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Topic: Midas' Gold Plus / +500% profits & knowledge multiplier vs Epic Chest

also, there comes a point when even a 5% boost is HUGE, compared to all other options.

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Topic: Reactor idle / stupid water/heat cross-over trick

do what? your image is broken :(

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / brick wall after 2300 of everything

with 1quindec AI, the progression in phase 2 for me goes something like this:

oil 2750 + lemon 3250
carwash 2100 w/ upgrades
oil 3000 + lemon 3500 + bank 2750
np 99.999% + 2100
pizza 2100 w/ upgrades
movie 2500

when i get to carwash focus 3 upgrades + x15 np boost, carwash gives the highest profits. same when i get to pizza focus.

meanwhile, movie studio became the cheapest to buy 100x for achievement multipliers. lemon/oil/bank cost too much since they require 250 per achievement. the weird thing is that next next manager (after hockey) is for movie… so there may be a possibility that movie will hit 3000 before bank?

shrimp and hockey give crap profits, so the next manager being for hockey seems totally wasted. unless i can buy like 2-300 hockeys at one go, but even then i don’t foresee hockey going higher than 7th (overtaking donuts). however, donuts will get the focus 3 upgrades + x15 boost @ 2300np, so fairly certain hockey will stay 8th/9th (tied with np). i think it may be possible to skip hockey until ready for the everything-achievements. shrimp is firmly 10th and probably can also be ignored and bought last only for the everything-achievements. this makes the 2400np x15 boost for shrimp rather underwhelming.

this means that within 24 hours, i have nothing buyable to the next multiplier except movie. oil, bank, lemon may be buyable in 2-5 days with a bunch of resets. it does seem that pizza is the next best buy with the focus/np/AI multipliers… but from 2100 to 2200 pizza costs 561 quattuortrig’n… while my total income is barely 1.3 trestrig’n/sec. so yes, it is a brick wall… and for me, it already started at 2100.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Late-game hero power

i finally realised what my GIANT mistake is… i assumed the hero upgrades to be additive (i.e. TB gets +450% dps) when they are actually multiplicative (i.e. TB should get 2*2*2*2.5=20x dps).

here’re the corrected ratios:

Treebeast (1975) 5.394E+59 1.101E+49 2.041E-11  1.000 
Ivan      (1950) 4.969E+59 1.196E+49 2.406E-11  1.179 
Brittany  (1925) 3.662E+59 9.927E+48 2.711E-11  1.328 
Fisherman (1900) 2.699E+59 3.244E+48 1.202E-11  0.589 
Betty     (1875) 2.487E+59 3.985E+47 1.603E-12  0.079 
Samurai   (1850) 2.291E+59 7.504E+48 3.276E-11  1.605 
Leon      (1850) 9.163E+59 8.750E+48 9.549E-12  0.468 
Seer      (1825) 1.055E+60 2.342E+49 2.220E-11  1.087 
Alexa     (1800) 1.167E+60 5.796E+48 4.969E-12  0.243 
Natalia   (1750) 2.640E+59 5.821E+48 2.205E-11  1.080 
Mercedes  (1725) 3.891E+59 6.826E+48 1.754E-11  0.859 
Bobby     (1700) 5.826E+59 7.688E+48 1.320E-11  0.646 
Broyle    (1675) 8.257E+59 3.867E+48 4.684E-12  0.229 
George    (1625) 2.523E+59 3.110E+48 1.233E-11  0.604 
Midas     (1600) 4.131E+59 2.507E+47 6.068E-13  0.030 
Referi    (1575) 6.851E+59 8.182E+48 1.194E-11  0.585 
Abaddon   (1550) 1.122E+60 7.509E+48 6.692E-12  0.328 
Ma Zhu    (1500) 3.214E+59 4.957E+48 1.542E-11  0.756 
Amenhotep (1475) 5.264E+59 7.982E+47 1.516E-12  0.074 
Beastlord (1450) 1.212E+60 7.226E+48 5.961E-12  0.292 
Athena    (1375) 2.275E+59 4.733E+48 2.081E-11  1.019 
Aphrodite (1325) 3.003E+59 8.169E+48 2.720E-11  1.333 
Shinatobe (1275) 4.078E+59 7.239E+48 1.775E-11  0.870 
Grant     (1200) 7.652E+59 1.177E+49 1.538E-11  0.753 
Frostleaf (1100) 4.409E+59 1.552E+49 3.520E-11  1.724 
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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Late-game hero power

i have a BIG question to ask regarding this ratio thing.

