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Topic: Wartune / Wilds Complaint

yea 20 sec on divine light is just a joke. can’t even scroll 4 screens with 20 sec. divine light should just reveal a mob somewhere.

also, i think fog of war can be mitigated by allowing SHARED VISION. either share with party, or better yet, share with all guildies. or at least share with guildie castles.

oh wait… am i trying to give suggestions? dammit. that’s just dumb of me.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune mini-client

way to quote 20 lines of the immediate previous post for 2 lines of reply. srsly, learn to forum.

anyway, i tried out the miniclient on, it only allows you to login to servers (duh, i should’ve guessed)

on a sidenote, kong chat has the advantage of allowing cross-server chat, so you can always ask kimmeh whether the rumoured XYZ event is out on Oceanic yet. that’s kinda helpful i guess. but i haven’t loaded WT with kong chat in years, so w/e

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Topic: Wartune / Synthesize Level 5 Gems

the reason i call them chance-based is admittedly rather disingenuous: i have no freaking clue what chances crit/block are based on.

until i know just how exactly crit/block works, i would not recommend people sacrifice actual working stats for them, even at high levels. what if converting a lv7 mdef to lv7 crit merely gives you 1% more crit? we either need more testing or (laughs) R2 has to tell us how the chance-stats work.

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Topic: Wartune / Seriously, online reward?

lol the level of complaining is kinda lame…

on a less r2tarded note, the client isn’t even capable of letting you idle for long hours. i get kicked offline randomly after about 1.5hrs. so if i’m afk for 6 hours, i basically wasted 4.5hrs trying to get the online reward (btw, the imperial chest can drop premium sylphs, so YES it’s worth it).

if you are worried that R2 is wasting your computing power, you can set your laptop to power-saving mode and set your processor @ 10% speed. either way, i doubt flash allows such functions.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune mini-client

Originally posted by WIGANSTE:

why would Kong want a shed load of cashers who play wartune to leave the kongregate site and play on a dedicated player? Ain’t happening.

you still login to the SAME KONG SERVERS. you are just logging in via a less-laggy interface. you still pay kreds if u wanna buy balens, so kong need not worry about “losing cashers”.

i currently login to kong-13 with a link that doesn’t load the rest of kong’s chat stuff at all; just the wartune iframe. this trick reduces lag for older machines substantially; but for kong, this represents less ad revenue i guess.

kabam has a “hall of heroes” client which COSMOS youtube features sometimes (he’s getting real boring of late, talking really newbie stuff), not sure if it’s the same thing. one of his latest videos shows it. looks more compact, and most of the buttons look different/sleeker.

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Topic: Wartune / Synthesize Level 5 Gems

the game gives you free transposers up to lv5 for patk/matk, pdef/mdef and hp. i.e. the main gems which give the most useful stats.

crit / block / charisma do not get free transposers above lv4; but there is NO NEED to buy them.

1) usually u are transposing these gems into the main gems
2) you can always convert higher gems from patk/matk to the other colours
3) crit and block are chance-based stats and they get substantially less stats than main-stat gems at the same level
4) charisma gems are utterly bad. never ever socket those.

nonetheless, cashers may wanna buy full sets of tranposer scrolls just to save the copious amounts of gold required for converting higher gems. as a non-casher, i prefer to save my balens and only have lv5+ transposers for patk.

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Topic: Wartune / Mage Skill: "Damnation"

wow that is a huge bummer for mages running AQ. srsly hate R2 for these lame unexplained and unannounced inconsistencies. mages who run damnation and AQ inflame… R2 says thanks for the balens.

