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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Neocyte Cache Event Announcement!

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Topic: Tyrant / Is Tyrant dying?

It’s in the hole!

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Topic: Tyrant / Will boycotting warbond buying incentivise devs to visit us more regularly?

Originally posted by Shieru:
Originally posted by SeanDougherty86:
Originally posted by ladolcevita:

As I have already mentioned before, the best way is to spam and troll the TU forum to oblivion.

I know you were kind of half joking, but finding a way to kill that game might well be in our best interest

It will probably be a lot harder than it sounds if the devs are literally ignoring this forum just so they can pay attention to TU forums.
Would be interesting to see how forum moderation looks on TU side.

Devs and the mods talk a lot more to their TU players.

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Topic: Tyrant / I hope this is a fake rumour: Devs paid out 5000 WB to reward cheating and bugs [PS: I will quit if this is true.]

I think it’s time for this game to go with skyshard heroes and redshift.

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant mods strike back: very weird moderating decision

Ban everyone. Then no one can whine.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Dev] Win Streak

Shoutout to all the Whisper/Cyrus decks that kept a casual like me in the top 2500.

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Topic: Tyrant / A F.U from devs to: players

Originally posted by JRJetu:
Originally posted by Sighaknight:

I hope to see a thread one day titled" [DEV] FU"


Topic: Tyrant / Next person who quits...

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Topic: Tyrant / [To DEVs] Revamp Raids system the moment Event Ends!

I like Wreakofhavoc’s idea of entering a raid costs energy but battles in the raid don’t cost anything. That would make it much more cost effective for those who want to get full honor, and it’ll discourage people from randomly joining a raid and wasting a space that could be used for someone active.

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Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs] + [Petition] Make Blight packs buyable with gold

Originally posted by ManuelDevil:
Originally posted by cslaci:

It only took 20 monts before they made Nexus gold purchasable (if they will, since they have already promised it once…) so better to start the blight thread now. This is Collectable card game after all. Or at least it should have been.

yeah, i wanna be remembered by the community of tyrant for this thread

Remembered for the thread with the most -1’s?

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Topic: Tyrant / The state of affairs in this forum

Originally posted by PivotalDisorder:

Your post gave me some perspective. I see where we disagree now. We’ll just have to chalk this up to a difference in philosophy. Whereas I at least verbally defend myself when I feel that I am being wronged (as I would with anyone in a similar position to me), you seem content with an entire neighborhood of people spitting at your mother in a non-affectionate way every time she happens to find herself in front of them. I say tom-A-to, you get a pie thrown at your face. Just different philosophies on problem solving, that’s all it is.

this is not entirely true, we moved out of that area when I was 7, so there wasn’t much of me being content with it and my mum got a male dog, which meant most of the abusive people kept their distance. now I would definitely kick off if someone spat on my mum, whether it was racially motivated or not wouldn’t make any difference to me, either before or after I kicked their arse.

Wait, so you’re saying in your previous posts that we shouldn’t get mad at racism but then you say, nowadays, you would fight someone because they were racist or whatnot to your mother…So only certain people are allowed to get mad? Or is it, “you are only allowed to get mad when it is targeting your family.”?

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Topic: Tyrant / Now is officially legal to share accounts and use alts in Tyrant!

Originally posted by plujan:

First of all, no, account sharing is not allowed. See the ToS :

You may not share or transfer your Account or your Account password or other access information with any other party, temporarily or permanently. You shall bear sole responsibility for all use of your Account and for the confidentiality of your password.

From the Kongregate side of things, using alts is fine. Some MMOs do disallow the use of alts, however.

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Topic: Tyrant / Physical Tyrant Cards.

Originally posted by PsychoRaito:

Does Mawcor Flurry? Flip coin. Yes. Does Bridge of Destiny Regenerate? Flip coin. Yes. Flip coin. Yes. Flip coin. Yes. Which unit does Jam hit? Roll 20-sided die. Okay, does Jam get actually affect the card? Flip coin. Yes. Oh wait, Evade. Flip coin. Evaded.


It does sound fun. Where did that one thread go where people were actually emulating a real match of Tyrant?

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Topic: Tyrant / There was once a rumor that packs are not as random as one would think, is it true?

Originally posted by lfiamoncini:

I dont have Utopia Beacon. 25 Home packs opened. 4 legendaries.

RNG is ok. And you are living (insert a small % here) of the possibilities. Deal with it.

Didn’t get my first UB until pack 68 or so. RNG

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Occupation Pack 3 Announcement

Originally posted by Maharid:

I think that keep the 3 set separated and give als the access to the full set (so 4 purchasing voices) like said at the beginning will do more good, at least this time, for the next set other choice can be done following the user response.