what level is your TB when you do the referencing? i can roughly guess the other heroes’ levels relative to TB’s level via calculating costs; but your first post only states “arbitrarily high levels”.

this matters because the ratios change quite a bit as the index of reference shifts (i.e. at different TB levels).

just to make sure that i understand your comparison properly, the idea is to
A. compare the dps/gold stats of all heroes
B. at a certain “common” price point
C. dividing each hero’s dps/gold stat by TB’s to get a ratio

step A takes into account the following:
i) base cost and dps (stats and formula here)
ii) all hero upgrades which increase their own individual dps (i.e. excluding global dps upgrades)

step B is slightly problematic for a few reasons.
i) every hero has vastly varying price points, so there is never one single price point where every hero has a specific level costing that exact amount. there will always be a slight difference in cost between heroes.

ii) this means that for a certain price point, there are usually 2 levels to pick from (the level just below the price point or the level just above it). one way is to simply choose the one closest to the price point.

iii) however, this can result in humongous differences due to the dps multiplier every 25 levels after lv200. the OP mentions a comparison between TB & Beastlord which illustrates it perfectly.

iv) due to the significance of the dps multiplier, it makes sense to select a level for each hero at the nearest multiple of 25 after lv200. for e.g, if i compare TB lv1975 with Grant at the same cost, that would be Grant lv1194 or 1195 — just shy of the multiplier at 1200. the ratio of Grant at 1194 is only 0.767; but at 1200 it becomes 2.054.

v) taking into account the 10x multiplier every 1000 levels, the best price point (imo) to do the comparison is one 25-block away from it: at TB lv1975. this gives a price point which sets FL at lv1100, so every hero gets exactly one lv1000 multiplier and no more. (i.e. the lv1000 multiplier cancels out.)

step C is straightforward.

assuming my steps are correct, here’s my list of dps/gold ratios for TB lv1975:

hero      level  cost      dps       dps/gold   ratio to TB
Treebeast (1975) 5.394E+59 3.028E+48 5.613E-12  1.000 
Ivan      (1950) 4.969E+59 3.289E+48 6.618E-12  1.179 
Brittany  (1925) 3.662E+59 2.730E+48 7.454E-12  1.328 
Fisherman (1900) 2.699E+59 1.622E+48 6.009E-12  1.071 
Betty     (1875) 2.487E+59 3.985E+47 1.603E-12  0.286 
Samurai   (1850) 2.291E+59 2.064E+48 9.008E-12  1.605 
Leon      (1825) 1.688E+59 1.079E+48 6.391E-12  1.138 
Seer      (1800) 1.944E+59 1.588E+48 8.169E-12  1.455 
Alexa     (1775) 2.149E+59 9.879E+47 4.596E-12  0.819 
Natalia   (1750) 2.640E+59 1.601E+48 6.063E-12  1.080 
Mercedes  (1725) 3.891E+59 1.877E+48 4.824E-12  0.859 
Bobby     (1700) 5.826E+59 2.114E+48 3.629E-12  0.646 
Broyle    (1650) 1.521E+59 4.286E+47 2.817E-12  0.502 
George    (1625) 2.523E+59 8.552E+47 3.390E-12  0.604 
Midas     (1600) 4.131E+59 2.507E+47 6.068E-13  0.108 
Referi    (1550) 1.262E+59 5.536E+47 4.386E-12  0.781 
Abaddon   (1525) 2.067E+59 7.702E+47 3.725E-12  0.664 
Ma Zhu    (1500) 3.214E+59 1.363E+48 4.242E-12  0.756 
Amenhotep (1475) 5.264E+59 7.982E+47 1.516E-12  0.270 
Beastlord (1425) 2.234E+59 8.877E+47 3.974E-12  0.708 
Athena    (1375) 2.275E+59 1.479E+48 6.503E-12  1.158 
Aphrodite (1325) 3.003E+59 2.553E+48 8.500E-12  1.514 
Shinatobe (1275) 4.078E+59 3.620E+48 8.876E-12  1.581 
Grant     (1200) 7.652E+59 8.825E+48 1.153E-11  2.054 
Frostleaf (1100) 4.409E+59 1.164E+49 2.640E-11  4.703 

as you can see, my numbers are quite different from yours, especially further down the list. my FL has a whopping 4.7 ratio! surprisingly, Grant and Shinatobe both have very good ratios as well.

i’ve doublechecked my spreadsheet a few times, and as far as i can tell the formulas seem to be correct. if you can share your TB level, perhaps i can do another check through.

