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Topic: Wartune / Save or use?


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Topic: Wartune / astral and archer

time to throw a wrench into the works.

as a lv64 archer, i have some misgivings about Sniper’s Edge. yes, i do have red crit lv5, but i’m not sure if it’s worth upgrading compared to PDEF/MDEF. my reason being that my MS already perma-crits, and the other skills mostly get +20% crit rate for free. does getting lv6 or lv7 red crit (i.e. +144 / +288 more crit) really give a significant impact at all?

my priority for levelling astrals are as follows:

  1. PATK (no brainer here)
  2. Determination (cos of free WB crits, high determ gives a lot more free gold/daru)
  3. Goddess (the power of 3% dmg reduction is quite insane)
  4. PDEF
  5. MDEF
  6. Crit / Enshield / Deflect / Illu / Guardian (the auxiliaries)


p.s.: while Blessed Health doesn’t proc frequently… i’m wondering if it sorta makes sense for BG when just roflstomping for honor… a heal every 10th hit will help keep my health near full, to help deal with those fights where the dryads get a bit much.

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Bugged Evil Unicorn Issue compensation

can someone please confirm? if you buy the Evil Unicorn post-maintenance, will it still only be 7 days duration?

or is it more like what i infer from the compensation announcement… that ONLY the wrong +100 Evil Unicorn from pre-maintenance will be converted into 7-day mounts?

if so, then why does the Evil Unicorn card in the synth window still say “7-day duration”?

srsly. every other week, some terrible human error resulting in comp packs. then followed up with scrappy fixes and further confusion.

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Topic: Wartune / new skill books needed for sylphs

as in 3+1 new skills to buy? but still the same max of 5 active / 3 passive slots? so again with the gambling of which existing skill gets replaced?

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Topic: Wartune / All attacks are element based now.

screenshot? i don’t know of any in-game tooltip that gives a nice element-resistance % number.

the formula is from R2 forum’s official post (albeit the correction given is mine) and the numbers i shared are simply normal default RES numbers put into the formulas.

i have not bothered to do any kind of in-game data collection to figure out whether the figures match, because it’s tedious and difficult. probably need to fraps some battles to get the battle damage figures noted down easily, then u need to rinse and repeat for a bunch of different RES/attack-element combinations. ugh.

as far as i can tell, it feels close to the actual in-game outcomes, since my gaia really rips thru iris users; but becomes a lot more muted against other gaia users. against hades and apollo, i get that weakened feel, almost like they have a medal 2-3 ranks higher.

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Topic: Wartune / Less duel attempts

lol lock this topic quick before the flamers cascade in.

yes, you now get double the insigs per Group Arena battle: 30 for win, 10 for loss.

however, the Cross-Server PVP points per GA battle remains 15 per win.

if anything, this is a great change, since 30 battles was way too boring.

however, Solo Duels do NOT have the rewards doubled… at 10 attempts per day, you get double the exp, but half the amount balens/potions/etc.

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Topic: Wartune / world boss FU to knights

well, since the cat is mostly out of the bag now, let me just describe my current archer rotation.

first, try to open with DF — it makes a difference whether u land DF before WB’s first hit or not. (on that note, opening with DF in pve always makes a difference. if you land DF AFTER first hit, the target will get a 2nd hit in on you sooner.)

second, try to get a Delphic Sniper (DS) in. here, i have a method to trigger the flashing skillbar glitch, so i get to double-cast AS/MS until i fire off my DS. even if u have good rage, it may be best to save the DS for when u get 5 stacks of Battle Prowess (+10% dmg). i also try to proc the AS talent (Scrutiny +10% dmg) before DS where possible. i avoid brut rune here because i prefer using it for sylph.

third, get a second DF off before sylphing. the second DF effectively doubles the entire WB round — WB gets to hit you 5x before the special instagib, and now those 5 turns are effectively all stretched out.

fourth, sylph awaken. most people know by now how to activate the glitch, so if my skill order is done quickly enough, i will get 6-7 sylph hits in before WB kills me.

with these steps, my WB income increased from pre-patch ~2mil to my current ~2.5mil — a 25% increase.

i also note that the cd between rounds seems to have decreased to 25sec. not sure if this is an artifact of the DF-prolonged rounds, but that means i spend even less time NOT hitting WB.