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Topic: Wartune / S1 Wartune Maintenance 10.07 Hades/Apollo/Dragon Soul

@deShad precisely lol. the idea of such “microtransaction” games really depended on the transactions being micro… until chinese cookie cutter game companies found greedy US proprietors, who basically jacked up all the prices and relied on poor management / customer ignorance to keep their sales up.

it’s really simple economics: goods with high elasticity of demand (i.e. completely non-essential, easy to buy or not buy) respond best to price drops (i.e. small drop in price leads to proportionately greater increase in demand). not only do in-game items cost near-zero marginal cost, they are also incredibly easy to buy when they are cheap — with online payment and the game being accessible anywhere with a pc+internet. the delivery cost is also near-zero. there is really no reason not to sell everything very cheaply and watch economics work.

so once again, i implore all cashers to cash wisely. no need to wait for someone to post all the china server cost-conversions before you puke blood and choke… you can spend wisely right now. if you don’t reward R2’s scheme, they will have to respond logically.

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Topic: Wartune / Mire Rune Stone

okay so my suggestions are not helping… anyone else wanna try coming up with alternatives?

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Topic: Wartune / Sylph Mahra Upgrade Bug

also, you can surround your image url with ! to make it show as an image in forum.




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Topic: Wartune / Mire Rune Stone

knights still have the absolute BEST blocking. also, tenacity gives free damage reduction.

doesn’t enhanced block help in pve at all? not to mention agoran and apollo shield; although those have long cd.

i understand that the glitch might not help a silly 5sec cd slasher, but keep shadow thrasher equipped; u might be able to use that to glitch. between slasher, ult slash and thrasher, maybe there’s enough low-ish cd skills to do a three-turn glitch? (i’m just suggesting, no idea if it works.) if u need a 4th low-cd skill, perhaps reverse damage? it’s not great, but it might actually be useful against certain bosses with multi-hit skills; ultimately it’s a 10sec cd skill that may figure into a four-turn glitch. if someone has these 4 skills ready, do try it out and let us know!

i do understand that knights have the toughest time 80% of the time. but since R2 is not responding to any of the players’ feedback, i think it is far more expedient to help knights discover strategies to adapt to their lack of a slow. longing and hoping for mire rune simply wouldn’t help 99% of the knights atm (only the 1% can afford to mystery shop for mire).

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Topic: Wartune / tailoring

there’s also a very very helpful tip from DolyGames youtube channel (COSMOS).

if you make a lv5 clothing, u get to claim the lv3 and lv4 rewards too. so you don’t have to make one lv3, then one lv4, then one lv5 to claim them. this can save you LOTS of clothing synths and charms for the rewards.

here’s the sauce video.

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Topic: Wartune / resistance

wow this is also interesting… HEADS UP R2, we gon peel apart yer mechanics

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Topic: Wartune / Sylph damage formula (partially) revealed

his point is that the INT-to-dmg bonus for lower sylphs is so low that one might as well get the free HP from higher END sylph. but you are right to point out that low sylphs would also have low END Apt and might not give much hp either. i think this is quite easy to test, since the Aptitude formulae are already well known.

HP = .0060 × (Endurance × END Aptitude) + Base

►1 Endurance gives (0.0060*END_Apt) hp.
►for every 1000 END_Apt, you get 6hp per Endurance stat.

a lv50 sylph with 49*5=245 adjustable stats & 1000 END_Apt gets 245*6 = 1470hp
a lv70 sylph with 69*5=345 adjustable stats & 2000 END_Apt gets 345*12 = 4140hp
N.B: these values are bonus hp from just the adjustable stats

MATK = .0018 × (Intellect × INT Aptitude)

►1 Intellect gives (0.0018*INT_Apt) matk.
►for every 1000 INT_Apt, you get 1.8matk per Intellect Stat.

lv50 sylph, 1000 INT_Apt: 245*1.8 = 441matk
lv70 sylph, 2000 INT_Apt: 345*3.6 = 1242matk
N.B: these values are bonus matk from just the adjustable stats
N.B: INT/STR also grants some mdef/pdef based on INT_Apt/STR_Apt; see the link above for the formula.

some of us would think: yea i’d rather have 1242matk over 4140hp. however, the 1242matk on the sylph only applies to the passive attack (i.e. the pellets while unawakened) then when awakened, it’s added to the player+sylph; whereas the 4140hp is directly added to your player hp once the sylph is equipped. probably some situations where you’d rather have the reliable hp than the less-reliable matk (i.e. when you won’t get to sylph much, or your sylph is used for support/tank rather than damage).

i have some blue sylphs ready for testing if you would like. maybe can shed more light on the “sylph bonus” thing, which is almost completely hidden and not mentioned ANYWHERE at all. if it’s purely a casher sylph thing, then non cashers all around will be vindicated — THAT’S WHY I KEEP LOSING TO CASHERS! haha. cathartic to blame cash/R2 for losing, ain’t it?