EDIT: i realised my big fat mistake… i took the hero upgrades as additive instead of multiplicative. this list is erroneous!

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / The Gap Between 75 Frostleaf and 1000 Treebeast

u can always get ivan to (tb_lvl – 25) and brittany to (tb_lvl – 50). it is almost always more sensible to do so, since that should cost less than it does to get tb to the next +25 levels; while ivan and brit essentially gives u the same damage as tb @ -25 / -50. this means with tb @ lv975, buying ivan 950 gives you another tb worth of damage; aka roughly double your dps. this would help u earn more gold faster for the next multiplier.

the only scenario where u don’t buy all 3 in the staggered way is if you have plenty of gilds and you regild your heroes in such a way that some of the trio are not gilded.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Convulsions

well, you could attach a mouse to your laptop and click both the mouse and the touchpad LMB.

if you could get a friend to help, use two fingers and double-tap both LMBs.

also, u can either use numlock and/or function keys to activate keypad on laptop keyboards; or you could probably bind mousekeys to other keys as well.

also, you could do all of that along with an autoclicker… back in the ol’ days before the 60 click/sec hard cap, using an autoclicker beat everything lol.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is Cid a hero?

we need an achievement for some stupidly high level Cid.

just because.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / HS's banked per 100 levels

it depends mainly on how much active play you can commit to. if you can keep clicking for a while, then ascend whenever it gets slow. this ensures maximum hs gains.

for me, i barely use dark ritual twice before ascending. in that time (30-60min) i can easily earn 400-700 hs, and i reset by zone 400. i keep about 1000 hs banked, and spend the rest on siya/libertas/solo. eventually, my dps will get high enough that i can attempt to reach zone 500 before ascend.

however, if u can’t keep clicking, then it becomes about gaining max gold so that when u come back, u can buy more hero dps and earn some quick hs before returning to the ascend-cycle.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Auto-Buy

i think there should also be an auto-ascend option.
and an auto-buy ancients, complete with fuzzy logic to summon new ancients when it’s worth it.
after that, the game should also do my chores, cure cancer, and attain world peace.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / How To: Never fail a Boss again for dummies


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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

can we have alt+click to buy 25 hero levels?

this would be far more useful than the buy 10/100 atm…

also, someone asked me to include allowing the multibuy on ancients — although i think that’s a little dangerous lol.

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Topic: War of Omens / Cards that need nerf or buff

Originally posted by desciclope666:

yarankeen, golem/guardian, twalight peacock, guilded subscrive.
golem/guardian protects everyone, cock heals him, while subscrivers increase yarankee damage.
put some petals, behold vein and mines in there and you GTG.

good lord the number of misspelt names in a 3 line comment lol.

Green Cards

i would add supplicant to the list of OP cards. as an uncommon card, fairly easy to max it. 5g for 1 mag per turn and 2hp, along with feedable conversion… too much economy. any apple deck can rule with supp. it probably should be nerfed back down to 1hp, or increase cost by +1g.

usury could give opponent 1 less gold. +6g is often such a huge advantage that the subsequent -8g/4 turns seldom works out, unless it is mid/late game and economy does not snowball as much. atm, the only way to play usury properly involves following up with a same-turn embargo / bureaucrat feed; or waiting until the opponent’s deck is nearly bought out (against cheap decks).

Red Cards

there are quite a few ways to counter bloodlust:
1. DON’T feed all/any magic to circle if u see opponent has a bloodlust
2. summon more allies — breaking a wall still requires them to spend skulls/attacks on the rest of your crew
3. golems + peacocks = free regenerating shields. putting some hedge guardians could give u plenty of small flowers.
4. misdirects + frames + coordinate = bloodlust suicide lol (still a cheap way to clear those blue walls when needed)

bloodlust IS strong against wall-reliant decks; but as any good player knows, a good deck cannot be make-or-break based on one single mechanic. if bounty is your only source of damage, a bunch of deny cards can shut you down, as can a bad bank refusing to draw bounties. similarly, wall decks have to have a backup plan against bloodlust / intercepts: a jesmai that relies solely upon flowers to gain magic will have to instaquit against any deck with any intercept.

boars should give 1 less resource on sac/death. a more drastic nerf would be giving it 1 less hp (would heavily reduce mog’s burst). regardless, boars are OP not only on mog… they are OP on almost any red deck. with enough boars, you have a huge wall with decent damage potential AND a lot of resources when they get taken down. any red hero could exploit this, and there isn’t any real counter. except maybe seduce — though a red deck can easily keep buying boars, and outpace your stolen boars by ramping up resource-gain via rit sac / dais / feast / repop / fert off.

goatriders are kinda broken now with crazy repeat procs. additionally, it also seems to interrupt surplus damage from single sources — i.e. a 10-stack viper would fizzle after killing the goatrider. i think the % dodge AND % retaliate both need to go down. with >2 goatriders, you have an oppressively strong wall that almost makes shepherds retire in shame. the fizzling of burst cards should also be fixed, regardless of goat balancing.