Originally posted by yeasy:

Will separate packs still cost 15 shards and merged 10 shards or will they all be 15 shards?

… or what?

I vote for 15 for individual packs and 10 for the merged. That way they keep true to what they said at the beginning about merging but also allowing people to buy the individual 1/2/3 set they wanted. Seems fair to me as people could roll a random rare from the big pack for a cheaper price or spend the 15 on a smaller pool, for a higher chance for a specific card.

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Topic: Tyrant / Post Active Raid Links Here

Oluth #21173
Join | Status | Suggested decks

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Topic: Tyrant / Post Active Raid Links Here

Oluth #21007
Join | Status | Suggested decks

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Topic: Tyrant / Islamofacists WILL NOT Take Away Our Account-Sharing Rights!

Originally posted by Macafeu:

the rules were made before you joined. accept them or gtfo.


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Topic: Tyrant / LDV v. noob factions (round 1)

Don’t eat too much Happymeals. You’ll get fat.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Poll] Conquest map with more tiles or increment the CR value

Originally posted by MrTinker:

Get rid of the CR values…or decrease how many are required per level.

That’s equivalent to “increment the CR values”, but with a special vote of “CR values are dumb”.

Wouldn’t that just be reverting to the way we had it before?

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Topic: Tyrant / winter solstice spoilers

Originally posted by catepillar:
Originally posted by Loop_Stratos:
Originally posted by ohnonooh:

When will necrogeddon learn to fly :(

When You Give It HM02 Fly.

and poor lil caterpie?

Evolve at level 7 and 10.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Dev] Universal Shard rate/cost poll

Originally posted by ohnonooh:
Originally posted by ThomasRisto:
Originally posted by Ryeeee:

1 seems the better choice just because Awakening and Terminus is better than Occupation right now but in the future (perhaps even the near future) when those cards are no longer in the meta everyone will cry. my heart says 1 but my mind says 2.

But in the future Occupation will be 10 shards and some other new expansion will be 15.

1 !!

But in the future, occupation will be unwanted like awakening and terminus. There is a reason why option 2 has a max cap of 20 but option 1 has 30. Option 2 is the better choice but Dev wanted to “ensure” players choose option 1.

Very surprise that no one find it odd why cap should be different if players choose another option. If the cap is to prevent hoarding as Dev claim, then the cap should always be fix and not a variable no matter what.

PS: Spider Den is already slowing poisoning metalwork deck. And this is only occupation pack 1.

I don’t understand your point. Cap is the same for both options if you look at how many new packs you can get (2 packs, 10+10shard for option 2 15+15shard for new packs in option 1).

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Topic: Tyrant / [LDV] Universal Nuclear holocaust/snow cone POLL

Some men just want to watch the world eat snow cones…

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Topic: Tyrant / [Dev] Conquest Poll

Just increase map size to 10,000 with a tile cap of 50. That way everyone can have a good amount of tiles, factions/alliances can still wage war on each other with room to spare, and no one can cry about not getting tiles because there are enough tiles for the top 200 factions to be full up.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Spoiler] Drop rate of New Shards

Originally posted by qualXXL:

@SirFenael: (and yes it has been suggested about 20 times^^)

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:

It’s not really about people actually getting them, it’s the fact they have next to no chance of getting them.

I dont see how the solution (giving us more shards) would cover your proposed issue at all. But in contrast it would lead to the disadvantages i have explained above.

Droprate of shards is low. Increasing it by an exemplary factor 5 would still be low and not solving anything in general. So even if now it might be very low. And? Before we had no shards at all, while the meta was not less critical to certain WB only cards. – Instead of saying “thank you Devs for the nice shards we get everyday”, people keep moaning. So they dont moan because they get so less for free, they just moan because they always do. Because playing such a boring game all day long is very frustrating and one has to express this frustration somewhere.

Instead of giving Metalworks & Co to everyone i would suggest to stop them from being gettable by WB at all. This way there would really be less of them around, so no one would have to care for them. Or just give enough counter cards, or other equivalent good cards, or nerf them, or get a better balancing team, or whatever else. But keep the improvements we have gotten recently → more variety.

Would be less of them around- What about all the people who already have it?
Give counter cards/equivalent good cards- Most likely be in another shard pack or WB pack
Nerf them- Nerf hasn’t happened in months/year
Get a better balancing team- There we go.

“thank you Devs for the nice shard*s* we get everyday”- have fun explaining this to the guy who gets no shard in daily chance, no shard in quest slot 2, and 1 shard in slot 3.