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Topic: Wartune / [Guide] Generalizing and Explaining Double Hit-Related Techniques

wow those are some sweet diagrams lol. i think you can do without the first 2 paragraphs, cos they look like huge nasty chunks of text which nobody wants to read.

at the start, you might wanna add in a graphic or if possible, embed a video to demonstrate double hitting. or you can be lame and just add a random attention-grabbing meme:

yes. it can be a total non-sequitur. people just like reading memes before they get duped into tackling walls of text.

anyways, while the theory is quite sound, these are at best intuitive inferences and not meant to be an exact description of how wartune’s server-client protocol functions. they are educated guesses (Holo does computer science) but they are not meant to be behind-the-scenes descriptions of how the whole thing really works.

nonetheless, the 3 forms of double-hitting are all very well known by now, so if you still haven’t tried them, click the three youtube links above and see what you are missing.

in particular, the rune+sylph move is far more than simply a WB trick for double hitting. it has saved me countless matches in BG and GB, allowing me to squeeze in an extra hit before the enemy / drop a brut-runed Thunder Wave where otherwise i would’ve lost.

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Topic: Wartune / Extreme Camping

Originally posted by WhakyWhaku:

From my BG experience, 70-80k BR is not enough for lvl 64 bg, this BR is just mediocre. I have 78k BR when I enter BG and I get killed by the 90k+ campers (who are getting the LD rank) and I must have atleast 2 dryads to beat them. How often do I see these 90k+? Usually around 4-5 of them in a BG of 10-12 total players…
Occasionally, I get dumped into the higher lvl bracket and, HOLY SMOKES, I exit when I see the casual 90k-110k players strolling around, ugh. Atleast I won’t lose much honor when I die (still have Crusader rank xD)

things may have changed since 2-3 months ago when i was camping 64 (it could also simply be BG timings). there are still some strategies to do regarding BG tho.

1. choose the BG wisely. you don’t have to stay in the first one you get stuck with. if you join 5mins before BG starts, spend the time to look thru the BG list, see if there are enough lowbies for you to farm; or if there are too many stompers who will impede you. if the BG has 3-5 stompers, i would simply take the 5min penalty and wait for the next one.

2. choose who you click on wisely. as mentioned, spend the time to browse thru the list of players in your BG. pick out names of players to avoid, and players you can definitely win. try to avoid the former and try to hunt the latter.

3. there is no shame in communicating your intentions for BG. let people know you are non-cash / low vip and just need to farm lowbies for honor. quite a few players would leave you alone.

4. be nice to those you farm for honor; i.e. let the lowbies cart. if they are at least getting something, they are less likely to whine or ragequit, which means more lowbies to farm every BG.

5. a combination of 3 & 4… stand up for lowbies when they complain about campers. try to get your team’s campers to stop that, and possibly explain that lowbies might either just afk or quit the BG, which reduces honor gain for everyone. if there are campers whom you can kill, give them fair warning and wipe em out.

tbh, the above are not really “strategies” per se, but more like ways to make BG work. if you are only at crusader rank, farming honor takes quite a while, since you only get 35 honor per kill. as your rank increases, you get more and more honor per kill (and with higher medal, it also becomes easier to kill most people). the other unfortunate difficulty is if you are a knight… you will take quite a bit longer to kill someone since u mostly have to kill off the troops before u can hit the player. knights generally take longer to farm honor / require more BR to farm it efficiently. my 70-80k br value was for an archer, and archers tend to be effective enough with lower BR. also, i avoid high br stompers, talk in chat, give carts, etc, as i stated in the 5 points above.