Blue Cards

apothecary could use a gretta-like passive in place of the “heal allies” thing (which consolidate does with far better efficiency). perhaps give her 2hp and 50% chance to intercept? or else just make her focus on poisons: on turn, 50% chance to restock a poison OR 50% chance to +1 charge to one random poison in play.

wench is very hard to time properly. you need to be able to protect her for her to be effective — and then she basically shuts down green / red ally decks. however, due to the amount of resources required to setup walls for her, she is usually takes too much time to be safely brought out. by then, opponent’s ally deck is probably also setup to be able to kill her off when she is ready to be bought. atm, she seems only slightly viable in a blue skull deck as a slightly expensive courtesan to boost assassins. not sure if there is any way to buff her without making her op. a maxed wench can be bought on first turn and potentially shut down green ally decks instantly. but a non-maxed wench is pretty much useless until you are already winning.

burglary is very hard to balance cost-wise. at 6/7/8, burg is super cheap against a green deck playing expensive cards (bishop, warship, maled, tribute, knights, etc). with an SP in play to buy off the cheaper cards, you can burg some awesome stuff. against cheaper decks, SP + burg is still a very strong combo: buying off 2 cards from an opponent’s bank could give them no options for many turns, leading to a choke-win. the strength of this combo could probably justify burg’s cost. imo, burg is okay as it is, just not as widely useable as some other blue cards.

Purple Cards
i think purple cards seem quite balanced… with the stack caps in place. scribes can have very subtle power to newcomers who don’t know they can add 3 stacks to ANYTHING both in play AND in hand. having 3 maxed scribes allows you to redraw any card with +9 stacks next turn. that is pretty badass… but players who know that would never allow you to keep so many scribes alive: i.e. counterable. barge is in a similar place: most people don’t really know how it works, so they either kill it and get shocked by the skeles, or they fail to account for the gust combo. just gotta kill it like a hedge guardian: have enough skulls to kill off (some of) the skeles too. on that note, yarakeen might need a lower max-cap. a good jesmai could feed a 20-stack yarakeen. however, that is quite hard to setup quickly, and any opponent that allows a jesmai to get a 20-stack yarakeen probably deserves a loss anyway :P

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Most efficient Hero Buying Order?

Originally posted by JotarkKa:

I usually get everything to 10 up to lvl55, and then I start upgrading everything in order. I’m testing 25 atm but dunno if it matters.

25 is a lot slower… no discernible benefits.

10 + first upgrade is the most efficient. however, if you click a lot, you would wanna get Cid to 150 asap, cos otherwise your click dmg would be really low. this may be less impt later on with more ascend achievements, but Cid@150 gives something like 500k per click base.

as for when to go back and upgrade older heroes, it seems the longer you delay it, the easier. i usually have 3-5 newest heroes at 1-10 before going back to upgrade older heroes; and usually i only bother to upgrade those with “global” upgrades (such as x% hero dps or special abilities). the in-between “100% to this hero dps” is usually too weak to matter, by the time you buy 25-50-75 levels on him/her.

doing the 10+up method leads to a couple of semi-bottlenecks, first one is usually somewhere between Broyle-Midas. the next one is usually at Athena, and finally between Shinatobe-Frostleaf, it’s always much slower since these heroes are substantially more expensive.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Sneak peek and speak!

Originally posted by HyperHippoGames:
AdCap’s core design philosophy is “no spam clicks”.


because spam clicking idlers just make me use my autoclick app and then i feel dirty afterwards.

as for the new UI, it’s snazzay as heck! don’t let the boring guys who prefer unchanging old stuff (even when it’s just a boring grey).

my one contribution is this:
the text/font in the left column is neat, but the “achievements” being a longer word and necessitating a different font size totally sticks out to me. perhaps it’s time to rethink a different label? something like “awards”, “trophies” or “milestones” perhaps? also, i believe “pizza shops” are known as “pizza parlours”. i might be wrong though.

