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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / How to deal with early ceramics?

On a per-ceramic basis, 3/0 boomerangs’ fire rate means that they are no better than 0/0 dart monkeys. I’m assuming you are under level 18 and don’t have 4th-tier upgrades, because if you did, a simple 4/0 dart monkey crushes ceramics.

3/2 ninjas really do work, but you need to set them to “strong” and have a little bit of luck.
1/0 or 1/1 snipers should take down a ceramic’s shell in three shots.
Spam 0/3 dart monkeys, set to strong.
Grouping 1/1 ice towers creates a death zone for bloons. (Search “ice stalling”) Make one of the ice towers 2/1 and nothing stronger than zebras will escape.
Spam 2/0 engineers, set to strong.

If your problem is that you can’t get enough money for the towers, use banana farms heavily and sell them if things head south.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [SAS4]How to corrupt a wish

Originally posted by WheylinC:

wish granted, but the game crashes. i wish red weapons were slightly more common.

Wish granted. RED weapons are now 10% more common. By the way, they lowered BLACK box drops by 10% to compensate.

I wish multiplayer players didn’t charge into Survivors, trigger every zombie to spawn, get mobbed and die, and let every other survivor die as I hopelessly try to save them.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [SAS4]How to corrupt a wish

Originally posted by LOLOY:
Originally posted by SnpM:

You didn’t corrupt the previous wish so your wish will be ignored, Hydra.

You get a bunch of Nantonium but on your other character.

I wish for less lag.

Wish granted, however, there is no more lag due to the game constantly crashing.
I wish for bosses to not drop steel strongboxes.

Bosses now drop absolutely nothing.
I wish HVM made better gear.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [SAS4]How to corrupt a wish

NK secretly added super savage bosses while deleting all but savage Necroses.
It looks like those (“weakest”) Necroses are the only zeds you’ll be seeing now.

I wish I could dual wield.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Suggestions Thread

Originally posted by zarkat12:

Here is a suggestion

Stop prefering mobile users over us and maybe an update to the flash version could be good (instead of taking all the suggestions and adding them to the mobile version)

That monkey knowledge thing was PC only and a pretty large update.

Originally posted by alex_rs:

Super duper speed, please?

I mean… we are playing contest, right? Unfortunately, I lost at level X. But I know that my stratregy works for the first rounds. It’s pretty annoying play the first rounds all over again with this speed. Please put an option to a bigger speed.

The game doesn’t actually run faster at high speeds. Instead, it skips every other frame or so, and running at even higher speeds sounds like it would break something.

How about unlocking the ability to skip levels once you take the territory?

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Idea for a building.

A bit overpowered as it is now. Perhaps…

Originally posted by ChubboTheShyguy:

Monkey University

A 4 tile big University for monkeys that produces 1 monkey pack every day, and up to 5 at a time.
Power – 200
Costs 25,000 cash.
Can only have one in your city. COST
Can be upgraded.
1st upgrade- produce 2 packs every 2 hours – 27,000 Raises the chance of getting uncommon by 2.5%, rare by 2.5%, and decreases common by 5%
(That would have doubled the power of the building in one upgrade. Imagine Bloonjitzu throwing 10 shurikens, lol)
2nd – produce 2 packs every 36 hours up to 6 packs – 30,000
3rd – produce 3 packs every 36 hours – 32,000
4th – produce 3 packs every hour Same upgrade as #1, for a total of 5.0%/5.0%/-10.0% – 35,000
5th – produce 1 ancient pack every week up to 1 pack (along with the regular packs, I assume) – 40,000

All the high prices are because this is a middle to late game building. If this was added, truly i dont think it will… just an idea…, NK can change the stats to whatever they want.

Thanks for reading my idea! :D

These pack things are designed to be decent boosts accumulated over a long period of time.

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

Nothing. It’s just very rare.

Now, why do I occasionally see ghost ZAC fighters? I don’t believe that the nyon exist blasts are reflected by shields, so what’s going on?

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Which is your preferred upgrade path for each tower?