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Maintenance 4/17 @ 2:30 AM EDT

heh when they s.crew up and have to repatch stuff frequently, it’s suddenly a “weekly” maintenance again. i recall going for 3 weeks without a single maintenance before the patch… even as daily events got laggier for no apparent reason.

well done on the phrasing.

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Topic: Wartune / ToK nm this week

haha we need a thread for the top kong players to introduce themselves :P

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Topic: Wartune / All attacks are element based now.

Originally posted by Maldrete:

If someone uses an Apollo sylph against me, does the game compare his light resistance to my light resistance, and make every 10 point difference equal 1% more damage if the opponent’s resistance is larger (and 1% less if lower)?

I’m hoping it’s as simple as this, because when I look at this thread (and the in-game explanation), I remain so confused.

no you do not use attacker’s resists against defender’s resists… you only look at defender’s resists for now, since the “RES Reduction” (or penetration / pierce) isn’t really available yet.

basically, if my resist is x, i get to reduce the attacker’s dmg by x/10%, for the same element.

but i have 4 different types of resists, and only ONE resist comes into play per attack — it depends on the attacker’s element. this is very simple… amazon is fire, pan is wind, iris is water, gaia is electro, hades is dark, apollo is light.

so if someone using gaia attacks you, then you need to look at your electro resists. if you are also using gaia, then your natural electro resist is already 200, so u get 20% dmg reduction. but since the attacker is also gaia, he in turn also gets 20% dmg reduction against your gaia.

however, if you happen to be using gaia’s counter — pan, then you will have just 100 electro resist (10% dmg reduction), but your opponent will only have -200 wind resist, which is -20% dmg reduction; or 20% INCREASED dmg. so a pan user will have a sizeable advantage against a gaia user.

while figuring this thingy out, i realised that the resist values have changed quite a bit since the patch. this makes the values in the wiki outdated. here are the default resists for the 4 non-cash sylphs:

if anyone could upload for hades and apollo, would be greatly appreciated.

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Topic: Wartune / Floor 15 of Necropolis

Redoga beating necro 15 by the skin of his Pan

as a mage, he uses plenty of heals (restore, suntoria, heal rune), but his clutch skills were mire rune, thunderer, and his near-100% crit rate.

out of these, a knight can try to get mire rune + high crit. i assume you are already double-hitting as well? that should help bring the boss hp down. deflect astral could be good too, if u get lucky and it procs several times.

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Topic: Wartune / Annoying Stuff from new patch

haha my topic with it’s broad range has spawned quite a few tangential topics…

yea my super casher guildie with maxed sep Apollo reported 400 new aptitude available after patch (i think he said it was all in armor? could be wrong tho). not sure whether the base aptitude got raised or only the max cap got raised. he clearly said he could use 400 more sepulchrum, so the max cap definitely got raised by 400. fufu’s observation seems to indicate that the base aptitude also got raised; but i did not notice that for my sylph’s BR tho (they stayed the same).

today during my treasure maps with a full lv64 team, we faced a lv65 boss… so i have to retract my earlier statement! they don’t necessarily scale with highest level member of party; but they seem to tend towards that.

as for why certain thieves seemed to be stronger… yup, could simply be due to resists.

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Topic: Wartune / new skill books needed for sylphs

also, evolve requires a purple sylph.

which is terrible for us non cashers.

from what i hear (again, rumours) the evolved form has different skills from the unevolved ones. not sure about spending balens to keep the skills tho. would be sad to have to spend another round of balens just to keep stuff the same.


Topic: Wartune / Cards nerfed :(

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Topic: Wartune / Will crystal shards

ooh this might clear up some of my confusion.

i’ve noticed that sometimes a player attacking glows blue… when the attacking player glows blue, is it because he is dealing increased elemental damage (due to my sylph having negative resist against that type)?

regardless the text saying “RES Boost Reduced” is just stupid and unnecessarily confusing.

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Topic: Wartune / Dark sylph

thetrell… share your links?

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Topic: Wartune / All attacks are element based now.

according to the wiki which is sourced from R2 forums, Resistance is calculated using this really badly composed formulas:

  • Attack Damage: Damage from A to B = 100% + [A’s RES Reduction – B’s Resistance (certain type) / 10] %
  • Damage Reduction: Damage from B to A = 100% – [A’s Resistance (certain type) – B’s RES Reduction / 10] %

assuming i have 200% electro resist, if i apply the numbers directly, this is what i get:

  • Attack Damage (electro): 100% + (0 – 200/10) = 80%
  • Damage Reduction (electro RES): 100% – (200 – 0) = -100%

which clearly DON’T match. i believe the “/ 10” is put after the wrong value in the second formula. it should be “A’s Resistance / 10”, which would give the following:

  • Damage Reduction (electro RES): 100% – (200/10 – 0) = 80%

so 200% resist actually results in just 20% damage reduction overall. i.e. a default gaia vs gaia battle actually means 20% less damage for both sides.

what about the -100% resist against light/dark?