also, +1 to implementing a pre-phase 2 update/fix. just to clarify:-

a lot of Capitalists that are hitting the grind wall and don’t like it.

this isn’t technically true, since most of the game is basically grind. more accurately, the grind got crazy at 1800np. by “crazy grind”, i mean there’s an obscene amount of waiting time where you can’t even do anything to boost progress. there’s a sweet spot between “too much idle” and “too little idle”; the 1800np to 2000np gap is simply too much idle.

perhaps add in some achievements for the weaker industries (car wash / pizza / shrimp / hockey) after 1500 at intervals of 50? they can even become slightly more expensive to buy, as long as they give sufficient boosts to help 1800-2000np be easier to attain. anything to make the player feel a sense of attainment!

the alternative is simply make newspapers cheaper in that end zone; but that feels cheaty to me.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Prime World: Defenders] rarities & probabilities?

just realised this game is on sale for 9.99 on steam.

someone already posted the rarities over on the discussion page there.

doesn’t say anything about probabilities though. as far as i can tell, the draw rates are definitely not “1 in 5” for anything that appears.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Prime World: Defenders] shortcut keys?

lol i also found the shortcut for speedup… it’s F (for fast).

darn… backspace is kinda far from the other keys… lol

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Prime World: Defenders] shortcut keys?

let’s start with the ones i know of…

1-5 for towers (i assume 6 and 7 later on)

Q for spell (i assume W and E later on)

Space to pause/start game

would really appreciate if someone could tell me the shortcut for 2x speed!
also would be nice to shortcut for start next wave…

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Has anyone tried ONE of everything?

i’m more concerned with how many pinheads are required in order for my 100 duodec angels to dance comfortably.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Corrupt a Wish-AC Edition

Originally posted by turtlemcturtle:

Granted, but your computer can’t handle the processing power of the Fantastic Fabulous Capitalist Man.
I wish I was a duck who assassinated John Fitzerald Kennedy (by the power of Grey Skull, of course).

granted. but you broke the space-time continuum, causing Reagan to be assassinated instead, and the Republicans to become nice and popular, and Michael Bay to helm the He-Man franchise (oh noes). ducks also become the biggest attraction in Seaworld, and no longer go “aw yiss” at breadcrumbs.

i wish i could get the AdCap theme song out of my head (you know it’s playing in yours now).

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Angel sacrifice upgrades

nice formulas lol… if you are lazy to count / do algebra-magic (ffs this is an IDLE game!) then u can simply follow the game’s warning and do the lazy upgrade.

i personally did just the first angel sac with a warning, cos my capitalist intuition says that’s “taking calculated risk” :P

if i bothered to go deeper into the math, i would think that u cannot simply sac when you “break even” and gain higher income after. like someone else mentioned, u also need to factor in how long it takes to regain the spent AIs. generally speaking, spending >10% of your AIs might increase your income substantially, but set you back a few hours in terms of your AI tally.

remember that ultimately, it is the AI tally that survives resets; your upgrades only last you up till then. so if you are planning to reset when you earn double your previous angel tally, then it will NEVER make sense to sac >50% of your angels. doing so simply delays your next reset, which is precisely the missing time factor that needs to be factored in.

as a rough guide, i would venture to say that sacrificing 25% of your angels is probably the maximum “safe” amount, if your aim is to double your AI tally asap for the next reset. of course… if you are planning to not reset for a while, then by all means maximise your current income.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / We need a new update VERY soon!

i am gonna do something REALLY EVIL… while waiting for update… try other games? there’s a really decent idle called clicker heroes, if u wanna try it. i cheat by using autoclicker for that :P

actually, once u reach 1500+ np, adcap already becomes hyper idle — no need to do much other than click a few levels once in a few hours. in fact, there isn’t anything to do but wait for enough cash to hit the century bonuses. gotta fill up those hours in between with other games, imo! it’s the year of idle games… there’s many others to play meanwhile. helps you helpful fellas come up with nicer suggestions for dev too.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / How to get 2000 of everything?

you do realise that 2k np is basically the end point right… if it was so easy to reach… then you would have no reason at all to continue after. let’s just hope the new update would be sweet.

<- 100 duodec angels, and lazy to reset already lol

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / end game Export.

well, you will always know that you didn’t get this far on your own…

i think export should include a timestamp somewhere, along with player sig. loaded “save games” should clearly indicate those too, so that the exports are more personal.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / no angel sacrifice achievement

wow no-angel game sounds freaking tough!

angels basically make 99.99%+ of my current income, with 60+ duodecillions of angels…