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Topic: Wartune / Event boxs instead of tokens??

lol buying 501 does NOT “guarantee” it… that’s not how the odds work.

when people say 1/500 or 1 in 500, it’s just another way to express the % chance in more familiar numbers. 1/500 = 2/1000 = 0.002%

just because anything happens with a “1 in 500” chance does not mean that u get 100% chance when u do the thingy 500×. if u do anything 500x, u get the same 1/500 odds 500x — meaning you get to reroll the SAME ODDS 500×. this results in a higher chance of getting ONE of a rare thing when you repeat the odds; but the higher odds NEVER reach 100%. so it is still possible for someone to buy 5000 chests and still NOT get the mount.

there’s a formula for calculating the “increased” odds of getting 1 item from multiple tries… but i can’t remember it lol (i vaguely recall the formula involves the binomial theorem and/or is related to normal distribution curve).

Originally posted by capatheist:
now your forced to gamble full stop.

this is the thing that really gets me. before, it was really hard to farm 40-80 mahra (or even 120 for real good events) but if you kept at it and did your daily events, you will be rewarded for your hard work. now, this reward for hard work is effectively removed. instead, you have to do your dailies just to get a CHANCE for something. what if you go for months without any nice chest drops? i’ve known cashers who open 100 chests and never get 100 mahra. now, the difference is we all have to WORK for a forced gamble which may result in (for at least some of us) no decent rewards.

of course, i am jumping the gun still i haven’t actually finished one of these chest-based events yet. but going by experience, i’m guessing it’s gonna be worse. kimmy, if u get 100 mahra (or above), please screenshot and share! if i do, i’ll also post here :)

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Topic: Wartune / Extreme Camping

camping (avoiding exp) is only for farming honor fast so you can get the devastating LD medal asap. the difference between 64bg and 65bg is immense.

that said, camping for honor is completely moot if you are VIP9 and are immune to losing honor anyway. conversely, camping for honor is insanely important for non-cashers since they lose 400 honor a pop in higher BG bracket. (i know this, because i was stuck in 65bg due to spire exp bug).

to earn honor in 59bg, all you need is HS10 and about 50-60k BR (if you pick your fights). when i was camping 59, i could max honor even with just 45k BR… but that was before most of the crazy sylph stuff.

to earn honor in 64bg, still quite easy: just need HS22 and about 70-80k BR. i could max honor when i had just 70k BR, simply need to pick your fights.

but to do the same thing in 65-69bg… you need HS40+ at least (HS goes up to freaking 66 for lv69s) and you definitely need more than 80k BR (i’m guessing 90k-100k to be safe). i was getting killed with 80k BR by so many fellas who had lower honor… might be less disastrous if i wasn’t IC by the time the stupid exp bug hit me. all i can say is… non-cash 80k IC is free 200 honor for any decent lv65-69.

if u can max honor gain daily, hitting LD isn’t extremely long… within 3 months, it can be done.

thereafter, there is absolutely no reason to camp… unless you are one of those lame fellas who just like to ruin BG for the rest of the people who want to progress as fast as possible to the end-game content. i don’t even see how doing BG daily is any fun if you are not gonna progress at all.

the major limiter to camping imo is Catacombs. if you are camping to the point that u can no longer gain the gems from cata, then it’s time to SERIOUSLY consider levelling. each day you spend camping without cata is 2-6 lv3 gems wasted. this is extremely bad for non-cashers who won’t be getting those Jewel Hunt gems. if you camp 2 weeks without cata, you will be losing up to 80 lv3 gems, which is 5 lv5 gems. this could be worth even more if there are gem events.

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Topic: Wartune / Mire Rune Stone

are you using the afk mode glitch? that should help you spam more skills.