Dart: Right (Catapults are too slow and limited in placement)
Tack: Left (FIRE!!!!! FIRE EVERYWHERE!!)
Sniper: Left in earlier rounds, right late-game (The left completely stops MOABs and BFBs, but sucks on ZOMGs later on.)
Boomerang: Right ($9,000 for a $2,000 camo detection and little extra popping power..Yippee.)
Ninja: ONE right, then everything else left (Half-speed ability lets 4/2 hit twice as much.)
Bomb: Both (It’s a matter of bloon-popping or MOAB-mauling)
Ice: Left (Every bloon drops to zebra or less. This is a good thing.)
Glue: Right (I use glue as a support tower, not for popping power. More glue means more time for other towers to work.)
Buccaneer: Left (Darts, darts, darts, darts, and darts.)
Super Monkey: Right (The “perfect temple” costs $140,000ish and I could buy four terrors with that.)
Apprentice: Right (See “Tack Shooter” description)
Village: Left (Eyeball zappy thing also means more frequent abilities)
Farm: Left (Income trumps the Right side’s even with maximum interest)
Mortar: Left (Nuke launcher.)
Dartling: Left (Everyone likes death rays)
Factory: Left (Who needs MOAB-popping power? The left does just as well)

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

DJ Monkey
This tower, a monkey with a pile of sound equipment, will fire music notes (8 pops for whole notes, 4 for half notes, 2 for quarter, 1 for eighth) according to the beat of the background music.

Path 1: Orchestral
1. Music Lessons: Fires with higher range and accuracy.
2. Chords: Fires two notes at a time.
3. Tempo Altering: Gives you a bar above the targeting options, allowing you to select from slow, explosive notes to weaker (1 pop) rapid notes, regardless of the background music.
4. Conductor: The DJ Monkey becomes a full-blown conductor, who summons up to five other monkeys with their own instruments. Each will attack with a power inversely related to speed.

Path 2: Band
1. Electric: Grants lead-popping ability and does double damage to ceramic shells.
2. Play Better!: Nearby Bloons become captivated with the music and stop briefly.
3. Drums: Fires a Bloon-popping pulse every second, but not nearly as strong as Ring of Fire.
4. Heavy Metal Meltdown: Drastically increases drum pulse range and doubles notes’ popping power. Note that at this point, the attack pattern is still determined by the background music.
Ability: Encore: Does a death-metal scream, stunning and popping up to 10 layers (Depending on range) off every Bloon.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] (-_(-_-)_-) Cult of WAR (C.o.W.) (-_(-_-)_-)

They updated the interface to rub the closing in, didn’t they?

Anyway, this is an unimaginatively unimaginative resignation written in the middle of the night. It’s really been fun, CoWs.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

Avoiding duplicating my own ideas

Subcategory: Bloon Animals
Bloon animals intimidate monkey-based towers, so they will fire slower when one of theses approaches. Also, they have automatic regen status.

B.A: Dog (Level 25)
Speed: Yellow Bloon, Hits: 2
Takes 1 life

B.A: Tiger (Level 35)
Speed: 1.5x Pink Bloon, Hits: 8
Takes 3 lives

B.A: Dinosaur (Level 45)
Speed: Red Bloon, Hits: 40
Takes 10 lives

Bloon Farm (Level 50)
Speed: 0.1x red bloon, Hits: 18 (Snipe it!), Non-MOAB but MOAB Class, Looks like a glass sphere with a regen ceramic inside
Bloon spies have witnessed the obscure player’s tactic of regen farming (Search it) and have compressed the process into a production line. Every five seconds, the Bloon Farm will spit out one of the regen ceramic’s children.
Takes no lives, but enjoy a regen rainbow appearing two inches from the exit.

Assassin Bloon (Between random levels after 10)
Speed: 2x Pink Bloon, Hits: 1 (Assassins generally perform quickly and lightly), Looks like a black bloon with a red dagger painted on
This bloon defines preemptive strikes. Between random levels, you may be attacked by a couple of these. No problem if you aren’t AFK, right?
Takes a life
Easter Egg: If you lose a life and your window is not on Bloons TD 5 (Because you were away from keyboard/the game), the DDT (Bloons Monkey City) will enter, most likely kill you, trigger the “You Lost” screen, and close it and give you your lives back.

