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Topic: Dream World / Oldtimers-How much coin ya got?

I didn’t realize that people from 2011 are considered old-timers. :o
Damn, that makes me feel old.

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Topic: Dream World / Oldtimers-How much coin ya got?

Brains Over Brawn Badge
(5 points – 267,099 awarded)
Solve 5 puzzles
You acquired this badge on Nov. 10, 2010.

Coins Deposited: 808,363,857,386

I’m STILL not level 80. ._.
And DAMN, I’ve the lowest coin count. D:

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Topic: Dream World / 2015 DW Goals!

Hitting 500+ on all my stats except for Con before hitting level 80.
‘Cuz yolo I’m MLG pro.

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Topic: Dream World / why did you start playing?

It’s been so long…. I forgot why. The… Uh… The giant milk jugs, maybe?

“When you get to a certain age, you won’t remember WHY you did what you have done; you just remember that you did it.”

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Topic: Epic War Saga / The Developer

Originally posted by GOHOMEyouaredead:

Guys can u give your self GP OR SP in CW , or is it just in your game , also can you test out new guns?

Wrong game, my friend.

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Topic: Dream World / Suggested to death and back

Though my opinion is probably outdated and of no priority nor importance and I DO realize that this is no suggestion thread (though, since when has THAT thread been of any significance?), I would like to suggest redo-able badges/achievements. Say, like side quests, they can be achieved over and over again. Of course, one must take into account that players may exploit the most easiest achievements to constantly regain energy and SP. And to this argument, I have nothing to suggest that can remedy it. A cooldown, maybe, or that only time-consuming or difficult achievements (such as encounter the Guardian of Dreams [X] amounts of time or solo-kill a high-tiered boss within a time limit) can be done over and over again.

As for the other highly-suggested proposals, I can agree with. Though one must assume that kingk has a reason to not implement those features into the game, be they good or bad reasons.

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Topic: Dream World / Easter event

I assume there’s gonna be a limit on the amount of bunnies we encounter during the Easter event because, since this game is dead, or close to dead, they’re gonna want to squeeze as much money from the players as possible. I’m not sayin’ that kingk is greedy, hell no, look at all the free gem opportunities there are in the game, but I’m saying that he needs revenue, and this game isn’t gonna revive any time soon. Thus, it should make sense that there needs to be a limit on the amount of free stuff we get, on top of all the free stuff we already get (free gems, free mystery boxes, free premium pets, etc).

On a more selfish note, I’ve quit this game many months ago, but this Easter event will definitely bring me back for a while. Would be nice to see some noobs complainin’ and moanin’ “P2W” in the chats…

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Topic: Dream World / Images from new update

Hopefully, this new expansion would bring back a lot of old players. Dream World’s REALLY dead right now… And boring too…

Hopefully, there will be an update for the lower levels after the campaign of the game. This game really depends on the player softcapping at a very early level to even survive sh-t. o_o

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Topic: Dream World / [Joke] Lets make a new Guide for all those newbies.

Rule 32:

Star Robes Greater Star Robes are the best armor in the game. Ignore all other armor.

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Topic: Dream World / Dream world Down? (resolved)

Seems like it’s turning on-and-off for different people… This is NOT looking good…

Probably won’t receive compensation either.

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Topic: Dream World / Dream world Down? (resolved)

Originally posted by omark96:

Ok, it’s all about connecting the dots……

Or in other words, is hosted on GoDaddy and GoDaddy went DownDaddy ’cause of Anonymous.

EDIT Thank you pibedetorres for linking to that forum thread.

I know about the article already. Seems like it’s workin’ for everyone in my chatroom now… ’Cept for me. Great.

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Topic: Dream World / Dream world Down? (resolved)

So the DNS ain’t workin’… Great. More complicated computer language. I guess I’ll just have to wait it out…

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Topic: Dream World / July Update

I think that swordies should have something called “over-block”, that is, once block reaches over a certain percentage, every percent over that percentage would be deflected damage from blocking. it would make up for the lack of block in the Divine Blade class.

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Topic: Dream World / Dinosaurs!

What does the horse, the serpent, and the phoenix have to do with Dinosaurs? o_o"
I can understand with the Dragon, but…

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Topic: Dream World / The Nice Player election 2012

Originally posted by mrwiggs8:

1) Nobody
2) Somebody
3) Anybody
4) Everybody
5) Who

Forgot Someoneeeeee. :d

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Utopia Kingdoms] Game Close Down

Aye, ’tis a day on the 20th… We Utopian Kingdom gamers shall keep this game at heart forever!