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Topic: Wartune / Mage Skill: "Damnation"

Originally posted by pogrebnik:

Also worth pointing out is that damnation does not stack with the 10% debuff from the Amazon Queen/Cerberus skill Infernal inflammation, if you’re using that sylph damnation is more or less worthless.

wait is this true?? that’s quite a huge claim. have you tested it personally? if you read it off some forum… sauce?

Originally posted by devtech2k:

From what I’ve seen it works like this:

2 – static (but slightly random) no attribute bonus

the “random” part is due to the damage scaling with the modifiers on Medal / Goddess Blessing astral. either way, the static damage part is hardly worth mentioning when using damnation.

in late game, damnation is easily one of the better skills cos of its % modifier. 10% more damage can end up being 1-5k more per hit, perhaps even up to 10k more per hit for really high BR players.

like the rest mentioned, damn shines especially in the following situations:
1) many players getting hits in for the next few turns
2) if you are weak compared to your party and still wanna really contribute
3) for 1v1, if you can get double hits in for the next 5 turns
4) just before sylphing (unless that comment about AQ is true and ur using AQ inflame)

if you are short of skill points, you can settle for damn lv2 which still gives 8% debuff, still pretty good.

however, if you have to choose between damnation and suntoria, it is almost certain that suntoria is more important. get at least suntoria lv2 before even considering damnation. suntoria is also better than damnation if you are weaker than your allies but still wanna help them. both of these skills scale extremely well into late game cos they are based on % modifiers. suntoria will probably heal high BRs more than your restoration/blessed light can if you are low BR. the most ideal for lowbie assisting highbie is to cast suntoria, then cast damnation, and then die absorbing some huge enemy hit (lol).

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Topic: Wartune / Evolved Sylph Skills

lol for a moment i thought they actually FIXED it! damn what’s with all these old recycled topics…

i think it’s already well-established that R2 is inefficient / greedy. so unless you’re a total newbie and accidentally burnt your fingers (in which case, sorry and goodbye if ur ragequitting), you should know not to spend balens on anything in the game rashly. the onus — due to R2’s poor performance — is on us gamers to be super careful and not end up rewarding R2’s crap.

always do the following for annoying balen-related stuffs:
1) check with the top spender in guild/server
2) check the kong forums
3) check other WT forums (R2 forums, and even other platforms).
4) if still unsure, wait for someone who has more balens to try it out first

i know it’s cathartic to blame R2, and even more justifying when we can say that disastrous community-crippling effects are directly attributable to this evil faceless greedy corporation… but at some point, if we don’t adapt and act cautiously, then we are not only wasting time complaining without solution — worse, we end up ENABLING these conniving suns of beaches.

so once again, BALENS ARE PRECIOUS. don’t spend them without consulting anyone. it’s like a relationship: would you give your heart to someone you don’t trust? AVOID THE HEARTBREAK. SPEND WISELY.

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Topic: Wartune / Soul Crystal Exchange

do the guild vault trick ;)

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Topic: Wartune / Slyph for Archers

definitely Gaia for the MATK. the MATK switch on sylph awaken is pretty hard to deal with. just the MATK alone is also a decent “counter” to hades’ annoying pdef passive (which really messes archers up).

however, for WB, i’m beginning to shift towards considering Amazon Queen (AQ). have you heard of Infernal Inflammation? and Vulcan’s Blessing?

i believe that Vulcan’s Judgment (AQ delph) with 440%*atk can be a lot more than Thunder Wave’s 470% (Gaia delph) when you open with Inflame (deals 220%280, target receives 10% more damage for 3 rounds). if spending one more turn to do blessing isn’t too huge, AQ’s blessing further grants +20% damage for 3 rounds. that combined, is 440%515 × 1.1 × 1.2 = 580.8%+680 (assuming they stack multiplicatively). note also that AQ delph has a chance to hit TWO targets, which is quite devastating in certain pvp / GB situations.

unfortunately… AQ doesn’t have exceptionally exciting passives (apart from the +5% atk, same as Gaia). and AQ is PATK, so not very strategic for archers. further, Fire element is only strong against Wind, which is the rather unpopular Pan, so you won’t be getting roflstompage damage in the element department. Pan is also a physical sylph, so even in sylph arena, AQ vs Pan won’t be much advantage (as opposed to Pan vs Gaia or Iris vs AQ).