Jammer Bloon (Level directly before Camo introduction)
Speed: Green Bloon, Hits: 3, Looks like a green bloon with a satellite dish decal
This bloon interferes with monkey targeting systems, effectively granting camo status to nearby bloons for as long as it survives.
Takes a life

XD (Round 86 only)
Speed: MOAB, Hits: 99,999, MOAB-Class, Looks like a rainbow MOAB with “XD” spray-painted in black on it and giant turbines
This is an easter egg. If you haven’t lost lives after the ZOMG, then sometime in that round, the XD will appear from the exit and make its way toward the entrance. Any bloon it touches will arrange itself to spell out “Congrats for NLL” (No Lives Lost) on the map. Then, they will pop. and game play continues as normal.
Takes no lives

Time for a famous pair:

I.B.M (Immovable Bloon Mass)
Speed: 0, Hits: 5,000, Doesn’t disappear between rounds, Looks like a 5x scaled up lead bloon
This bloon will appear on the track for the sole purpose of distracting your towers. However, all is not lost. The actual bloons will have a hard time stumbling around the IBM, slowing them down for as long as they touch the IBM.
Cannot deplete lives

UV-BF (Unstoppable Vector-Bloon Force)
Speed: 0.5x ZOMG, Hits: 4,000, MOAB-Class, Royal purple and gold colour with crown insignia, Immune to any MOAB-stopping ability (Ex. Cripple MOAB, Sabotage Supply Lines, etc…)
Unlike its counterpart, who can’t be persuaded to move, this one just can’t stop pushing forward.
Spawns 2 MOABs with the same ability, ceramics are regen and w/o ability
Instant Death (Duh)
Oh, and if the UV-BF touches the IBM, both will be destroyed in a Ground-Zero like explosion.

Helium Bloon and Hydrogen Bloon Subcategories
Any Bloon (Not MOAB Class) can come with these abilities.
In the case of helium, the Bloon will travel in a straight line from entry to exit. They’re too light to follow the track. The lives lost will also be halved because they have reduced momentum. The Bloon will display a “He” atomic symbol.
Hydrogen has the same floaty quality, but it will display an “H” and bloons will explode upon death and take double the lives.

Speed: MOAB, Hits: “Only” 50, MOAB-Class, Looks like a black MOAB with purple stripes and a magic wand decal
Bloon Wizard Staging Base. Not only will it conjure up a group of random bloons every three seconds, it can grant random bloons camo/regrowth status and itself has a 100-hit regenerating force field. Each “magic spell” causes the MOAB to stop and glow briefly.

Once again, I apologize if I stole an idea.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

We already have a monkey wizard.
How can you collect lasers?

Pineapple Grove
$50-200 per round at first (random amounts of produced pineapples explode themselves all the time), but does pineapple-related things later on. Just read.

Path 1: Support
1. Selective Breeding: Increase income to $75-300 per round.
2. Explosive Defusing Squad: Income becomes a steady $300 per round.
3. Advanced Storage: Every round, you get 1 free pineapple, up to a limit of 99 pineapples. Just like the spike factory’s specialty building, but pineapples are more situational and therefore not overpowered.
4. Genetic Engineering: Alters pineapple plant DNA so that they grow vines underground, causing a pineapple sprout to appear every 20 seconds in the map. Each yields $100 on click. Income increases to $500/round.

Path 2: Offensive
1. Waste Chute: Randomly tosses exploding pineapples at bloons as if they were hand grenades.
2. Thorns: Equivalent of frag bombs.
3. Gears and Wheels: Allows the chute to be aimed, unlocking the four target preferences. Also increases fire rate.
4. Seed Spread Ability: Randomly makes 150 pineapple bombs appear on the track.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

Banana Cannon
Rapidly fires bananas at bloons, popping one per banana.

