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Topic: General Gaming / rpg games with no level cap

Yeah, there are limits, though it won’t keep some games from trying.

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Topic: General Gaming / How do I keep everyone alive in Mass Effect 2?

You COULD go in the suicide mission with only a few loyal teammates and still have everyone live, you just need certain roles filled (The tech for the vents, the Bionic, and a squad leader). There’s a weird point system for how the end goes, but that’s a bit long to explain.

Anyway, not exactly sure what happened to Legion. If he and Garrus are loyal and in those roles, there shouldn’t have been a problem. Try getting another loyal tech (Tali/Kasumi) and a squad leader (Jacob/Miranda)

As for the female doctor, do you mean Kelly? If you don’t go to the suicide mission immediately, she dies no matter what.

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Topic: General Gaming / Elona!

Pretty fun, although it’s pretty damn grindy.

Also dead in terms of development, but thankfully there are some continuation projects.