FYI, due to the Unstable Voltage buff expiring after 2 rounds (all stacks reset; and it’s buggy, doesn’t seem to re-stack after) it isn’t very viable in WB — unless you don’t double hit. however, it does mushroom very quickly in pvp, especially 1v1 with both troops alive (+3 stacks per turn, while tanking).

lastly, Iris and Raindance is mandatory for pretty much anyone. the heals are very very tide-turning in good pvp matchups; especially if you crit heal lulz. being able to heal is also extremely useful in pve — you can beat some spire bosses which are otherwise too difficult. Iris also has two other skills worth looking into: Ice Armor (basically puri) and Master of Water (passive which allows your Acheron Wave to cancel target’s next hit; i.e. one-turn-stun entire enemy team). unfortunately, Iris is pretty weak/useless for WB.

to sum up:
1) Gaia is the usual best choice for archer.
2) AQ ain’t too bad either, but far more situational.
3) Iris+Raindance is mandatory.

if you find this confusing, farm Gaia and Iris, and try both out for a while. don’t commit any mahra or sepulcrum until you’re comfy with the sylph you’re using.

Originally posted by goth1969:

farm till you get blues and dont be tempted to waste mahra on upgrading white to green to blue .. save for blue upwards.
I managed to get a blue of each after about a months farming , 2 dropped 2 from exchange its luck based but worth the effort if you want to save your mahra for your main sylpth

either you are super lucky, or you are super patient, or you botted. farming a blue takes insane amounts of effort. the odds of a blue dropping from exchange is apparently <1%, and each sylph takes 60 essences. a green drop is about 10%, and usually you can get a green in about 10-12 exchanges. that already means 600 essences, which takes hours to farm if u go at it non-stop. to get a blue requires more than 10x that effort.

meanwhile, a green only takes 15 mahra (max) to upgrade from a white. a blue takes just a further 150 mahra (max). with a couple of blessings, you can hit a blue with roughly 120-130 mahra, which you can obtain with just 1 or 2 events + few weeks of sky trail wall.

if you prefer to save all mahra and hardcore grind a blue, then go for it. but on my server, blues only drop once every 2-3 months, so i’m not very sure whether goth’s advice is very reliable.

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Topic: Wartune / r2 account - Pipster

wow gotta LOVE this necro!

anyways, that’s just one item in the screenie. maybe he got sick of refining and just left those 2 in there. have you EVER tried to refine ONE lv10 stat for another?? it’s just sickening. but then again, for a monster casher, that really is a noticeable stain eh.

gruntar, your objective now is to out-BR pipster. capiche? :D

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Topic: Wartune / Event boxs instead of tokens??

i think overall it’s just worse for everyone.

it used to be that non-cashers have not even 0.01% chance to get certain premium drops; but now they have a slight chance for it. so maybe out of 10,000 non-cashers, a handful would get lucky and obtain the rare mount drop. for the 9,990+ other non-cashers, we all just get less tokens and less mahra/sep. of course, if the odds are better — say 1% — then it’s just 99 losers for each winner, which isn’t so bad. unfortunately, i believe the odds are closer to 0.01%.

as for cashers, most already do buy X amounts of chests per event, so now they get slightly more chests for the same amount of cash, but less tokens from daily events overall. so aside from their usual good/bad luck with opening chests, that luck now extends to the portion of event rewards that used to be more regular/guaranteed (as long as u do event quests).

in short, now every event’s rewards is 100% subject to RNG. so brace yourselves for the occasional uber drop and/or poorer-than-usual event rewards.

on the one hand, you can say that RNG affects everyone, so some random noobs might get the OP drops, which could be nice and might encourage newcomers to stay longer. on the other hand, it also means that devotion and hard work is no longer as rewarding for event quests; which may reduce the activity from older players (aka those who have had it with R2’s RNG).