Path 1 (Deadlier)
1. Auto-Peeler: Bananas now pop two bloons each. One by the peel, and one by the banana.
2. Slapstick-Brand Peels: Bananas leave banana peels on the track, each causing a bloon to “slip” backwards along the track.
3. Bunches of Bananas: Banana Cannon now fires bunches of bananas, which split into six bananas upon impact.
4. Fruit Salad: Quadruples attack speed by firing all types of fruits, not just bananas. However, it loses #2’s ability.
Path 2 (More Attractive)
1. Fruity Aroma: Bloons hit by the Banana Cannon will temporarily smell like bananas, encouraging monkey towers to attack it over other bloons. The bloon will also lose its camo status, if applicable. (Monkeys can hit them by smell)
2. Market Value: Tower earns $50 a round. Apparently monkeys will rush onto the track to scavenge and sell banana remains.
3. Fruit Flies: The bananas look so tasty that a swarm of 10 fruit flies will linger (randomly) around the tower, popping any bloons they come across.
4. Swarm: Ability: Summons a cloud of fruit flies to follow a player-inputted linear path, obliterating any bloons they come across.

Specialty Building: None. Instead, the tower will gain the effects in order as banana farms are placed. The logic is that the cannon gets a reliable supply of ammunition, and that the banana farms get a depression-proof demand base. 1 farm=1 upgrade.
I. Makes itself AND banana farms 5% cheaper.
II. +5% fire rate.
III. Morale Boost: Nearby monkey towers get a +10% attack rate.
X. Non-monkey towers are 2% more expensive.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

Quantum Monkey
Using the mechanics of wormholes, this monkey (slowly) fires wormhole projectiles that, on hit, send a bloon back a distance. Kinda like time travel. Sort of.

Path 1
Event Horizon: Wormhole can come into contact with 3 bloons before collapsing.
Stronger Singularity: Wormholes weakly attract up to 5 neighboring bloons (not including the mentioned three). It also decreases the projectile’s velocity a little, so it has time to attract bloons.
Black Hole: Wormholes become black holes, which pop bloons once and shred the entire ceramic shell off a bloon after sucking them in.
Instability: Black hole explodes violently (size of bomb tower w/ bigger explosions) after collapsing, popping 4 layers and applying lightning (Gamma radiation) to 25 other bloons.

Path 2
Quantum Research: Range increase and grants camo detection to the tower.
Quantum Tunneling: Teleports bloons backwards up to three times further.
Warped Space-Time: Removes camo and regen properties from the appropriate bloons.
Supermassive Black Hole: Ability, creates a supermassive black hole at the center of the map, which sucks in all bloons (except for the ones at the beginning one-fifth of the track) for 10 seconds. All sucked-in bloons are returned to the beginning of the map. MOAB-class bloons will not be sucked in, but will get a significant speed reduction. (Because their propulsion systems can outrun a black hole, somehow.)

This tower should be on the expensive side, because the upgrades struck me as very powerful.

Specialty Building: Particle Collider
I. Generic boost
II. Generic boost
III. “Gamma radiation” becomes a passive effect, hitting 5 bloons per shot.
X. Generic 5% price increase of wizard monkey (Science vs. Magic, anyone?)

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / What Ideas?

Here’s an idea.

And by the way, that teamwork thing isn’t new. NinjaKiwi already has that somewhere.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / 4/4 towers

These are all speculative, i.e., not real.

But I’d assume there would be a popup that said “FINAL UPGRADE” or something like that.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / How can i complete hard and medium mode with 1 bloonberry bush

With just a bloonberry bush? That’s impossible.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / If you could make a bloon what could it do and what would its name be?

There is already a thread for this

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Galaxy Life closing down

Originally posted by Wave_Rida:

Now, that is something I didn’t see coming.

Ah well, finally time to start on farmville. We conquered the BYM leaderboards, and those of GL, now its time to start plucking apples and pimpin’ those hoe’s.

