tell the DELAY TIME and time it right so you don’t get Fly and digged ( – made by me)
3)Fly as for as possible to either screen or at least far away from him.
4)Don’t ever let them have the opportunity to be positioned at the right side of the screen attacking towards the left. This will cause his x2 + 3in1 to have more effect on digging (im sure you know this by now if you’ve played cthulhu) many diggers will try to use this advantage

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DDTank] Matchmaking

It is true that u can beat a lvl 35 if they DON’T have any items equip on them but what are the odds of it happening? Im just suggesting that there should be a maximum range where the players should and shouldn’t battle with X+(10+ )levels

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DDTank] Matchmaking

Yes that is true but wouldn’t it be better to give at least a little bit of chance?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DDTank] Matchmaking

Hello, This is a true player speaking and have a proposition to make.

I have an owner of lvl 13 and lvl 27 accounts, both of which i played and pretty good at it(Memorizing the angles helps a lot)

But I think that matching a noob character like say a lvl 13 to lvl 25+ is overwhelming, and i think it should be removed but im not neglecting to the idea of having tough fights.

Im asking to lower the tough fights down to lets say 5-7 ranges?

So if its lvl 13 then the tough fight can be initiated at lvl 18 or lvl 20. There should be a matchmaking system where ur current lvl can only battle up to X maximum (maximum could be at 7?) and Y minimum.

The idea of the matchmaking today

Pros:More players tempted to buy coin bought items so they can be stronger. More League support, More wins for higher lvl players. <—— Anyone want to add something that I could be forgetting to mention?

Cons: Constant losing streak may cause the player to not stay in for the game. More digging, More people getting pissed of digging, trolling, More losing for lower players <—— Anyone want to add something into it?

My kind of idea

Pros:Lower lvl will have lil bit of chance against higher lvl tough fights(based on skills), keeps the player more motivated, More people will stay, Gets interested in game and having to bought more coin/vouch/medal items, learn a lot more <—— Anyone want to add something?

Cons:Still with the overwhelming strength of higher lvl players(still based on skills, since skills are mostly 65% of the game(in my opinion anyways))… <—- yea i can’t think of anything else anyone to add some?

This is just a little show-off for me (just to prove that skills most likely can get u far) lvl 13 85% (even battled a lvl 32 and won it) lvl 27 82% (i haven’t bought ANY coins whatsoever to get far into the game, just skillls)