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Topic: Dream World / I will like to invite GM´s of inactive guilds

Aye, ’tis a lost cause, mate. Perhaps this is merely an attempt to obtain more members for one guild, but there will always be the Guild Recruitment Thread (assuming that this is an s1 guild). Personally, as a GM of one guild and former GM of another now-inactive guild, I support the fact that the GMs of the inactive guilds tend to like their power even in an inactive guild.

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Topic: Dream World / Looters - GM read before accepting people

This thread is still alive? Hmm. The looter’s thread really isn’t effective anymore, since many guilds have vault permission enabled. Those who never did? Check the box where it says “Vault Permission”!

Also, Vidiot, why don’t you post up your suggestions to the Official Suggestions Thread …? Besides, as you have your stats improve and level more, you’ll see that many bosses will become more bearable. Level 60 ain’t the end of the road, mate. Still got… I don’t know, 39 more levels to go before you’re the ultimate pw00ner?

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Topic: Dream World / Who is the stronger non gemmer player ?

Originally posted by 89cents:

He would curse if he found a Genius 1 Day and would run away from Possessed Bosses not because he couldn’t kill them, but because they granted to much experience.

Now, now, I think we’re too harsh on my methods of leveling. Yes, I do curse when I get a Genius, but I still play Dream World nonetheless. If I didn’t like Possessed Bosses, I would have resumed to my old ways of exploring in the low-level areas instead of running away from ‘em. 89, no offense, but you’ve got some nerve for posting up my out-dated methods of playing. :p

And Player609, I think I implied it on my above paragraph, but how I built up my stats was via low-leveled area grinding (I did it for approximately four months).

Originally posted by bobby71983:

level matters more than stats, its truth.

if invasion wasnt so slow, id do nothing but invasion.

Ah, so true, though, I cannot bring myself to fully “power-level” because of ingrained habits. Thus, I am “slowly dragging myself down”, as one particular player warned me. :/
In the end, it’s how players have fun, though. As long as kingk makes money, we should have fun playing this game.

Still, enough about all this leveling sh-t, I want to know who’s the strongest non-gemmer in Kongregate Dream World! XD

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Topic: Dream World / Who is the stronger non gemmer player ?

This topic suddenly went from (bragging) “I am the strongest non-gemmer! Respect me!” to “I know more about Dream World than you do.”

I’m not saying that everyone is acting this way, it just seems a bit off topic right now. Then again, I’m a random “newbie” just watching as this discussion progresses…

Then again, I should be the one to talk, I’m just making this conversation get more off-topic. So! Just for the lulz and for people to laugh at how newbie I am, I shall post up my stats (as if anybody cares :p) :

Ungemmed, level 77, naked stats are 155/120/147/186/152. 26k attack, 292 defense, 7k SP. Guild is MFU, ranked 83.

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Topic: Dream World / Who is the stronger non gemmer player ?

Originally posted by bobby71983:
Originally posted by ZEekeek:

Is there any way to proof a player didn’t gem?

If not…this thread is totaly useless…


you cant be 100% certain, but you can be 95% certain.

just take the stats of a non-gemmer like myself. figure out what their stats to mobs killed ratio is. if its somewhat similar to mine, they are probably not a gemmer.

of course its not a guarantee, but its the best you are gonna get.

Or, we can give players who respond here the benefit of the doubt. :p

Besides, it’s not like it’s important anyways. Stats are stats; they depend on luck and time spent. In the end, we’re not gonna care anyways.

Back to the topic, kudos to the strongest non-gemmed player. Bragging rights goes to you! :)

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Topic: Dream World / 4500

Heard that 200+ stats is a good place to stop spending money on LP.

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Topic: Dream World / Public challenge to dreamworlders #1.

Originally posted by kram1984:
Originally posted by Someoneeeeee Illegible prize winners include, but is not limited to, all Dream World players.

So all Dream World players have unreadable names?

Can’t take a joke? :o

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Topic: Dream World / Public challenge to dreamworlders #1.

Challenge: Have better stats than Coeur de lion without gemming. 1
Prize is: A free WINNING lottery ticket! 2

1 Prize will be given five years from the day it is challenged. Winner must be able to locate the prize giver first. Illegible prize winners include, but is not limited to, all Dream World players.

2 Lottery ticket will be void within 3 days of challenge completion.

This is not a legit challenge, only meant to be funny. :p

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Topic: Dream World / 2-Year Anniversary Event extended

Thanks kingk! You’re a really generous person. More generous than other MMO game developers at least…