We’ve gone from the household level to intergalactic. Now I suppose that Kong is going to offer compensation for a microscopic-scale game.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] (-_(-_-)_-) Cult of WAR (C.o.W.) (-_(-_-)_-)

Watch out guys, my warp gate’s trying to be a badass over here =P

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

I apologize in advance if I took your idea in that 19-page stack of ideas.
Butter Bloon (Level 10)
Speed: 0.9x Red Bloon, Hits: 1
The bloons have filled some of their invaders with liquid butter. At the cost of weighing the bloon down, when destroyed, the Butter Bloon will splatter butter in a small area around it. Any bloons (Non-MOABs) that move over the butter will temporarily gain a 25% speed boost.
Takes 1 life

Prism Bloon (Level 17)
Speed: Green Bloon, Hits: 9
Like an actual prism, this bloon is immune to all laser- or light- related attacks. Instead, it will redirect these attacks and render them harmless. (Watch out for laser-vision super monkeys) However, being made of glass, it takes triple damage from sharp objects.
Takes 5 lives

Banana Bloon (Level 23)
Speed: Blue Bloon, Hits: 1
Let’s face it. Most monkeys do not want to harm anything that looks like their favorite snack. Therefore, all towers with monkey operators (Anything with a visible monkey-Monkey Ace, Mortar, Dartling Gun, Dart Monkey, etc…but NOT pure mechanical constructs, like the tack shooter, bomb tower, or spike Factory, etc…) will not fire at it.
Takes 1 life

Bunch of Banana Bloons (Level 23)
Speed: Green Bloon, Hits: 5
What can I say, some disguises are really about the character…
Takes 6 lives
Releases 6 Banana Bloons
Easter Egg: Clicking on the Bunch of Banana Bloons will destroy it and award you $20

Reactor Bloon (Level 35)
Speed: Red Bloon, Hits: 75, Regenerating
This bloon is tasked with transporting a nuclear reactor that powers the bloon factories. (How else do we all pop millions of bloons and they keep coming?) As such, it is built to be indestructible.
However, if you get past the casing, it will violently explode, stripping 8 layers off all nearby bloons.
Takes 2 lives

Banana Bloon Factory (Level 40)
Speed: 0.5x Red Bloon, Hits: 20, Regenerating
…and some disguises are about the acting.
Takes 25 lives
Periodically releases a Bunch of Banana Bloons

H.O.T. (Heavy Ordinance Tractor) (Level 60)
Speed: MOAB, Hits: 300 (MOAB-Class)
If there was ever a bloon that wanted to fight back, this is it. If hit by a Monkey Ace, it will fire anti-air missiles, disabling the aircraft for 10 seconds. If hit by a Buccaneer, it will fire a torpedo, disabling the ship for 10 seconds. If hit by any infantry (Dart monkey, Boomerang, Ninja, etc…), it will fire a smoke bomb canister, preventing the infantry from firing for 10 seconds unless it can detect camo.
Does not take lives for escaping
Releases 25 Pink Bloons

Hopefully, unlike some of the idiotic ideas (Ahem, MOAB that takes 999,999,999,999 hits), these are well-balanced. Do tell if they aren’t tough.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] eXorsus Gaming [eXo]


It looks like he tried to kill all of your towers by special attacks alone =P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Ubisoft Galaxy Life Forum

CoWs: We might need someone to transfer the DC forum alliance thread, or make an updated one entirely. And this time, don’t hesitate to plaster “NOT RECRUITING” everywhere.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] (-_(-_-)_-) Cult of WAR (C.o.W.) (-_(-_-)_-)

Facebookers and Agamers, isn’t it time to get some common sense? If we didn’t accept you the first time, why do you think we’ll accept you the 25th or 120th time?

Besides, what makes you so special that we should even consider accepting you over the others?

What you’re really doing is blacklisting yourself as the annoying idiot who spams up alliance leaders’ messages, and you’re squelching the minuscule chance you ever had of being accepted.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Base Building Thread

Victory was suggesting that “dead resource producers cannot be looted.” I admit that you can’t loot a pile of rubble and therefore you get resources w/o risk of attack, but whether or not they stop producing, you lost resources. Since the lost resources went to the attacker, the resource producers have been looted.

It’s like saying a digested apple can’t be eaten. True, but it’s already eaten anyway. The apple did not avoid the fate of being eaten (looted) by being eaten.

Besides, the HP and extra targets for an attacker outweigh the few resources that you can make overnight, especially as level increases.