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Topic: Call of Gods / Optimization For Clash of Gods

clah of gods is not so bad add for the game but,,,,,in my opinion u should random players between holy and dark to make it fair for everyone cause at least currents system doesnt work cause if holy wins this weak it wins the next weak also… so to random players to randomly holy/dark side after every weak could make the system to work and make it fair for everyone… and most important get rid of that ridiculous 60+bonus for winners……cause i my self example do everything i can in 10 batles to get 3 win and get exact 3 points…. and someone on winning side do nothing at all (no wins) to get 60 points without doing anything its something realy ridiculous….

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] Newbie Card Code (Only for S3--Myth)

one for me too :)