  • Attack Damage (light): 100% + (0 – -100/10) = 110%
  • Damage Reduction (light RES): 100% – (-100/10 – 0) = 110%

so with base values, Apollo and Hades get 10% more damage against the non-cash sylphs. this is on top of their 5% mdef / pdef passives.

while the calculations seem correct here, i’m still confused about the new “RES Boost Reduced” text on the right hand side of battle screens. is that supposed to show the additional damage? or the reduced damage? or both? zzz

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Topic: Wartune / How are you supposed to get higher level maps without using balens?

from what i see, and also from this sticky thread, it seems clear that the free 5 maps will ALWAYS be green ONLY.

you can spend 15 balens or 1x Berdim’s Wine (currently no longer dropped after the login events) to get a CHANCE to obtain blue maps. subsequently, it’s 30bb / 2 wines for purple, then 60bb / 4 wines for orange (they’re c.umulative, i.e. total cost for purple is 45bb / 3 wines, total for orange is 60bb / 7 wines).

note that those ‘Refresh Map’ clicks are only CHANCE to obtain the next higher quality map: you could spend 15bb 5x and still be stuck with green. if u don’t like the gamble, that’s where the ‘1-click’ option comes in handy (120bb / 8 wines for instant orange map).

if you’re a casher, it seems decent to spend the 120 balens during big spender events and store up the orange maps.

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Topic: Wartune / April Rune Exchange & Rune Promotion

is it too much for a knight to aspire to challenge the archers at wb?

i also think it’s unfair that knights have no way to slow at all unless they luck out with a mire rune from mystery shop. even if knights and mages all get mire runes, it is still only 30% chance to slow @lv1 (even worse chance than thunderer). both mire and thunderer pale dramatically in comparison to the 35 rage DF with 100% chance to slow (and DF even has decent damage as well).

either make mire rune much more available for mages and knights, or reinstate WB’s immunity to slow. we archers have more than enough advantages already.


Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Lost Treasure wording issue

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Topic: Wartune / Annoying Stuff from new patch

more new stuff

p) very subtle: CQ used to have lingering completion dialogs (if u clicked the quest in the right side popup list) — they now disappear when you click the quest (just like bounties)

q) apparently, sylph Apollo got his max armor aptitude increased by 400! not sure if any other sylphs got aptitude increases too…

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Topic: Wartune / new skill books needed for sylphs

good point KS… though the correct term would be “debuff” since nerf is when the devs make something weaker permanently.

but as mentioned, pan’s debuff (wind’s grace) is 2-4 targets, so not necessarily full aoe. still pretty decent in 3v3 sylph arena tho.

and darn it sux to hear that the heal (airy guardian) does NOT work as stated. i would assume the hp gained during the 3 turns should remain unchanged when the max hp returns to normal. could this be a bug? ticket pls?

here’s the actual description from in-game: “Max HP and current HP increased by 30% for 3 rounds. After use, Max HP returns to its original value.”

i would think it’s fair to assume since only Max HP is mentioned as returning to original value, the current HP stays increased by 30%…

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Topic: Wartune / Treasure hunt Missing Balens Bug

wait… are you saying that my 5 free attempts are ALWAYS going to be green maps? there isn’t a chance to roll blue/purple/orange without balens??

(this would make a lot of sense btw)

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Topic: Wartune / ToK nm this week

oooh so KS23 = Kenshin?

huge thanks and major bro hugs!~

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Topic: Wartune / Annoying Stuff from new patch

they definitely scale with highest LEVEL player in party; so if you have one of those noobish overlevelled party members, you will have a tough fight.

there also seems to be different QUALITY of monsters… the Disordered Hades/Apollo seems stronger than the normal SPD monsters (possibly just stronger aoe).

i think it’s fair that the monsters spawn according to highest level party member. this means that lower levels can have much easier fights if they stick to their level bracket, which means the high levels don’t have to deal with infinite invite spams.

also, added:
o) afk mode works in atoll now!